John Lauritsen (interview by  Gary Null):
AIDS critics

"4 dozen scientists who are now willing to go on the record as saying that they don’t think HIV could possibly be the cause. Not a single case ever of transmission of HIV from a health care worker to a patient.

AZT is toxic, it kills, and we are not being told that. It kills the immune system, it kills healthy tissue.

It certainly will kill them (medical treatment), and more and more when you read obituaries. There are people who would have been an aids case several years ago, but now they don’t mention aids, they will say things like liver failure, which is almost a key word for AZT poisoning. Recently in Minneapolis the first gay politician, Brian Coyle died. He died of liver failure, and he had been on AZT therapy. He never developed aids, AZT killed him before he had a chance to, and interestingly another thing too is the diagnosis of being HIV positive which to me would mean nothing at all, but psychologically it is very dangerous. One person after another theirn health starts to fall apart as soon as they hear they are positive, although in some cases they may have been positive for years before they received this deadly diagnosis……..if you or I were to take AZT we would be lucky to make 3 or 5 years, and I am in excellent health.

I took, at least, the 3 most important studies to show AZT efficacy, and I showed not only were they very sloppy and bad but it would be completely fair to describe at least two of them as fraudulent and I have held out a challenge to people who advocate AZT, I say show me one study, just one single study, that clearly show benefits for AZT, research that will stand up under scrutiny. Nobody will do this. A few cases they have mentioned studies that are just simply ridiculous like one done by Pitzo where he poisoned a few children with AZT and then he claimed it boosted their IQ. About a quarter of the children died rather shortly, but he was so excited by the fact that he thought their IQ’s went up that he advocated giving AZT to newborn babies. This is truly sick research, but I have found from my studies that not only are their no proven benefits to AZT therapy, but that it is deadly, and in fact right on the label of AZT they list such things as hemotoxicity …what that means in plain English is that AZT poisons the blood, and then it will say severe anaemia, and that means that it will be so toxic to the blood that there will be a very serious shortage of red blood cells. Now who on earth would want to take such a product, especially as the benefits are based on research that is based on sloppyness and cheating.

Ddi has diffeerent short term toxicities. We have to distinguish between what are called acute toxicities, those happen fairly soon like within a few weeks, things like anaemia, headaches, all of these things are short term toxocities, the long term toxicities we don'’ know yet because people have not taken AZT long enough, but almost certainly cancer will be among them. AZT causes cancer in rodents, it does in test tube studies, and it is the very nature of the drug, the fcat that it interferes with DNA synthesis that we would expect it to cause cancer, aand also it is correlated with cancer of the lymph sustem where people on AZT therapy for a long time the majority of them get cancer of the lymph system. Ddi like AZT is also a DNA synthesis terminator, it is also a nucleocid analogue so we should expect cancer to be among the side effects, the long term side effects of ddi. On the short term the toxicities are a little bit different , they are every bit as severe. Ddi like to destsroy nerve tissue. It can cause first of all a tingling sensation, then just a total loss of anysensation at all in the nerves. It likes to attack the pancreas, and by the time somebopdy is aware of pancreatitis they are in a very serious situation and in fact unless immediate steps are taken they will probably be dead within one day. dDi was approved on the basis, really of almost nothing. A number of people in an advisory meeting of the FDA where upset by the fcats that the evidence for Ddi benefit was so skimpy, but among other things theyu compared Ddi treatment to a historical control, meaning the placebo arm of an AZT study conducted 6 years ago, and this is a study which I think to anyones satisfaction I demonstrated was fraudulent. I mean this was pretty lousy research when you have to go back 6 years to a fraudulent study in order to claim your product has benefit.

Not many people have seen the background information. Documents released by the FDA under freedom of information act where among other things they admit they used data that was no good. This alone is enough to call the research fraudulent, but very few people have seen these documents. Everyone I have shown them to is of course quite horrified that people deliberately would use bad data. Also, doctors want to do something, ver few doctors believe in just the idea of health, which as you know involves all kind of things, instead they want some very dramatic intervention, some wonder drug, something very powerful, that they can give to knock out the enemy that they believe is causing the whole thing, and so they want something like AZT. A balanced programme of recovery is something totally alien to the average US physician.

I regard HIV as the greatest hoax and fraud in all of medical history, and I would say AZT would be up there. This hoax will eventually be punctured, there is no way it can continue, but on the other hand the AIDS establishment, the Public Health Service, the drug companies, all of this, they are stonewalling, they are punishing people who are the AIDS dissidents, they are enforcing genuine censorship, in the New York Times and all of the other papers, it would be equivalent to what you would find during a war, and so it may take awhile. I am now reconciled it may take 5 or 10 years before the HIV and AZT hoax is finally demolished."

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