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''1973 Dr. Klenner publishes his vitamin supplement protocol to arrest and reverse multiple sclerosis. So does Dr. HT Mount, reporting on 27 years of success using thiamine.''  ~  Andrew W. Saul

[2012 Oct] Study Indicates Marijuana is Effective in Multiple Sclerosis Relief

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[vid] Multiple Sclerosis & Dirty Electricity  Symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) resemble those of electrohypersensitivity (EHS), which may result in, an initially, flawed diagnosis. Some individuals with MS may also have EHS and, in this case, improving electromagnetic hygiene in the home and work place may reduce severity of the neurological symptoms, as shown in this video.   Elecrostress

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[2010 Oct] How Doctors Use (Or Should Use) Vitamin Therapy The vitamin-based treatment plan of Frederick Robert Klenner, M.D. is a free download at


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MS cases   linked to dentistry

MS and vaccines

[Book 2007] What Really Causes Multiple Sclerosis by Harold D. Foster

[2001] MYCOPLASMA The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases----Donald W. Scott MA, MSc. 2001


Lyme Disease

Aspartame Conquered MS by gkopera
I was on Avonex for fourteen months when I felt my whole world revolving around M.S. The prophesy had indeed become self-fulfilling. I was figuratively and literally in a dizzying descent--an ever increasing downward spiral. My work situation, almost exactly mimicking my health situation, was taking a major turn for the worse, too. My future career outlook loomed as bleak as the past had been bright.  A year or more prior to my worst moments of despair, my father had sent me a book by someone I never heard of, Sam Biser, called Saving Your Life with Cayenne.

At the World Environmental Conference, Dr. Clarice Gaylord of the EPA said:  "We have an epidemic of MS and lupus and cannot identify the toxin."  I said: "I'm Betty Martini of  Mission Possible Intl, and I'm here to lecture on MS and lupus and identify the toxin as NutraSweet/Aspartame." GLOBAL RELEASE   - ASPARTAME TOXICITY Forwarded by Diana Buckland by request of Dr. Betty Martini

Solving the MS Mystery, by Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS
Hal Huggins DDS

"Omega 3 deficiency symptoms: growth retardation, vision & learning problems, motor inco-ordination, weakness, tingling in arms & legs, behavioural changes. All except the first are symptoms used to diagnose MS."—Udo Erasmus, author Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill. (lecture).

Harold Manner Memorial Hospital

(MS & Aspartame/Nutrasweet/Uqual/Spoonful)

MS or Aspartame disease?

"I began to use Dr. Nieper's program on my own patients...the results were immediately gratifying.  I had never before had the experience of inducing a remission in this condition."--Dr Atkins

I personally know a woman who cured herself completely of MS by natural means; change in diet and flushes among other things, and had 3 children back to back afterwards. This was one year after the doctors told her there was no cure, she would never have children, and wanted to put her on drugs costing $10,000/month.

Hans Nieper, M.D.

Dr Kingsley is getting around 60% success rate with MS.

Dr Patrick Kingsley, M.B., B.S.,M.R.C.S., 72 Main St, Osgathorp, Leics., LE12 9TA. Tel: 01530 223622.

"The first amalgam was placed in Paris, 1832, and the first case of MS was diagnosed in Paris, 1832."--Hal Huggins, D.D.S.

Swank MS Clinic, School of Medicine, Oregon Health Sciences University, 3181 Sam Jackson Park Road, Portland, Oregon 97201. Tel: 503 494 8370

"(My homeopathic practitioner) put me on a strict allergy-free yeast-free diet with enzymes and B12 injections......Within 2 months after amalgam removal, I knew without a doubt I was on the road to recovery...There have been certain plateaus in the recovery process ...Yet my remarkable recovery is termed nothing more than a placebo effect by the AMA, ADA and National MS Society."--Dalals Pattee (DAMS case history).

DAMS, Inc (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome Support Group), 6025 Osuna Blvd NE Suite B, Albuquerque,NM 87 109 2523,USA.Tel 001 505 888 0111. Fax 4554.

"In 1998...I met a former military man, PFC Donald Bentley, who gave me a document and told me: "I was in the US Army, and I was trained in bacteriological warfare. We were handling a bomb filled with brucellosis, only it wasn’t brucellosis; it was a Brucella toxin in crystalline form. We were spraying it on the Chinese and North Koreans.......he showed me 16 pages of documents given to him by the US military.... they linked brucellosis with multiple sclerosis, and stated in one section: "Veterans with multiple sclerosis, a kind of creeping paralysis developing to a degree of 10% or more disability within two years after separation from active service, may be presumed to be service-connected for disability compensation. Compensation is payable to eligible veterans whose disabilities are due to service." In other words: "If you become ill with multiple sclerosis, it is because you were handling this Brucella, and we will give you a pension. Don’t go raising any fuss about it." In these documents, the government of the United States revealed evidence of the cause of multiple sclerosis, but they didn’t make it known to the public—or to your doctor.    In a 1949 report, Drs Kyger and Haden suggested "the possibility that multiple sclerosis might be a central nervous system manifestation of chronic brucellosis". Testing approximately 113 MS patients, they found that almost 95% also tested positive for Brucella.(5) We have a document from a medical journal, which concludes that one out of 500 people who had brucellosis would develop what they call neurobrucellosis; in other words, brucellosis in the brain, where the Brucella settles in the lateral ventrides—where the disease multiple sclerosis is basically located.6""--Donald W. Scott MA, MSc.

It was mentioned in chapt. 2 that some people suffering from autism are failures in mind control programming. We know of one case where a brilliant autistic teenager who’d not talked during childhood began talking, and shocked his parents because he began talking about his spirit guides (see Chapter 10 on spirit guides.)  Some people diagnosed as MS are really failures of the mind control’s brain stem scarring. Many hundreds of women w/ breast implants are coming down w/ symptoms that look like MS & Lupus. This may be because part of the women w/ implants are programmed multiples.  Another disease that is believed by some to be caused by programming failures is lupus (aka lupus erythematosus or systemic lupus erythematosus). Establishment medical science claims that the cause of lupus is unknown. The Illuminati Formula: Chapter 8 The Science of Body Manipulation and Programming

The method of scarring the reticular formation of the brain stem is accomplished electronically. The RNA piles up and breaks the continuity of the signals coming through. Different people’s bodies are able to tolerate different levels of abuse. Many of the brain stem scarring victims die, or end up with a pseudo-Multiple Sclerosis. Many children are coming into hospitals and being misdiagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis when in fact they are damaged from programming and brain stem scarring.  The Illuminati Formula: Chapter 8 The Science of Body Manipulation and Programming

At this time the wheatgrass route included a multiple sclerosis victim. This little woman had existed miserably in bed for months. She viewed each passing day as a mere step closer to the inevitable, when I began furnishing her regularly with the wheatgrass juice. Within a month this sufferer, was out of bed, taking short walks, and, for the first time in years, visited a beauty parlor. "My prayers have been answered," was her choking comment, as new hope rose within her.Why Suffer. How I Overcame Illness & Pain Naturally  by Anne Wigmore

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