ICD (England & Wales deaths 1901-1995)
(Source:  Twentieth Century Mortality CD, Office of National Statistics, 1 Drummond Gate, SW1, UK--0207 233 9233     02075335243
ICD classifications are done by the World Health Organisation)

Measles deaths 1901-1995 graph pdf

Twentieth Century Mortality, England & Wales, database (Access, not on internet site)  ------ source: whale/zip/db1.mdb


Deaths England & Wales

ICD 1  1901 --1910
ICD2   1911---1920
ICD3   1921---1930
ICD4   1931---1939
ICD5   1940---1949
ICD6   1950---1957
ICD7   1958---1967
ICD8   1968---1978
ICD9   1979---1995

UK Population 1901-1995

ICD Chickenpox/varicella

ICD Deaths from vaccination
ICD Diptheria
ICD Erysipelas
ICD Measles
ICD Meningitis
ICD Mumps
ICD Polio
ICD Scarlet Fever
ICD Smallpox
ICD Vaccinia
ICD Whooping Cough

Death totals:

Measles deaths statistics 1901-1993

Measles deaths totals
Mumps deaths totals 1901-1995
Meningitis deaths
Polio deaths
Diptheria deaths
Whooping cough deaths
Scarlet fever deaths

ICD Erysipelas deaths