Creating Your Own Personal Vortex

by Christopher & Veronica Strong

We were delighted to see the article by Jim Lyons entitled Dowsing – The Russian Influence in the Earth Energy Matters “Newsletter of March 2004”, in which he is asking for our observation on spinning objects and to dowse the surrounding rings etc., to work with vortical energies.

We decided to check on an exercise we do every morning, which is to spin clockwise in a wide-open space, 21 times. This is an old Ancient Tibetan exercise and is similar to the whirling dervishes. However, the most beneficial number is 21 turns and it stimulates the vortexes of the chakras into action. It also prevents us being knocked off course, when dealing with a lot of unusual energies.

We measured each others aura before the exercise and after, and found that the auric field always doubled. In effect, we were creating a positive vortex around our auric field, which travelled with us most of the day.

We had dowsed that 21 spins were ideal where the field doubled. Indeed anything less than 19 and more than 24 spins was not as beneficial as the auric field decreases.

We measured the aura and the spins for a week, however Jim encouraged us to give him some more data and this is what we found. We had actually dowsed the number and this confirmed what the Tibetans found. We found the following measuring Veronika's aura:

We did try an experiment of spinning additionally and found that if Veronika spun an additional 4 or 5 times, her aura started to contract again. It is the same with breaking the spins and starting off again. The spins have to be continuous.

The speed of the spin does not appear critical, however if you do a fast spin, it seems to 'hold' longer. Rather like a gyroscopic effect.

This may explain why we have a lot of energy despite working full time in unusual energies in strange places and that we are able to remain calm, centred, earthed and healthy.

© Christopher & Veronica Strong and BSD/EEG 2004