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[Darwinism and Evolution theory was designed to promote Atheism and suppress spirituality/God.  There are tons of artefacts (many thrown into the sea) showing intelligent life on this planet (see footprint below and Michael Cremo books), many many years before we were meant to have crawled out of a swamp, the fossil evidence of which they have yet to produce, and they never will, it is absurd.]


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HOLLYWOOD TRICKS, TRAPS AND TACTICS  Darwinism – an Illuminati-financed attempt to discredit God and the Bible – got a big push from Inherit the Wind, a Hollywood rendering of the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial. In the film, enlightened evolutionists battle imbecile Christians. The film set records for inaccuracy, from depicting John Scopes as a jailed martyr (violating Tennesee’s Butler Act was not an imprisonable offense) to showing William Jennings Bryan denouncing science during the trial (whereas he actually praised it)

DOC, ARCHIVES, EMBARGOS & RED HERRINGS  The book, Ancient Celtic New Zealand, featured an official archival document, which clearly showed an intention, by New Zealand Government Departments, to withhold archaeological information from the public for a period of 75 years.



2.8 Billion Year Old Metallic Sphere Found in Transvaal

200,000 years old tiles.

[2010 Sept] Intelligent Scientists "Expelled" by Illuminati by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

[2005] Darwinism - The forbidden subject by Richard Milton

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[2002] Archaeological Cover-ups-- A Plot to Control History? by Will Hart

[2002] DARWINISM : A Crumbling Theory by Lloyd Pye

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The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship Part One: Illuminating the Occult Origin of Darwinism by Phillip D. Collins ©, Feb. 24th, 2005

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Explain this Richard Dawkins:

300 millions years old ufo fossils / china

In June 1934, the Hahn family discovered a rock, sitting loose on a ledge beside a waterfall outside of London, Texas. The site consists of 75-100 million years old cretaceous rock. Noticing this weathered rock had wood protruding from it, they cracked it open, exposing the hammer head. To verify that the hammer was made of metal, they cut into one of the beveled sides with a file. The bright metal in the nick is still there, with no corrosion. The unusual metallurgy is 96% iron, 2.6% chlorine and 0.74% sulfur (no carbon). Density tests indicate exceptional casting quality.

Ancient E.T. s The Ica stones are a collection of stones allegedly discovered in a cave near Ica, Peru. On this Ica stone a man is shown riding a Triceratops. About 15,000 Ica stones were uncovered. Its strange to see man with dinosaur after we were told that they have been extinct for about 65.5 million years ago. A lot of people consider them to be a modern hoax but so is everything unknown or paranormal now n days.

Ancient E.T. sThe Aluminum Wedge of Aiud is a wedge-shaped object found in Romania in 1974. The object was reported to be dug up 35 feet under sand and alongside two mastodon bones. A mastodon is an extinct large tusked mammal species. Physically, the artifact looked similar to the head of a hammer. The wedge was taken to the Archeological Institute of Cluj-Napoca to be examined, where it was found to be ma
de of an alloy of aluminum encased in a thin layer of oxide. The alloy of the wedge is composed of 12 different elements. This artifact is considered strange because aluminum was not discovered until 1808 and not produced in quantity until 1885. The fact that the wedge was found in the same layer of earth as mastodon bones would make it at least 11,000 years old. Many people have claimed that the artifact is proof that aliens visited Earth. Engineers have reported that the object resembles the foot of landing gear, similar to the ones used on spaceships

The lines are many kilometers long and crisscross sectors of the pampas in all directions. Many of the lines form geometric figures: angles, triangles, bunches, spirals, rectangles, wavy lines, concentric circles.

August 13, 2012 - In the summer of 1998, Russian scientists who were investigating an area 300 th km southwest of Moscow on the remains of a meteorite, discovered a piece of rock which enclosed an iron screw, estimates put the age of the rock is 300-320 million years.

Dated to 80 A.D, probably used as calendar and astronomical calculator for the motions of stars and planets. It is very sophisticated device that consists of 30 toothed wheels, of diameter from 9 to 132 mm, being able to rotate at a different speed each, dials and scaled metal plates with inscriptions related to the signs of zodiac, names of the planets. The engraved signs inform about the equinoxes, months, winds and constellations being in their different phases. This device was created 1,000 years before the gear was invented.

An uncommon stone imbedded with screw-threaded metal bar from a collector in Lanzhou Mr. Zhilin Wang. He found this stone on a field research trip to the Mazong Mountain area located on the border of Gansu and Xijiang provinces. The pear-shaped stone is extremely hard and has a mysterious black color. It is about 8 x 7 cm and weighs 466 grams. The most surprising part of the stone is the imbedded 6 cm cone-shaped metal bar which bears clear screw threads. The stone is one of the most valuable in China and in the world. There are many hypotheses about the formation of this stone, but all seem to be incredible. The screw-threaded metal bar is tightly enclosed in the black lithical material. Moreover, the screw thread width remains consistent from the thick end to the thin end, instead of varying due to the growth of organisms. Is this a relic from a prehistoric civilization?

The mechanical features of the object suggest a highly sophisticated level of aerodynamics and construction. The objects are very old and small, approximately 2 inches long, objects, made of gold are estimated to be AT LEAST 1,000 years old. For archaeologists the artifacts were depicting animals and were classified as Sinu, a pre-Inca culture from A.D. 500 to 800... But only for them. For aeronautical engineers these objects more looked like airplanes with delta-shaped wings. So in 1997 they built a scaled up version of the objects to the exact specifications of the prototypes with the simple addition of an engine and propeller. The test was successful. The radio controlled aircraft flew performing airborn loops, rolls and other maneuvers, and then performed perfect landing. According to Dr. Ivan Sanderson, who studied the artifacts, these look too "mechanical" like an airplane, to be a natural object. Other similar objects have been discovered in Costa Rica, Venezuela and Peru. http://www.rabbithole2.com/

This is a hammer made from an alloy of iron which is very modern in technology, which is encased in "10 million" year old rock which has formed around it.
"This ancient tool has a simple form, similar to the type of hammer that is still common in Germany today. The handle now is a very hard petrified crystal with an intact structure. It was possible to ascertain that the interior of the handle had partly turned into porous coal.