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[Darwinism and Evolution theory was designed to promote Atheism (i.e. suppress spirituality, contact with the true God), and hide the controlling alien entities of this planet known as the Anunnaki /Archons, in the Bible as Jehovah (psychopathic pseudo-'gods').  There are tons of artefacts (many thrown into the sea) showing intelligent life on this planet (see footprint below and Michael Cremo books), many 2-50 million, some 2 Billion (Cremo--older than the Dinosaurs  )  years before we were meant to have crawled out of a swamp, the fossil evidence of which they have yet to produce, and they never will, it is absurd (Ancient Artefacts showing Darwinism/Evolution to be wrong).  Best recent expose of Human history and origins is: [vid] Michael Tellinger's presentation of the Anunnaki.]


Richard Milton
Michael Cremo
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Church on Evolution and Creationism
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Ancient Artefacts showing Darwinism/Evolution to be wrong

[vid] Michael Tellinger's presentation of the annunaki and more! MUST WATCH!   Michael Tellinger

HOLLYWOOD TRICKS, TRAPS AND TACTICS  Darwinism – an Illuminati-financed attempt to discredit God and the Bible – got a big push from Inherit the Wind, a Hollywood rendering of the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial. In the film, enlightened evolutionists battle imbecile Christians. The film set records for inaccuracy, from depicting John Scopes as a jailed martyr (violating Tennesee’s Butler Act was not an imprisonable offense) to showing William Jennings Bryan denouncing science during the trial (whereas he actually praised it)

DOC, ARCHIVES, EMBARGOS & RED HERRINGS  The book, Ancient Celtic New Zealand, featured an official archival document, which clearly showed an intention, by New Zealand Government Departments, to withhold archaeological information from the public for a period of 75 years.



2.8 Billion Year Old Metallic Sphere Found in Transvaal

200,000 years old tiles.

[2010 Sept] Intelligent Scientists "Expelled" by Illuminati by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

[2005] Darwinism - The forbidden subject by Richard Milton

[Letter Private Eye 26 Nov, 2004] Dawkins doubts

[2002] Archaeological Cover-ups-- A Plot to Control History? by Will Hart

[2002] DARWINISM : A Crumbling Theory by Lloyd Pye

Michael Cremo - Forbidden Archaeology & Human Devolution

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The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship Part One: Illuminating the Occult Origin of Darwinism by Phillip D. Collins ©, Feb. 24th, 2005

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