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[Earth is actually Pandora/Paradise/Eden, and you could see that if you had the vision of a shaman or mystic.  The higher you go up the Levels of consciousness the more you can see it.  Certain Psychedelics show you a glimpse.  A comparable tree, age wise, is the Yew tree which is why the Pathocracy tried to kill it off recently with Taxol & Taxotere.]

Director: Cameron, James

John Lash

[2010] Avatar American Terrorists Invade a New World by Uri Dowbenko  Dowbenko, Uri

[vid] Avatar - Subliminal sex message scene

"TAKE BACK THE PLANET" A Review of James Cameron's Avatar by John Lamb Lash  The main objection of the Christophiles is that we cannot find salvation in the natural world, but only through the supernatural messiah. I would reply, if we really live in harmony with the natural world, we don't need salvation in the first place.
Christianity and the other salvationist faiths deny and reject the divine beauty of this world. They claim that nature and natural impulses are sinful and deserve to be punished. They insist on the authority of a supernatural source beyond the earth and humankind. They deal out punishment and reward in complete disregard for merit. To enforce their twisted, paranoid, pseudo-magical beliefs they expend enormous effort on killing the real magic wherever it arises on this planet: in the land and trees, the water and the sky, in plants, in animals, in children, and in people of true innocence and high imagination.
.....History is the record of killing magic, annihilating the supernatural talents endowed by Gaia in her privileged problem child, the human race, if not exterminating the race itself. At this late date in the cycle of the ages, one may well wonder, Where is the countermagic in this atrocious tale of self-annihilation?
....With adoration of Mother Nature comes the ferocious will to protect and perserve Her Ways. Not just our life as self-defining humans, but the network of all that lives. Avatar inspires reverence for the earth by the beauty of its cinematic imagery, and it does more as well, for it is a genuine ecoparable, a timeless story with a moral for today. The Na'vi "R" us. In the balance of Gaia's reckoning, where human survival is right now being decided, the way into planetary beauty is also the way of the warrior who takes back the planet. Avatar shows that way.

A Pagan is simply someone who lives in nature, in the country, close to natural resources: Latin paganus. Not an urban person who lives caged in a cell among strangers and relies on human-made and artificial means and resources to live. All indigenous peoples are Pagan. Considered as a religion or worldview, Paganism is the non-institutional, tribal or community orientation of human culture to the non-humam world, with the intent to preserve a pact or bond with the greater forces of the environment so that human society can survive in a sane and harmonious manner. As such, Paganism is just the collective cultural expression of the oldest worldview on earth, animism.
    Protests against the film on the issue of nature worship are likely to reveal in a most flagrant matter the stupidity and ignorant prejudice of Christians entrapped in a series of mental glitches that runs something like this: Pagan - tree-huggers - dirty hippies - indigenous savagery - nature worship - Satanism - sadism - human sacrifice - orgies - black magic - harming and killing people for the kick of it. Now that is a heady recipe for some wicked fun, perhaps, but hardly equal to the record of the Church of the One True Faith.
    Think of a religion that offers a torture instrument as a symbol of divine love and elevates suffering to a divine purpose: "The divine victim mirrors to humanity, not the solution to our suffering and a way to overcome it, but our total, consuming enslavement to it. Victimage works because it makes the force of suffering look stronger than the life force itself." ----John Lash (Not in His Image: Ch. 19, A Unique Message of Love "TAKE BACK THE PLANET" A Review of James Cameron's Avatar by John Lamb Lash

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