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The SS Death's Head.  Nazi medicine here, it's even on the bottle.[Sold as protection from HIV death, actually gives you death. This is the main AIDS 'virus' (see)Wink.  Some idea about how this witches brew got on the market can be gleaned from the book 'Good Intentions' by Nussbaum, then Poison by Prescription by John Lauritsen.  Hardly surprising it was made by Wellcome (also the maker of the immune killer know as Poppers Wink) when there is a symbol of Lucifer (Satan) above a Wellcome Foundation doorwayWink, and Wellcome (now Glaxo) has been injecting another death's head poison, thimerosal, into babies for decades.  The wonder is how they can poison & kill so many people and get away with it, but it looks to be a well thought out act of covert-genocide, mainly for Africa (1, 2, 3).  At the last count, some time ago, AZT had killed 400,000 people.  If they really believed it was caused by a virus they could use the well proven (1,200 citations) viral killer known as Vitamin C (see: Dr Levy MD).  Also Oxygen Therapy or a simple zapper.   But that would blow the whole racket clean out of the water, and a few other ones as well.]

See: Pharmaceutical AIDS  Viramune (nevirapine) Anthony Brink


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[2006] The AZT Disaster by Claus Köhnlein

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THE FAUCI FILES, 3( 66): Dead Babies: Fauci's AZT African Legacy

A MOTHER'S LOVE By Celia Farber

Deadly toxic chemical hazard warning by Sigma Chemical Co. on tiny 25mg bottles of AZT supplied to research laboratories. You obviously don’t find this advice on GlaxoSmithKline's AZT label, or in its package insert recommending a daily dose of up to sixty times as much. Or let’s face it: who would swallow it?

[Jan 2007 AZT and Nevirapine push South africa] Anthony Brink's criminal complaint of genocide  laid against Zackie Achmat re ARV drugs like Nevirapine

CD4 cell counting

[1997 Word doc] HIV, AZT, big science & clinical failure By MARTIN J. WALKER

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AZT as an AIDS drug

Inventing AZT (PDF, 28 kB) is the scoop story told to Adv Brink by Professor Richard Beltz, the scientist who first synthesized AZT in 1961 – as an experimental cell-poison to kill human cells. Read how Adv Brink changed his mind about the wisdom of giving AZT to pregnant women by bringing to his attention what it does to their babies.

Licensing AZT (PDF, 41 kB) describes the fraudulent circumstances in which AZT came to be licensed by the US FDA as an AIDS drug – with everyone just following suit, no questions asked, our own MCC included.


Death Rush: Poppers and AIDS by John Lauritsen (complete text)

DEBATING AZT: Mbeki and the AIDS Drug Controversy By Anthony Brink

[1990] Poison by Prescription by John Lauritsen (Book)  [John Lauritsen]

Scheff, Liam