[Extracted from 1912 book] LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P.

TABLE    OF    GRAPHS (called DIAGRAMS in book.)

A.   Erysipelas in Leicester.   Illustrating Table 1.

B.    Marriage, Birth, and Death rates in Leicester. Illustrating Table 15.  

C.    Small-Pox fatalities in Japan, British Army and Navy, and Leicester, compared.   Illustrating Table 21.  

D.    Death-rates     from     Syphilis     and     other inoculable diseases, per million—England and Wales. Illustrating Table 35.

E. Diphtheria death-rates in Leicester, London, and England and Wales. Illustrating Table 36.  

F.    Diphtheria in Leicester.   Illustrating Table 38.

G. LEICESTER, for  each of  the years 1838-1910, the number of deaths from each of the seven principal zymotic diseases per million living, with, for each of the years 1849-1910, the percentage of registered vaccinations to births. 

H. Death-rate, per million, from each of seven principal zymotics, with the percentage of vaccinations to births, in quinquennial periods—Leicester, 1838-1910. Illustrating Table 43.

J. Death-rates at various ages in Leicester. Illustrating   Table   49.