Book banning, burning, suppressing
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"Where they burn books, they will in the end burn people".---Heinrich Heine

[Hardly much need to ban books as the revealing ones never even get into the bookshops.  A good example of how access to revealing books is suppressed is the way the Allopathic Wikipedia editors delete pages or attempt to delete pages to authors of revealing smallpox books, failing that they have suppressed all links to them on whale. See: Wikipedia  ASA
    In the USA books were suppressed by issuing mail stop orders so not allowing posting.  They burnt all of Reich's books in 1956, then killed him in jail.  Quite a few books around the Holocaust have been suppressed or banned e.g.
An Eye for An Eye by John Sack, The Auschwitz Myth by Wilhelm Stäglich, The Auschwitz Lie by Thies Christopherson, and many thrown in jail
    10,000 copies of the German edition of a
Eustace Mullins book called Mullins on the Federal Reserve were burned in 1956 1.  A German edition was eventually printed in 1980.]

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List of destroyed libraries - Wikipedia

A Book Too Dangerous to Read FOR LIBRARIES???

[2015 Jan] Huge library containing historic texts and 14 million books goes up in flames Moscow

[2012] Germar Rudolf: Resistance is Obligatory  the court was hardly moved by Rudolf’s arguments. It sentenced him to 30 months imprisonment and ordered Rudolf’s opus magnum, his Lectures on the Holocaust, to be confiscated and burned under police supervision. In addition, the public prosecutor initiated another criminal investigation against Rudolf, because he had tried to publish his defense speech from his prison cell.

Orwell's 1984: Was Orwell Right? by John Bennett

[2009] “They” Don’t Burn Books Today, They Just Ignore Them…

Stevia Book Burning by Julian Whitaker, M.D.,

[July 2007 Blog] MMR, Mercury and the Mystery surrounding my book by Lisa Blakemore-Brown

[1956] AN EYEWITNESS REPORT of the BURNING of SCIENTIFIC BOOKS in the USA 1956 by Victor M. Sobey, M.D.

[1993] The Zionist Terror Network Background and Operation of the Jewish Defense League and other Criminal Zionist Groups

Living In A Fascist Country - Banned

VOX News Systematic Deletion from Google Now Evident

Stale Food vs Fresh Food - a banned book!--Chris Gupta

Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski (he had to burn his first two manuscripts)

Link-List of banned Literature

Dr. Kroener wrote a book about Zebediah’s case, seeking to present the case to the higher court of public opinion. His manuscript would have been the first modern psychiatric study of a victim of unethical hypnosis, and the first recorded memory recovery, by rehypnotization, of a survivor of unethical hypnosis. However, nobody read it because, immediately after its printing, the German government banned it. Carla Emery's Book "Secret, Don't Tell"

"You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture, just get the people to stop reading them."
Ray Bradbury



Book burning by Jewish Defense League

Within weeks of my book being published parents were being told by Amazon that it was a 'rare book' and that it would take a year to get and would cost $79 plus post and packing!!! There were none in the shops. There were none in the warehouses of the retailers. There were none in the Distributors.  The UK National Autistic Society carry all the books on Autism - except mine.[July 2007 Blog] MMR, Mercury and the Mystery surrounding my book by Lisa Blakemore-Brown

     Sheila’s father, who had served in the Air Force as a jet fighter pilot, had an alien UFO encounter in 1955. He even wrote a book about it as well as a book exposing the covert things our government did in Viet Nam. In fact, Broughton authored two books, Thud Ridge (1968) and Going Downtown: The War Against Hanoi and Washington (1988), in which he discussed his perceptions and history of the air war over Southeast Asia. The latter book was based largely upon his subsequent court martial resulting from an attack on a Soviet ship in Haiphong Harbor. In 2007 he published Rupert Red Two: A Fighter Pilot's Life from Thunderbolts to Thunderchiefs, an autobiography of his USAF career. (1)  The government banned his books, and even bought out the publishing company sometime in 1967 and subsequently his books were pulled off the shelves. But now, Sheila says, his book is back in print and ironically ended up being required reading for the Air Force Academy! (2) [2010] Alien or Demonic? The Sheila Broughton Story By Eve Lorgen

"Although I found that the booklet (Stale Food vs. Fresh Food) contained some helpful suggestions and its author, Mr. Robert Ford, is a knowledgeable and sincere person (i.e. no intent to defraud), I found the representations in the Respondent's booklet to be unproven and contrary to the weight of informed medical and scientific opinion.  As indicated by Dr.___, (the only U.S. Post Office medical witness) a danger of this publication is that it will deceive people who have arterio-sclerotic problems into believing that they can cure these problems by diet alone instead of seeking medical (AMA) help.  Because the ads and this booklet contain materially false representations, they violate the provisions of 39 US Code Section 3005.  Therefore...a mail stop order...should be issued..." - E.S. Bernstein, Administrative Law Judge, (1982) source

That booklet (Stale Food vs. Fresh Food) saved my father's life.  The mail stop order made it illegal to send it through the U.S. mail system, effectively banning it in America.  In effect, it was similar to the Nazi/Catholic book burnings.  Using the U.S. Post office is an effective tactic to wipe out alternative health practitioners.  It is only one weapon in the medical establishment’s arsenal, but it is an effective one.  Here is a link to a full account of the banning of Stale Food vs. Fresh Food.---Wade Frazier

You can see how the Cartel own the publishing industry in this quote
One informant in the publishing industry told us that since the mid-1990s, major publishers would not accept cookbooks unless they included canola in the recipes.The Great Con-ola by Sally Fallon

"Dr. Charles Creighton...... Having previously written for the Encycloptedia Britannica (see), he was asked to contribute the article on vaccination for the Ninth Edition.   Its appearance, in 1888, was such a profound shock to the advocates of, and vested interests concerned in, vaccination that Creighton's article was replaced as soon as possible by what was little more than an advertisement for glycerinated calf lymph written by one of its promoters.   Creighton, perhaps the greatest medical mind of the last century, was virtually turned out of his profession."--Lionel Dole

"First, let me say the Pentagon did everything in its power to keep my book from being published and it is still trying to stop me today with the law suit and a concerted effort to keep my book off the shelves even after I finally found a publisher," said Lt. Col. Marvin, adding he nearly gave up trying after over 120 publishers turned him down until meeting Chris Milligan at Trine Day in 2003. "We still have only sold about 3,000 copies as major distribution chains have blocked the book from reaching the American people. Former Green Beret Comes Clean About Mafia-Like Hit On Military Officer Who Knew Too Much About Kennedy Assassination

All Reich's books were banned and those that were found were burned by the FDA. Any printed matter that contained the word “orgone” was subject to the ban and burning by the FDA per the injunction. The injunction was still holding in 1970. ...An FDA agent who was at the Orgonon Observatory burning Dr. Reich's books and research papers commented in his report that Reich told the agent how his books had been burned in Germany after the nazis came into power, but he never expected it would happen again. Who was Dr. Wilhelm Reich and why has history tried so hard to erase him? by Jerry Morton

In the late 1950s, Reich got into serious legal trouble with the FDA in connection with the manufacture and sale of orgone accumulators. He was jailed and died while imprisoned. Six tons of his books, journals, and papers were burned by FDA officials in an unprecedented scientific holocaust. THE CANCER CONSPIRACY

Predictably turned down by all mainstream publishers.....who know better than to embarrass the Superpower of organised never entered an Italian bookstore, just as not one volume of the 36 printings of Morris Bealle's formidable drug Story was ever seen in an American bookshop, and for the same reason.--Hans Ruesch (Vivisection or Science: A choice to make by Prof. Pietro Croce, M.D.)

“The history of the publication of this book (Slaughter of the Innocent) provides some valuable and frightening insight into the methods and power wielded by vivisectionists and their allies; how they were able to squelch a book already printed and make it disappear — at least for a time……Rizzoli, Italy's largest publisher, had been forced to suppress the book shortly after its publication in 1976.......Bantam did not reply to charges that they were deliberately suppressing the book---until 3 years later, when an executive stated that it had been allowed to go out of print "because it wasn't selling".  Yet Bantam's Fall 1978 catalogue listed Slaughter among their bestsellers.  How could a publisher of such prominence to so pressured?.....So in Western democracies, no book burnings are necessary; there are subtler and more effective ways to stifle information unfavourable to the industrial powers-that-be.” Hans Ruesch

"We KNOW the answer to cancer…Yet the authorities, in the form of the law of the land (UK), will not allow this book (The Good News On Cancer) to be promoted to lay persons… is not permitted that they can even be told where to find information that might help them. That has got to be democracy with a very small d……One eminent publisher…backed out as he feared he could be jailed for infringing the Cancer Act by offering the book to the public. Another…was deliberately pressured by an unnamed group after his medical reader (an M.D.), having checked the manuscript, leaked its contents to a confidential authority."---Dr Richards & Frank Hourigan.

"In l946, during one of our largest polio epidemics in Los Angeles, I wrote a book (POLIO CONTROL) exposing the polio racket. My statements were well documented and the doctors didn’t like it. I believe it would have eliminated polio epidemics if it had been allowed to reach the people. I had the manuscript examined by a lawyer before I had it published to be sure everything was legal and in order. I had the Los Angeles Post Office authorities examine it to be sure there was nothing in it for which I could be legally barred from the mails and it was declared within the law. The medical trust had their stooges work for two years trying to get something on me so they could legally put me out of business but when they failed they brazenly issued a fraud order without any legal grounds or lawful reasons. They knew I had no money to fight a case with so they thought I would probably "stay put" when they destroyed my business and put the book out of circulation. I talked to one of the post office officials and asked what I could do and he said, "You can take your lawyer back to Washington and fight but it won’t do you any good; those cases are ‘sewed up’ beforehand." I wrote a long and detailed letter refuting all their false charges but this was disregarded and I was notified by special messenger I was barred from the mails eight days before the day set for my hearing — in other words, I was condemned without a trial. I was convicted on the statement of the medical witness that my "book disagreed with accepted medical belief and therefore was dangerous." (I admit it could be dangerous to the corrupt medical policies.)"---Eleanor McBean

"BACK TO EDEN and the GRAPE CURE were barred once before but were reinstated because there were no legal grounds for the action and someone had enough money to fight for them.  HEALTH RESEARCH had sold 500 copies of Back to Eden at $7.00 per copy with a money-back guarantee and the letters flowed in from the satisfied customers who had been healed or helped by its information. Yet, the selling of this book was one or the reasons why Health Research was being prosecuted.  Medically operated organizations and money-making schemes such as the cancer fund raising organizations, March of Dimes money-making racket, vaccination campaigns. etc., are allowed to make untrue and impossible claims and promises and accept fabulous sums of money year after year without ever performing the benefits or fulfilling their promises, yet they are never barred from the mails no matter how brazenly fraudulent they are. If even half of the money, that is filched from the public by these organizations, were put into the hands of some responsible organization like Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Society and used for public health education purposes, the present disease crisis of this country could soon be brought under control."----Eleanor McBean

Ezra Pound commissioned me to write Secrets of the Federal Reserve for $10 a week. When I finished the book, no one would touch it. Devin Garrity said they couldn't print it, and they'd be the only ones that could. We finally found a girl who printed a thousand copies and we sold it immediately. We sold it within a month, they took every book. The German edition came out in '55 and it was burned by the German government. went before a court hearing and judge named Israel Katz, an Occupation judge, ruled that the book was unconstitutional under German law. It broke laws against race and that was the legal excuse for them to ban the book. [author's note: Secrets of the Federal Reserve makes no mention of any race][Interview 2003] by James Dyer

"The medical and scientific establishments have (largely through the fact that they have sold out to the enormously wealthy and powerful international pharmaceutical industry) obtained more or less complete control over politicians and the media.....advertisements for my book Food for Thouqht are still banned by Britain's Advertising Standards Authority because the book contains advice on what sort of diet to eat in order to reduce the chance of developing cancer.
        Because we refused to accept the ban the ASA (which, quite bizarrely, will not accept scientific research papers or even government publications in evidence) has warned newspapers not to accept any of our advertisements. The ASA claims to exist to protect the public but I find it difficult to see how banning a book that contains a summary of proven clinical advice on how to avoid cancer can possibly protect the public. It seems to me that, wittingly or unwittingly, the ASA is simply protecting the cancer establishment. I find it difficult to avoid the observation that the cancer industry would undoubtedly find it much harder to raise money if the incidence of cancer were cut."---Dr Vernon Coleman

In 1970, Peter Dale Scott, a professor of English at UC Berkley, published The War Conspiracy, a scathing investigation of the CIA, oil companies, and their manipulation of US foreign policy in order to escalate the Vietnam War for their own ends. Before the book could be made public, however, the CIA intervened and successfully stopped its release ("The War Conspiracy", n.d.). Information Control For Social Manipulation by David B. Deserano, MS

Burg testified that there was no liquidation in the concentration camps. The healthier people were used for free labour. Burg pointed out that even a golden cage was a limitation of freedom and even a crime, but the invention of gassings came from sick minds. Burg wanted to prove that even at Birkenau, where gassings allegedly occurred, Jewish men and women could get special treatment. An example was Benedikt Kautsky, a Jew who was a spiritual personality in the Socialist-Marxist world movement. Kautsky was in Birkenau during the war doing office work. His mother, aged 79, was also sent to Birkenau. When she became sick she got a separate room and a special diet ordered by the doctor. This was "special treatment," given so the woman's life could be prolonged if not cured. She died when she was 80 years of age. When he was liberated, Dr. Kautsky returned to Vienna, Austria where he continued his scientific work. (26- 6893, 6894) In 1946, immediately after the liberation, Dr. Kautsky was one of the first to publish a book. It had the German title Teufel und Verdammte (Devil and Damned). Burg testified that the book was the truth and had historical value. However, the whole edition was burned. One and a half years later, he published another edition in which he rewrote portions and made changes. But he didn't completely rewrite it. There was no documentation about gas chambers and Kautsky himself admitted he never saw a gas chamber himself. (26-6902) [Joseph G. Burg] The 'False News' Trial of Ernst Zündel -- 1988