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Left For Dead by Dick Quinn
Left for dead by his doctors after a 1978 heart attack and failed bypass surgery, Dick Quinn discovered the main herbal remedy for the heart (Cayenne pepper) that saved his life.

Health Myths Exposed---Shane Ellison

HEART FRAUDS: Uncovering the Biggest Health Scam in History by Charles T. McGee, MD.
The primary focus in the medical industry is to make a profit. Therefore, a lot of advice that people receive is not in their best interest For example, if your doctor recommends an angiogram, coronary bypass surgery, balloon angioplasty, or taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, you may want to run out the door. For most people, these treatments are unnecessary and ineffective. Cheaper, more effective treatments are available. This hard-hitting expose, written by a medical doctor, provides the facts and offers options.

Curing With Cayenne by Sam Biser
A remarkable interview with herbal naturopath Dick Shulze revealing the remarkable properties of Cayenne Pepper in reversing heart disease, preventing damage from heart attacks, and for recovery after strokes.

Vitamin E for A Healthy Heart & Longer Life by H. Bailey,
Healthy Heart Magnesium by J. Pierce,
Eradicating Heart Disease by Rath, M.D.,
Is Heart Surgery Necessary? by Julian Whitaker, M.D.
Dead by Now by Don Williams
Beating Bypass by Elmer Cranton M.D.
Chelation Therapy by Walker
Racketeering in Medicine by Carter, M.D.
What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You by Jane Heimlich
What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You by Lynne McTaggart