[A disease from Animal Products, Sugar, wheat & white bread poisoning, consequently vitamin deficiency with some input from root canals & Chlorine.  Curable with alternative medicine but kept suppressed by the Cartel.  The media all know about Linus Pauling's Vitamin cure, but, surprise surprise, suppress it.  Bypass has never been shown to increase survival rate.]

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[2010] Cayenne Pepper - Stop a heart attack fast

[2012 Oct] ‘I had turned into this old, frail man overnight’  Waterloo man blames sickness on wireless technology

[2012 March Letter] Medical statistics which just don't add up...  Heart disease in all countries is closely related to power station coal consumption. In Britain, both rise to a maximum in 1974 and fall steeply after 1978. Three-quarters of the fall occurred before statins were introduced. France and Japan have low rates of heart disease and no coal consumption. Mediterranean countries have a high saturated fat diet — animal fat — but a low heart disease rate. In the U.S., coal use and heart disease fall in line with each other. China has rising coal consumption and a rising incidence of heart disease. Why is this? Because sulphur dioxide from coal is injected by power stations into the stratosphere. It absorbs the 295nm band of UV, thereby reducing Vitamin D production in the skin. Low Vitamin D is closely associated with the risk of heart disease.

[2011 Nov] Two Vitamin C Tablets Every Day Could Save 200,000 Lives Every Year  Persons with the lowest plasma levels of ascorbate had the highest risk of heart failure, and persons with the highest levels of vitamin C had the lowest risk of heart failure.

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[2011 April] Could a pill made from olive leaves help beat heart disease?

[2009] Sudden Cardiac Death and Food Excitotoxin Additives by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

Heart Surgery Does More Harm Than Good by Julian Whitaker, M.D.

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