Canine parvovirus
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Villains In Vaccines By Dr. Deva Khalsa  ''When I entered veterinary school in 1976, parvovirus disease in dogs didn’t exist. No dogs were presented ....infected with parvovirus until 1978. During my senior year, I observed case after case of canines with life-threatening, bloody diarrhea admitted into ICU to be placed under 24 hour care on supportive IV fluids.
    Parvo type 2 virus appeared simultaneously around the world and killed hundreds of millions of dogs in Australia, Europe, Asia and the US. At the time of the outbreak, this brand spanking new disease didn’t seem to be spreading from one dog to another. World health professionals wondered how the disease could be traveling around the world so quickly.They found their answer.
    You see, this new disease was being delivered to each dog in his or her yearly booster shot.....the sudden and devastating outbreak of parvo was because the feline panleukopenia virus (FPV) that had long been present in dog vaccines mutated to a form that could jump species and infect dogs!''

"Canine parvovirus is closely related to feline viral enteritis virus.   The sudden widespread appearamce of the disease in 1979 has led to the suggestion that it originated from an attenuated feline enteritis vaccine strain.. Read that sentence again:  it is thought that a vaccine caused parvovirus."---Catherine O'Driscol.  (What Vets Don't Tell you about Vaccination, p 129)

"What I am suggesting here is that the original disease, Distemper, has been, for the most part, replaced by Distemper Vaccinosis, a chronic disease of great variety. This chronic disease also creates a susceptibility to new acute forms of distemper like parvovirus. Because by its nature, chronic disease is more developed than an acute disease, the many ramifications of this condition have been given new names from the mistaken idea that they are different and distinct diseases."---Richard H. Pitcairn, D.V.M., Ph.D.