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[Canine Health Concern was formed by Catherine O’Driscoll when first two, and then a third of her young dogs died years before their time.  CHC members are vets, trainers, breeders, and ordinary dog lovers who say that the establishment has got it wrong.  You can keep your dogs healthy – but it has little to do with the products corporations have to offer.]


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In Search of the Truth About Dogs an introduction to natural canine health

"John Saxton MRCVS VetMFHom presented a paper in 1991 describing the use of the canine distemper nosode in disease control...The results showed that, of dogs kept in the kennes for 8 days, 11.67% showed clinical signs of distemper on the 5th day prior to the introduction of nosodes, dropping to 4.36% after the nosodes were introduced.  Where the entire kennel population was taken into account...the incidence of distemper dropped from 8.05% to 2.81% afetr the introduction of nosodes."---(What Vets Don't Tell you about Vaccination, p 240 by Catherine O'Driscol)

"What appears to emerge from the study is: a)  Nosodes can effectively stop, in its tracks, an outbreak of a highly transmissible disease (viz kennel cough).   b) That it does so, in this case, more effectively than the presently available vaccines.  c)  That vaccination impairs the ability of the animal to respond to the nosode."--Christoper Day, MA, Vet.M.B., M.R.C.VS. Vet.F.F.Hom (What Vets Don't Tell you about Vaccination, p 238 by Catherine O'Driscol)

"Canine parvovirus is closely related to feline viral enteritis virus.  The sudden widespread appearance of the disease in 1979 has led to the suggestion that it originated from an attenuated feline enteritis vaccine strain.. Read that sentence again:  it is thought that a vaccine caused parvovirus."---Catherine O'Driscol.  (What Vets Don't Tell you about Vaccination, p 129)