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[This is the main pharma troll on  "HIV=AIDS=DEATH, pharma drugs are wonderful, all-my-friends-have-died-from-HIV, all non-Allopathic medicine is quackery." etc.  And nasty with it.]

You're so full of shit you need a QTip wrapped in toilet paper to
start cleaning it out.

Doctors Depressed. After decades of advances, death rates among humans
still stand at 100%.

Darling, if this the kind of specious crap you're using to base your
life choices, I am very sorry for you.

George M. Carter

That's the best you can manage?

I can hear the frothing in your mind, little mind. The anger that
wells up in you, impotent as it is wrapped in your cowardice and hate.

George M. Carter

THAT fucking idiot??? Jesus christ. This asshole charges outrageous
amounts for his supplements and supplies misinformation about them.

If you're going to trust this dessicated piece of humanity for life
altering decisions, good fucking luck.

LOL...that's bullshit frodlet. HIV does directly kill CD4 cells,
however, it is true that most of the CD4 cells that die aren't
infected. But the proximate cause, as Billi Goldberg used to say, for
that cell destruction is HIV infection.

HIV also infected a variety of antigen presenting cells. Inflammatory
responses at the sites of infection, such as the gut, lymph nodes,
etc., clearly show a severe disruption of local tissue architecture as
disease progresses.

George M. Carter

Right (wing). He leaves that to people living with HIV who'd prefer to
imagine HIV isn't what caused their CD4 count to drop below 100.

They can die of AIDS while he sells more books.

George M. Carter

Just like a good repugnican--repeat the lie ad nauseam.

There ARE WMD in Iraq. There IS a connection with Saddam and Al Qaeda.
HIV doesn't cause AIDS.

All the same psychotic bullshit pushed by right wing psychotics that
want to kill people with HIV.

George M. Carter