Chris Gibson mole and wart removal
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[This 'therapy' is based here.  I assumed because of a Chet Day link here that it was endorsed by him but it turns out this is not the case: "We've had very few complaints over the years regarding this mole removal product that we occasionally advertise (but have never recommended or endorsed) to help pay our bills around here."  So after you lose your money from following a Chet Day link you find out he isn't endorsing it yet makes money from the link!!  And won't do anything to help get your money back!
    A friend sent Gibson $40 for his book but received nothing in return and no e mails answered, so avoid at all costs.  Also look at some comments on Cure zone here.   Lets hope this shyster's karma ends up biting his ass, big-time.]

Apple Cider Vinegar Mole Removal