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How To Get Rid Of Moles With Apple Cider Vinegar:

Daughter's wart on hand cured thanks to this forum. by michaelshane
My 14 year old daughter had a wart the size of a small pea, on top of her hand, right at the knuckle. It had been there for several years and kept getting larger.

Warts responsive to 'suggestion'. My story. by marimekko
It has been shown that warts are somehow responsive to suggestion, which explains why children especially have success with selling their warts, or other magical ways of getting rid of them.

13 warts gone in 2 weeks by believer63
I used tea (tee?) tree oil on warts that I had on fingers and around nails etc.. these were NOT planters warts.

See: Naturopathic Herbalism

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"i love H2YO!!!!! i can remember hearing Madonna talk on The David Letterman Show about the healing effects of urinating on her athlete's foot in the shower. i use to suffer from nasty athlete's foot in high school and since i have not had a single problem. this was in the 90's. it wasn't until earlier this year that i was told by a friend about oil pulling. i figured- maybe pee would work in my mouth like it's worked on my feet. i decided to try it. the results were very refreshing. this caused me to make a facebook post- "save money. gargle with urine. # practical revolution" with this i received a comment for a link to an interview between Santos Bonacci and Andrew Norton Webber from a friend. at first i thought the link was too long and was in the dark concerning the material at hand. but then i considered that it was a link sent by one of my sister's life-long friends and someone i really like. i listened to it. missing link level information that immediately and joyfully resonated with me. that day i trashed my 900 dollar alkaline machine and bought a gallon of distilled water. the same evening i drank a glass of my urine and immediately i physically recalled the effects of raw foods. 6 weeks in at a gallon a day between water and urine i passed kidney stones painlessly. 3 months in at a gallon a day all of my genital warts disappeared. i feel like i have been given my life bavk just from the hpv clearing up alone. thank you Friend and thank you Andrew Norton Webber. 4.5 months in and i am on day 2 of a 40 day pure waters fast and am very excited to go deeper and wider into this river of life. H2YO!!!!!!"


Anyone who has ever had a wart knows... They hurt, they're ugly and very hard to remove. Also treatments with lasers (extremely painful)and other procedures can cost well over $1,000.I know this first hand.  Laughing I tried every cure. Only one worked: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar! Just soak a cotton piece the size of the wart in Apple Cider Vinegar and tape on wart before going to sleep.and within a week they fall off! Shocked  NO PAIN! I figured it cost me about 45 cents to cure 4 warts. Cool  I had spent $700 at the dermatologist, and it didn't work! Hopefully this money saving cure will free up some cash to make more orgonite!

Thx for the info. When I first got my Don Croft terminator Zapper over 6 years ago I had a stubborn wart on my index finger that wouldn't go away, but within
a week of using the zapper a few hours each day the wart disappeared and never came back  Shocked