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Episode 15 Carol Croft Takes An AIDS Cure To Kenya

by Don & Croft

Feb. 27, 2002


I got an email request from the director of a foundation that organizes and supplies a village clinic and orphanage in a village in Kenya, near Lake Victoria, last August.


The request was for a donation of zappers to give to AIDS sufferers there. After some more correspondence, the director asked if I'd be willing to go there and teach the folks how to use the zappers, so Carol and I discussed that and decided that Carol might be a better candidate for that. Ever since I first discovered, firsthand, that zappers cure AIDS, I'd been dying for an opportunity to take this information to Africa, which is undergoing a genocidal program, which has been using AIDS to reduce the population. I'm personally as incensed about this as others do about the genocide committed on the European Jews and Gypsies in the previous century. I've always been curious to know why these people aren't up in arms about the current genocide program.


Notice that I'm not mentioning names. It's because the director knew instinctively that her organization would be jeopardized if the word got out about what we were contemplating. Medical students from a major university and a well-known naturopathic college volunteered regularly for a month at a stretch to administer the supplies of herbs, nutrients, homeopathic and other remedies to the AIDS sufferers and to deliver these supplies to the clinic's small apothecary. There are no carriers to these places, so if it's not taken in luggage, it won't likely arrive. That's an interesting comment on many of the relief efforts we hear about.


Carol was asked not to freely discuss her purpose with her fellow travelers, though the Kenyan liaison in the US who would be going along to supervise the volunteers was well informed and supportive. Each of the volunteers, including Carol, bought their own plane tickets but their

Kenyan hosts provided hospitality and meals during their stay.


We made up a bunch of regular, no-frill zappers for the Kenyan woman to distribute according to her discretion and Carol took a small crowd zapper (zaps three people at a time through small, hand-held copper pipes) that I made for her to donate to the village clinic, along with a little 12v battery and a solar panel to charge it daily. She also took along a few Terminators (our current zapper model) [contact for more info on Terminators] and two Holy Handgrenades (HHg), which are cone-shaped orgone generators of our design.


Soon after their arrival in the village, some women showed up to dance for them in the house where they'd be staying. Carol recognized them as witches, of course, and the dance was done to ensure their protection and safety during their stay.


It was apparent, pretty soon, why these women found it necessary to protect them. "Night runners" are men who run through the forest (almost entirely made of thorn trees) naked every night, accosting people who are not in their houses, sometimes invading the houses themselves. There are no streetlights, of course, and not even a small generator in most villages. These guys were voodoo practitioners and that area of Kenya was not a happy place at that time. Where voodoo predominates, there is usually some form of control through terror that keeps ordinary people from moving around after dark. This is common in the countryside of Haiti, according to the book, The Serpent and The Rainbow, and Carol told me that there was a prevalent ambience of hopelessness and despair in that region, though all African people are naturally prone to exuberant happiness and love of life. She kept lots of coins in her pockets for when the small crowd of orphans swarmed out of the woods when she walked by each day. She was surprised that they seemed as though they didn't have a care in the world. Their parents had mostly died of AIDS.


She learned that the 'good magic' is mostly done by women and the voodoo is mostly done by men, and that the latter is fostered and promoted by the un-natural neocolonial form of government there. She also found that these women are not afraid or even remotely intimidated by the night runners, who more likely fear and respect these women.


The whole continent is not like this, apparently, and when Carol later joined me in Namibia, she expressed profound relief that it was so comfortable there and relatively free of misery.


She treasures her friendship with the people she worked with in the village, her hosts and the many AIDS sufferers she helped to cure themselves, of course, and it was pretty apparent to her that a few holy handgrenades and cloudbusters in that region could turn the tables, in short order, on those night runners and the stranglehold they had on the population. I later had the pleasure of their acquaintance when nine of them astrally followed Carol home, but that account comes toward the end of this chapter.


Incidentally she sort of sneaked one of the Holy Handgrenades into the roof of her hosts' home the first day she was there, and it rained every single night thereafter, shortly after sunset. They were astonished by that, since they had been experiencing a devastating drought for quite awhile. I wasn't surprised to learn why this could happen-in areas of the world where there is very intense orgone activity even a small orgone generator can unlock energy imbalances in the atmosphere, as a cloudbuster will in less energetic surroundings. Apparently the entire continent of Africa is a zone of intense orgone activity and it's fairly pristine, since there are very few microwave transmitter/receivers, cell phone towers, etc., which tend to deaden orgone fields and discourage free orgone circulation in the atmosphere. I personally believe that another factor responsible for the lovely orgone there is the exuberance of the Black Africans and their essential sense of harmony, fostered over the millennia, until very recently, by a social system characterized by power sharing between men and women.


The conditions in Africa may be similar to what the white settlers found here in North America and now we're in the process of returning our own continent to those pristine conditions with our cloudbusters and other orgone devices, along with many other folks. You can see orgone currents if you look at a monochrome background, especially blue sky, and let your eyes go out of focus the way they do when you look at one of those posters that look like multi-color, chaotic dots until a 3D image appears. The currents of healthy orgone are brighter than the background, the currents of the unbalanced orgone are darker, and both seem to appear and disappear within a second or two. In Africa we noticed that the bright currents far outnumber the dark ones, and that the currents are much brighter, fatter, and last half again as long as the ones in North America. Of course, Carol and other sensitives just see the energy itself, anywhere, any time, but this exercise is something you and I can do.


The med students that Carol shared sleeping quarter with were aloof and unfriendly with her the whole time, except for a brief interchange with one or two of the friendlier ones. Most got a light case of Malaria, though they had begun taking the prophylactic drug for malaria before their arrival and throughout the trip. Carol tried taking the pills, but they made her feel sick, so she just kept her Terminator [contact for more info] the whole time and she never got malaria or any other sickness.


One of the first AIDS sufferers she met was a young woman who was so far advanced in the illness that she could no longer hold her head up and could only breathe with difficulty. At that point, Carol just gave her a zapper to use, and in a week she was walking around. In another week, she had resumed her duties at the main house, full of energy and health. By the time Carol was ready to leave the village the woman had her bags packed and was going to move to a place in the nearest city.


Each day, Carol showed up at the village clinic, run by Uncle Gaia, who graciously became the proprietor of the crowd zapper. The days were spent ushering in groups of three AIDS sufferers at a time, for a half hour or so of zapping, then zapping three more, and so on.


I must say that our purpose in Carol's visit was mainly to share information with the native Africans and investigate the conditions there, not to play 'great white hope' or get a reputation for applying our AIDS cure. We already knew that it's impossible to move enough zappers into the continent to reverse the genocide being perpetrated through the UN's agencies (is that even debatable any more?), but our hope is that enough Africans will talk to each other about curing AIDS with electric current. Electric fences are common in many parts of the continent, but not in the area where Carol visited. My strong feeling is that any AIDS sufferer can simply touch an electric fence once a day for three weeks and every trace of the virus will be eliminated. Because of the vitality of the energy there, people heal very, very quickly, we noticed.


I'm openly stating that AIDS is very easily cured by mild electricity passed through the skin by pulsed DC. I get hammered sometimes by professional med people for not providing data like lab reports to back up my claim. I tell them that the burden of proof is not on me at all. It's not worth mentioning to them that there's no electricity in that village, much less a modern medical lab. I don't have any proprietary claim to that information and anyone on earth can repeat what we're doing with AIDS. Besides--I also tell them-my distrust of medical labs is as profound and my distrust of all the other tentacles of the medical/drug cartel, and I think it's time for you to wake up and stop serving that monster!


Even tapping a car battery terminal with one hand while holding the other terminal in the other for twenty minutes or so replicates what the zapper does. Africans are extremely resourceful, so a little information can go long way. Our experience with zappers curing AIDS has been 100% success so far.


Some of these people get tested after the cure, for confirmation; some don't bother with that (I certainly wouldn't bother with it). Carol didn't do a lot of follow up, but at least we know now that what they're calling AIDS there (we doubt that it's the same engineered virus as the one used here) is as easy to cure, though apparently more virulent for the sufferers and kills them much faster than in the west.


She found out that the UN dictates medical policies in Africa and they've coerced all of the governments to make treating AIDS with other than UN-approved drugs strictly unlawful. Of course the drugs are ineffective and even poisonous (only one in a thousand Black Africans can afford them), just like here, and the laws are hardly enforceable, but many reputable traditional healers fear for their lives if they transgress those laws, since most governments there have even less 'due process' police practices than we do here in the land of the formerly free and brave, with our plethora of felonious jack-booted thug agencies, federal, state, county and city.


The beauty of our crowd zappers is that, technically, the sufferer treats him/herself and the only relationship the AIDS sufferers have with the practitioners is as guests.


I'm told by Georg, a fellow cloudbuster aficionado in South Africa who works with Zulu chief shaman, Credo Mutwa, that there is a common plant in Africa that, when made into a tea, cures AIDS. This may actually be the answer. Georg is feeling pretty downhearted about this right now because, although Credo Mutwa is actively campaigning to spread this information, the South African government (Nelson Mandela's regime, don't you know?) has implemented a focused media program of obfuscation to prevent this information from spreading.


I'm trying to convince Georg that their efforts will most likely cause the information to spread faster than if they'd ignored it, just like what happens in the US whenever alternative medicine is attacked by the felonious feds. Our zapper business certainly takes a Great Leap Forward in the number of orders every time they try to whack Dr. Hulda Clark, for instance. I know that there really is no such thing as bad publicity these days. We've come a long way since the 1950's when the 'go along to get along' Depression Babies and WWII vets stood idly by and even cheered when Dr. Wilhelm Reich's books were publicly burned by the felonious federal agents and he was then railroaded into prison and martyred. I think the internet would have died on the vine if it were introduced in those bleak days.


Carol didn't let on that she was psychic until the end of her visit in the village. When the word got out, she was swamped with requests by mothers to contact their children who had died, mostly of AIDS. Carol said that the pressure from all of those recently deceased children wanting to talk to their mothers was so great that she simply couldn't bear it.


The Kenyan woman, Uncle Gaia's niece, who supervised the visitors invited Carol to Mombassa for a little R&R before their flight back to the US, and they stayed in a very nice, thatched-roof hotel and spent a day sailing in an Arab-style dhow over the reefs and the clear, warm coastal waters. It was the highpoint of her trip in some ways, though she was severely sunburned.


Anyone who visits Africa gets sort of addicted to the place, I think because it's so invigorating, but I think, also, because the people are so thoroughly fascinating; even the most destitute and apparently hopeless beggars there have a joie de vivre and presence of mind that one rarely sees in North America, even among the most affluent, interesting and beautiful people. The average person there is courteous, intelligent, curious and willing to converse with strangers. They receive new ideas with an open mind and are quick to adopt them if they find them worthwhile. Typically, if you start telling a sick person there about the zapper, that person will put it on before you finish your first sentence. In North America, you'd be hard pressed to give them away to most people, no matter how sick and desperate they are, though this is changing fairly rapidly these days now that the predatory regime that created and maintains the mind control infrastructure is finally collapsing.


On the way back to the US there were an unusual number of checkpoints with metal detectors, since it was only three weeks after the feds blew up the WTC and Pentagon. For some reason, Carol walked through those metal detectors without setting any of them off, though she was wearing the zapper (it has plenty of metal in it) her silver necklace and pendants, and plenty of pocket change. A couple of months later, when I went to southern Africa, there was almost no security at all in the European airports I went through. I guess they'd figured out by then that the 'terrorist' attack was phony, so why waste their manpower on a sham? Europeans are pretty pragmatic.


The first night back for Carol was spent in a state of collapse since she hadn't slept for two nights before that, but on the second night we got our first visit by the Kenyan voodoo practitioners. Carol had gone to sleep but was shaking and crying, so I woke her up and asked her what was up. She hadn't discussed her psychic abilities in Kenya because she didn't want to have to contend with the night runners there. It was just as well, because, although I was sure she could have easily handled them, now I had a chance to try the Succor Punch on human subjects instead of just predatory aliens and native reptilians. This is the device I was calling the Big Secret, but Carol was given instructions for another device that deserves that name more. I can't talk about that one right now ;-)


We activated my own Succor Punch to chase the fellows while Carol used hers to put up a protective barrier, as they had caused a wound in her etheric field that was causing her some pretty intense pain in her lower back. I sent them all the beam of intense blue orgone, pulsing at 15Hz, a frequency that is anathema to all predatory and parasitic entities, from which they were unable to break free. Carol and I traced the source of the energy to the queen of a very large reptilian hive that ran from Swakopmund, Namibia, to a large swamp, 200 miles north of Kinshasa, Zaire. We learned that this reptilian queen was directly responsible for maintaining the network of voodoo societies throughout Africa, through ten of her offspring with human fathers. Credo Mutwa tells that the queen had invited him to mate with her but he refused. We found this out later on.


The 'son' of the queen in Kenya occupied a key natural vortex west of Nairobi. Carol had noticed the vortex in the distance on her trip to the village and saw that it was severely distorted. She had hoped to travel there on the way back and put the other holy handgrenade there to heal it, but nobody would agree to take her there because of the reputation of the place as a site where cannibalism was openly practiced. One Kenyan did agree to later put the HHg on the grounds of the presidential palace in Nairobi, though.


When we were tracing the energy from the visitors, I asked Carol to take a look at the man in the vortex. We knew at that point that he was 'energizing' our visitors but we weren't aware of his mom until Carol screwed up her courage enough to take a close look at him and his surrounding. It must have been pretty frightful, but of course that fellow is in the business of frightening people. She told me that he's obviously not completely human and that he was in the process of eating a human body part, raw, when she looked in on him. It was only a short jump after that to connect with the mom, whom we immediately energized in the customary manner. This took the wind out of the sails of our visitors instantly, and they were pretty pitiful looking as they stumbled around trying to figure out what happened. The connection they'd created in Carol's energy field, through which we found our way to the reptilian queen, also vanished at that point, though we kept up the connection we'd formed with the queen through the Succor Punch.


'Succor' means 'to nourish,' by the way. I don't think it's possible to harm anyone with this energy, which is why I've arranged for people to be able to buy them now. I don't take money for this, but Michelle Ridgley is making and selling them according to our specifications. I've asked her not to sell these to anyone who doesn't have a cloudbuster, because I feel that one will more certainly use this in a balanced way if he/she is in the presence of a very strong, balancing orgone generator, which is what the cloudbuster is. Michelle also makes and sells cloudbuster kits and finished cloudbusters if one feels unable or unwilling to follow the instructions for making a cloudbuster which are found on in the 'chembuster' section. Note that this is not our website and that we don't necessarily support the other discussion you'll find there.


The voodoo guys went back home after that. Carol assures me that they had believed that their 'power' originated within themselves, so they became confused and disoriented when we jerked the rug out from under them. They left shortly after that, but we continued to energize them for several days after that during the time of day when they were in their most sound sleep. They say it's a bitch to get enough sleep when you work nights, so it was convenient for us that they were sleeping soundly when we were wide awake. Allowing for the 11-hour time difference, we woke them up every day when their clocks said 9AM, which is right about when they go into REM sleep. I bet they had nightmares about us when we eventually let them have their day's sleep ;-) They still come around once in awhile, but they're discreet now, so we don't bother them. Some folks may never love you, but most everyone can be made to respect you.


Shortly after the 'dust settled' that night, some Pleiadians showed up in the room to heal the damage done to Carol's etheric body. I noticed them as a distinct feeling, just before Carol said, 'the Pleiadians are here!' Once I saw one of them in a waking vision as a vaporous blue entity with a black sky and a dazzling, blue sun in the background. I found our years later, during a visit to Mt. Shasta with Carol, that this entity is a Pleiadian and I got the same feeling when they came to heal Carol that night. The dolphins' energy is similar to that, though much easier for me to identify with. I can tell you that our experiences make the Star Trek series and movies seem a little crude and clumsy to us, though I think that those programs are a priceless service to the whole human race and are almost prophetic.


I was corresponding almost daily those days with Gert Botha in Namibia. He lives within twenty miles of the portal at the southern end of the African reptilian hive. He located it in consultation with us through email and started making plans to close it with a holy handgrenade, but that's another story. You may remember that Gert got the most dramatic cloudbuster results by stopping the sandstorms that had been almost daily occurrences in that part of the Namib Desert and later bringing several weeks of thunderstorms there. I'll always consider that Afrikaaner desert rat my soul brother.


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