Fibromyalgia  Distilled water


The Drug Rep VS. The Distilled Waters Rep!!!

"I was called for a focus group tonight on Fibromyalgia.
There were these three women & me all talking about Fibro. The moderator was there representing the drug Lyrica, trying to figure out newfangled ways they can brainwash more people into taking the drug. The three women were all on some serious drugs from Morphine to Lyrica. Two had canes, most taking 3, 4 5 Rx's minimum & complaining about all the things they could no longer do, like walk up stairs, bend over etc etc. When it came for he moderator to ask me what my story was, I told her. I told her I had been given all these Rx's, including Lyrica & had tried them for about a second then threw them out 'cause of how sick they made me feel & began taking things into my own hands.

I did that, I told her, by fasting, juicing, frequent cleanses & drinking a gallon of distilled water a day and that now this 'label' of Fibromyalgia that was planted on me, according to big pharma, for life, is just a distant memory. Like someone else's life actually.

The moderator & the three other women just looked at me & nodded. The moderator stared & said, " know I & all of us it appears would love to know more about what you've done...but I've..." And I jumped in " You've got a job to do for one of the Drug Companies, I know." "Yes," she said..."but if I did not, I'd love to hear more. I'm very interested."

As I watched one of the women across the table, with a cane break down from chronic pain, depression & being over-drugged for decades I fumed inside & thought, well, no I actually said "This does not need to happen. She does not need to suffer like this. This is what Big Pharma wants but they're stealing lives..."

I stopped before throwing out the phrase "Agenda 21" .....but on the way home I kinda wish I had....oh well, next time they'll get 'Awakening 202"

So - even though I didn't get to go into serious detail, I planted the seed tonight...4 people are a teeny bit more awake than they were an hour ago...:)