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[Much ME appears to be Lyme Disease. See: The One Click Group]

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Psychiatrist Simon Wessely


[2012 Oct] Secret Papers Reveal Funding Refused to Researchers Looking Into Link Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Vaccinations By Christina England  Secret papers hidden in archives for years clearly show that when medical researchers applied for funding to study the link between vaccinations and the debilitating condition known as ME/CFS in more detail, their applications were turned down in favor of psychiatric research, which was said to be preferable....According to paperwork supplied to me by an interested party, grants have been denied to researchers studying a possible link between vaccinations and ME/CFS. The documents were only discovered when they became the subject of a Freedom of Information request. (It is interesting to note that every document carries a stamp saying ‘closed until 2071.’)
.......By cherry picking their research preferences, the MRC has potentially condemned many to suffer a life blighted by this tragic condition. Instead of funding studies researching a variety of possible causes, it appears the MRC only choose to fund the ‘it’s all in the head’ theories drummed up by psychiatrists only interested in lining their own pockets. It is a pity they have such a closed view when handing out financial support. How can we ever learn more about this debilitating disorder when research is being suppressed in this appalling manor?

[2011 Feb] At last, I have discovered the secret of Emily's 14 lost years, by Esther Rantzen

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Chronic Fatigue: A polio by another name

William Collinge, Ph.D.

"The Salk vaccine failed completely (we'll issue a special report on that at a later date). And the Sabin vaccine was a disaster. It caused many cases of polio and showed no relationship to the disease except for an increase in polio during the early '60s, caused by the vaccine itself. And now we have the sensational findings from the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, which strongly indicate that polio did not go away at all, but now manifests itself as chronic fatigue syndrome......When the Coxsackie viruses were first isolated from CFS patients, it wasn't realized that we were simply dealing with a new form of polio. This new polio was caused by the replacement of the polio viruses with their brothers, the Coxsackie viruses. As the researchers didn't get the connection at first, these new polio cases were labled "post-polio syndrome," "chronic fatigue syndrome," and "myalgic encephalomyelitis." "--William Douglass MD

My youngest child, Sophia, suffered from severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) for at least six years. This disease is also controversially known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Since 1969 the World Health Organisation (WHO) has categorised M.E. as a physical neurological disease. The doctors and psychiatrist threatened Sophia with sectioning in a mental hospital if she refused to go into a particular M.E. Clinic. They carried out their threat in July 2003. The effects on Sophia’s health were devastating. She died on 25th November 2005. She was only 32.

Dr. Von Peter As you know, I am a natural doctor ( I have been working with CFS patients successfully for years.
Your correspondent Mary is correct about Lyme's being a spirochete from animal syphilis; and friends from Connecticut believe that it came from Plum Island.
It ideally requires systemic treatment to rebuild and strengthen the immune system while working on the Lyme's. Several years ago I designed Lyme-Quest to fight Lyme's and it has been used and praised by many of our customers.
It can be used, however, without having a program designed by those who wish to treat themselves.
You can tell Mary to go to to order a bottle if she is interested. Feel free to tell your list about it if you wish.

Fibromyalgia and Abductees