Sexual Problems, Impotence  Menopause

Female Sexual Problems

by Sam Biser & Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.

Excerpted from the book: Eternal Sex by Sam Biser, Featuring Dr Richard Schulze, Medical Herbalist-

          Men can't get erections and women can't get wet.

          That's sexual disaster explained simply.

          Women who can't get wet also can't feel. Their orgasms are not full body, chain orgasms that roll from one to another and leave a woman in another world. The orgasms many women get are dime-store releases centered on their clitoris.

          An orgasm is a release of energy. But you can't release energy if you don't have it to release. It's like a well. A well pumps water, but it won't work if it doesn't have water in the firstplace.

          Energy comes from health. To feel, you need energy. Exhausted people have flat sex.

          No sexual manual can make you feel ecstasy.

          In this chapter, you will learn about the herbal formulas that can restart you sexually. But you get only 5% of the herb's power if you use it by itself. You also need cleansing programs as outlined in chapter five.

          Dr. Schulze used 360 degree sexual recovery programs. Some people will get temporary results from using these herbs only. Others will not. Herbs are spark plugs, but you also need a whole system like Dr. Schulze's to bring back health that went south with the hummingbirds.

          Loss of female joy is only one problem this chapter solves. Other problems that make a woman unhappy are pre menstrual syndrome (who could enjoy sex when they are bloated and bitchy), menopause (why have sex with drug store lubricants, or be too sore for any sex), and infertility (women want their own baby). Dr. Schulze solved these problems for women in his clinic - after dozens of doctors and natural healers failed. Learn how he did it.

Get your mate, and get ready to have sex so good that if others knew, they would be jealous.

SCHULZE: One woman said her own orgasms were just fine. She said it was her husband who had the problem.

          Of course, a lot of times what people think is normal is not healthy - it's just what they are used to. If you have never seen the color purple, you don't know what it looks like, and if you have never had great sex, you don't know what is possible.

          This woman was one of these cases. I gave her herbs for her husband, and also gave her my female balancing formula for herself. After she started taking it, she had a completely different kind of orgasm.

          Her husband got so excited by what was happening with his wife that he came in to see me. When I talked with him, he told me that he never knew that his wife had orgasms at all. It turns out that what she thought were fine orgasms were just in her mind.

          I said "Well, how do you know she's having orgasms now?" And he goes, "Because she was screaming so loud, I thought the neighbors would call the police, and in the middle of her orgasm, she reached up and ripped the Venetian blinds off the window".

          His wife later said, "I thought an orgasm was like a little squeak I felt in my ear." She never knew better. But now, she's ripping the venetian blinds off the wall and screaming bloody murder in the bed.

          It shows - you don't know how great your sex life can be until you start taking these herbs. There are women who are blaming their husbands for poor sex, but it might be them, too.

The less energy a woman has, the more her orgasms become localized in the clitoris-and nowhere else.

BISER: When women get less and less energy, the orgasm which is supposed to be all through their body then retreats to the clitoris. Women will say, "The man didn't get the right spot. " But the less energy they have, the more their orgasms seem focused on one spot.

SCHULZE: Absolutely. And I have had many women who told me they weren't even sure if they had an orgasm or not anymore. In other words, the sensation had deteriorated to such a degree that they had these flashes. But they weren't even sure that it was an orgasm.

          [Editor: Much more on female orgasms is covered in my chapter on orgasms, chapter six. For now, I can tell you that after the orgasms these programs give you, you will be so spent you won't be doing anything else that evening.]

"Women get so vaginally wet from these herbs that sometimes we have to reduce dosages due to excess lubrication."

BISER: Can women get lubricated without hormone pills?

SCHULZE: Absolutely. I have never seen the herbs fail when they were combined with a complete health program.

          In fact, many times we have had women come back and complain because they were having too much vaginal lubrication to where it was becoming a discharge. I've had to back them off of it slightly.

BISER: Richard, a woman's natural lubrication is completely different from an oil?

SCHULZE: The oils, of course, have all sorts of problems they can cause and create - because there is no oil that comes close to a woman's natural lubrication.

          A lot of women have problems with creams, oils and ointments, too. A woman not being lubricated is almost synonymous to a man not being able to get an erection. It's like a basis of being able to have sex, and so when a woman is not being lubricated, we know that something is wrong. There is a health problem.

BISER: I would think that the woman's natural fluids are more electrically conductive than an oil or cream.

SCHULZE: It's very different. It's very slippery and it's very sloppy. When your penis goes near the vagina, it's almost like it sucks it in. I mean it's quite different from anything else.

BISER: If nature wanted a woman's vagina to secrete oils, it would do it like the scalp.

SCHULZE: Absolutely. It's unbelievable and it's kind of like some high tech engine treatment. It doesn't break down. If you use something like Vaseline or KY jelly, it's too slippery and you don't feel anything.

          If you use something like olive oil that has more drag, it disappears. It penetrates and the next thing you know, you have "engine lockup". Not even natural products work. I've heard it all, and I've used them all myself.

          To get the lubrication to return, I use what I call a female balancing formula.

          This female formula is quite famous for balancing female hormones - not necessarily supplying female hormones. I'll go over the formula now. There's three herbs in it that I use. I have picked the best female herbs from three different continents.

          The first one, the Latin name is Angelica sinensis and the common name in Northern China is Dong quad, and in Southern China, Tang quay.

          Dong quad or Angelica sinensis is the number-one-sold herb in the world - more than any other herb that's sold. It's estimated that there's a billion women using this herb. So first off, I'm not going to argue with a billion women.

          Now, this herb has not been shown to contain any hormonal substances. In fact, the Chinese consider it to be a circulatory stimulant. In other words, it helps blood circulate more. Well, this could be the way it works on its own because your whole hormone-balancing mechanism is your blood stream.

          Your hypothalamus and pituitary in your brain release what are called gonadotrophin- releasing hormones. These chemicals go through your blood, and when your ovaries detect them, it tells your ovaries to produce more estrogen and progesterone, or to produce less estrogen and progesterone.

          So, the ovaries produce the hormones, but the hypothalamus and pituitary in the brain produce the stopping and starting chemicals for those hormones. The communication is done via the blood stream.

          Dong quai improves the circulation and maybe the circulation and communication between the hypothalamus, pituitary, and ovaries.

          My second herb is the European favorite. Chaste Tree is the common name. With Chaste Tree we are using the berries, and with dong quai, it's the root. The Chaste Tree Latin name is Vitex agnuscastus. Chaste Tree is the European favorite for a female balancer. It has not been shown to contain hormones. But, again, because of other chemical substances in the plant, it's been shown to correct all types of problems from PMS to menopause to balancing female hormones.

          [Editor: Chaste Tree actually has a cooling effect on the female sexual system. Look at its name: chaste. However, it is needed for balance in this formula. When extra sexual kick is desired, use the damiana, or the full female sexual formula covered later.]

          The third herb that I use in this formula is wild yam - Mexican wild yam. The Latin name is Discorea villosa. This herb does contain sterolcompounds.

          This female formula is equal parts of Angelica sinensis, Vitex agnus-castus, and Discorea villosa.

"I have found this in my clinic to be a classic female hormonal balancing formula. It is not only the absolute cure for PMS, it's the absolute cure for menopause. "

SCHULZE: It's the female balancing hormone formula that will help a woman's hormones balance more correctly and be able to get pregnant. But it really balances all female problems.

          The only exception would be for menstrual problems; there is another formula you use for when you are actually having abdominal cramping and spasms. We'll go into it later.

          This is one of the few formulas that I've used that we might call international; in other words, I'm taking the top Asian herb, the top European herb, and the top herb from the Americas.

BISER: What do women take per day?

SCHULZE: The dosage of this formula is 30 drops three times a day to start, which is one dropperful three times a day. Then, if you are not getting the results you want, you go up to two or three and then finally four dropperfuls three times a day.

          However, two dropperfuls three times a day has stopped the symptoms of menopause in 98% of my patients in the clinic.

          I'm talking about the falling out of the hair, I'm talking about the agitation of the emotions, I'm talking about the osteoporosis problems, and I'm especially talking about the dry vagina and the other symptoms of menopause and PMS.

          All the symptoms of menopause that women get is because of the lack of estrogen. Now, a lot of times, it isn't because their ovaries have quit. Ovaries just don't quit. They slow down, but the communication is bad. The circulation is bad. And this formula works wonders.

BISER: You told me that in some cases you have to up the dosage. What did you take it to?

SCHULZE: I started women out on one dropperful three times a day and that was enough to bring their period back and reverse the affects of a pharmaceutical hormone shot. It brought the period back, but they still weren't fertile. So I put them on the two dropperfuls three times a day, and the next thing you know, the woman was pregnant.

BISER: What is the most you have gone to on that?

SCHULZE: Three dropperfuls three to four times a day in extreme cases - and this is usually after surgical sterility, like hysterectomy where the ovaries have been removed or one ovary is gone.

          And even if the doctor says that both of your ovaries are gone, don't always believe it. I have read so many pathology reports that contradict themselves. I mean, many times what the doctors write and what pathologists write contradict each other. You don't know what you've got. So take these herbs.

          I should also mention here that most menopausal women came to my clinic-and they were on Premarin, which is an estrogen source. They were also on Provera, which is a progesterone source. Estrogen is a very dangerous chemical to take.

          A lot of women don't know it, but Premarin is made from horse urine. It used to be made from plant source, but they got too expensive. The manufacturer of this estrogen tablet is locking horses in stalls all over Canada and the United States. They don't let them move, just like a veal calf, and they are catheterizing them and draining their urine out and this is what they are manufacturing it from.

          In the 1995 Physician's Desk Reference, the manufacturer of Premarin, Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, warned doctors about the risk of estrogen in inciting cancer in post-menopausal women. They stated that post-menopausal women are having a higher degree of endometrial cancer than ever before in history-and so they did studies to discover why. They linked it directly to estrogen use.

          They stated that post-menopausal women who used estrogen for more than one year had a four to thirteen times greater risk of endometrial cancer than the general public.

          And here's the worse part. You have all of these women out there that the doctors put on estrogen and they feel better. Their vaginal area is lubricated. Their hair doesn't fall out, and everything's going great and then they develop a cancer, a little skin cancer, an endometrial cancer. And you know what the doctor does?

BISER: What?

SCHULZE: He takes them off the estrogen and says, "You can't use it anymore", and these women crash and burn. Their life is like the rug was pulled out from under them. They now have been taken off this drug; their bodies became dependent on it, and when you take a drug like that, it tells your ovaries to go to sleep, shrivel up and die. Because, when you start using estrogen, your ovaries detect it and why would they ever want to produce any estrogen? This becomes a crutch and your body gets worse.

          Then, the doctor takes the woman off estrogen, because any medical doctor immediately takes a woman off of estrogen or any hormones when they have cancer, and then these women are just shoveled off into the gutter. They are swept under the carpet of medicine and they crawl on their hands and knees into my office crying and begging...

BISER: What do they say?

SCHULZE: They say that they were dying. They felt horrible and emotionally out of control, with vaginas cracked and bleeding, and their hair falling out in clumps.

          The doctors would even call me and beg me to help. They would say they didn't know what to do, and they couldn't give her estrogen any more. The doctors would call and say, "Can you please help her? She's a friend of the family. What are we going to do?" Of course, I would get these women on these three herbs that I talked about and it was like their life was saved. They were changed.

BISER: I think herbalists, Richard, they get all hung up on giving herbs that have hormonal sources and you are saying that has nothing to do with this.

SCHULZE: It doesn't...

BISER: ...these are not supplying hormones?

SCHULZE: No, the only herb in that formula, wild yam, has a very, very slight amount of sterols. A very slight amount. But nothing that would be considered a therapeutic dosage by medicine.

          These female tonic plants do not contain hormones, but they do contain substances the body needs to manufacture hormones, like nutritional substances or nutritional chemicals or circulation- enhancing chemicals like the Dong quad that tell your body, that tell your ovaries, your glands, your endocrine system to wake up. When you back that up with a good nutritional program and good healthy life-style and environment, well, then you can have a miracle happen.

          I would say that 98% of the women who came to me who would do this treatment had miracles happen. Probably 2% had to work very hard to have those miracles happen beyond just taking some herbs and making some slight modifications, but really had to work at it.

DAMIANA: The sexual stimulant for women.

BISER: How is taking the herb damiana different from hormone balancing?

SCHULZE: First of all, nobody wants to really talk about the herbs like damiana that are sexual stimulants any more than they want to discuss sexuality in any fashion.

          But, there are many herbs that are quite famous throughout history for women to stimulate sexuality. One is called damiana tunera aphrodisiaca.

          In some of my older pharmacy books, from around the turn of the century, or the late 1800's in the Victorian era, I found a lot of damiana potions. They included damiana and kola nut, damiana and saw palmetto. The English were on top of it. They made a lot of formulas with damiana. Damiana was the base in all the old English aphrodisiacs for men and women. I saw that kola nut, or saw palmetto, or these types of herbs were usually mixed with it. Sometimes even oat seed.

"Damiana is probably the world's most famous female aphrodisiac."

BISER: I thought because it was so famous that it was useless.

SCHULZE: No. A lot of people don't know what it does or why it does, but in men and women it's used as a sexual stimulant. One of the reasons I like it is because it's very safe. In other words, it's not something that people overdose on, or has possible toxic side effects, like Yohimbe, for instance.

          Damiana seems to have a similar effect for both men and women. It is very safe to use large doses for short-term, and smaller doses for long-term, and it works well.

          I have had many patients who had lost their sexual excitement or interest because of ill health. When their health came back, their fertility or potency came back, but they still didn't have that start-up. We might say the pump still needed to be primed once or twice to get that person going.

          There's a category of herbs that seem to work well for that. Sometimes they are referred to aphrodisiacs but damiana is the classic. I have used it with many women and men who got healthy, even got fertile, but still didn't have that sex drive. It didn't come back - but damiana brought it back.

BISER: What is it, a genital irritant?

SCHULZE: No. Nobody really knows, or wants to discuss it or talk about it and very little research has been done on it. But it just seems to bring the glow back.

          Sometimes I gave it to women by themselves. If I had them for a long time on the female corrective herbs, and their hormones were balanced and I felt everything was fine, but they just needed that spark, I would use damiana by itself.

          I've had hundreds of people who had their sexual stimulation come back with it. I have also had many women who just started making big pots of damiana and giving it to their husbands. It works for men, too.

          But, this has to go along with a health program. You just can't give it to your husband instead of coffee in the morning and not make any other changes. People have to start looking at themselves, and looking where they've lost the love in their relationship, and also where they are stressed-out with their partners, and make some changes in the house and environment.

BISER: Did any of your former clients tell you how it had changed their sex life?

SCHULZE: Absolutely. In fact, I've had many women have to back off on it because they were getting too orgasmic and too easily aroused.

          I had this one lady who rode a motorcycle and she was starting to have orgasms from riding from the vibration of the motorcycle. I had another woman who was having orgasms when she was at lunch with her boss, and she found that she was getting stimulated sexually when she didn't want to be.

BISER: Do you mean she was making love, or just having lunch?

SCHULZE: No, she was just having lunch. The next thing she knew is that she was having an orgasm, and very sexually aroused - which wasn't a normal thing to happen for this person.

BISER: With damiana, what are they taking? The root?

SCHULZE: Some people have used the root; most use the leaves, and the tops, but you can use any part of the damiana plant.

BISER: What dosage were you using of it?

SCHULZE: A cup of tea three times a day is a good place to start and then go up to two cups of tea three times a day. A replacement for that would be one or two dropperfuls of tincture three times a day.

          Some frigidity is physical where women feel sexual but they don't actually excrete any fluids or get lubricated - and when that is a problem, that's when we use the female energy-balancing herbs, the three that we mentioned before. And that works there.

          Then, if you use that along with the damiana, you not only will get the vagina lubricated but also the sexual spark will come back. So that's why sometimes you would use the damiana by itself; other times you would put it with other herbs.

BISER: Would commercial damiana preparations work, or not likely?

SCHULZE: I have not found the commercial products of that particular herb to be effective at all.

          There could always be an exception, but I've had my patients swallow thousands of capsules of it and never have anything happen and then you use some good damiana and look out! It's powerful.

          People need to look for "Damiana turneria aphrodisiaca". There are other species of damiana and similar plants that contain no sexual stimulant activity. If you are not careful, this is what you can get. [More on where to get this herb at the end of this book.]

A female formula specifically for greater sex.

BISER: Do you ever use ginseng for women?

SCHULZE: I sure do - but it's a different ginseng that the Panax ginseng I use for men. For women, I use the Siberian ginseng. I include it in a formula I created for women who are healthy, but who want more from sex. This formula includes damiana, but many women who want an extra kick will take this female power formula, and then also take a few dropperfuls of damiana tincture or a few cups of damiana tea an hour before they have sex.

          This formula not only gives a woman damiana, it gives her aphrodisiacs and phyto-sterols her system needs. It is a food for the female body. It gives her ginger, for more blood to the pelvis. It gives oat seed and kola nut, to stimulate overall nervous system excitement.

          A lot of women take a dropperful or two of this formula - and add an extra dropperful or two of damiana - which is an activator for the female system.

          You can use this formula as long as there aren't any symptoms such as dryness of the vagina, or extreme hair loss, or hot flashes, or any of the symptoms of menopause, such as temporary irregular heartbeat. If there are, then you use the female balancing formula given earlier until all these symptoms are gone; then you can switch over to the female power formula.

          Of course, a woman can, at any time, add some of the female power formula for extra sexual kick-even when she is still working on balancing her hormones.

"The laws of Nature are very simple. Nature doesn't want to create sickly, weak children any more than it wants to create weak strains of wheat to prosper."

SCHULZE: Barring physiological deformity or damage to the reproductive organs, there is only one other reason for infertility in women-poor health and a toxic system.

          Natural selection is Nature's way of guaranteeing and promoting stronger and healthier future generations. Nature wants the strong to survive and the weak not to be born, and, if born, to be recycled early.

          The primary functions of the human body are to repair, survive, duplicate and procreate. When your health level falls below a certain point, you lose those basic functions. Infertility and sexual impotency.