Impotence (erectile and orgasmic)

"Prozac gives you a royal soft-on like you wouldn't believe."--Robert Evans, film producer (Observer Magazine 22 sept 2002)

[Porn can cause it, poor diet esp .  Cannabis can cure it, at least while you use it.  Raw food would be the best diet, along with proper Food combiningA simple cheap remedy for impotence is 3+ cloves of garlic twice a day with an equal amount of raw ginger, chopped finely and crushed, then swallowed with yoghurt.  Also Cayenne Pepper, & Ginseng tinctures from Herbs Hands Healing, and Richard Shulze's  'Male and Female Tonics'.  For extra have 15+ raw eggs a day (Aajonus Vonderplanitz diet).  Ejaculation will drain sexual energy leading to impotence (see: Semen retention), the man realises, subconsciously, he is losing energy/chi, and so he gets less interested in sex or becomes impotent.  Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate things, the aim is to orgasm without ejaculation.  Semen is similar to spinal fluid in it's contents, so insane to throw it away from the nutrient value alone.]

Premature ejaculation

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When I was a vegan/fruitarian, ejaculatory orgasm was pleasurable but draining. I got depressed, anxious and irritable if had regular ejaculations. I have always had a high level of sex hormones and have always since age 3 craved orgasm. My sexual appetite did not change on any diet that I tried. On a raw vegan/fruitarian diet I became more sexually frustrated.  Now that I consume so much raw protein and fat, I enjoy sex 1-6 hours, have up to 3 ejaculations, and maintain energy with only 5-6 hours sleep daily. I feel like I have finally achieved and chosen heaven on Earth. Regarding sexual energy as a health indicator seems erroneous. Some people simply do not have active sex glands and have little sex hormones, resulting in low sex drive. However, they can be incredibly healthy. Interview with Aajonus Vonderplanitz