Fombonne  Lord  Leventhal

Fombonne, Lord, Leventhal vs. Children with Autism

Parasite children

By Katie Wright

What kind of human being makes money by testifying against disabled children with autism?

Dr. Eric Fombonne
Dr. Catherine Lord
Dr. Bennet Leventhal

These parasites regularly take the stand in Vaccine Court in hopes of preventing sick autistic children from receiving financial compensation for their injuries. When I worked on forensic child abuse cases we had a word for these psychologists and doctors who were paid to testify against children.  Iíll leave that to your imagination.

It is a free country and these doctors are not breaking the law by making a few bucks on the backs of kids. However, I think their ďworkĒ as anti- child professional testifiers has been insufficiently discussed and deserves a good public airing, donít you?

Dr. Catherine Lord appears in vaccine court with great regularity. Like Fombonne, Lord appears to relish the opportunity, as a psychologist, to diagnose children she has never met and draw (erroneous and unqualified) conclusions about the cause, onset and severity of their medical disorders. Remind me the next time my sonís GI disease worsens and he loses language to make an appointment with a good child psychologist. Dr. Bennet Leventhal not only professionally testifies against children but also is a paid speaker on the pharmaceutical speaking circuit. Leventhalís org also accepts huge amounts of money from vaccine makers.

No one is forced to testify against children in vaccine court. Most doctors and researchers with even the most rudimentary of scruples will refuse such an invitation. But not Dr. Eric Fombonne! He probably leases out a condo near the courthouse as a business tax write off.  It is a wonder he has time for anything else!

Isnít it interesting that after all these years of testifying against disabled children, that the tables have turned and Fombonne is now a defendant, charged with serious academic misconduct by his employer, McGill University. Fombonne is under investigation for:

1) unlawful access to confidential medical record and blood samples of children in his 2006 ďPediatricsĒ article

2) Fombonne accessed these records without the parental consent of the 220 parents of his research participants

3) Fombonne is charged with violating Articles 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24 of the Quebec Civil Code

4) He is also charged with violating McGill Ethical Guidelines involving research on human subjects.

I have no information about whether or not McGill has yet to acquit Fombonne or find him guilty of these crimes, only that  many angry Canadian parents are awaiting a decision. Letís hope justice is served. If Fombonne is found guilty his research projects will be frozen and he will likely be fired.

Isnít it interesting that one of the loudest voices decrying the ďunethicalĒ behavior of Dr. Andrew Wakefield was Fombonneís? The British medical authorities could not find one, not one, parent who expressed anything except gratitude to Dr. Wakefield for helping their child. Meanwhile, I can barely keep up with all the news and e-mails from all the incensed Canadian parents who feel that Fombonne has used their childrenís disease for his own purposes of deceit and manipulation.

Isnít sunlight the best disinfectant? Letís get this all out in the open! If you are a parent of one of the children in Fombonneís studies how do you feel about all this?

KAtie Wright is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism



Thanks for always being there for us Katie!
Bow tie Benny (Leventhal) not only testifies against us for the cut rate of 30 pieces of silver, he insults our beautiful children for free. During his biased, pharmacetical infomercial that was his testimony against my then 9 year old son suffering from Autism. He casually galanced at a photo of my angelic son and immedeately diagnosed him with dysmorphic features. This statement alone should have discredited his testimony, Colin has been treated and evaluated by some of the best and most ethical Doctors in the country, and there has never been the slightest hint of any diagnosis other than Autism. He is extremely bright and fighting with all his will to overcome the injury that unscrupulous greedy rats like "benny" have put upon him. As you know Katie, if Colin could sit still for more than 3 seconds he would be making a nice living off a budding modeling career. I personally found this insult against my son more difficult to take than the Kangaroo court ruling made against him, and if I ever run into "bow tie benny" in a New York City alley he will get a free clinic on what dysmorphic features really look like.....
We put extraordinary effort onto helping our fragile, innocent, and most vulnerable of children, to let some disgrace of the medical community put them down, looking foward to your vist benny. Timothy P. Dwyer