Dr. Bennet Leventhal

[2010 March] Fombonne, Lord, Leventhal vs. Children with Autism By Katie Wright

Thanks for always being there for us Katie!
Bow tie Benny (Leventhal) not only testifies against us for the cut rate of 30 pieces of silver, he insults our beautiful children for free. During his biased, pharmacetical infomercial that was his testimony against my then 9 year old son suffering from Autism. He casually galanced at a photo of my angelic son and immedeately diagnosed him with dysmorphic features. This statement alone should have discredited his testimony, Colin has been treated and evaluated by some of the best and most ethical Doctors in the country, and there has never been the slightest hint of any diagnosis other than Autism. He is extremely bright and fighting with all his will to overcome the injury that unscrupulous greedy rats like "benny" have put upon him. As you know Katie, if Colin could sit still for more than 3 seconds he would be making a nice living off a budding modeling career. I personally found this insult against my son more difficult to take than the Kangaroo court ruling made against him, and if I ever run into "bow tie benny" in a New York City alley he will get a free clinic on what dysmorphic features really look like.....
We put extraordinary effort onto helping our fragile, innocent, and most vulnerable of children, to let some disgrace of the medical community put them down, looking foward to your vist benny. Timothy P. Dwyer  
[2010 March] Fombonne, Lord, Leventhal vs. Children with Autism By Katie Wright