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"It became clear, also, what's happening in the field of hepatitis. They are not dealing with a virus. Of course, there's a possibility to enrich certain kinds of proteins in blood products, which then cause severe autoimmune reactions, but only in very stressed-out people, never in non-stressed people. When they learned to take out these proteins from the blood products, or dilute them, there are not hepatic problems anymore.....there's no such thing as infectious hepatitis (and no hepatitis viruses)."--[1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA

The ABCs of Hepatitis by author David Crowe

Hepatitis B  [Hepatitis B vaccine]
"If you read the literature very carefully, you will find that, while there is a strong marker for the disease, there is no hard scientific evidence to support the existence of a hepatitis C virus. Clearly, a non-A, non-B hepatitis disease exists, but the science behind an associated virus is weak at best.  As a scientist I am compelled to ask, how can we vaccinate people against a disease-causing agent that has not been fully characterized?"---Dr Urnovitz

Hepatitis C  [Hepatitis C]

Slow Viruses: The Original Sin Against the Laws of Virology & Phantom viruses and big bucks By Peter H. Duesberg and Bryan J. Ellison

BSE/AIDS/Hepatitis C Infectious or Intoxication Diseases? By Claus Köhnlein

"Chiron did not spend 5 years creating its own virus for nothing.  Having patented the test for the virus...first step was a paper in Science, edited by Dan Koshland, Jnr, proff of molecular and cell biology at Univ of California at Berkely.  Edward Penhoet, chief executive of Chiron, also holds a (similar) position.  The NIH-supported virology establishment soon lent the full weight of its credibility to the hepatitis C virus camp....Chiron's test kit now earns some $60 million annually in this country alone (1996)....all this testing (raising the nation's medical costs) is being done for a virus that has never been isolated.....Chiron made an unrestricted donation of about $2 million to the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the Univ of California at Berkley that generates $100,000 in interest each year."---Peter Duesberg (Inventing the AIDS Virus.  Phantom Viruses and Big Bucks p83-87)

1. Vapor Virus by N Regush Consider this a challenge in progress. This scientific adventure raises the question of whether the hepatitis C virus, blamed for a major silent epidemic of liver disease and even cancer, actually exists. That’s right. You read this correctly: I am raising a question that may disturb scientists and hepatitis C patients alike. But I’m raising it anyway because it is vital to do so in the interests of public health.
    I’m issuing a challenge to the scientific community to present me with the published, peer-reviewed scientific evidence that such a virus actually exists— namely that it has been properly isolated, according to accepted, fundamental principles of virology..

2. Fishing for Viruses   Let me lay it on the line for you: I have never once thought — or written — that hepatitis C is a psychological problem. I have no doubt whatsoever that people have developed liver scarring and that many have developed liver disease and died from it.
    But after 30 years of reporting on science, I can sometimes smell a skunk. This time, the skunk is a so-called virus called hepatitis C virus (HCV), which is blamed for much of the severe liver disease people suffer.

3. Hepatitis C Reconsidered by Regush First, some reassuring and potentially empowering information about a disease named hepatitis C. Of all the studies I’ve examined in the past several weeks, one older one looms large as the first to offer patients a measure of hope and food for thought.