Sexual Problems

Hot Sex Herbal Oil

by Sam Biser & Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.

An herbal oil that heats the penis, increases the force of erections - and adds to a woman's excitement.
-Excerpted from the book: Eternal Sex by Sam Biser, Featuring Dr Richard Schulze, Medical Herbalist-

BISER: Do you ever put herbs directly on a man's penis?

SCHULZE: Well yes, I have suggested that men use the female vaginal bolus and insert it into their rectum. Any herbs placed there will benefit the prostate and the penis, and heal them. [Editor: The vaginal bolus is covered in the chapter on female sexual problems.]

          I also have recommended that men use my herbal heating oil on their penis. This oil contains three herbs that heal nerve tissue [St. John's wort, marigold, and arnica] and cayenne to increase circulation. It also has wintergreen oil and menthol, which also brings blood to the area.

          I never intended this oil to be used on the penis. I originally created it because I was a kick-boxer and needed something to heal my own torn muscles and broken bones.

BISER: How do people use the oil?

SCHULZE: One to three drops rubbed into your hands, and then you use your hands to massage the clitoris, the vagina, the penis, the testicles. If you use too much of the oil, you will feel uncomfortably hot for awhile until it wears off.

BISER: What did patients say the sexual result was?

SCHULZE: Well, it brought blood to the area and, of course, that's what's suppose to happen to get an erection. Also, the vagina's supposed to have an increased blood flow to it, so this oil primes the pump for these areas by drawing more blood down to them.

          And, of course, it has sometimes a cooling, or a heating sensation and this sometimes is a nice kick-start to begin that sexual arousal.

BISER: What do they say in their own words, Richard?

SCHULZE: They said it feels good; it makes them hornier and they have better ejaculations and they have better orgasms.

BISER: Did you suggest it, or they figured it out on their own?

SCHULZE: No, no, no. Many of my patients have figured it out themselves. When I first heard the story, it was about 10 years ago. A woman came in and she told me, "I rubbed it in my elbow, but then, I was masturbating, and got a little bit of it on my clitoris, and the next thing I knew I was really going for it, and I had a great masturbation and incredible orgasm.

          And I thought, "Okay, this is a weird, kinky patient", and then I started getting those stories constantly. I've gotten them from men and women, so, you asked the question, so there's the answer.

          A lot of women use it for masturbation, having the essence of it on their hands. Two women I know in particular don't have sex without it. I mean, this oil is their favorite thing.

BISER: You mean it sends them off.

SCHULZE: Absolutely, but you're only talking a drop or so.

          This has been something that has been known and used with the East Indians. Six thousand years ago, they used spices on the genitals to stimulate circulation.

BISER: All this got forgotten!

SCHULZE: Oh, absolutely, it got stamped out. The Indians used to be a very erotic culture. When you take a tour through India and look at buildings that were built thousands of years ago, some of them four and five thousand years ago. There are just naked people all over, humping each other in every position you could possibly imagine.

          But when Christianity came into India and blended with Hinduism, well, they destroyed a lot of primitive sexual practices. And using an oil like this to heat the genitals was one of the things that disappeared.

BISER: Let me ask you this, if this oil causes arousal and more blood, how would it help a guy hold it longer? Wouldn't it make him come quicker and then disappoint the woman?

SCHULZE: No, not necessarily because...

BISER: Well, that's what you'd think if you didn't know better.

SCHULZE: Yeah, but there's a couple of things involved. One is by stimulating more blood flow, you cause a quicker, firmer, harder erection.

          But then, the menthol and wintergreen are very high in salicylic acid compounds. Salicylic acid desensitizes; that's why it is used to make aspirin.

          Therefore, the heating oil desensitizes the area slightly so you don't have a premature ejaculation. But, at the same time, it creates a harder erection that keeps you going.

          I've had numerous women who would not achieve orgasm without it. They used this to achieve much greater orgasms. In fact, many of the women put it on and then their boyfriend feels it after they start having intercourse.

BISER: So they wouldn't necessarily tell him. They'd just put it on!

SCHULZE: Yes, exactly.

BISER: I could see that oil as being so potent that women would want to not have sex without it. I tried it myself, and I can't believe what it does. I 've never experienced anything that strong.

SCHULZE: That's what everyone says. One woman said to me, "Talk about a super orgasm. It gets hot and you have an orgasm and then you have another and another." She was big on that one. She used to take a bottle of herbal heating oil home every couple of weeks.

How to make the herbal heating oil.

BISER: Did any of the women get frantic when they ran out of it?

SCHULZE: Yeah. I used to have people come in and get 6 bottles and it's a big one. That's why I want your readers to know how to make this for themselves at home.

          INSTRUCTIONS: Put all these ingredients in one big jar. Let it soak for at least two weeks, then strain on the full moon two weeks later, or, if you have time, let it soak for two or three months before straining on a full moon.

          A word on obtaining ingredients: 1) Regarding cayenne pepper, the hotter, the better. Use African bird peppers, or habeneros.

          2) Buy your menthol crystals at either a pharmacy or a lab supply house.That one can be a little difficult, but usually a pharmacy or a lab supply house can supply it. A lot of pharmacists carry it, because it stops itching.

          What they do is they distill peppermint oil to make it, then they distill it a second time and it crystallizes. These crystals are pure menthol. Menthol is one of the active principles of peppermint oil. You have peppermint leaves, which have a lot of active principles, then you have peppermint oil, which is a more concentrated form, and then you have menthol crystals, which is even more concentrated.

          Make sure the menthol crystals are made from peppermint or thyme.

          Chemists always know that. I get it from a chemical supply house in Los Angeles. But a lot of times, people can contact their university or school, and just ask them where they can purchase some chemicals. You need a chemical supply house that sells natural chemicals that are derived from plants.