Laser eye surgery
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Laser eye surgery unnaturally changes the shape of a weak or damaged cornea. It does not improve poor eye-health that caused corneas to misshape. If an individual is on a very poor diet, the warped corneas will warp again within 5 years in 90% of cases.  Newsletter Oct 2010 Aajonus Vonderplanitz

[1983, 1992] PREVENTION OF BLINDNESS IN BRITAIN by Stanley C. Evans ISBN 07109 0029 5. Proof that ophthalmic nutritional therapy works as well in Britain as in Africa and The dangers of orthodox eye treatments.
This book contains clinical details of 130 cases successfully treated in Britain during the past three years, including 34 cataract cases. 80 glaucoma cases. 6 dry eye cases. 4 macular degeneration cases, 2 retinitis cases, 2 keratoconus cases and 4 strabismus cases. Diagrams illustrating decrease in blind zones in macular degeneration , and increase in visual fields in retinitis pigmentosa resulting from ophthalmic nutritional therapy.