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Healing Multiple Myeloma with Spirulina by David Schrieber

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Leading cause of childhood blindness
Vitamin A Deficiency (Xerophthalmia)

[2008] She No Longer Needs to Wear Glasses

[2010 Oct] Beck Aides Try To Debunk Diet Coke Dangers. Glenn Beck Going Blind From Free Methyl Alcohol In Aspartame By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum  The medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic by H. J. Roberts, M.D., < http://www.sunsentpress.com  > http://www.sunsentpress.com   has a chapter on the eyes and goes through the many eye problems triggered by this deadly excitoneurotoxin from optic neuritis to macular degeneration to blindness.


[2010 Oct] Vitamin A pill 'could save the sight of millions as they get older'

Eyesight Months went by, and her eyesight got better and better. In the end, two near miracles happened: Terri's eyesight was restored nearly 100%, and she thanked me for what I'd made her do.  I will never forget what a wonderful feeling it was to have been the educational and motivational link that stopped Terri from going blind. 

A recent analysis of data indicates that vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of childhood blindness. It was estimated that 70% of the 500,000 children who become blind annually do so because of xerophthalmia. This corresponds to a prevalence of roughly 1 million in view of the high mortality among affected children. (Thylefors, et al.',  source   Lighthouse International   link http://www.lighthouse.org/medical/causes-of-blindness/

An interview with Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD by Susan Barber

Sri Morarjibhai Desai, the former Prime Minister of India and a great propagator of this Urine therapy, used to drink his urine and massage the same on his body for 40 years till his death at the age of 100. That was the secret of his reddishness till the last minute. His skin was healthy and had no wrinkles. It was smooth and glowing.  At the age of 61, cataract started in his eyes. He started using his urine, as eye-wash and cured his cataract and had no need to get cataract removed till the age of 91-thus he prevented cataract formation for 30 years.  URINE THERAPY by Devendra Vora, M.D.

Gregg Levendoski Today my father who suffers from Macular degeneration and has been almost completely blind in both eyes went to the Doctor again after taking my Phoenix tears for the last 6 months. Today the doctors where surprised because his vision that has done nothing but get worse has begun to improve. the nerve endings have begun to reconnect and he tested today with 20/20 in his RIGHT EYE.
CANNABIS CURES. I have given Phoenix Tears that I learned how to make from Rick Simpson. This is a very good day. it proves the power of Cannabis
Simpson, Rick

I've had hundreds of patients with cataracts get better eyesight and get rid of their cataracts....I've had many patients lessen their prescription on their glasses and eventually throw their glasses away. I've had many patients with glaucoma recover. [1996] Shulze Biser Heal Your Life videos (transcripts)

700+ Vitamin C Secrets by Dr. Sydney Bush

Take Off Your Glasses and See: A Mind/Body Approach to Expanding Your Eyesight and Insight (Paperback) by Jacob Liberman ISBN: 0-517-88604-9

[1983, 1992] PREVENTION OF BLINDNESS IN BRITAIN by Stanley C. Evans ISBN 07109 0029 5. Proof that ophthalmic nutritional therapy works as well in Britain as in Africa and The dangers of orthodox eye treatments.
This book contains clinical details of 130 cases successfully treated in Britain during the past three years, including 34 cataract cases. 80 glaucoma cases. 6 dry eye cases. 4 macular degeneration cases, 2 retinitis cases, 2 keratoconus cases and 4 strabismus cases. Diagrams illustrating decrease in blind zones in macular degeneration , and increase in visual fields in retinitis pigmentosa resulting from ophthalmic nutritional therapy.

Cataracts. I personally know a woman, who after 3 months, 70 years old, 3 months, she was able to throw her eye-glasses away. And it happened… she didn’t even… she was so used to wearing them, she didn’t even realize she didn’t really need them anymore. She had to go get her license renewed. I think she’s 72. Had to go to the DMV to get an eye check. Alright? And the guy kind of looks up at her, like strangely, the eye test guy. He’s like, “Why are you wearing glasses?” He says, “You’ve got 20/20 vision!” She say, “But, I’ve been required for 45 years to wear eye-glasses”. And so, he was baffled. And he wrote on her license, “No longer required to wear driving glasses.” And she went to her eye doctor because she was, you know… to confirm this. And he absolutely confirmed it. And he’s like, “What have you done?” And she said, “Well the only thing I’ve done different is started drinking distilled water.” And so that eye doctor is looking into distilled water because of her results. Within the same week, she also happened to have an appointment for her little 15 year old dog to take it to a checkup at the vet. And she started giving her dog the distilled water as well when she started drinking it. And the vet kind of comes out of the appointment with a strange look on her face, like, “What have you done to your dog? Your dog has a liver and kidney function of a 4 year old!” And, it’s the distilled water again. It’s cleaning out the body. It’s removing garbage so the body starts to work right. And so now that vet is looking into distilled water, because she cannot believe what happened to the dog. [2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by  Chrissy McMahon