Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research

[A notable past publisher of important nutritional books.]

Dr Royal Lee

DIET PREVENTS POLIO Benjamin P. Sandler, M.D.

The Drama of Fluorine—Arch Enemy of Mankind by Spira, Leo, M.D., Ph.d.(MED.),  

THE NATIONAL MALNUTRITION D. T. Quigley from The Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, 1952

STUDIES IN DEFICIENCY DISEASE Sir Robert McCarrison from Oxford Medical Publications, 1921 ENTIRE BOOK

External book:
[1958 pdf] HOW TO PREVENT HEART ATTACKS By Benjamin P. Sandler, M. D. Supported by his practical experience theory that heart attacks
are not dependant on the blood glucose level, but instead on the rate at which blood glucose drops. His patients responded very well to diet preventing fast changes in blood glucose, with a response time of several weeks.    Sandler, M.D., Benjamin P.