Sexual Problems, Impotence  Sex  Sex (Tantra) 

Male and Female Orgasms

by Sam Biser & Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.

-Excerpted from the book: Eternal Sex by Sam Biser, Featuring Dr Richard Schulze, Medical Herbalist-

          Orgasms promote health. They're not just for pleasure.

          During an orgasm, there is a tremendous change in blood flow going to the pelvis, uterus, vagina and to a man's prostate, penis and testes.

          If you do not participate in great sex regularly, your abdominal area will become stagnant just like the liver, bowel, or anything else. You will be more prone to disease organisms, bacteria, virus, fungus, or just tissue degeneration, especially after age 50.

          Orgasms are one of the most stimulating things to the central nervous system - and people should have more of them.

          In this chapter, we describe the changes that take place in a man or woman's orgasm once they do the programs described in this report.

"After a woman goes on these programs, her orgasms are so prolonged and deep, she's gone. She isn't going shopping or doing any housework later in the evening."

BISER: How is a full orgasm different to the typical localized clitoral orgasm?

SCHULZE: It's profound in a couple of ways. It's more like a surprise for a woman, because with a localized clitoral orgasm, she is actually masturbating or stimulating the clitoris the same way a man would masturbate.

          But a vaginal orgasm or a whole body orgasm just kind of happens. It generally takes a lot more emotional excitement to have a vaginal orgasm.

          I've had it described to me as something they feel more over their entire body, versus a clitoral orgasm that can be much more localized down the legs and pelvis. The vaginal orgasm is the one that I get described as being all over the body.

BISER: How do they feel when it happens all over their body?

SCHULZE: It's a blissed out experience. But it doesn't happen to many women.

BISER: When the women get healthier, do they start having vaginal orgasms where before they only had clitoral?

SCHULZE: Absolutely. They either have vaginal orgasms, or what we could call non-localized clitoral orgasms.

          Their excitement level is much higher. They are healthier and they can feel more things. It is something that I think is very normal that has been lost. Reports today say that 9 out of 10 women do not have vaginal orgasms, or full body orgasms. They only have localized clitoral orgasms. One out of 10 women have vaginal orgasms and that's about average of the statistics that I read. It also fits with what my patients told me.

          Also, a lot of women, like men, experience only one orgasm and that's it-when they could be experiencing multiple chain orgasms, in which one orgasm just continues into another and another.

Men have deeper orgasms once they go on the program. They ejaculate with more force.

BISER: When men are young or teenagers, they wake up with erections - but when they get older, that doesn't happen anymore. They just wake up.

SCHULZE: That's right. That's a sign that the hormones aren't as high; the prostate's not working as well. Patients have told me that once they got healthy, they started coming back. They started waking up with the erections again.

BISER: Were any of them shocked when it just happened?

SCHULZE: Just thrilled.

BISER: Now, as you were describing, women have vaginal orgasms. Is there anything corresponding in men that they feel more when they are healthier?

SCHULZE: Yes, definitely. There's a number of things that happen.

          To begin with, the force of the prostate to ejaculate the semen deteriorates over the years as that prostate becomes dirtier, more congested and clogged, plugged with cholesterol, and swollen. So what happens, as men get older, the ejaculations become less and less forceful. Of course, it's the force of the ejaculation that feels good in a man.

          One of the things that I've noticed the most from the comments of my patients is when they clean out the prostate, when they increase their health, and clean out their bowel, that not only are they able to have ejaculations again, or more, but they are much more powerful. They are much more forceful; they are much more enjoyable.

          They feel the big push down there. One man said he almost hit the ceiling. And that's the power of that prostate coming back on.

          This can be especially noticed when using the male sexual formula described in an earlier chapter.

BISER: Do women ever notice that?

SCHULZE: Oh, yes. In an ejaculation, you start getting sensations down there very early on - but a lot of men don't. It's like they have sex a little bit, then there's just like a pop, and that's it.

          But, as you get healthier, you feel that prostate coming on minutes before. Of course, that also makes your penis much more hard when you feel the energy of that prostate coming on. Women definitely feel it towards the end when that penis gets harder and the prostate's swelling up.

          Minutes before ejaculation, your penis gets hard as steel and this excites the woman even more.