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[2011 Nov] Solving 9/11 to End the Zionist War Plan for Iran by Christopher Bollyn  Barak, President Shimon Peres, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


looks like NASA cgi job


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Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's mind control slave by Brice Taylor

[5th December 2021] A Good Death? In a new and original film from Ickonic Media, we hear the heartbreaking stories from people who lost loved ones to fatal doses of morphine and Midazolam. Each year, tens of thousands of elderly and terminally ill patients are quietly euthanised in NHS facilities. In hospitals, care homes and hospices, behind closed doors, their deaths are hastened in what appears to be a caring and humane way. But how has this practice of euthanasia – illegal in the UK and carrying a life prison sentence - become so widespread and acceptable? And why are people who are nowhere near the end of their lives being given killer ‘cocktails’ of drugs that are used in many US states for executions?

Faurisson, Churchill, Eisenhower, Wiesel, Elie



[1990] HARMONICS OF FREQUENCY MODULATION AND THE HUMAN DNA Teachings from people of the Pleiades, transmitted through Barbara Marciniak while in a trance state
Friday, November 15, 1990

Hellman's mayo 78% Rape seed/Canola

DDT Truck

“Kids would ride bikes, skate, and run behind The Mosquito Man, The Skeeter Man, Smokey Joe, Fogger Trucks – so many names. The DDT truck came to our beaches where mosquito populations were high. There was a poster I remember that hung on the wall of our school showing the government spraying school lunch room food to show there was no danger to the children (although I always wondered why the guys who were spraying wore hazmat suits).”

From “Running Behind the DDT Truck”, by Mimi Foster, 2011

Jewish Goldman Sacks banker heads up BBC











Allopathic Genocide


The biggest user of Helium is NASA using 75 million cubic feet per year.


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Family of 27-Year-Old Who Died After AstraZeneca Shot Weighs Legal Action

July 2022  Move along now nothing to do with Covid vaccination.  1 in 250, that's probably the level of covid vaccine heart damage.  Musk (whale)

Steve Jobs: Bold, Brilliant, Brutal. . . Fake Jobs (whale)



IMF, World Bank










 Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,

Why Chiropractic Improves One's Immune System Function | The Wellness Path

Dr. Pradip Jamnadas exposes "The Bittersweet Truth" - YouTube



























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