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Bedford Level Experiment The Bedford Level Experiment was a series of observations carried out along a six-mile length of the Old Bedford River on the Bedford Level, Norfolk, England.  The experiment was often performed during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Most results have served to prove Flat Earth Theory, and although a few have claimed otherwise they have been soundly disproved by Flat Earthers. The Bedford Level Experiment remains one of the most widely-accepted examples of Flat Earth proof.

Faking Moon Landings: Parallax Experiments

Fiasco Paris II: The Wrong Car Gambit  Remember the car supposedly used in the Paris “events,” as calling phony theatre a terror attack is a misnomer?  This is what the friggin’ French did:  They planted the ID beforehand in what was supposed to be an identical car.  Problem is, the second car was a different model, different year.
[vid] Proof/Paris False Flag/Brothers Framed and Murdered

[vid] The Jesuits Fake Nukes on Hiroshima ( Japan )

[vid] Photographic proof that Hiroshima was not destroyed with an atomic bomb

Is “Gray State” a Psy-Op?  Condensed, the movie addresses what it would be like if FEMA began round-ups and executions of US citizens. The trailer, 2:40 long, seems to have one goal in mind; to instill fear in the viewer. It is devoted to violent graphic scenes of round-ups; direct head shot executions and intimidating footage of faceless FEMA soldiers goose stepping toward defiant, rioting citizens. The trailer is laced with heavy machine gun sounds, buzzing helicopters, people screaming, and death; lots of death.

[2015] If you don’t understand how people fall into poverty, you’re probably a sociopath



[2015 Jan] The Always Horizontal Horizon Proves Earth Flat

[2015 Jan] Saudi King Abdullah was a champion of women's rights says Tony Blair

[vid] Satellite Hoax - Satellites Do Not Exist!

SkyNews reporter has a slip of the tongue and admits the Charlie Hebdo's shooting was fake

[vid] Paris Shooting Hoax: "Suicided" Helric Fredou was Interviewing Jeannette Bougrab Family!

Fredou, the dead police officer, was investigating Bougrab, Hebdo's editor's girlfriend  Fredou was working on a person close to Charb, the Charlie Hebdo editor, killed in the attacks.  Who was that person?   Panamza, a French journal,  has discovered that Fredou was working on a person and her family living near Chateauroux, a town about an hour and 30 minutes north of Limoges. Simple deduction on part of Panamza determines that it was the family of Jeanette Bougrab, militant member of the UMP, a far right organization, and girlfriend of the murdered director of Charlie Hebdo, Stephane Charbonnier "Charb".  


Straight Inc
[2011] Torturing of Children in Straight Inc Owed by Melvin Sembler

Gray State The Rise Rough Cut Directed by David Crowley 2015

[pdf] CONSIDER the LILIES Effective Medical Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

[2013] Boston Bomber Believed He Was a Victim of Mind Control


[2015 Jan] Conflagration Kills Pentagon Cybersecurity expert and grandchildren

[2015 Jan] American Sniper Mythology and Other Tales of Horror By Gordon Duff


Mind Control of Medical Doctors

[2015 Jan] Charlie Hebdo Redux in Argentina

[2015 Jan] Psychiatry and Mind Control 101

[2013] Former French Foreign Minister: The War against Syria was Planned Two years before “The Arab Spring”

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Jeanice Barcelo


The Emotional Life of Nations by Lloyd deMause. Chapter 8----The Evolution of Childrearing

[vid] Soapbar (bad hash)

[2014] Killing Your Sex Drive One Bite at a Time: 5 Surprising Ways Sugar Lowers Libido


[2014] ISRAEL AND THE DARK SIDE OF REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES - REVIEW OF THE FILM "FROZEN ANGELS" by Jeanice Barcelo  what does it do to the psyche of a child when it is conceived through the merging of a sperm taken from a man who had only pornographic thoughts at the moment of release -- and merging that sperm with an egg taken from a woman who willfully chose to "donate" her genetics and her body in exchange for about $15,000? Surely, it must be detrimental to the child to be "conceived" in an environment devoid of human love, yes? And what of the fact that most of these children are gestated in wombs where their "mother" has no interest to bond with them. Wouldn't that further compound their trauma by reinforcing an already loveless beginning?

[2015 Jan] Wife, daughter and writer of controversial FEMA camp movie ‘Gray State’ dead in ‘murder-suicide’

[2015] Most Terror is State-Sponsored: Gladio

Why Americans Ought To Reevaluate What They Were (Falsely) Taught about Child Birth


[2007] New Evidence Shows Pentagon Executed Pat Tillman by PAUL JOSEPH WATSON

Bush's Iraq War Holocaust: Worse Than Vietnam by US DEPT OF VETERAN AFFAIRS  73,846 U.S. TROOPS DEAD; 1,620,906 PERMANENTLY DISABLED

None Dare Call It (Iraq) Genocide (American-Style) by LLEWELLYN H. ROCKWELL, JR.  Here is the grisly bottom line: more than one million people have been murdered in Iraq since the US invasion, according to the ORB. Yes, other estimates are lower, but you have to be impressed by what they have found. It seems very credible.  In Baghdad, where the US presence is most pronounced, nearly half of households report having lost a family member to a killing of some sort. Half the deaths are from gunshot wounds, one-fifth from car bombs, and one-tenth from aerial bombs. The total number of dead exceeds the hugely well-publicized Rwandan genocide in 1994. 

[vid] The Rothschilds Own Charlie Hebdo? Editors Girlfriend Works For The Rothschilds

[vid] BUSTED!!! Paris Shooting Cops Shooting Blanks

Dreyfus Affair

[DVD] Traffic

Madame Rothschild — “I Know who was behind the Paris Attacks!”


[2010 book] The Rape of Innocence: female genital mutilation and circumcision in the USA by Patricia Robinett

StarGate Remote Viewing, UFOlogy & Earth’s Future by Kerth R. Barker [whale]

Overcoming Monarch Mind Control, Feedback from Therapists & Survivors by Kerth R. Barker  [whale]

Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers: Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor by K. Barker

Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism by Kerth R. Barker

[2015 Jan] Glyphosate detected in feeding tubes given to babies and children with cancer

[2014] Child abuse: Bathed in disinfectant, whipped with kettle flexes, beaten and forced to eat vomit... victims' harrowing testimonies

[2015 Jan] Former children's home boss, 77, accused of historic sex abuse of boys as young as nine is found dead at home weeks before he was due to stand trial 

‘If it’s the only way to get one of your five a day, then drink a small glass of fruit juice — around 125ml — but no more than that,’ says Jackie Lynch. ‘Otherwise, simply eat a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables. There’s no need to embrace this fad.’

[2014] Bad news for dads: Babies 'should share mother's bed until age three' because it's good for their hearts

Jeanice Barcelo on July 27th, 2012

[2014] Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of Genetically Engineered Food

Stage 4 Cancer Gone With Baking Soda Treatment

"If your parents' faces never lit up when they looked at you, it's hard to know what it feels like to be loved and cherished," Bessel van der Kolk

[2009] Breasts in Mourning: How Bottle-Feeding Mimics Child Loss in Mothers’ Brains By Jesse Bering  According to a new theory being proposed by University of Albany evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup and his colleagues, the decision to bottle-feed is tantamount, in the mother’s psyche, to mourning the loss of the child. At least, that’s how a woman’s body seems to respond to the absence of a suckling infant at its breasts in the wake of a successful childbirth. In a soon-to-be-published article in Medical Hypotheses, the authors argue that bottle-feeding simulates the unsettling ancestral condition of an infant’s death:
    Opting not to breastfeed precludes and/or brings all of the processes involved in lactation to a halt. For most of human evolution the absence or early cessation of breastfeeding would have been occasioned by miscarriage, loss, or death of a child. We contend, therefore, that at the level of her basic biology a mother’s decision to bottle feed unknowingly simulates child loss.

[2005] Epidurals: risks and concerns for mother and baby by Dr Sarah J. Buckley

[2005] Conflicts of Interest: Understanding the Safety Issues Around Prenatal 3D Ultrasound By Ted Nace

[2015] Guess What Percentage Of American Children Live In A Home With A Traditional Family Structure?…   in America today only 46 percent of children live in a home that has both a mother and a father that are in their first marriage.  An additional 15 percent live in a home that has two parents where at least one of them has been remarried.  But that means that an all-time record high 39 percent of all U.S. kids are living in a home with either just a single parent or no parents at all.

[2013] Ultrasound: Prematurity and Potential Risks by Beverley Lawrence Beech

[2011] Weighing the Risks: What You Should Know about Ultrasound By Sarah Buckley 

False Flag Charlie Hebdo: Sky News “You can see the blood on the ground, which has been put there”    "You can see the blood on the ground, which has been put there to..." The reporter then catches himself and clarifies, "because of the blood that was shed on this spot yesterday."

Vaccines Proven To Cause Sudden Death in Children – 67 Deaths Only Explicable As Caused By Vaccines – Drug Safety Regulators Had The Information for Over 2 Years And Let Children Die

Birth trauma

[2013] OXYTOCIN, HUMAN LOVE, AND HUMAN BONDING by Jeanice Barcelo  Every single hospital birth protocol undermines the capacity for mother, father, and child to bond. Damaging technological interventions disrupt the production of natural oxytocin, and these include (but are not limited to) induction, amniotomy, fetal heart monitors (especially the internal ones that are literally SCREWED into the baby’s skull), the use of cytotec, pitocin, demerol (or any drugs whatsoever) during labor or immediately after birth, c-section, the unnecessary, sadistic, and violent clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord, the theft of infant cord blood, oral suctioning, putting ointment in the baby’s eyes so that his/her eyes burn and he/she cannot make eye contact with his/her parents, infant swaddling (which prevents skin-to-skin contact, restricts all movement, and causes baby to go into parasympathetic shock), highly toxic vaccinations immediately after birth, so-called vitamin k shots, separating mother and child for any length of time during the first hour after birth, neonatal intensive care unit (which are brutal), circumcision, and the list goes on.

[vid] Birth Trauma and Humanity s Takeover

George Bush Pedophile Sex Ring and Blackmail of Congress  George HW Bush is a known evil pedophile, who ran a Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring during the 1980s known as “Operation Brownstone and Operation Brownstar”, and later to become known as “The Finders or The Franklin Coverup”. U.S. Vice President George HW Bush would sneak children over to Senator Barney Frank’s condo, known as a “Brownstone” to their famous cocktail parties, where U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senators — some willing and some unwilling participants — got a taste of the “Voodoo Drug” in their drink.



In the majority of children the whole episode has been well and truly over in a week, from the prodromal phase to the disappearance of the rash, and many mothers have remarked “how much good the attack has done their children,”as they seem so much better after the measles. . . In this practice measles is considered as a relatively mild and inevitable childhood ailment that is best encountered any time from 3 to 7 years of age. Over the past 10 years there have been few serious complications at any age, and all children have made complete recoveries. As a result of this reasoning no special attempts have been made at prevention even in young infants in whom the disease has not been found to be especially serious. (Vital Statistics, British Medical Journal, February 7 1959, p. 381)

Occasional “spontaneous” tumor regressions of Hodgkin’s disease and Burkitt’s lymphoma have been documented after measles infections. Perhaps the most compelling was the case history of an 8 year old African boy who presented to a clinic in Uganda with a four month history of painless right orbital swelling. A biopsy specimen of the right retroorbital tumor was histologically diagnostic of Burkitt’s lymphoma but at the time of planned initiation of therapy, he was noted to have a generalized measles rash. On the same day, the right orbital tumor was noted to be regressing and because of the presumed measles infection, he was given no chemotherapy for the Burkitt’s lymphoma. During the course of the next two weeks, his rash disappeared and he seroconverted to measles. At the same time, the tumor regressed completely and remained in complete remission for at least four months after the measles infection in the absence of antineoplastic therapy. The mechanism underlying the rapid tumor regression that was observed in this remarkable case history was never elucidated but Burkitt’s lymphomas are known to express high levels of SLAM and are therefore susceptible to infection by wild-type measles viruses. The timing of the regression, coinciding with the period during which measles virus burden and measles-induced immunosuppression are at their peak, supports the contention that the tumor cells were directly destroyed by the virus. (citation:

Spontaneous regression of primary progressive Hodgkin’s lymphoma in a pediatric patient: A case report and review of literature 
SR of Hodgkin’s lymphoma is extremely uncommon and only 16 cases have been reported in the literature. Among the 16 reported cases of SR, most were of the mixed cellularity subtype, while five cases occurred in children following measles infection

[2015 Book] Birth Trauma, and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine:  Exposing the Systematic Violence During Hospital Birth and the Attempt to Hijack Our Souls by Jeanice Barcelo 

Since all culture is a kind of con game, the most dangerous candy you can hand out is one which causes people to start questioning the rules of the game.” -Terence McKenna

25 Years of Pharmaceutical Devastation Reversed by Cannabis

The Economist 2015 Cover is Filled With Cryptic Symbols and Dire Predictions

Police Commissioner Involved in Charlie Hebdo Investigation “Commits Suicide”. Total News Blackout

[vid] Paris Shooting Hoax Policeman Taking Selfies After 12 Murdered WTF

Charlie Hebdo: Another Mossad Production To Be Sure, But Did Anyone Actually Die? (Jan. 9, 2015

Paris Shooting (Jan 2015)

[vid] Science proves that NASA faked the moon landings - Moon landing Hoax

Moon landing Hoax assassinations

[2015 Jan] Let’s Talk About Whooping Cough

Leonard Cohen- Illuminati Jewish Secret Agent?

The Beatles Were Titaniced in 1966!!

The Marijuana Diet by Art Glass

Eight Major Identical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic  Eight major studies of identical twins in Australia, the U.S., and Scandinavia during the last two decades all arrive at the same conclusion: gays were not born that way.  “At best genetics is a minor factor,” says Dr. Neil Whitehead, PhD. Whitehead worked for the New Zealand government as a scientific researcher for 24 years, then spent four years working for the United Nations and International Atomic Energy Agency. Most recently, he serves as a consultant to Japanese universities about the effects of radiation exposure. His PhD is in biochemistry and statistics.

Climate Scientist Blows Whistle on Jet Aerosol Dumps – Chemtrails  This video excerpt from Dr. Kirkby’s 2009 CERN presentation makes it clear that IPCC climate scientists, Geoengineers and government agencies are fully aware that jet aircraft are dumping aerosols into the atmosphere with the effect of deliberate and covert climate manipulation. But even Dr. Kirkby may not be aware that these aerosols contain much more than chemicals for climate manipulation.  Bio-engineered pathogens have been systematically sprayed on entire populations to infect the environment with a “New Biology” of cross-domain organisms that manifest as “Morgellons Syndrome” in man.  [Chemtrails and Synthetic Alien Biology]  Jasper Kirkby is a particle physicist currently engaged with cloud physics research at CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

[2011] Royal Family granted new right of secrecy

[2014 Aug] Absolute Proof of the Use of Crisis Actors in Ebola Hoax

[2014 June] Nurse who refused flu shot wins lawsuit against Hackettstown Regional Medical Center

Promote body shame

[2014 Dec] Sugar - Not Salt - Bigger Threat To Blood Pressure

Autism by Any Other Name

[2014 Dec] Autism by Any Other Name and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program  "It is bewildering that Dr. Paul Offit can declare “shared symptoms do not make 2 different conditions identical” when autism is defined by its symptoms in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Psychiatry.....When it comes to vaccine injury and autism, government and public health officials are like eels swimming in a murky pool of convoluted phraseology. The child with vaccine induced brain damage didn’t have autism just “autism-like behaviors.”  The child compensated for vaccine injury didn’t have autism just “features of autism.” The vaccine didn’t cause the child’s autism it just “resulted in autism.” And besides all that, the child didn’t have “classic autism”, whatever that is, as Offit claims."

Bosnian pyramids

Tylenol Once a Month Raises a Child’s Asthma Risk 540 Percent  children who had even a single dose of Tylenol before their first birthday had a 60% risk of developing asthma.

[2010] CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer

9/11 Update: More proof no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon  “High-speed flight in relatively close proximity to the ground [as for Flight 77] is virtually impossible in any fixed-wing aircraft,” says an Aeronautical Engineer.

Westerfeld, Scott

[2004] Statin-fortified drinking water?

[2009] 'Moon rock' given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is fake

Illness Is Caused By Unrepentant Sin? How Evangelical Christians See Mental Health

[2014 Dec] VIP child abuse whistleblowers were 'murdered': MP says men were poised to lift lid on scandal

[2014 Dec] Were NATO Dogs Used to Rape Afghan Prisoners at Bagram Air Base?

[2014 Dec] McRae was killed because he was closing in on paedophiles says friend

[2014 Dec] EXCLUSIVE: ‘I was warned off’ says detective involved in historic paedophile probe

Shirley Maclaine Calls Meryl Streep "Other-Wordly"

 Goldie Hawn- Meryl Streep is a martian/freak!

 Carrie Fisher: " Meryl crushes bugs, Don't Mess With Meryl Streep"

 Kevin Kline: Meryl can really hurt me.

[2014 Sept] Prominent Michigan Cancer Doctor Pleads Guilty: ‘I Knew That It Was Medically Unnecessary’

[vid] REAL subliminal message 'KILL' caught accidentally (DISTURBING)

[pdf 1951] The Iron Curtain Over America By John Beaty

[vid] Carlos Arredondo - Boston Hero or NWO FRAUD?

Grow new teeth

[2013 Dec] Watch Iain Duncan Smith SNEAK OUT of food banks debate as Tories LAUGH at stories of starving families

[2014] Oncology nurse quits after 17 years to promote nutrition and natural therapies for healing cancer

[2014 Dec] 14 Arrested In Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Linked To Framingham Pharmacy  Tainted steroids manufactured by the pharmacy were blamed for a 2012 outbreak that killed 64 people. About 750 people in 20 states developed meningitis or other infections after receiving the contaminated steroids. Michigan, Tennessee and Indiana were the hardest-hit states.

[2014 Dec] Monsanto’s Roundup Responsible for Skyrocketing Rates of Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance and Other Wheat-Related Illnesses?

[2014 Dec] Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria By Alan Cantwell, MD

Why Michael J Fox Will Never Find a Cure

[2014 Dec] China and the Jews

[vid] Professor McCoy Exposes the History of CIA Interrogation  Now, one of the things that Donald Rumsfeld did, right at the start of the war of terror, in late 2002, he appointed General Geoffrey Miller to be chief at Guantanamo, alright, because the previous commanders at Guantanamo were too soft on the detainees, and General Miller turned Guantanamo into a de facto behavioral research laboratory, a kind of torture research laboratory. And under General Miller at Guantanamo, they perfected the C.I.A. torture paradigm. They added two key techniques. They went beyond the universal sensory receptors of the original research. They added to it an attack on cultural sensitivity, particularly Arab male sensitivity to issues of gender and sexual identity.
    And then they went further still. Under General Miller, they created these things called "Biscuit" teams, behavioral science consultation teams, and they actually had qualified military psychologists participating in the ongoing interrogation, and these psychologists would identify individual phobias, like fear of dark or attachment to mother, and by the time we’re done, by 2003, under General Miller, Guantanamo had perfected the C.I.A. paradigm, and it had a three-fold total assault on the human psyche: sensory receptors, self-inflicted pain, cultural sensitivity, and individual fears and phobia.

Sir Bob Geldof on curbing population growth Sir Bob Geldof showing what a bought and paid for eugenics promoting, humanity hating person he really is.......I am sure the likes of the Fabian , George Bernard Shaw would love him.

VIP paedophile networks 'shut down police investigations which got too close', retired officers claim

[2014 dec] The Satanic Statue Being Made for Oklahoma's Statehouse Is Coming Along Nicely

“[The Federal Reserve banks] are 12 private credit monopolies that were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this nation by bankers who came from Europe and who repaid our hospitality by undermining our American institutions. . . . Great Britain moved to consolidate her gains. After the treacherous signing away of America’s rights at the 7 power conference at London in July 1931 which put the Federal Reserve system under the control of the Bank of International Settlements, Great Britain began to tighten the hangman’s noose around the neck of the United States.” (1933)  McFadden, Louis

“The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland; a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank… sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.”--CARROLL QUIGLEY

Rape of Iraqi Women by US Forces as Weapon of War: Photos and Data Emerge


Susan Rice: a cheater, irresponsible and corrupt woman: US and UN have supported and protecting the Rwandan dictator and war criminal Paul Kagame who has ordered and supported the death of almost 8 million people both in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ms. Susan Rice has been at the forefront of trying to shield the Rwandan government, and Mr. Kagame in particular, from international censure, even as several United Nations reports have laid the blame for civilians massacred and genocide of Hutu community in DR Congo. Susan Rice advised Bill Clinton not to intervene in Rwanda to prevent the massacres of civilians by Kagame’s war and to prevent genocide in Rwanda and DR Congo. UK, Uganda and US opted to provide more arms, intelligence, media and diplomatic support to Kagame’s guerrilla war, which contributed to massacres of civilians and genocide of hutu and tutsi in Rwanda and DR Congo.

“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy.”(Tragedy & Hope)--- CARROLL QUIGLEY

The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

“Return to Oz” : A Creepy Disney Movie That is Clearly About Mind Control

New Information About Dead Playboy Playmate Reveal Life as a Beta Kitten Slave

[2014 Dec] 'Stop Feeding your Cancer' - Dublin doctor shows patients how to beat cancer

[vid 2012] Gordon Duff & Stew Webb: The Most Powerful Drug Dons of the World Today

September, 2014: Hepatitis B  A recent report from France claimed that the Hepatitis B vaccine may be linked to the development of multiple sclerosis. The NVIC points out that this is not news: France stopped requiring the Hepatitis B vaccine for schoolchildren in 1998 because of multiple sclerosis-like symptoms.

[2014]  How They Murdered Princess Diana: The Shocking Truth by John Morgan

“It’s been known for quite some time that the Bush family are Generational Satanists” – Anthony Lavey

Flashback: Two British SAS Officers Dressed Up as Arabs, Drove Around Basra, Iraq in a Car Fitted with Bombs And Shot Iraqi Police in an Effort to Create a Terrorist Event to Prolong The War…


Distilled water [doc] in book form: (Articles, Interview, Testimonials)

[2014 Dec] GMO Contamination Denial: Controlling Science  Blatant suppression of GMO research has occurred most recently with Gilles-Eric Séralini, who found that feeding Monsanto's GM corn to rats increased their development of tumors. The study appeared in Food and Chemical Toxicology, the same journal that routinely carries studies by Monsanto employees showing that GM corn is safe. The Séralini study was actually superior to those conducted by Monsanto's research teams. First, Monsanto studies examined the effect of glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) while Séralini examined rats fed Roundup itself. This is a critical distinction, since glyphosate could have synergistic effects when combined with other chemicals in Roundup.
    Second, Monsanto rats were only studied for 90 days while Séralini examined rats for two years. There were several other differences between the lines of research, but none of them threatened the validity of Séralini's findings. Nevertheless, corporate researchers demeaned and hurled insults at Séralini, demanding that the journal withdraw his study....
......What is taken as the gospel truth regarding deaths resulting from the April 1986 Chernobyl meltdown is the Chernobyl Forum Report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2006. It estimated 4,000 deaths. In 2009, a much more thorough analysis by Yablokov and others estimated the number of Chernobyl-caused deaths at 985,000......    The WHO figure of 4,000 deaths is based on 11 studies, only two of which are peer reviewed. The Yablokov analysis cites 112 studies, 46 of which are peer-reviewed. Those disparaging the Yablokov study dismiss reports from groups such as Greenpeace as scientifically worthless while accepting reports from the nuclear industry at face value.

“The first step in the physical regeneration of the race is a crusade against ordinary or “raw” drinking water. When distilled water is universally used humanity will take a long step forward. It is the duty of the state to see that only perfect drinking water is used; we look after cess-pools, drains, noxious odors, plumbing, adulterated food, etc., and the water supply is more important than all these. If distilled water was in every home, the board of health would have to go out of business.” — ELMER ELLSWORTH CAREY, from his article, “Distilled Water and Longevity” Written for Suggestion Magazine, 1910

[vid oct 2014] Satanic books handed to US kids after religious freedom ruling   Teaching Satanism in schools sounds like the stuff of horror movies. But a US court  ruling on religious freedoms, has enabled devil worshippers in Florida to hand out educational material about their beliefs - to kids at state schools. Marina Portnaya reports. RT LIVE

[vid 2014 Dec] We need to talk about Sandy Hook  THIS VIDEO IS also AVAILABLE HERE   and on liveleak

[vid] The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth   Published on 6 Dec 2014.  THE MAJDANEK GAS CHAMBER MYTH debunks the “Gas Chambers disguised as Shower Rooms" myth.  Majdanek was the first major concentration camp liberated by the victorious Allies. Upon capture by the Soviet Union, original propaganda claimed that 2 million were murdered in a "factory of death" which included seven homicidal gas chambers.  However, Majdanek was captured largely intact and a large amount of documentation and physical evidence helps to acquit the Germans of the "Gas Chambers disguised as shower rooms" blood libel.  The original, outrageously inflated propaganda death toll has precipitously dropped, and 5 of the 7 originally alleged "homicidal gas chambers" have been admitted to never have served as homicidal gas chambers.  "The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth" demolishes the Holocaust exterminationist "Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms" propaganda hoax and shows how Majdanek is a microcosm of the larger Holocaust Hoax.  Watch THE MAJDANEK GAS CHAMBER MYTH, a new documentary from the filmmaker of THE LAST DAYS OF THE BIG LIE and THE TREBLINKA ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX

Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Senior MIT Research Scientist, on Vaccine Safety.

"History is a MYTH that men agree to BELIEVE."  --- Napoleon

'Gluten Brain': Wheat Cuts Off Blood Flow To Frontal Cortex

Judgment by Colombian High Court against Gardasil I learned that in Colombia, doctors are required to vaccinate. If they suggest otherwise, the doctor can be charged with child abuse and child endangerment, and they are threatened with going to jail. There are apparently ways around this indictment, but the threat is very real.

Apple cider vinegar by Suzanne Humphries, MD  and  Roman Bystrianyk

[vid] Expert Witness to the Kennedy assassination - Killed (Roger Craig)

Psychedelic Mushrooms Could Be The Next Breakthrough Treatment For Depression

Is it the Guardian Of Judea Or Just The Observer Of Zion?

Sync Edu: Globalist Harmony: East-West “Conflict” is a Charade – Why’s That Then? Well… (Article + Video)

[2014 Nov]  Flu vaccine, Fluvirin, causes Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Caplan, Art

[2014 Nov] Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret  When 28 civilians were killed in Athens, it wasn’t the Nazis who were to blame, it was the British. Ed Vulliamy and Helena Smith reveal how Churchill’s shameful decision to turn on the partisans who had fought on our side in the war sowed the seeds for the rise of the far right in Greece today

[2014 Nov] Vaccines Will be Made from Human Cancer Tumors

[2014 Nov] Flu vaccine kills 13 people in Italy as death toll rises

[2014 Nov] Rapid Ebola Infection Cure  Drs. Rowen and Robins are extremely pleased that the inexpensive DIV ozone, together with the other aspects of the treatment protocol (oral vitamin C, glutathione support) has resulted in the world’s first, fast, complete recovery from Ebola symptoms.

[2014 Nov] Epileptic Child Seizure Free Thanks to Cannabis Oil

The True Origins of the Jewish Tefillin and Greek Phylactery    The ancient Greeks had worn in the phylactery a special alchemical stone said to contain one’s soul and used in order to achieve immortality. To the Greeks and Israelites, the phylactery was simply a sacred stone that was worn for its supernatural and healing powers, which would go in line with their ancient religion of gnosis and alchemy. The same can be said about the North American Indians, who like the Apache had actual medicine in the boxes consisting of pine to make the medicines known today as oil of turpentine, and sea shells to make holy limewater.

Hence, today’s Jews wear boxes with bible verses strictly for religious purposes, and the Greeks, Israelites and Indians had worn stones, pine and sea shells for their healing properties and powers to protect the wearer against what some call evil spirits, or what we can simply call today, the devil worm.


In The Cyclopaedia of Practical Medicine by John Forbes, he details the science behind the oil of turpentine; “The oil of turpentine, in large doses, has for some years past in this country almost displaced all other remedies in the treatment of taenia; a sufficient evidence of its efficacy. Dr. Fenwick of Durham generally gets the credit of having first made its value known to the public by a paper published in the Medico-Chirurgical Transactions in the year 1811.

He had been made acquainted with the utility and safety of the practice by a nonprofessional person, who had employed it in several cases with success; and the latter, in his turn, had been instructed in its use by a seafaring man, who, having frequently freed himself from large portions of tape-worm by means of gin, was led by analogy to expect similar but still more marked effects from the spirits of turpentine; and on trial his expectations were not disappointed. The use of turpentine as an anthelmintic is noticed in Rudolphi’s work published in 1808 ; and Underwood informs us that Dr. James Sims had given it, in two-drachm doses, in cases of worms, with success.


From a comment of Celia Horne about using coconut oil for her aunt's dementia:
She started decompensating, so her doctor put her on meds for dementia. She would have terrible nightmares from the meds. her doctor said that was a good sign that the meds were stimulating her brain.  She said, "I'm 88, I don't need that kind of stimulation."
    I had read that coconut oil helps memory, so I started her on 1 teaspoon a day in her oatmeal. When Superstorm Sandy hit, we only had three days of meds left. Her appt.was for that day. I doubled her coconut oil and that was the end of the meds. 
    This past April, she broke her hip.  The nurses kept asking me what I gave her. I kept telling them that she didn't take anything, except coconut oil. Most of the nurses are from the Philippines, and they were raised on it. They were shocked at her health and mental clarity. When she was in the rehab, one of the nurses said the doctor had to approve it. I told her that we were keeping her on it because I had already been on the crazy train with her; and I wasn't going back so big pharma could make a few dollars. That shut her up.
    I'm reading The Coconut Oil Miracle book by Bruce Fife. Years ago, the tropical oils were used in everything. Then along came the soybean lobbyists and their lies about coconut and other tropical oils. The food industry switched to soybean and corn oil; and we know who hijacked the soybean and corn market. It's all GMO's.
    The Pacific Islanders have a very low rate of dementia, heart disease, etc because they were raised on coconut oil. Coconut oil actually protects the body from plaque in the arteries, and the production of free radicals. Free radicals are renegade cells that attack other cells, and greatly contribute to organ damage/failure, aging, disease and death. The bottom line is coconut oil is one of the best things that one can ingest. Canola oil...UGH! Yet we were led to believe that it was good for us. Olive oil can be harmful. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed; and that is heart healthy. Coconut oil is the best. I haven't even read the recipes yet. You can buy it at health food stores but I get it online @ 54 oz for $22 You can cook with it (medium heat), or mix it in food, cereals, shakes, etc.  I tell everyone that it will help with dementia/alzheimers. I have never seen anyone with meds get better, or any proof that the meds slowed down the disease. But I have witnessed it reverse my aunt's. She knits baby sweaters and blankets, reads 2-3 books per week, and does puzzles.

Why First Nations People Regard Thanksgiving Day as a National Day of Mourning

[2014 Nov] Tony Blair, "Infanticide Endorser" is Rewarded by "Save The Children"

Evil with a Nice Face – The Janus Principle   The Roman God Janus which symbolizes the ancient Babylonian knowledge of using two faces to keep the public fooled or confused. This involves projecting a benevolent but false “public servant” face which is completely disconnected from an evil demonic monster self within which deploys grotesque evil in secret to serve the establishment’s Secret Evil Agenda of a NWO takeover. Masters of the Janus Principle know that any disclosure of their Secret Evil Practices which can include rampant and extreme secret perversities, S&M, pedophilia and even child sacrifice, if understood and believed by the masses, would mean a fairly quick dethronement and total loss of power with massive shame projected against them. Those at the very top of the establishment Hierarchy know that they must initiate any “Rising Star” in their Hierarchy by dirtying them up in grotesque ways involving Luciferian Evil and criminally insane practices. This provides a strong secret hold on all Establishment Hierarchy Members and is the Hierarchy Leaders main Control Mechanism, which must be very heavy-handed in order to be effective in controlling these criminal psychopaths that the Establishment consists of. And the Establishment Top Policy-makers have worked hard and paid a lot of money to gain complete control over the Major Mass Media which dispenses their Psyops and false narratives in lockstep and gladly displays their outside phony, happy public servant face to the public. The Janus Principle is the biggest Evil Secret of all that empowers and runs all the dirty political games inside the beltway. It is also used by those that run the Israeli Espionage Fronts inside America like AIPAC and the like, who are known to run Congress from behind the Curtain.

Evil with a Nice Face – The Janus Principle There have been two different secret LE investigations of pedophilia among Members of Congress. One was by an undercover FBI Asset, and another was for the NYCPD and the New York State Crime Commission. The first found that approximately 39% were active practicing pedophiles. the second found that about 42% were active practicing pedophiles. These figures were from reliable investigations about 20 years ago, but current LE experts say that not much has changed except for perhaps more S&M and secret homosexuality. At least one Southern Senator who lives a secret “closeted” life lives in fear that his lifestyle will be revealed by the “AIPAC Boys” who pull his strings, if he fails to satisfy their middle east war mongering demands.




Papers of closest friend show Hillary Clinton to be ruthless & vengeful

Hillary Clinton treated Secret Service like servants

Hillary Clinton was fired for lying when she was 27 years old

The filthy mouth of Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton’s Foundation gave $2M grant to his mistress’ company

The many accomplishments of Hillary Clinton

Wall Street owns Clintons; Goldman Sachs biggest donor

This is what Hillary Clinton means by being ‘dead broke’


[vid] IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Alex Jones IS Bill Hicks

According to author Greg Hallett, in a mutual interview with Dr Jim Fetzer Ph.D. in London on 6 July 2010, Bill Clinton is the son of Winston Churchill.  The mother is Winston Churchill's daughter-in-law Pamela Harriman, whom Bill Clinton made US Ambassador to France (Paris).  Pamela and Winston lived together at 10 Downing Street from 1942-45.  William Clinton Churchill was born in August 1946. . . . and Winston Churchill is the Illegitimate son of King Edward VII.  This makes Bill Clinton the Illegitimate Grandson of King Edward VII. . . . and by the Illegitimate siring of Princess Elizabeth,  Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Clinton are half-brother and half-sister. . . which is why Bill Clinton got off his impeachment. Windows on the World James H Fetzer and Greg Hallett part 1 of 2

Crossfire-Witness in the Clinton Investigation.

Bombshell: Long-time Clinton associate says he killed people for Bill & Hillary.”

Papers of closest friend show Hillary Clinton to be ruthless & vengeful


[2013] Ex-CIA agent says Obama had Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated

[2014 Nov] Father claims Scotland Yard covered up son's murder by Westminster paedophiles

[2014 Nov] Secretive Vaccine Court Exposed: Designed to Shield Manufacturers from Liability

[2014 Nov] Origins of Ebola linked to Malaria vaccine formula by Joel Lord.


[2014 Sept] Snowden Documents Proving “US-Alien-Hitler” Link Stuns Russia Edward Snowden states that this information is providing "incontrovertible proof” that an “alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda” is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945......Of the many explosive revelations in this FSB report, the one most concerning to Russian authorities are the Snowden’s documents “confirming” that the “Tall Whites” (further revealed by Defense Minister Hellyer as noted above) are the same extraterrestrial alien race behind the stunning rise of Nazi Germany during the 1930’s.....In just one example of the many outlined in this FSB report, it shows that with this “alien assistance,” at the end of the 1930’s, when Nazi Germany possessed just 57 submarines, over the four years of World War II it built 1,163 modern technologically advanced submarines at its dockyards and even put them into operation.   Snowden’s documents further confirm, this report says, the “Tall Whites” (Nordic) meetings in 1954 with US President Dwight D. Eisenhower where the “secret regime” currently ruling over America was established.   Most disturbingly, this FSB report warns, is that the “Tall White” agenda being implemented by the “secret regime” ruling the United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system meant to hide all true information about their presence here on earth as they enter into what one of Snowden’s documents calls the “final phase” of their end plan for total assimilation and world rule.

[2014 Jan] Aliens already walk among us and are refusing to share their technology until we change our warring and polluting ways, claims former Canadian defense minister  Former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer, 90, declared on Russian TV on Saturday that there are 80 different species of aliens.  He said aliens have 'been visiting our planet for thousands of years' and are rather unimpressed with how we live.  Hellyer described several types of aliens including 'Tall Whites' who are working with the U.S. air force in Nevada.

Dix, Sean

The Princess Diana Conspiracy by Alan Power

[2014 Nov] A Citigroup Banker Found Dead In His Bathtub With Throat Cut

[vid] Kick Ass Congressman Tells The Truth About America!!!!

[vid 2014] Should Wheat Be Reclassified As A Narcotic?  Sayer Ji, interviewed by Sean Croxton for the upcoming free event The Digestion Sessions, discusses the profoundly addictive hold that wheat has on human physiology, comparing it’s narcotic properties to morphine, and explaining how this is emblematic of how the grain-based diet co-opted the human historical trajectory, focusing on the Roman Empire — known by historians as the Wheat Empire — and how it used wheat to force a sort of biological imperialism on the ancient world.


CDC Admits Flu Vaccine Does Not Work – Influenza Outbreak on Fully Vaccinated Navy Ship

Pasteurized Milk Speeds Death, Heart Disease, Cancer, Bone Fractures; Yogurt and Cheese Have Opposite Effects

[2014 Oct] The Ghost of “Dark Alliance”

Clive Davis: Satan's Son (Part-1)
Clive Davis: Satan's Son (Part-2)
Clive Davis: Satan's Son (Part-3)
 Clive Davis: Satan's Son (Part-4)
Clive Davis: Satan's Son (Part-5)
Clive Davis: Satan's Son (Part-6)
Clive Davis: Satan's Son (The Finale)

Mix - The Real Reason You're Circumcised - Adam Ruins Everything

[2014 Nov] Hellstorm: The Devil’s Cauldron   The Mass Rape of German Women by the Red Army and its Allies  by JA Sexton and Lasha Darkmoon.
Two million German women were savagely raped and tortured at the tail end of WWII. No one has yet apologized for these horrific war crimes. Why not?  Of the 2 million German women who were raped, an estimated 240,000 died in the process after sustaining multiple wounds and being gang-raped several times—sometimes as many as 100 times in a single day. A large number of these women are said to have committed suicide.

[2014 Jan] Gulf War Illness Tied to Cipro Antibiotics

[Book 1999] The Holy Kingdom: Quest for the Real King Arthur by Adrian Geoffrey Gilbert (Author), etc. (Author), Alan Wilson (Author), Baram Blackett (Author)  Backed by 40 years of research, this work provides a perspective on a crucial period in British history and the historical King Arthur. It argues that there were in fact two kings, both named Arthur, whose careers were rolled into one to become the single Arthur of myth and legend.

[vid] Windows on the World: The Real King Arthur with Adrian Gilbert

[2014 Nov] James Forrestal- Early Zionist Hit-Job?

[2014 Nov] Bill Cosby’s reputation in tatters as rape allegations return to haunt ‘America’s Dad’

WTC demolition participant murdered?

The Vaccine Court Wayne Rohde -—The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program


[pdf] Ketamine Psychedelic Therapy (KPT): Review of the Results of a 10-Year Study  We have been working with KPT since 1985 and have already treated with KPT more than 1000 alcoholic patients without any complications like protracted psychoses, flashbacks, agitation, or ketamine abuse. So, KPT seems to be safe and effective method of treatment of alcohol dependence. It seems to be especially powerful tool in Russia, where there was no psychedelic revolution in 60s, where almost nobody knows what does it mean "psychedelics", where almost nobody can even imagine that this drugs can be used for recreation, for fun, and therefore in Russia KPT looks particularly unusual and powerful.

[2010] Sorry Bob, Band Aid millions DID pay for guns: Charity's man in Ethiopia tells his disturbing story

[2014 Nov] Now fight the methadone industry that keeps addicts hooked, says Iain Duncan Smith

[2007] NEUROEXCITATORY ACTIONS OF TAMIFLU AND ITS CARBOXYLATE METABOLITE  70 deaths and more than 100 cases of abnormal behaviors have been reported associated with Tamiflu use in Japan, with special attention to cases involving children and adolescents. Serious effects include sudden deaths in toddlers and altered behaviors, including suicide, in teenagers.

[2014 nov] Teen Who Ran Away from Home 20 Years Ago to Avoid Chemo is Still Cancer Free

[vid] Grounded

[2014] Meet the Teen Who Beat Terminal Brain Cancer with Cannabis   In 2014, Alysa is cancer-free, and her family believes cannabis oil saved her life. At the time, the Erwins’ outlook appeared grim. Doctors call her condition Grade III anaplastic astrocytoma, an inoperable cancer with a near-zero survival rate. Alysa's disease, caused by uncontrolled neuron growth, had spider-webbed throughout her brain. There were no individual tumors to target. A wiry network of cancerous cells penetrated so far into her skull that surgery was impossible. That meant Alysa would have to undergo aggressive chemo—and radiation therapies, a choice which leaves many terminal patients incapacitated during their final days. In Alysa's case, even with traditional medical treatment, doctors expected she'd survive for only another one or two years. The situation became desperate, and the Erwins sought out another choice.

Jon Entine

Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Sabet, Kevin

Canada’s False Flag Terror: Fingerprints of U.S. Involvement

Tibetan Buddhism - A Racket Posing as Religion

Will Planned Antichrist be a Lama?

 Bin Laden Bull, Save Us From Blowhards



“I don’t want to be

the other half of your soul.

I want to be the one

who reminds you

that you’re already whole.”


In5d Esoteric Metaphysical and Spiritual Database with Janardan Kulkarni and Tamal Kanti Roy

Cancer was practically unknown until the cowpox vaccination began to be introduced... I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and never saw a case in an unvaccinated person.

- W.B. Clark, New York Times 1909

In5d Esoteric Metaphysical and Spiritual Database


“A knife wound heals, but a tongue wound festers.”

― Ella Leya, The Orphan Sky


“Love … is the honoring of others in a way that grants them the grace of their own autonomy and allows mutual discovery.” —Anne Truitt

What Can a Comedian Teach Us About Propaganda?

A Shiite Muslim has his child gashed with a knife during a Muharram procession

Cox, Brian

Could this be the next medicinal marijuana?

[Book. September 1, 2014]  I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE: Winning Our War Against Autism by Marcia Hinds

[2014 Oct] Pure Poison: Aluminum Adjuvant Linked to Breast Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders, and More

[vid] Rosemary's Baby: Mia Farrow's Bizzare Behaviour on Set   Due to the increasing frequency of stories being exposed regarding children taken away from their families for simply disagreeing with their doctors, we felt it was time to put up a completely separate website to document these tragic stories

[2014 Nov] Fla. mom: Daughter paralyzed because of flu shot

[2014 Nov] Medical Mystery: Girl Paralysed After Flu Shot

Bayer and Death: 1918 and Aspirin

[2014 Nov] Bombshell: scientist finds no reliable evidence Ebola virus ever isolated from a human being

[2014 Nov] British Saved Hitler from German Army Coup in 1938

George Vithoulkas

[2012] Israel celebrates successful 9/11 operation on Purim holiday

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.”
--Terence McKenna

A brother is like gold and a friend is like diamond. If gold cracks you can melt it and make it just like it was before. If a diamond cracks, it can never be like it was before.

The Pagan Roots Of Halloween

"Plant the seed of Love: In this earth In this soil In this pure field Let us not plant any seeds Other than seeds of compassion and love."~Rūmī

8 Reasons Men Fall In Love With Good Girls

The Shamanic View of Mental Illness

“Matter is spirit moving slowly enough to be seen.” ― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


W.H.O. Ensures Third World Child Vaccine Deaths Will Not Be Recorded – New Weakened W.H.O. Criteria For Third World Child Deaths From Vaccines  Child deaths from vaccines in developing countries will be falsely recorded as not caused by the vaccine under a new W.H.O. watered down scheme for assessing “Adverse Events Following Immunisation” [AEFIs]. A child death from a vaccine will be recorded as ‘Not an AEFI’:

[2014 Oct] My Child’s Been Diagnosed with Autism — Now What?

[vid] Mark Thomas On Coca Cola

Have you seen the movie Tron? You must, because Tron is us. In it, the computer grabs the character played by Jeff Bridges and takes him inside, making him a program In the computer. The Master Control Program revolts, takes over the computer, and defies the users. So the users send in Tron, which is a program to destroy the Master Control Program that is preaching disbelief in the users.
    Tron shows you things that are very, very spiritual. You can think of yourself as a biocomputer or an intelligent terminal, run by a cosmic computer in the Earth Coincidence Control Office. The biocomputer contains certain wired-in survival programs dealing with eating, reproduction, and so on, which lower animals also possess. But when the biocomputer reaches a certain threshold of complexity, there are higher-level programs in the association cortex that permit such things as making models, learning to learn, choice, and so forth. We have short-term choices, but God help you if you go against the Master Control Program. A terminal cannot understand itself, because it lacks sufficient space, but a replica of itself is in the cosmic computer, which can understand it. At the highest level, your true self (the "user" in Tron) is a cosmic game player, with access to an infinite computer -- the ECCO computer. That is metaprogramming, self-metaprogramming.   [1983] Interview with John Lilly

[vid] Mothers Advocating for Medical Marijuana for Autism

Strange New “2014” Addition to the Georgia Guidestones (Updated)

Kesha Sues Producer/Handler Dr. Luke for Abuse Almost Leading to Death  After several attempts of freeing herself from Dr. Luke, Kesha finally dropped a major lawsuit against the producer, accusing him of sexual, physical and mental abuse. The lawsuit also describes how Dr. Luke controlled her life since she was 18.

Chickenpox - Ignorance is not bliss.

Sandy Hook Redux: Obama Officials Confirm That it Was a Drill and no Children Died

Lenin, Stalin, and Mao’s Willing Executioners

This Machine Kills Ebola Virus in Two Minutes. Why Doesn’t Every Hospital Have One of These?

9 Surprising Facts About The Cord Around A Baby’s Neck

[2014 Oct] When poverty meant more than just not having the latest PlayStation or trendy trainers: Shocking photos capture the real squalor of Britain's slums that existed just 40 years ago

Amanda Bynes Tweets About Father’s Abuse And Microchip In Her Brain; Now Under Involuntary Psychiatric Hold


[vid] Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! 

9/11 perp Mike Harari reported dead at 87

Gardasil Vaccine: One More Girl Dead

“Noah”: A Biblical Tale Rewritten to Push an Agenda  Since its release in early 2014, the big-budget movie “Noah” has caused controversy for not being biblically accurate. While that is certainly the case, the movie does more than take liberties with the Bible: “Noah” pushes messages that have nothing to do with the Bible. These messages are actually political and come directly from the world elite. The primary message? Humanity needs to be cleansed … again.

How the NFL Went Communist

"The original most important discovery on what is based my work, was made by Dr Jean Gautier, Endocrinologist,  of Bordeaux, France, who died unknown after being shunned all his life by the Medical Community. Indeed he made the unacceptable feat of systematically curing one of the most misunderstood and incurable diseases in children i.e.  Down & Myoedemateux Syndromes. The children were recovering easily in a few years, and reaching adult age as normal. Such unacceptable behaviour, questioning the pre-eminence of the Nervous system,  was never forgiven to Dr Gautier by the Officials Quacks. How hormones can be manipulated through circumcision and meat eating

FINAL NAILS IN THE EBOLA SCAM COFFIN: The 2014 Ebola Outbreak is a PROVEN FRAUD, Here is the Evidence. I Am Sick and Tired of Repeating this FACT Over and Over Again!


None of the ancient cultures which practised circumcision have traditionally claimed that the ritual was introduced as a hygiene measure: African tribes, Arabs, Jews, Moslems and Australian Aboriginals explain it different ways, but divine command, tribal identification, social role, family obligation, respect for ancestors and promotion of chastity figure prominently (10, 11). It was only in the late nineteenth century, when mass circumcision was being introduced for “health” reasons, that doctors sought legitimacy for the new procedure by claiming continuity with the distant past and attempting to explain the origins of circumcision in terms of their own hygienic agenda


[2014 Sept] Cancer doc admits scam, gave patients unneeded chemo

Baking Soda – True Enemy of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Sodium Bicarbonate – Second Edition E-Book:  Rich Man's Poor Man's Cancer Treatment Written by Mark Sircus, AC., OMD

[2014 Sept] AUTISM: A case of vaccine damage There was a clear regression at both 8 & 22 months after he received his childhood vaccines. He went white, floppy and cold after his MMR vaccine at 8 months.

"Unhinged" - Circumcision Key to Jewish Psyche?


Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom? (Sept. 19, 2014)

How hormones can be manipulated through circumcision and meat eating

During the first eight days only three lower Chakras are developed. All the higher Chakras remain undeveloped in the body of a circumcised Jew. 
In other words - a circumcised Jew is only half a person - with mutilated soul and brain.
Jewish circumcision ritual produces real bio-robots that cannot tell the difference between good and evil, and who cannot be reprogrammed.
We have all seen that religious Jews wear a skull cap. The meaning of it is very profound - that skull cap covers the highest, seventh human chakra - Sahasrara, which is located at the top of the head.
The Jews close it, thus cutting themselves off the Cosmos. How hormones can be manipulated through circumcision and meat eating

[2014 Aug EW Forum] UFOs and Orgone Energy   After 2004 I started hearing from a lot of people who observed that the world no longer seems like it's heading to chaos and destruction.  That's about when many of us, here, started to feel confident about the future for the first time in our lives. We worked every week in the chatroom for another five years to 'discourage' the oligarchy from attempting to start world war three and we became aware of other informal groups, usually including psychics, who had also spontaneously been mounting similar campaigns against the parasitic oligarchy......Now, the Chicken Little websites direct people's attention to the chemtrail-seeded clouds (which hang in the sky and drift horizontally until they dissipate, as clouds naturally do) but are careful not to suggest that the terrorized subscribers do more than glance at them. Back when chemtrails were still harming people, between 98 and 2003, one had to notice chemtrails quickly when they were first spewed out because they quickly spread out and whited the sky on the way down and also destroyed the lower cumulus clouds.

Terror: The Real Reason for Hiroshima & Nagasaki   Stalin said you cannot rule without terror. Dropping nuclear bombs on Japan set the stage for the Cold War which froze the world in fear for four decades, cost Americans alone five trillion dollars, and distracted them from the real enemy, the Illuminati central bankers. As soon as the Cold War ended, we had 9-11 & the "War on Terror."

[2014 Sept] Satanic Protocols of Zion Camouflaged by Dupes The Protocols are exactly what they say they are:  an outline of Jewish tribal plans for world domination, overflowing with racist contempt for non-Jews.

[2014 Sept] Authenticity of Protocols of Zion Affirmed  A little-known 1938 booklet rejected the 1935 decision of a Berne Court (overturned on appeal) that the Protocols of Zion were a forgery. It foresaw that World War Two was an Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish trap.

The Truth About English: Phonics, Phonetics, Etymology

[2014 Sept] I sometimes question if God exists: Archbishop of Canterbury admits he sometimes has moments of doubt  

Child Sacrifice-Murder by Queen Beatrix & Soros by KEVIN ANNETT

[vid] Lady Gaga Admits to Pact with Satan

[vid] Rihanna admits she's an Illuminati Princess and proof Jay-Z is a Satanist


[vid] Bob Hope 'Shape-Shifting' At Awards Show

[vid] Best Reptilian Shapeshifter Alien Caught on TV

[vid] Taylor Momsen Promotes Crystal Meth and Suicide to Her Fans!

[vid] Noah (the Movie) Illuminati Gnostic Secrets Revealed


Threats and Bribes used to suppress information about Sandy Hook as gun control moves forward




"i love H2YO!!!!! i can remember hearing Madonna talk on The David Letterman Show about the healing effects of urinating on her athlete's foot in the shower. i use to suffer from nasty athlete's foot in high school and since i have not had a single problem. this was in the 90's. it wasn't until earlier this year that i was told by a friend about oil pulling. i figured- maybe pee would work in my mouth like it's worked on my feet. i decided to try it. the results were very refreshing. this caused me to make a facebook post- "save money. gargle with urine. # practical revolution" with this i received a comment for a link to an interview between Santos Bonacci and Andrew Norton Webber from a friend. at first i thought the link was too long and was in the dark concerning the material at hand. but then i considered that it was a link sent by one of my sister's life-long friends and someone i really like. i listened to it. missing link level information that immediately and joyfully resonated with me. that day i trashed my 900 dollar alkaline machine and bought a gallon of distilled water. the same evening i drank a glass of my urine and immediately i physically recalled the effects of raw foods. 6 weeks in at a gallon a day between water and urine i passed kidney stones painlessly. 3 months in at a gallon a day all of my genital warts disappeared. i feel like i have been given my life bavk just from the hpv clearing up alone. thank you Friend and thank you Andrew Norton Webber. 4.5 months in and i am on day 2 of a 40 day pure waters fast and am very excited to go deeper and wider into this river of life. H2YO!!!!!!"

ORGONE energy charges DSLR camera BATTERY in 30 sec !!!

[2014 Sept] Dozens of children feared dead after being injected with 'tainted’ measles vaccine in Syria  As many as 36 children were reported to have died excruciating deaths last night after receiving tainted measles vaccines under a UN-sponsored programme in the rebel-held north of Syria.

MIT SCIENTIST EXPOSES CONSEQUENCE OF MONSANTO’S GLYPHOSATE & ALUMINUM COCKTAIL  Aluminum and glyphosate specifically interrupt the workings of the pineal gland (melatonin sulfate), leading to high rates of autism. She outlines this fact in pinpointing detail in her research, which can be found here.  Furthermore, glyphosate chelates manganese. Dr. Seneff believes that just the absence of appropriate amounts of manganese can help to cause autism. Glyphosate also promotes aluminum uptake into our tissues, and interrupts an important path for amino acid uptake called the shikimate pathway, into our guts.

[2014 Aug] Jewish Terrorism & the French Police: the Despicable Case of Forty Years of Brutal Harassment of Revisionist Robert Faurisson By Robert Faurisson

Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame

'Let’s face it. The word “scandal” doesn’t begin to describe what’s been happening at the CDC all these years. RICO crime is a bit more apt. The CDC is a mafia, whose objective is to protect the pharmaceutical industry, while it stands by and watches, with depraved indifference, as untold numbers of children suffer brain damage from the injection of vaccines.'---Jon Rappoport

[2014 Aug] 20 big profitable U.S. companies paid no taxes


Sotloff was Israeli agent, his execution staged: Analyst


[2014 Sept] One Third of Nurses Are Leaving Their Jobs and Losing Faith in Vaccines

Gay Obama and Transgender Michelle


N. Ireland parent attempting to protect his children from Wi-Fi forcibly given psychotic drugs

Zionist Propagandist Author Admits ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

[vid] MH 370 and the Secret Services - Wolfgang Eggert (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

 BMJ & Lancet Wedded to Merck CME Partnership

 Our Story So Far: Both MMR & Mercury-Laced Vaccines Cause Autism - AGE OF AUTISM

“Thimerosal from vaccines causes tics.  You start a campaign and make that your manta.”----Dr. William Thompson

‘Islamic State’ head-choppers: The best enemy money can buy

[2011] Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Was a Cure? by Mary T. Newport

[2014 July] CIA Bonded With Nazis To Sex Traffic, Kill Naked Children At Human Hunting Parties?

Grim Obama TIME Cover a Warning?

COVER-UP: Is Hamas Leader Al-Arouri A ‘Double Agent’ for Israel?

James Foley

[2007] Cameron declares himself a Zionist

[2014 Aug]NSA - Political Blackmail Includes Everyone

[vid] REVEALED: SEAL Team 6 Murder Weapon Supplied By Obama!

The IOM   The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is yet another collusional governmental arm infested by unethical people with revolving-door financial “connections” to Big Pharma. The little-known-publicly IOM is well known in the industry for patching together “committees” of supposed “experts” with said financial ties to Big Pharma to “investigate” drug issues and report “findings” which the med/pharma industrial complex reports to congress and implements as policy, however blatantly biased and just plain wrong it all may be…

 Alzheimer’s Association Warns Against Coconut Oil – Member Replies “Coconut Oil Gave us our Father Back!”

[2014 Aug] CDC Frauds: Connections Between the DeStefano Paper and the Thorsen Affair By John Stone

[2014 Aug] 7/7: Made in Israel

Former Mossad Agent Accidentally Admits They Did The 7/7 London Bombings

[2014 JAN] All in the Family: David Cameron’s Jewish Roots and the Coreligionists Who Brought Him to Power

ISIS Rise Foretold by Exiled Iranian Freemason

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC): A Case Study in Deception for Controlled Oppostion

Example of Zionist use of 'Neo-Nazi': Trisha Spinelli

Atzmon, Gilad 

[vid] Vaccine Developers, Heroes or Villains? presented by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

J Transl Med. 2014; 12: 32.

Published online Jan 31, 2014. doi:  10.1186/1479-5876-12-32

PMCID: PMC3937164

Phase I safety trial of intravenous ascorbic acid in patients with severe sepsis
Intravenous ascorbic acid infusion was safe and well tolerated in this study and may positively impact the extent of multiple organ failure and biomarkers of inflammation and endothelial injury.

[vid] Germar Rudolf on the Ethnic Cleansing of Germans Post WWII and his own persecution  15 million Germans were ethnically cleansed at the end of WW2.  2 million were murdered by the Russians.  Millions more by the Americans.  History does not record or take note.  The victors decide what gets into history books. At Auschwitz more Catholics died than Jews.  Mostly Polish Catholics.  Around 30,000 Jews died at Auschwitz.

[vid] Moon Base Proven by Chinese Orbiter Video!

[2014 May] Vivian Cunningham soldier detained under mental health act for discussing common law arrest of The Queen for genocide.

Atos and G4S pay no corporation tax despite profiting from billions pounds worth of public sector contracts, as auditors warn of ‘crisis of confidence’ over private contractors

The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson

[pdf] Fredrick Töben Reviews Republican Party Animal by David Cole

Dutch government official claims Islamic State militant group is ‘Zionist plan’ “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionists who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name.”

[vid] CA, AZ & CO Schools on Human Sacrificial Ley Lines

[vid] VACCINATION 101 - Dr. Lanctot alias "GHIS" - 1/4   Guylain Lanctot, MD

[2014 July] Jill Dando raised alarm about ‘paedophile ring at BBC’

India Declares Dolphins To Be “Non-Human Persons”, Dolphin Shows Banned

Slade, Ed

Al Jazeera English under Jewish infiltration

Jews Control Hip-Hop Jewish Heeb Magazine reveals    

Articles on the Secret Relationship between Rappers and Jews


Wi-Fi – A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares?

WiFi — An invisible but ubiquitous threat to the species

DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline   Today, DNA science reveals that almost all the Jews in the world come from Khazaria. They are not of the blood lineage of Abraham and the prophets, but of King Bulan and the pagan peoples of the Caucasus. The ancestors of today's Jews are not Israelites but are Khazarians.

IDF Hamas Human Shield Manual a Sloppy Forgery - The Evidence

US war with Russia benefits Zionist interests: Ex-US Senate candidate


Everything You Thought You Knew About Milk is Wrong


[vid] The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Epileptic Okanagan girl fed illegal cannabis oil makes dramatic recovery


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