Microwaving children
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[They know these are highly toxic, yet have made no effort to place them a safer distance away.  The obvious conclusion to be made is that they have been deliberately put there to harm them.  See.  You will find them 50 yards from school building when they could easily have placed them a 1,000 yards away.]

Orange are once again riding roughshod over the precautionary principle with regard to children with their plans to appeal a decision not to let them place a mast next to the playing fields of Oakview School in Loughton. After a long campaign 02 and Vodaphone were ordered to remove a overbearing mast in Gateshead last year, yet to the astonishment of residents have now made a planning application to restore it.  MAST SANITY NEWSLETTER JUNE/JULY 2008

The siting of Base-station masts in the vicinity of schools and nurseries (including those hidden in church towers and in illuminated signs, such as those at petrol stations, for example) must be strongly resisted: financial gain must not be allowed to be the overriding consideration. How Exposure to GSM & TETRA Base-station Radiation can Adversely Affect Humans by G J Hyland

In his study on the health of people living in the vicinity of microwave transmitters, Professor Santini of the National Institute of Sciences concludes that these transmitters must not be sited closer than 300 metres to populations. ....Professor Santini found from a survey of 270 men and 260 women that up to 300 metres from the transmitter there were complaints of nausea, loss of appetite, visual and motor problems. Up to 100 metres he received complaints of irritability, depression, concentration, memory, dizziness and libido problems. TETRA: A Critical Overview into the death of Officer Neil Dring

The local council recently prohibited the siting of base stations within a 300 metre radius and is also seeking to cancel contracts with telecomm operators agreed by the previous administration. [Media March 16 - 2003 Paris] FRANCE : CANCER CASES CAUSE ORANGE TO SUSPEND PHONE MAST OPERATION PARIS SCHOOL

The infant school class at St Edmund's Primary School will start their spring term in a different classroom after the school was inundated with requests from parents who are concerned about the effects of mast emissions. The move comes after a planning application for a further mast on the site in Ashdale Close, just 100 yards from the edge of the school playground, was successfully defeated by parents. [Media. Richmond, London] Phone mast closes classroom

MUMS are up in arms as plans get under way to put a mobile phone mast where toddlers gather daily. [Media 2003] Anger at phone mast plan

PARENTS have threatened to take their children out of classes after it was revealed a mast could be built in the grounds of a neighbouring school. [Media 2003 High Wycombe]Parents threaten walk out over school phone mast

Residents against a 15 foot police radio mast being built near a school and homes in a Snowdonia village have vowed to continue their fight - although work has already began.  [Media BBC March 2004. Snowdonia] Radio mast battle continues

[Media BBC, March 2003, Newton Heath, Manchester] Mobile mast worker attacked
[Media BBC, Oct 2000. Perthshire]
Villagers' mobile mast pledge
[Media, 29th August 2002] Whitton phone mast set to go up despite school safety fears

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