Natural thyroid replacement

Dr Jonathan Wright, M.D. newsletter


Dear Reader,

If you depend on natural thyroid replacement, I have bad news from the American Association for Health Freedom (an organization familiar to Dr. Wright's readers).

The FDA is launching an attack. According to the AAHF, they've ordered Time-Cap Labs to stop production of their generic bioidentical thyroid replacement.

The FDA's claim? Natural desiccated thyroid is a new drug, one that has not been approved.

Never mind the face that it's been used safely since long before the FDA even existed.

Or the fact that it's far superior to the mainstream's synthetic preparations—preparations that miss half the picture (bioidentical preparations contain all four pieces necessary to match what's produced by the human body) and don't do nearly as good a job.

But it looks like the FDA has no problem offering up an inferior alternative—and wiping the natural, whole, SAFE competition off the board.

Write to the FDA to ask about this ridiculous business, and they're quick to point out that they're not conducting a class action to remove unapproved thyroid products from the market—they're just classifying them as unapproved new drugs.

As an e-Tips reader, you probably already know how incredibly expensive the new drug approval process is. Far too expensive for anyone making a non-patentable substance (like bioidentical hormone replacement).

So other words, the FDA is saying "Hey we're only requiring them to file a new drug application. It's not our fault if they can't afford it and are forced to stop making it!"

Our very own Dr. Wright had this to say to the AAHF: "Natural thyroid has never killed or severely harmed anyone since its first use in the 1890s, prior to the FDA itself. It is a mainstay not only in the treatment of hypothyroidism but also in 'healthy aging' therapy. That the FDA should even be thinking of requiring a new drug approval for a safe, 100 plus year old natural treatment is outrageous."

Couldn't have put it better myself.

The AAHF will be closely monitoring developments in this story, and I'll keep a close watch myself. In the meantime, find out how you can help protect your right to make your own choices about your healthcare at their website.

Yours in good health,

Christine O'Brien

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