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"The FDA won’t spend a dime on ozone research, but they spent over $1 million intimidating, harassing, and persecuting me alone." -----Dr Jonathan Wright 

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We got one hour, by the way, for lectures on vitamins and minerals in medical school. A whole blinking hour.

online sources (so called “MEDLINE”) only list some 10 to 15 percent of all the medical publications out there, and if we strictly relied on online sources even today, we would not be finding all the information we need to find.

As you know, even though we have the First Amendment in the Constitution, the FDA has negated the First Amendment when it comes to free speech in health care ever since about the ‘40s and ‘50s. That’s why if you pick up your bottle of vitamins in your local natural food store, let’s say you pick up a bottle of Vitamin E or something, all it says is “supports cardiovascular health.” Because if they were to put on there that Vitamin E has been found in this scientific study over here to cut the rate of heart attacks by this percent, even though the research is true, they could be hauled up by the FDA on the grounds of making an unapproved claim. The FDA doesn’t care whether it’s true or not, they just care whether they’ve approved it.

And so, fish oil, for example. Everybody knows, and all the major medical journals have published it in the last two years, that taking enough fish oil every day cuts your risk of sudden cardiac death by 50 percent or more, and yet if anybody put that on a label of a fish oil bottle, they would be out of business tomorrow, I guarantee it.

here’s another little inside truth, not secret, but truth. It gets printed every once in a while and I’ve seen it online. In the mid 1990s, at someone’s cardiology convention, the Annual Convention of the American College of Cardiologists or something, one of the speakers asked that particular audience, “How many of you recommend Vitamin E to your patients?” And approximately 25 to 30 percent of the doctors there raised their hands—remember this is conventional, that’s pretty good. And, “How many of you take Vitamin E yourself?” Better than half of the room raised their hands!

We’ve cleared up any number of cases of people with terrific flu whose families knew better than to take them to the hospital, they bring them over to the clinic. We run in the high-dose Vitamin C, and they have remarkable turnaround. But that’s not the only thing. There are dozens and dozens of articles in the so-called medical literature from the 1930s and mostly 1940s about outright cures of the dread viral diseases of the day with something called ultraviolet blood irradiation, and many of those articles were published by doctors working in hospitals at the time.

And now you cannot find one hospital in the whole United States that has an ultraviolet blood irradiation machine, and you cannot find one hospital in the whole United States that gives high-dose intravenous Vitamin C. And there’s a third thing I’m going to be talking about, and that is the use of ozone intravenously, which was introduced in Germany in the 1920s and in German practice and in American practice, is known to reduce the odds, and none of these things eliminate the odds, but reduce the odds, dramatically, of dying from any of the serious viral diseases.


Well, what’s done is to take the blood out into a bottle, ozonate the blood in the bottle and flow the blood back into the person. But anyway, all of these things dramatically reduce the risk (although they do not work 100 percent) of death from SARS, from any of the dread viral diseases.

And yet can you get that treatment in any American hospital today? Rhetorical question. No, you can’t. You’ve got to go see a so-called alternative medicine doctor, who uses those techniques.

“Hey folks! First thing you want to do about viral diseases is prevent them—eat right, get the sugar out of your diet. Don’t eat stuff you’re allergic to. Use the Vitamin A, use the Vitamin C, take your Echinacea and boost your immune system.” Do all that, and you won’t catch it in the first place, or at least you’ll greatly reduce your odds of catching it in the first place. But if you do happen to catch it, there is treatment, even if it gets serious.

There is just the best controlled, double-blind, placebo-controlled research out there that the element strontium, when combined with calcium and Vitamin D, can dramatically help to reverse osteoporosis. The latest study reported a gain of 15 percent over three years in bone in the spine and 9 percent in the hip, and there is no patent medicine on the market that comes close. And the strontium’s in all the health food stores. Have we heard this in the major media anywhere?

Here’s a research article from Finland, or from Scandinavia anyway, it might have been Finland. A whole bunch of kids, starting at age one, were started on 2000 units (and we’re told by the FDA that’s going to kill them if they’re one year old) of Vitamin D, and that was maintained for a few years, and there’s a control group that didn’t get any Vitamin D. And when they finally looked at all the statistics, And that is fantastically significant! And here we’ve got the  American Diabetes Association going around collecting money to cure diabetes. Excuse me—somebody just showed us how to prevent it!