Sexual Problems, Impotence 

The decline of womanhood? How to stay female, healthy and young

by Sam Biser & Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.

 (Excerpted from a newsletter article by Sam Biser, HERBAL THERAPY for Serious Illness)

          1997 was the Doomsday year for women in America. That was when the Menopause time bomb has exploded.

          It all started with the post war baby boom, which made 1948 the biggest birth year of the century. The average a woman goes into menopause is 49. Therefore, 1948 plus 49 years equals 1997. The year of menopause is here.

          Forget what men think, or what doctors think, most women don't think menopause is a serious issue either ... then the whole world blows up in their face.

          According to medical herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze, "What I saw in my clinic was 50 year-old women going bald, having a dry, cracked, bleeding, inflamed and even infected vaginas, skin wrinkling like an alligator, hip fractures and osteoporosis, women limping after hip operations like the character Chester from Gunsmoke, debilitating depression and hysterical anxiety that wrecked marriages and caused divorce, ruined careers, destroyed families and alienated the children."

          "That's the best case scenario. Many other women got eaten alive from cancer due to drugs their doctors gave them to stop the hell."

          In this newsletter, Dr. Schulze is going to show you how to make the change of life the best time of your life.

          You will learn how to avoid the soaking hot flashes, pain, disease, suffering and emotional devastation, and have a gentle, smooth transition into the second half of your life-without losing what makes you feel like a woman.

BISER: I knew, the baby boomers were turning 50, but I didn' t realize this menopause event was happening right now, and was so gigantic.

SCHULZE: More women are stopping their periods RIGHT NOW, TODAY, than ever before in the history of the world.

BISER: But I thought medicine had this under control?

SCHULZE: If you call drinking horse urine, that gives you cancer under control, then I guess it's under control.

BISER: Horse urine? Are you kidding?

SCHULZE: Unfortunately not. A lot of women don't know it, but estrogen is medicine's ONLY solution to combat menopause. Estrogen is made from horse piss. It was made from plant sources, but manufacturers always look for the most abundant AND CHEAPEST source. It is business, lower cost equals higher profits.

          Horses are imprisoned in stalls all over Canada and the United States and artificially impregnated. They hardly let them move, just like a veal calf, and they are catheterizing them and draining the urine out of all the pregnant mares. When the horse has a baby, as soon as possible the horse is impregnated again. If the baby is female, it is locked in a stall next to the mom and impregnated as soon as possible, catheterized and the urine is drained from the baby.

BISER: But some people don't care if horses are treated cruelly and tortured, and others don't mind drinking horse pee--as long as it works, and they don 't suffer.

SCHULZE: I can understand that. When the suffering is bad enough, who knows what any of us would do to stop it? So many women are desperate and don't care, or don't know what else to do. But then the problem gets worse, the medical approach kills the women.

"Estrogen DEFINITELY CAUSES CANCER. Any medical doctor who underplays this risk, or says it doesn't, is a LIAR".

You mean cancer right?

SCHULZE: Taking horse urine/estrogen, is medically proven to be extremely dangerous, to DEFINITELY CAUSE CANCER and other debilitating, deadly diseases.

          It may eliminate some symptoms of menopause. Then when you die from the cancer eating you alive, you'll have nice smooth skin.You'll have a good complexion in the casket at your funeral.

          You can pick yourself up a copy of the Physicians' DeskReference, at Crown Books, or at most other book stores. This book has disclosures from drug companies on every drug in production. It contains thousands of pages of all the side effects and killer diseases caused by taking pharmaceutical drugs.

          I always had a copy of this in my clinic and showed every patient the real TRUTH about the so called mild or harmless drugs the doctor had put them on. When my patients saw the endless diseases and death caused by the drugs they were on, well, I never had to convince any of them to stop, this book did the job for me.

          In the copy I have here, the 1995 edition, the manufacturer of Premarin, the number one prescribed estrogen drug, covers the hundreds of problems on pages 2588 through 2601.

          In these pages the manufacturer warns in bold letters that numerous independent studies concluded that there is "an increased risk of uterine cancer in menopausal women who take estrogen for over 1 year...Estrogens can cause other cancer tumors of the breast, cervix, vagina and liver...Estrogens should only be used when clearly needed." They increase the risk of cancer up to 13.9 times.

"All medical hormone therapy kills the organs it is trying to help. Giving women estrogen kills their ovaries, and is equal to chemical sterilization."

13.9 times HIGHER RISK OF GETTER CANCER, who would take or do anything that would increase their risk of cancer 14 times?

SCHULZE: I know, it's insane. But it gets worse.

          When women get cancer from the estrogen, and she probably will, then the doctor immediately takes them off the estrogen, no wean off, no 30-day reduction of the drug, but a cold pronouncement: "You can't use it any more."

BISER: What happens then?

SCHULZE: These women crash and burn. It is like the rug was pulled out from under them. They have been ripped off this drug that their bodies have become dependent on. When you take a powerful drug like that, it tells your ovaries to go to sleep.

          When you start using any drug, especially one that your endocrine system is supposed to manufacture like insulin, thyroxine, estrogen, whatever, these endocrine organs fall asleep.

          When you start using estrogen, your ovaries detect it. So why would they ever want to produce any estrogen?

          This becomes a crutch and your ovaries produce less and less estrogen. The more you take of it, your body gets worse; it is like chemical sterilization. What little estrogen the ovaries were producing, well, there is no need for them to produce it anymore. They detect large levels of it in your blood, because of the doctors pills, and so they atrophy, shrivel up and die.

          Then, when cancer begins, the doctor takes the woman off estrogen, because any medical doctor immediately takes a woman off of estrogen, or any hormones when they have cancer. They know estrogen itself is carcinogenic.

These women are just shoveled off into the gutter. They are swept under the carpet of medicine and they crawled on their hands and knees into my office crying and begging.

          "Without me, a woman in menopause has three choices: 1) Do nothing and possibly watch your health degenerate, career explode and family break up; 2) Take the doctors' drugs and get cancer; or 3) Go to the health food store and buy useless herbal formulas with pretty labels."

BISER: What did you do for these women?

SCHULZE: First, I always gave my female balancing formula. Here is one typical horrifying case...

          I had a 53-54 year old woman from Santa Barbara. She had been on estrogen for about 5 years for menopause, prescribed by a real close family friend who was a medical doctor/gynecologist.

          This is THE standard treatment. You walk into a gynecologist's office and say, "I'm having menopause," and you are going to walk out with a prescription for Premarin or estrogen.

          Another shocking fact is that this guy didn't even give her any of the warnings you are supposed to give with the drug. She had a family history of cancer and a family history of gall bladder problems, and for both of those family histories, estrogen is contra-indicated.

          He should have never put her on it with anybody in the family having cancer. So that was crazy, and then he didn't do the follow-ups suggested by the drug manufacturers, which is typical of all doctors.

          About 5 years after he started her on the treatment, (which was in her late 40's), she developed some vaginal bleeding and went back to see him. He did a biopsy, because he saw abnormal tissue and she had a malignant uterine cancer. He felt it had metastasized, which basically means you're dead. He felt she only had a period of years now, no matter what they did.

          He immediately stopped all her estrogen, cold turkey. That is what a doctor has to do the minute a woman develops cancer. Within a few months, this woman physically degenerated probably faster than any other one I had seen. It was like one of those Sci-Fi movies when someone who looks 30 runs out of their elixir of youth, and then in the next minute they age 150 years and turn into an old person, and turn into dust.

          It was shocking to see what can happen to a woman who has been pumped up artificially with estrogen for five years, and now suddenly gets the rug pulled out from under her. The next thing I got was a call from this doctor, and he was begging me.

          He said, "Look, this isn't a patient, this is a friend of the family, and she is really ill, and is there anything you can do to make her more comfortable?" I said, "Sure."

          It was shocking when she came in. Her vaginal area had dried up and shriveled up so badly. It was cracked, and she was bleeding from the cancer, and her vagina."

BISER: Where was the cancer?

SCHULZE: The cancer was in her uterus, which is typical of estrogen use. It's the No.1 cancer women get from taking estrogen, which is cancer of the inner lining of the uterus, or uterine cancer. She had it and it had metastasized. But she also had developed vaginal infections because of the open sores in her vagina.

          The inflammation was so bad that she could barely walk because just the movement of her legs, one going in front of the other would cause bleeding in the vagina and her pain was extreme. She said she had a hard time sleeping at night. When she came into my clinic, she had her arm around her girl friend and she was limping. I mean, we are talking severe vaginal infection, bleeding, inflammation, cracking.

BISER: And the doctor couldn 't stop any of that?

SCHULZE: He couldn't. He had to take her off estrogen immediately because of her malignant cancer and so they have nothing. Nothing. They have vaseline and, of course, that doesn't work; the body even rejects it.

          She was also losing her hair and was remarkably bald for a woman. She gave me a little demonstration and pulled a clump of it out in her hand, which was kind of scary. She was also growing a serious moustache, which is another side-effect of estrogen intolerance.

          The first thing I wanted to do was help her and give her some temporary relief. One of the first things we used was jojoba and tea tree oil. Jojoba penetrates the skin where all the other oils sit on top. And tea tree oil, in a light dose is very anti-inflammatory. I used 91-95% jojoba oil and the 5-9% tea tree oil.

          We got her upside down and just filled her up with 16oz. of solution. That offered immediate relief. During the next couple of weeks, we also filled her vagina up with aloe vera and then flaxseed oil, which is a great anti-inflammatory soothing, healing oil.

          A couple weeks went by. Her inflammation was down. The sores were being healed, and the bleeding had stopped from her vagina, but she was still having bleeding from the cancer in her uterus. Then we started with garlic clove implants. (We've covered this in depth in the SAVE-YOUR-LIFE VIDEO COLLECTION). I couldn't use garlic immediately, because she had all these open sores and garlic would have made her in worse pain. But now the pain was gone.

          We had her immediately start on the female tonic formula. I got her own hormones kicking in, producing her own estrogen and her own natural lubrication. Of course,we did the other cleansing and detox programs.

We got rid of the vaginal trauma in two weeks. She ended up being so impressed by this that she decided to go all the way and actually reversed her uterine cancer. .

          After a month on this treatment, she told me she had too much mucus in her vagina, too much discharge, and I've had this happen a thousand times, and I'm like, "Let's not worry about that right now, you can wear a sanitary napkin. Let's let all the mucus flow that we want." This is not uncommon. I've also had many women call because their period came back, although it had stopped years ago. But when their hormones got back in balance, they became fertile again.

          Her appearance was dramatic. Not only did her hair stop falling out, but her wrinkled skin went away. Once her hormones got balanced and once she was feeling better and exercising, she looked like she lost 20 years. She didn't even look old enough to go into menopause.

          After it was all over, the doctor yelled at me. He said, "I asked you to fix her inflamed vagina and make her feel better, not heal her cancer." He was pissed. I told him I didn't give a damn about his ego or stepping on his toes. My job was to help this poor woman heal herself and not just her symptoms, but anything and everything she wanted.

BISER: You said you gave this women your female balancing formula. I know this contains herbs that stimulate female hormone production. Isn't that dangerous in a cancer case?

SCHULZE: No. This is the best part. The herbs don't contain any estrogen. These menopausal women would be on estrogen for years, then eventually develop cancer. The doctor would immediately take them off of the estrogen because you can't use it if you have cancer.

          They would crash and come to me. I would start them all on my Female formula, and they would feel great in a few days or hours, as soon as we discovered their dose. I had medical doctors monitor numerous patients I did this with, and none had any increase or complications with the cancer like they would have if they would have continued to use estrogen.

          Their menopausal symptoms went away and if they would work with me on the programs, we got rid of their cancer too.

BISER: These herbs are not supplying hormones?

SCHULZE: No. Only one herb in that formula, wild yam, has natural plant chemicals that have been used to synthesize hormones. But no actual hormones.

          These female tonic plants contain substances the body needs to manufacture hormones, like nutritional substances or nutritional chemicals your body needs to build estrogen, and other plant chemicals that wake up your ovaries.

          These plants also contain circulation-enhancing chemicals that increase communication within your hormonal system, ovaries, pituitary, etc.

          When you back that up with a good nutritional program, and good healthy life-style and environment, well, you can have a miracle happen.

          98% of the women who came to me who would do this treatment had miracles happen. Probably 2% had to work very hard to have those miracles happen, beyond just taking some herbs and making some slight modification, but really had to work at it. I say for any women that have any doubts about these herbs, try my formula, and you will see and feel the difference. It has changed thousands of womens' lives.

"What I think is not important. What my female patients experienced is nothing short of miracles. This is a classic female hormonal balancing formula. It is not only the absolute cure for PMS, it's the absolute cure for menopausal problems."

How does this formula work for hot flashes? I can relate to it, because I have had fevers where I soaked the sheets, and your sleep is ruined so I know it's not a trivial symptoms

SCHULZE: A lot of people think hot flashes are a mild spell, like a woman fainting.

          It can be that, it can just be a warming or glowing of the face and neck and chest, but it can also be serious.

          I had a patient when I first opened my clinic in Hollywood that was having the ultimate night sweats. She was soaking sheets and blankets and the mattress, and I mean soaking them.

          She told me she woke up the first time and thought someone had sprayed water on her while she was sleeping. She kind of ignored it and figured she couldn't do anything about it, and one night she woke and she was having a heart attack.

          She had such a dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, that she went into cardiac distress and fibrillation from dehydration. She was rushed to the emergency room and almost died. I just wanted to say this because a lot people think, "Oh hot flashes. Give them a magazine so they can fan their face."

          That's all fine, but hot flashes are just a beginning symptom that your hormones are out of balance and they alone can be debilitating, if not kill you in an extreme situation. I can guarantee, if you are having hot flashes, that there are other problems being created by your hormone imbalance.

"I rarely remember a female patient that, after taking the female formula, had hot flashes last more than a week. It's usually immediate, very fast results."

What is the beginning dose?

SCHULZE: They start out with one dropperful three times a day, go up to two dropperfuls three times a day if necessary, and don't forget, if you are having night sweats or hot flashes at night, take heavy dosages before you go to bed. If you wake up a night, take dosages then. You can use a dosage when you have a hot flash. This is not something that is difficult at all to remedy immediately.

Dr. Schulze's Female Formula

BISER: What is the formula?

SCHULZE: 75% of the formula, or 1.5 fluid ounces, of an equal blend of the following tinctures:

Angelica sinensis (Dong Quai root) the larger the roots,the better.

Discorea villousa (Mexican Wild Yam root)

Vitex agnus-castus (Chaste Tree berries)

Plus 25% of the formula, or 1/2 ounce of a tincture madeup of...

3 parts Damiana leaf

1 part Licorice root

1 part Hops flowers

[Editor's Note: Parts is a measurement of the quality of one herb, in reflection to the other; in a formula. A part can be a thimble, a handful, a gallon, a wheelbarrow. It's volume. A part is volume. Not weight. /

          The therapeutic action of this formula is regulation and balancing of the female hormones. Relief from the symptoms of menopause. Relief of the symptoms of PMS, such as anxiety, depression, anger, nervousness, water retention/bloating and any female hormonal imbalance symptoms such as hot flashes, hairloss and dry vaginal tissue. Regulation and normalization of the menstrual cycle, relief of menstrual cramps. Increased fertility, and increased sexual desire.

          The formula is an effective overall female tonic. It provides women with herbal phytochemicals that are needed to create hormones, helps to balance the hormones and calms the nerves.

          During the years of running my clinic, I saw many women who became incapable of normal functioning, both physically and emotionally, because of menopause, PMS, and hormone imbalance. This tonic was a lifesaver to them.

          Besides the obvious health benefits, many saved their marriages, their families, their careers and their sanity by using this formula. It gives women that sense of well being and control. It does so by increasing the communication between the endocrine organs in the brain and the ovaries. It allows a woman the ability to age slowly and naturally, and make a comfortable transition from puberty through menopause.

          I have worked with hundreds of women in my clinic over the years to get them off of hormones. They were able to make this transition. This weaning off is best done gradually over a period of 30 to 60 days.

Dosage for PMS.

BISER: What is the dosage for PMS?

SCHULZE: For women with a regular 28 day cycle, on day 18 (the18th day after the start of your last period) take one dropperful (35 drops). On day 19, take one dropperful a.m. and p.m.

          On day 20 through the start of your period, take one dropperful 3 times daily. This can be increased to two dropperfuls, 3 times daily with an occasional dosage of 4 dropperfuls during extreme symptoms.

Dosage for Menopause

1-2 dropperfuls (35-70 drops) 3-4 times daily for 1 to3 months consistently. If you notice symptoms of menopause at a particular time of the day, such as night sweats, then take an additional dropperful or two just before bed.

Dosage for Menstrual Problems

SCHULZE:Take 2 to 3 dropperfuls as needed.

Dosage for general purposes.

The dosage of this formula for general purposes is 30 drops three times a day to start, which is one dropperful three times a day. Then, if you are not getting the results you want, you go up to two or three and then finally four dropperfuls three times a day.

          However, two dropperfuls three times a day has stopped the symptoms of menopause in 98% of my patients in the clinic.

          I'm talking about the falling out of the hair; I'm talking about the agitation of the emotions; I'm talking about the osteoporosis problems; and I'm especially talking about the dry vagina and the other symptoms of menopause and PMS.

          All the symptoms of menopause that women get are becauseof the lack of estrogen. Now, a lot of times, it isn't because their ovaries have quit. Ovaries just don't quit. They slow down, but the communication is bad. The circulation is bad. And this formula works wonders.

Cleansing your organs for greater sex.

          Herbs are the icing. Cleansing is the cake.

          You start with cleansing. It is the beginning. Everyone thinks that natural healing means herbs, and that cleansing therapies are optional.

          This misconception keeps people sick.

          Cleanse your body first; use the hot and cold routines mentioned in this chapter, and then use herbs. You don't start a house on the third floor; you build the foundation first. The foundation starts with cleansing.

"Without cleansings you cannot count on the sexual herbs continuing to work."

BISER: I think that's something everybody is overlooking in their search for sexual happiness. They seem to say forget health, give me a stimulant.

SCHULZE: Absolutely. I always have looked at herbs as something to adjust the body with, once you have a good foundation of natural healing, a good life-style set up.

          Your life-style, the way you eat, the way that your bowels work, your stress level, your sense of humor, these are all what builds you.

          The herbs then can make adjustments; the herbs can clean out the liver; but to make a healthy liver you have to have a good food program. Echinacea can stimulate the immunity, but you're not going to build immune cells from echinacea; you need to have the juicer going.

          The herbs are designed to fine-tune what your good healthy lifestyle has already done, and these sexual-hormone-balancing and sexual-stimulating herbs are designed to make the final touches.

          It can make the difference, a world of difference, because you can be on a great life-style and still not feel sexually active or sexually capable. Boy, when you take those herbs, it excites your system, and you'll notice the big difference; but if you're not doing anything else, whether you notice a difference from using the herbs, you know, they may or may not be effective.

BISER: Or you might not get all the punch you should get.

SCHULZE: That's right, and it's like the people we talked about that thought they were sexually healthy, then got healthier, and then used the herbs and look out - now they're having multiple orgasms.

How a filthy bowel can choke off the blood to your sex organs.

BISER: How does cleansing the bowel affect sex?

SCHULZE: The bowel surrounds the uterus, the ovaries are almost attached to the bowel; the prostate is surrounded by the bowel. The veins that supply blood to the penis are surrounded by the bowel.

          If you have 10 pounds of excess fecal matter in your sigmoid colon or your ascending colon, it's expanded and it's pressing on those veins, it's pressing on those organs. If that is the case, you cannot expect to have normal sexual function.

          In a woman, the bowel surrounds the uterus, absolutely totally surrounds it, because you have the anus and rectum on the bottom and it wraps all the way up the one side and down the other. So the bowel totally surrounds the uterus,and the ovaries will stay attached to bowel.

          Now, 100% of Americans have bowel herniation or diverticulosis. That's caused by impaction and constipation.

          To look at this in some kind of strange analogy, when I was a kid, I remember the cars that I had. I could open up the hood and there was more space than engine. I could actually sit under that hood and tune up the car. But, nowadays, when you open up the hood of a car, you couldn't put a dime in there. They are so compact, and highly engineered.

          That's the way the human body is. When you open up the lower abdomen and you take a look inside, there's no space in there. All the organs are connected and touching. We tend to think of it more isolated; there's a heart, lungs, a liver, and a kidney, but it's like just one big mass of jelly all connected.

          If you are experiencing constipation and your bowel is holding 5 or 10 pounds of extra fecal matter, and that bowel is expanding, and, according to The Merck Manual again, 100% of us have that herniation, something else has to be compressed. What's initially compressed are the organs and blood vessels of the pelvis.

          With a woman, it's going to be the uterus and it's going to be the ovaries. How can you possibly expect to heal the uterus and ovaries when they are crushed by this constipation?

          In a man, it's the prostate. Look where the prostate is. The prostate lies right next to the rectum and it's surrounded again by the bowel. Also, all the blood vessels that feed the testes come through the abdomen. When you have constipation, it squeezes off the venous return and this is why men get hemorrhoids. If they have hemorrhoids and varicose veins, they are also having blood-flow problems to every other organ down there.

          A lot of people have said to me, "Come on. How can bowel cleansing be effective towards stimulating a person's sexuality?"

          My answer: In just about every possible way - from the actual organs having more room to breathe - all the way to the blood flow being increased.

          I have had hundreds of patients who have had their lives changed by just cleaning out the bowel. I told you about this guy yesterday, cleaned out his bowel, and during three months of bowel cleaning lost 50 pounds. I guarantee you that same man has a much different sexual drive than he had at 50 pounds heavier and a bowelful of poop.

BISER: People could be going to the bathroom every day, but there are still pockets of fecal matter.

SCHULZE: Absolutely. According to the 1994 Merck's Manual, a medical reference work, 100% of American adults have bowel herniations. They said 10% in the 1950's. The bottom line is that everybody has it. So we have to deal with it that way. That's kind of a basic.

A woman regains sex life after cleansing the bowel.

SCHULZE: Here's an interesting story. A woman named Rosalie came to me and she was experiencing extreme constipation.

          She was in her 30's and was experiencing menopause. The doctors said, "You are just having menopause earlier than you should, like 15 or 20 years early." She was already on hormones and experiencing full menopause in her 30's, not in her late 40's or early 50's.

          But, she was also extremely constipated. She was the one having one bowel movement every two months and when she was pregnant with her child, she had one bowel movement every 3 months.

          She was an extremely constipated case. I got her on the formulas and she was so thrilled to start having bowel movements every day. But within a couple of months, her doctor did a blood test and her hormone levels were too high, so he took her off of the hormone drugs.

          Now, her ovaries are working perfectly and she has normal hormones for her age and she has no menopausal symptoms at all. We didn't do anything. I didn't give her one female herb.

          You can't expect your ovaries and uterus or your prostate and testes to be working when you are full of crap.

          When your bowel is plugged up, you are not going to get blood flow; your body is not going to want to do anything. This is why I always say: Nature isn't going to want you to reproduce in that state. I've seen this hundreds of time.

          This was my clinical cure for impotency, infertility, men who couldn't get erections, women who couldn't have orgasms, you name the sexual dysfunction: you get well. You get healthy and your body comes back. It's that old basic, you know, nature doesn't want you to reproduce or even think about it when you are not well.

          But, I just talked to Rosalie a couple of weeks ago and she's just thrilled. Her hormones are back; everything's back.

BISER: What did she say about her private life?

SCHULZE: She told me a couple of things. She said, after having a couple of kids, her sexual life was basically over. Of course, she was going into menopause and had no sex drive at all. She was absolutely convinced that her husband was having an affair and that she had just become a child-caretaker.

          She said that after cleaning out her bowels and after having her blood levels come back, she started feeling horny again and, basically, she jumps her husband now. Everything is back to normal.

Richard Schulze's two formulas for cleansing and detoxifying the colon.

          The first bowel formula causes the colon to move - even if the nerves to the colon are damaged or nonexistent. You can make this formula at home, or purchase it, but as I will tell you over and over again, I urge you to learn how to make your formulas at home.

          Don't be afraid to make this or other formulas, even if you are missing an ingredient or two or three, or if you have to substitute ingredients. Over time, this formula strengthens the walls of the small intestine. It destroys Candida overgrowth, and destroys and expels parasites, and relieves gas and cramps.

          The main ingredients of this colon cleanser are senna leaves and pods, cascara sagrada aged bark, and cape aloe leaf. These three ingredients contain a substance called emodin. When emodin comes into contact with the nerve cells of the bowel, it causes the muscles of the colon to contract. It is so powerful that it actually exercises the muscles of the colon. As an example of the power of this formula, one man had eight bowel movements in one night.

          Because of its strength, don't use this formula during pregnancy without the guidance of your doctor.

Dosage: Take one capsule a day. If that gives you the bowel results you want, stop, this is your dosage. If it is not enough, increase by one capsule. Continue increasing the dosage by one capsule until you go to the bathroom in the morning and go "Wow."

The second bowel formula is to be used together with the first colon formula. This one is a strong intestinal vacuum.

          This formula will draw old fecal matter off the walls of your colon and out of any bowel pockets. It will also draw out poisons, toxins, heavy metals such as mercury and lead, and even remove radioactive materials such as strontium-90. This formula will also remove over 2,000 known chemicals and pharmaceutical-drug residues.

Dosage: Mix one heaping teaspoon of powder with eight ounces of fresh juice. After consuming this, drink an additional eight to sixteen ounces of water. Repeat this five times per day, or increase the servings and take a smaller number of dosages. Please note that this formula can be slightly constipating, so you may need to increase the dosage of formula number one.

Reserve special clays for cleansing your colon.

SCHULZE: Once in a while, like maybe once every couple of weeks, reserve a day or two for colon cleansing.

          Maybe four times or more, have a day where you don't eat any food at all, or if you do eat, eat incredibly lightly and try to stick with fruit. And, on that day, drink a gallon of liquids (water, herb teas, fruit and vegetable juices).

On that day, it will be easy for you to stir about a teaspoon of the intestinal formula number two into those juices or liquids, five or six times a day.

Important information on how to take the formulas.

          Start with one capsule of Intestinal Corrective Formula #1 during, or just after, dinner. This formula works best when mixed with food.


          The next morning, you should notice an increase in your bowel action, and in the amount of fecal matter that you eliminate.

          The consistency should also be softer. If you do not notice any difference in your bowel behavior or if the difference wasn't dramatic, then increase your dosage to two capsules that evening. You can continue to increase your dosage every evening by one capsule until you notice a dramatic difference in the way your bowel works.

          By the end of the week, you should be having one bowel movement for every meal that you eat. If not, continue with this formula for an additional week to get regulated before you go on to the next step. Once you are regulated, whether it is after the first week or the second week, then you can begin taking Intestinal Corrective Formula #2.

          Take 1 heaping teaspoon of the powder with 8 ounces of juice, five times each day. Begin taking the formula after breakfast, then take it 1/2 hour before lunch, between lunch and dinner, 1/2 hour before dinner, and 1 hour before bed, so that you are consuming a total of 5 heaping teaspoons, each day. During or after dinner, take your Intestinal Corrective Formula #1, as usual, but increase the dosage by one additional pill.

          You should drink at least 8 ounces of liquid after each dose of Intestinal Corrective Formula #2. Also, drink plenty of distilled water during this 2-week colon cleanse. [Information on where to obtain herbs will be covered at the end of the book.]
"You may also need to kill the parasites in your colon before you can enjoy great sex."

          This is Dr. Shulze's private formula for killing parasites. You may need this formula, because parasites can drain you of the energy you need for health and sex.

          As Dr. Schulze says, you can't buy pomegranate root bark commercially. You just have to know someone with a pomegranate tree and cut off a piece of the root.

BISER: Where would a person find a pomegranate tree?

SCHULZE: It's not uncommon out here on the west coast, and you can just go to a pomegranate tree and, without killing it, just dig down until you find a piece of the root and cut it off. You can use a peeler, like a kitchen peeler, and just peel off the outside of the root.

BISER: The bark of the root?

SCHULZE: The bark of the root. It's quite soft...

BISER: What's so good about pomegranate root?

SCHULZE: Well, pomegranate root, according to the old herbalists, was a classic for getting out worms. So, of course, was wormwood. I just happen to like pomegranate because it's one that I have become familiar with. I had a pomegranate tree in the back yard in Malibu where my clinic was for 10 years.

BISER: Do you recommend they tincture this formula?

SCHULZE: Yes, but they could do it powdered; taking the powdered herbs would be fine. But, I use the tincture. I use a dropperful, 6 times a day, of the tincture, and, of course, I use that dropperful along with the clove of garlic and the dose of number two intestinal formula.

BISER: Now, if they make this into a tincture, do they have to make a garlic juice?

SCHULZE: No, they can just chop up the garlic, throw it into the tincture. Garlic juice is stronger but they can just mash up garlic and put it in a blender.

BISER: O.K This brings up the question that confuses most of the readers. Parts. They don't understand parts when we say to use parts in a formula.

SCHULZE: What I mean by parts in a formula is that it can be anything. Parts is a measurement of the equality of one herb, in reflection to the other, in a formula. So a part can be a thimble, a handful, a gallon, a wheelbarrow...

BISER: They said they wanted to know if it's weight, is it volume...?

SCHULZE: It's volume. A part is volume. It's a measurement of volume, not weight. If I ever give weight, I will give specifics in weight, but I like parts and I usually give parts. A lot of people, even other herbalists, give me grief on this, but parts is very human, because you can use the same formula for a big company as you would for Mrs. Tildaberry.

          Whereas she is going to use seven teaspoons of black walnut, a teaspoon of sage, a teaspoon of garlic, a teaspoon of pomegranate root bark, a big company could use 7 truckfuls or actually a voluminous weight. So parts, always, is a volume measurement that I use.

"Patients have used this formula and brought in large jars with worms as big as 12 inches that looked like a small snake."

BISER: What have you seen happen from that formula?

SCHULZE: Well, this really pushes the worms out. I see if number one and number two can bring them out, but, garlic not only kills worms (a vermifuge), it also expels them (a vermicide).

          Black walnut is famous for killing parasites and it does it, too - if it's a great tincture. I've seen patients who do the number one and then the number two and the clove of garlic with each dose, and the dropperful of this herbal formula. They've brought parasites in, in jars.

BISER: Do they bring in canning jars?

SCHULZE: Even bigger jars. I had one patient bring me in one worm that was about, my God, as big around as my little finger, and about 12 inches long. It looked like a small snake. It absolutely freaked everybody out. I've never had anybody, after this routine, that had a problem with parasites.

          It's not uncommon when you do this routine, if you have parasites, to get some abdominal cramping. The bowel's really activated and I find that, sometimes, when you have parasites - I don't know if it's when they hang on or when they let go. Sometimes, the people that have had, we'll say, dramatic parasite releases, it's been almost like a rectal vomit.

          I don't know how to say it, but they went "Oh", and they ran in and, you know, I mean a bowlful of parasites. So, I think that some of these worms have the ability to hook onto your intestines and not let go.

BISER: They say these parasites migrate and get into the brain and into the muscles and different parts of the body; does this tincture get them from the different parts?

SCHULZE: Absolutely. But, what really gets them from the different parts, is just having a really clean body. The old story is, that parasites won't migrate and get in other areas of your body if those areas are clean.

BISER: But, what if they are already there before you know about them?

SCHULZE: Then, just general cleansing and blood cleansing and detoxification is the way to go. Because you have to clean yourself up.

          It is the way Dr. Christopher used to talk about germs and parasites being garbage men. He said that they won't come around any more when there's no garbage left. And so, parasites and germs want to feed off of material that you are supplying them with, decaying flesh, tumors, and pus. I know it sounds disgusting.

BISER: What about this myth I heard, that you have to use special herbs from South America to get rid of parasites...?

SCHULZE: I think this is silly. I don't know what on earth everybody is talking about. In fact, I got a letter on that today. We have some of the greatest anti-parasitical plants known (in this country). I mean black walnut, sage, wormwood...

Why people are not getting results from various herbal anti-parasite formulas.

BISER: But, a lot of people are selling black walnut tinctures. Why aren't people getting results?

SCHULZE: There is always the problem of poor quality commercial tinctures. In addition, one of the reasons is that people don't do their healing work. For example, you do a liver and gallbladder flush and you get gallstones out. Why then, when you do a flush six months later, do you get more gallstones out?

          Because you are still making gallstones. You need to use these herbal products. Then, you also need to make life-style modifications. If you clean your bowel out, you'll get rid of the parasites, but, if you keep eating them, you'll have to keep doing this routine.

BISER: What about a woman I know, who says she's taken colonics for years, and she still sees liver flukes coming out of her liver?

SCHULZE: Yes. Colonics are just a wash.

BISER: You use tremendous amounts of water.

SCHULZE: Yes. Even if you use tremendous amounts of water, colonics, besides washing your bowel, have no chemical, therapeutic value.

          You will see parasites in the colonies. Some of them, we'll say sickly parasites, might come floating out. But, the healthy parasites, they're dug in and they are dug into the trenches. They are in the nooks and crannies.

They could have been in there for years. They are like moray eels in caves, like in the diverticula in your colon. They are not just going to say, "Oh, I think we'll leave today." I mean, you have to blast them out.

          For instance, barberry will stimulate your liver to flush out more bile. The aloes will stimulate peristaltic action. Cayenne will stop bleeding. Garlic will kill parasites and heal infection.

          But, a colonic won't do any of those. A colonic is just washing it away.

          But here's the key with someone like that. What have they done with their food program? If you are constantly flushing out and emptying out parasites, you have to ask yourself, where am I getting these parasites from? And, of course, according to ABC Prime Time Live, 2/3 of all fresh fish tested had toxic levels of parasites.

BISER: Do you recommend people use that formula, say, once or twice a year?

SCHULZE: If they are going to continue on an animal-based diet, I would suggest it 4 times a year. Don't only do a good bowel flush, but also add in the parasite routine.

BISER: Six dropperfuls a day?

SCHULZE: Yes. One dropperful 6 times a day, one clove of garlic 6 times a day, and one rounded teaspoon of intestinal number two 6 times a day.

A summary: Dr. Schulze's Anti-Parasite Routine.