Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

[NLP is the one having success here.  In the USA TIR has been used with success.  It's no wonder they can't get any joy out of the NHS which is an Allopathic monopoly, i.e. Psychiatric drugs which are useless at best.]

Rescued Horses Help Veterans With PTSD

[2016] How Cannabis Can Help Sexual Assault-Related PTSD

[2016] Veterans using Ayahuasca to cure depression and PTSD

[2009 Nov] Talking2Minds: Urgent Plea to Public From SAS Veterans Self Help Group; ‘We need Money Fast to Help Our Broken Soldiers’  They ran their first official course in February 2009 and have so far successfully treated 77 cases of PTSD and several thousand suffering from severe stress related disorders. Many turned to them as a last resort, with some having even attempted suicide. The statistical analysis results are truly remarkable. ‘I suffered PTSD since leaving the SAS and I had tried everything the NHS could offer but to no avail. Mick’s course was an immediate cure.'

[2009] RAF veteran tells of post-traumatic stress disorder ordeal  I went to the NHS and was told I'd get treatment if I stopped drinking, so I stopped drinking for five months, went back to them and I was told there was no more money to treat me. So I went back on the booze.

[1992] A Combat Vet's Perspective on TIR By Lt. Col Chris Christensen (Ret.)

Talking2Minds website

Testament from Former Soldier, Phil ‘Most of the people I have served with are dead because they committed suicide or were killed in action…. It makes me angry we served the country and are treated like second class citizens…’ Now his life has been turned around…

This Morning Part 1 Bob Paxman talking2minds PTSD This Morning Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

[vid] George Carlin - PTSD Euphemism


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