Talking2Minds: Urgent Plea to Public From SAS Veterans Self Help Group; ‘We need Money Fast to Help Our Broken Soldiers’

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The phenomenal demand for a new and remarkably successful Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment developed by ex servicemen for ex servicemen has led them to issue an urgent plea to the public on Remembrance Day for £100,000 of emergency funding.

Ex SAS veteran Bob Paxman has ploughed all his six figure savings made from work in Afghanistan and Iraq into helping his colleagues overcome PTSD. He has even sold his car and has now put his house at risk. The success rate of treatments is such it has been recently highlighted in the media (BBC1 Inside Out, This Morning etc.) and this has led to a cash crisis as thousands more mentally ill veterans desperately seek their help.

Paxman was so relieved to be cured by ex serviceman Mick Stott’s unique introspective therapy for PTSD he set up a Charity, Taking2Minds, to provide courses for other ex soldiers. They ran their first official course in February 2009 and have so far successfully treated 77 cases of PTSD and several thousand suffering from severe stress related disorders. Many turned to them as a last resort, with some having even attempted suicide. The statistical analysis results are truly remarkable.

Bob says: ‘I suffered PTSD since leaving the SAS and I had tried everything the NHS could offer but to no avail. Mick’s course was an immediate cure and my one goal since was to share that treatment with my colleagues. Ex soldiers who have nightmares, aggressive problems, can’t sleep etc. feel very abandoned and misunderstood by society, the MOD and NHS. We are changing lives. In the vacuum of dedicated help, soldiers are now treating soldiers.

But as ex servicemen, we have neither the time nor facility to raise funds and desperately need to employ an Appeals Co-ordinator and set up an office to start fundraising so we can help the thousands who have contacted us in the last two months. There is a dire need to set up a helpline.’


Background Notes

Biography – Bob Paxman

Bob is the Founder of Talking2Minds and has spent that last 2 years studying and developing the Talking2Minds product with Mick Stott in order to provide help for those that need it.

Bob is former Royal Engineers and 22 Special Air Service who has served in many hostile environments worldwide, both as a member of the armed forces and as a private security management professional. He has spent over 20 years in adverse and high pressure environments.

Following a medical discharge from military service and having spent years suffering from nightmares and flashbacks, Bob was eventually diagnosed with PTSD and began the painful journey along the traditional treatment routes trying to find help. It quickly became apparent that the existing treatment systems could not provide the level of help required so he decided to explore elsewhere for assistance. Eventually Bob discovered the Quantum Performance Synergy process which Talking2Minds has now adopted and developed.

Bob has been actively involved in developing the Talking2minds Synergy Therapeutic Process that is specifically designed to help those that suffer from PTSD and other severe stress related disorders.

In 2008 Bob decided to dedicate his time and energy to his life's purpose of helping those that still suffer from PTSD and other severe stress related disorders, assisting them back to health and helping them to regain their self worth, self-identity and to realise their full potential.

Biography – Mick Stott

Mick’s NLP and coaching skills have hugely benefited the NHS, uniformed services and adventurous training organisations including the British Association of Snowsport Instructors, British Canoe Union and Olympic Coaches in a number of disciplines. The organisations he has delivered training to include ATLAS, Fujitsu, HMRC, Police, EDS, Commando Training Centre and other uniformed services.

His 30 years experience as a training analyst and coach in personal development allows him to provide bespoke training to all areas of performance. A qualified exercise therapist, he has worked extensively with clients in a therapeutic environment.

For 20 of his 25 years as a commissioned officer in the British Army, he served with the elite, prestigious Army Physical Training Corps. In his role as Army fencing master, he organized and officiated at competitions at international level.

Still active as both a participant and an expedition leader in adventurous activities, Mick arranges and conducts annual expeditions worldwide. While serving in the Army, he developed skiing and alpine mountaineering schemes at the lead centre for alpine activities training units in mountainous environments. These schemes are still used by the services today.

After leaving the Army as a Captain, Mick became a civilian consultant at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Here he led and mentored officer cadets through planning and launching expeditions in countries all over the world. He continues to coach top level athletes in sport and adventure.

His inspiring energy and enthusiasm combine with receptiveness to NLP skills and its philosophy in pursuit of personal excellence, to make him an exceptional Master Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and Performance Coaching.

He has recently developed a unique product for eradicating the symptoms associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which has been tested and is proving to be highly significant statistically.


Talking2Minds website

Testament from Former Soldier, Phil ‘Most of the people I have served with are dead because they committed suicide or were killed in action…. It makes me angry we served the country and are treated like second class citizens…’ Now his life has been turned around…

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