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[2006] The tiny gadget that helps you grow new teeth

[vid] LIPUS Inventor In The News

"I heard from a deregistered US dentist who is a friend of my father, told me that a guy who uses the Lipus Machine that a guy who lost all his teeth went to him and somehow my father's friend has a LIPUS machine and used the machine on him and it helped him grow a new set of teeth"

Ultrasonic bone healing device for dental application   the invention is concerned with an apparatus for facilitating the use of ultrasonic energy to significantly accelerate repair, grafting and healing of bone of patients impacted by periodontitis and other dental diseases effecting the oral cavity. The invention is particularly effective to improve the success and speed of osseointegration of dental implants and reattachment of traumatically loosened teeth.

[2015 Feb] An interview with Eiji Tanaka (ultrasound to recover dental tissues )

The medic racket does not have your best interests in mind, only your wallet.
Dental advancements that are put into practice are few and far between. Since 2006 something called LIPUS - Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound had been developed. This gentle ultrasound will stimulate tooth regeneration, according to some comments people have had even root canaled teeth regrow, pushing the filling material out of the tooth. This technology was expected to see deployment in 2009, instead the United States bans it. For a brief period they were sold on amazon/ebay but now that's been taken care of as well. It is illegal to ship a LIPUS unit to the United States. This technology means wonders for people with broken or otherwise harmed teeth, and as long as there is a root to work with the tooth can be regenerated. This ubiquitous opposition of healthy treatment has to be stopped. There are better ways to deal with tooth issues than fillings, crowns, root canals, what have you. These better ways are actively being buried and we must proliferate the knowledge and awareness of both the new technologies and the actions being taken to put a stop to them.

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