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DENTAL HEALTH by Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D Teeth brushed with any toothpaste are coated with a film and CANNOT PROPERLY REENAMELIZE.

Acid-Base Balance of Diets Which Produce Immunity to Dental Caries Among the South Sea Islanders and Other Primite Races by Weston A. Price, DDS, MS, FACD

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Fruit - Friend or Foe? MY EXPERIENCES WITH FRUIT by Stanley S. Bass

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Foods that cause cavities and the diet that causes tooth decay

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A few weeks back, I switched my diet to raw foods, vegan. Since doing two green smoothies a day, my teeth have become stronger and whiter than theyíve been since I was a teenager.
    Dentists have been telling me for over a dozen years that my damaged tooth (it has a crack running from top to bottom in the enamel) could only be fixed with either a crown or a veneer. Over time, it has slowly lost its color and has turned several shades off-color from the rest of my teeth.
    Well, as of today, itís almost completely healed. One, the crack is almost completely gone. Two, its color is returning to the shade of my other teeth. This, after only a few weeks. Iíll post pictures at the one month mark and 2 month mark, depending. FYI. http://uwantsun.myblogsite.com/

I also solved a toothache two times in two/three minutes, I'm not joking. My dentist couldn't believe that! One of my neighbours had a terrible toothache one day so I prepared the solution activating 10 drops with lemon juice (50 drops) and it was gone in a few minutes. Incredible. Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)

Even the soft food I was eating burned my gums and brought blood to the surfaces around my teeth. In the end, disheartened and racked by toothaches, I sought a local dentist without consulting my father. The dentist removed four of my back teeth as having rotted too much to save. Yet when I had arrived in America, there was not a cavity in my mouth, and my teeth were perfectly aligned, thanks to the care of my grandmother. Perhaps that disaster of losing my four back teeth (my grandmother had a perfect set despite her age) made me realize that the wonderful-tasting food of America was not healthful. For the first time I began to understand what the old men, friends of mine along the route to the hogpens, meant when they said I would soon wish the coarse dark bread of Europe was the staple article of food in Middleboro. The freshly threshed and ground whole grain, made into sunbaked, chewy, flavorful loaves; and the freshly made butter from raw goat's milk, had contained something vital to health that was missing from the soft, sweet, white breads and pastries of America. Why Suffer. How I Overcame Illness & Pain Naturally  by Anne Wigmore

When I was in my late 20's, I had the good fortune to meet a Naturopath and Chiropractic doctor, a great leader and teacher in the field of Natural Hygiene, Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio, who introduced me to a new wonderful world of balanced nutrition, which I went into deeply, with the intention of becoming a practitioner some day.
    He told me about his experiences while following Arnold Ehret, which led to deficiencies in his diet. He once went on a grape cure, recommended by Johanna Brandt. He lived on nothing but grapes, cases of them for about 35 days. He ate pounds of them at each meal. By the 32nd day, his gum was bleeding, and his teeth loosened in their sockets. He said that one of his teeth fell out of his mouth. He exclaimed, "My God, I am detoxicating my teeth."
    At that point he knew that something was terribly wrong with the fruit diet. It wasn't until later, when he read a booklet by a famous British nutritionist entitled "Fruit, It's Use and Misuse". He said it was the best book he ever read on fruit. I later read his book, but don't recall his name. This doctor stated that according to the theory of nutrition, fruit was alkaline in it's ash effect after digestion and was good for you. But, after what he observed in many people, he came to the conclusion that the alkaline ash present after digestion was due to the fruit acids leeching out the minerals from the body to neutralize the acids in the fruit. The body was not gaining in mineral content, but was losing the minerals from the bones, teeth and body instead.
    The theory was based on a faulty interpretation of what actually happened. This clearly explained what had happened to me on my citric-acid fruit-juice diet. This also explained what had happened to Dr. Cursio on his grape diet, rich in malic acid. This explained what had happened to many people who went on acid fruit diets. I remember when I was in a hotel in New York working with an orchestra, when several of my teeth had loosened up, and one abcessed tooth caused my face to swell greatly. Not wanting to quit the job, I began an immediate fast on water alone, a method I had always used in emergencies, whenever I was in pain. In a few days, the swelling and pain subsided and was completely gone by the 10th day and 2 days later I felt something in my mouth. I took it out and it was a molar tooth with a big hole through it. My body had ejected the dead tooth - first by producing an inflammation in my jawbone, followed by the loosening and discard of the dead tooth. The same thing happened to me at another time in my life when my body discarded another dead tooth the same way. When I told the story to 2 dentists, they said they never heard of this before. When my jawbone receded from the tooth, due to the loss of minerals from the acid in the fruit, I years later lost 2 healthy teeth due to the jawbone receding off the teeth.
    A surgeon dentist who was a Natural Hygienist and later became my dentist, in Rockaway Beach, Moe Leichter, told me that the worst recession of the gums and loss of teeth he saw in patients were in vegetarians and Natural Hygienists who lived mostly on fruit. He said that their teeth were ridged, soft in some, and lacking in calcium. He believed it was best to avoid heavy use of acid fruit.
    Dr. Curio eventually recommended the use of only sub-acid fruits, low in acids, like pears, golden delicious apples, and non-acid fruits like melons, is the best of the fruits. My two favorite fruits, honey dews and green Kadota figs were problematic to me. I found that the green figs in excess (over 1/2 lb), would occasionally cause my mouth and tongue to burn. After rinsing my mouth, my tongue was red, and I'd get occasional blisters on my lips. Honey dews, in I ate the whole melon, would cause my mouth and tongue to burn. When I rinsed my mouth the water was pink and sometimes bloody from the acid irritation.
    I remember when I was in my teens, I would go down around Hudson Street in lower Manhattan to an animal importing house, owned by Henry Trefflech. He'd have hundred of Rhesus monkeys who were fed heavily on grain and some would develop bloody dysentery causing death in a few days. He would sell me these for $5 and laughingly expecting them to die. I would take them home, put them on a water fast and within a few days the dysentery would stop and they'd be well. Then I'd try different diets on them to gain experience, and when they reached good health I'd sell or give them to ape shops and look for more sick monkeys. I was somewhat annoyed to see them bite into expensive figs, eat the soft sweet center and seeds, and throw away the whole outside (the acid part). They never ate the skins or unripe part of fruit. This caused me to discard anything I couldn't chew down, and kept that practice going the rest of my life.
    My fruitarian diet experiences, the problems I saw with fruitarians who believed that fruit was God's gift to mankind, the dentist's years of experience, led me to live mostly on melons, especially watermelon.
    I had always been a great lover of fruits, especially melons, which I ate liberally, considering it a natural food. My diet at that time had been mostly raw consisting of salads (whole and blended), large amounts of fruits, some nuts, seeds, fish, sea food and occasional chicken. I had lived on a 1 meal a day plan for more than 35 years. I ate only at night after a days work, having nothing but water at all times. I had developed the habit of eating slowly, chewing all food well.
Almost always I felt wonderful, and having an empty stomach most of the day allowed me to have all my energy easily available for mental and physical work. The only problem that resulted from living on 1 meal a day was that I wound up, after years, eating almost the amount of food in that one meal that consisted of a total of 3 moderate-sized meals in bulk. Since I always ate foods in the correct sequence (the most liquid first, and the most solid last, as well as in the right combinations), I had no difficulty digesting my meals even though the weight of that one daily meal added up to several pounds, frequently over 3 lbs. With occasional interruptions of telephone calls lasting 20 minutes or so, the time I spent eating that one daily meal added up to an average 3 to 4 hours or more at night. The largeness of the many-coursed meal provided my body with enough nutrition to satisfy all my needs for the remaining 20 hours that I ate nothing, and I was never hungry the rest of the time. By the following evening, my food was thoroughly digested, with all senses alert and a keen appetite always present.
    It was a wonderful lifestyle, living with energy truly available at all times for even the most demanding mental or physical work, due to an empty, peaceful stomach. Most people, even doctors, are not aware of the fact that the greatest expenditure of energy in the body occurs in the digestion of food. Most of our energy is lost in the digestive process, so that even an extra slice of bread, eaten beyond the body's need for food, can account for 3 to 4 hours of energy used up in manual labor, such as shoveling snow. When not eating breakfast or lunch, this energy becomes available for even the most difficult and prolonged mental concentration, even exceptional sex ability, and when not used, provides a feeling of exhilaration of mind and body which lasts all day, every day, with rare exceptions. The only time I felt tired was after eating when I enjoyed relaxation or sleep. Fruit - Friend or Foe? MY EXPERIENCES WITH FRUIT by Stanley S. Bass