Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Quotes and Testimonials
Simpson, Rick

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acid reflux 1
anxiety 1
arthritis  1 2
asthma 1 2 3
autoimmune disease (dog)
bladder problem (pregnancy)
Crohn’s Disease 1 2
emphysema 1
excess weight 1 2
eczema 1 2
Migraines  1
Pain 1 2 3
Sore (neck)
Thyroid problem
Tourette's Syndrom
Ulcerative Colitis 1
Vitiligo 1

addicted (pharma)
Anal Canal Cancer
brain cancer 2 3
Bladder Cancer
cancer  1
Breast cancer
kidney cancer
Colon cancer
Pancreatic cancer 2
cat squamous cell carcinoma
Glioblastoma (non-curable brain cancer) 2
prostate cancer prostate 3 Stage 4 prostate cancer -- 100% remission after only using the oil for 3 weeks.
skin cancer 2
Stage 4 Diffuse Large "B' Cell Lymphoma
lung cancer 1 2 3 4 5
dog's tumor 1 2 bone tumors (dog)  metabolic liver tumors (dog) dog bone cancer
dog cancer
tumour (abdomen)1
rectal tumor 1


“Because of Rick, I have literally seen the results of RSO. I worked for a clinic for a short time. When I started there a man came in with stage four throat carcinoma. He was put on RSO. 90 days later he was completely cured.” Carl

“My mom cured her stage 3 small cell lung cancer with the oil!! Did I mention she was cancer free only four months after diagnosis? Well, that’s what happened. ” Dawn

"The newest book from Rick Simpson and Jindrich Bayer specifically details how to use cannabis extract medicine to cure cancer, going into extensive detail on the official Rick Simpson protocol." http://phoenixtears.ca/cure-cancer-rick-simpson-protocol/



“Yesterday was a beautiful day for making life saving medicine for Janice (Granny). She has been taking RSO for about 6 months now. Her Tumor is gone, swelling behind her eyes is gone, she has lost 106 lbs., kidney stones are gone, blood pressure normal. But the turn around in her overall health has been nothing short of a miracle. When she got to my house 6 months ago she could barely climb the stairs, now she is running up and down the stairs and circles around me! If you would like to learn more about how to treat Pseudo Tumor Cerebri with Cannabis Oil, Janice or myself would be more than happy to talk to you about it! One Love. peaceloveCURE. I love you Granny!!” Debra Cooper

 -- That's nice. Great job, Debra. Congratulations and thank you.  JB

 "The newest book from Rick Simpson and Jindrich Bayer specifically details how to use cannabis extract medicine to cure cancer, going into extensive detail on the official Rick Simpson protocol." http://phoenixtears.ca/cure-cancer-rick-simpson-protocol/


"Here it goes.....
Diagnosed Hep C -2006. Clinical Trial. 1 of 1000 worldwide. Albuferon + Ribavirin - July 2007- Dec 2007.

Within a week of starting this chemical cocktail, I was in severe pain and on morphine, started losing weight, rashes, etc. By end of trial, I had lost 47 pounds and was in severe pain 24-7. I was forced to retire at 47 and fought my company for disability for two years and Canadian Government for four years. I was informed last year that the clinical trial drug was discontinued due to deaths and side effects.

Last Summer 2012 .... June, started having seizures, unable to swallow, loss of balance as well. Long story short, I ended up in a wheelchair. At this point I was sent for all the scans, xrays and tests as neurologist figured MS??? MRI unremarkable......

Family doc said perhaps I was having mini strokes. Both sent me home to live with it as they would do no further tests! I fired them both.

A friend then turned me onto to Mr. Rick Simpson in August of last year and I began to hunt for indica bud. Dec 29th was the day I made my 60 grams and also that night I had my last seizure as next morning started on the Heavy Oil Program.

I have never slept so well since my chemo, I was lucky to get 1- 2 hrs.... Now 7-8. Unreal in itself. I take no prescription medication and was on every opiate, sleeping pill and anti depressants, all with bad side effects. It has also managed my pain better than anything else.

I am now done and search for next strain for my lifetime maintenance dose. My diagnoses from the Western docs I fired is as follows ... Hep C, Fibromayalgia, Raynauds, IBS, CFS, depression, extreme anxiety, MS ???

I am prescription drug free, no seizures and managing my pain.......
Try that with pills!

Stay Strong - Fight On"

-- Any news or updates, Roy Fransen? JB

"I have 2 scars from a MC accident 14 months ago one still was hurting and the start of 2 ulcers on one foot from Diabetes. I tried the oil for one week, 1 gram a day and put some on the scars and ulcers. After just one week the scar that hurt does not hurt and both scars are a good 25% better; the ulcers are a good 15% better.

I want to get on the full treatment but the cost of starting materiel is very high. But I think if it can get rid of my Diabetes, it will be worth it. My med cost has been over 10K for each last 4 years in a row.

As a side note I took my first dose 1 full gram at 10:30PM Friday night and by midnight I was fast asleep. I woke up at 9:00AM Monday. No harm done. I cut back to 0.3 grams 3 times a day. You are a God send Rick. Keep up the good work..." -- Harry Houston, at least now you know why we normally recommend to start with very small doses of the oil (half a grain of rice or less). lol, JB


"I must admit, the one birth I used cannabis with was my best birth EVER. No other pain relief needed at all & my Son was born quick & peacefully without barely a sound from me. Also from the moment he was born he was the most chilled boy ever & latched onto the breast like a natural.
    I'd like to see more research on cannabis & breastfeeding as I am a firm believer that Mother's who use cannabis & breastfeed have healthier happier babies than mothers who don't.
    It's pretty much common knowledge that wee babies in the neo-natal unit have a higher survival rate if they are breastfed, that's why we have milk banks. I strongly believe this is because of the cannabinoids our body produces in ABUNDANCE in breast milk!
    What do others think about this?" Erin Leigh

"My latest CANNABIS OIL SUCCESS nugget from the lip cancer fellow and his wife.==
G is still taking his cranberry every night and doing well with circulation and suffers no pain!. I am having the easiest spring allergy season I've had in countless years! Loving it!
Asthma acting up some but no allergy symptoms which are like having the flu - ache all over, congestion and such.
I love not feeling 71!! Thanks!"
posted by Corrie Yelland

"Uncle Pete, I love you for this. This is exactly how I feel, and all the more after just losing another family member, the second one in less than a year to freaking cancer! Deaths that did not have to happen if the bastards in power, playing God with our lives, were no longer in control of this life saving plant!
    I have told you, and now many others about the bastards doping me up for years on 18 big pharma poisons and Interferon shots, scaring me into all of them, saying that I had to use them, or continue to progress with MS, and end up in a fucking wheelchair or scooter! I believed these bastards! I swallowed their lies and the poisons they prescribed, which left me with severe, chronic fatigue, walking, barely, with a walker or cane, dragging my left leg, night seats and chills, and suicidal ideation, which I knew was not me dammit! I am a very happy soul, and to be reduced to that was what finally woke me up, and I said, "NO MORE!"
    I fired the neurologist I was seeing, moved across the state and in with friends, found an MS specialist who honored the fact that I wanted these poisons out of me ASAP, and he helped me wean off of 12 of them, and I weaned myself off of the rest! I no longer use a walker, most of my symptoms are gone, so were poison induced. I am left with severe peripheral neuropathy, and know this miracle oil will help it go away, and repair the MS damage in my brain, which has already disappeared on the last 2 MRI'S!! BLESS YOU, you make a difference!!
    I am willing to do a taped testimonial if someone wants to come here and tape it! I love all of you who are our champions, and it is my goal to become a beacon of light for those still suffering from big pharma poisonous lies!! This shit HAS TO STOP NOW!!!!!" BrightFeather Miller

"Dear Mr. Rick Simpson let me first say my family thinks you are amazing, and we wish we were closer to you that we may help you with your amazing work. I've been using medical cannabis for 14 years for chronic pain due to Polytheistic Ovary Syndrome, and arthritis. Due to the 10 years of pharmacy poisons, I was more sick, had gained 90 lbs and was horribly addicted to Dr. prescribed Fentynol.
    I began the oil 7 weeks ago, and all I can say is miracles are happening! In six weeks, my blood sugar is now controlled to the point of no pills are needed, I've lost 28 lbs with no effort. I began to panic that I was becoming sicker, even though I felt better than ever! After many tests that left the Doctors scratching their heads, and saying this is a miracle! There are now not only no new fibroids, tumors. or masses, but the formerly present fibroids etc are GONE! Not sign that the disease ever was present! I still have tests to see if it also gone from the kidneys as well, but I know in my heart they too will be gone.
    Thank you Rick Simpson, you are doing the Lord's work, God Bless you as he has me, by finding your page." Annie Domingo-Ritchie

"The girl had non-Hodgkins lymphoma and started (Rick Simpson's Cancer Cure ALL 95-98% THC Hemp Oil) treatment on June 25th. Well, of yesterday (August 21) NO MORE TUMOR. That is awesome. It only took 4 tubes. Another 1 for the good guys. And it was 7cm when she started, now no more. lol -- Such news is better than winning a lottery to me." Jindrich Bayer (manages The Official Rick Simpson Facebook page)
-- Posted as comment on Youtube by EssiacHempLaetrile.

"I used oil I made myself using Rick's video instructions and cured myself of Stage 4 Diffuse Large "B' Cell Lymphoma, a supposedly "incurable" follicular cancer in just 58 days!! Since then I have continued to make the oil for myself and others and seen over 10 confirmed cases of Lung, Breast, Prostate, Brain, Colon, Leukemia, Pancreatic, patients cure themselves using dark green oils!! I make oil using BOTH leaves and flowers because of the special anti-inflammatory compounds found ONLY within the green leaves! I lost my entire large intestine in 1992. I have had a "pouch" made from my small intestine that works like normal plumbing for 20 years that should have worm out 7 years ago! According to my gastroenterologist at PAMF; He credits the heavy cannabinoid use to a healthy ' pouch' "in better shape than 20 years ago the day it was first put in" . He has heard the same results from many other patients who use cannabinoids and now recommends it to his patients!" Craig Smith

"I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in September 2012 and have refused chemotherapy treatment. I am 38. My path so far involved removing my right kidney, the cancer had reached my lymph nodes. My cancer was a grade 4 tumor, very aggressive with a sarcomatoid component. A very bad prognosis. I made huge diet changes & started ingesting cannabis oil in December 2012. My treatment choice consists of:
Cannabis oil daily.
PH Miracle diet, 7.4 ph
Juicing organic vegetables daily.
Avoid all processed food.
Cut ALL sugars out of my diet.
I Avoid all dairy, Almond milk is a great alternative.
High vitamin C intake, I eat organic lemons daily.
Seeds from 2 organic apples daily (B17)
Some fish and a little free range chicken
High omega 3 intake via flax oil. also omega 3 fish oils with high EPA.
Lots of unpasturized almonds, berries, organic vegetables, no red meat.
I am also looking to purchase a water ioniser that alkalizes drinking water to 9.5PH to really alkalize my system. This combined with excellent nutrition combined with cannabis oil I hope will keep me cancer free.
My last scan results as of January 5th 2013 came back Cancer free. I will continue my treatment path and update my results. I have another scan in May 2013." Simon Coleman

"A very special friend just had to show me the other day that she can actually run again after 1 day on the oil. ~MIRACLE~ She was bed ridden for 3 days and hasn't ran in 12 years. She has Lesions on her brain, unbearable pain, she couldn't walk etc etc she has had zero pain for the last ten days and feels like a new person. Testimonial in the works with documents and her story." Steve Plaček

Using Cannabis Oil (THC) to treat cancer (Mast Cell Tumor) in a 7 year old Boxer. The tumor is nearly completely gone after 30 days of topical application. Owners report that as of the last few days they have started to see positive changes in his demeanor and alertness. He's started eating normal amounts of food again over the past couple days and has not vomited since Dec 3rd. Oral doses started on Nov 28th, topical application began on Nov 10th."

"I wish I could send the medical proofs! A relative has COPD and couldn't even walk from the kitchen to the bathroom until she used this oil. She says it is amazing! After only two days on the oil, she can actually walk to her mailbox and back without sitting down! She loves it and told us it has given her great hope!" Bonny Durbin

"I used Cannabis Oil to cure myself of Anal Canal Cancer. (this is the cancer that took Farrah Fawcett's life). I did not have any other treatment whatsoever. Since healing myself, I have talked to MANY others who have had success with virtually every type of cancer and every stage of cancer. Even people with end stage cancers, have been successful in turning their cancer around. This is a link to my story and an interview with me, as well as medical records to confirm that what I am saying is true. http://cannabisnationradio.com/corrie-yelland

[2017] Reaching 60 years was my second milestone and I realised “incurable” just means the doctors don’t know how to fix it  My original diagnosis of Rectal cancer

[2017] How Cannabis Is Curing Serious Stomach And Bowel Diseases That Are Considered Incurable

Dear Rick, Thank you for all you have done to spread the word on how to truly beat cancer.
    My husband was originally diagnosed with prostate cancer almost 6 years ago. We trusted the medical community and went down the traditional road of treatment only to be told we were a "catastrophic failure" at 4.5 years in when the cancer returned. I researched consistently for close to 2 months all the alternative therapies, including your hemp oil, and within 3 months my husbands cancer count dropped in half. Ten months later and his PSA is down to .11 - non detectable.
    It is very unfortunate to hear that our government refuses to acknowledge any alternative medicine, including hemp oil, in the treatment of disease, however like you we have had nothing but ridicule from the "professionals" and even some family members. All the "societies" out there are big pharma control groups but I "get it" regarding dismantling a system of millions of people employed in an industry so corrupt racking in $20B a year that there will never be a cure. Intentionally!!
    This entire process has exposed me to how deep the rabbit hole really goes and I am currently in the process of writing a book about my findings appropriately titled "connect the dots". It's a historical perspective of GMO's, industrial farming, and big pharma and its' impact on the health of every individual.
    I will continue to follow you on this web site and wish you all the best and good health. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. Sincerely, K

"I was in a horrible car accident 2/27 with no apparent injuries, thankfully, except the residual pain everywhere... I make skin patches of the oil with cotton pads and wide tape. At first I put on a patch where I felt at all tender (3 spots) all painful bruises are pain free entirely today (3/2)! My neck has two patches which keep whiplash pain down and the tape reminds me to stand up straight! Lol!
    I am taking oil at night for sleep and again in the morning. My partner didn't come thru as well as me, they flew him to surgery for a broken neck... Hours of fusing, two plates later and tons of drugs and poison running thru his veins and the Drs can't believe his progress!! Clear lungs! Walking, eating, no paralysis at all and he will come home tomorrow!! I feel the thc in his system is healing him even now when he can't have the oil!
    Believe me, I expressed my displeasure to the pain nurses!!! We WILL use this as an example to everyone this herb is the best healer on the planet!!!! Keep spreading the news!!!"
    -- Linnea Anderson, it would be best if both of you followed the instructions and ate the oil three times a day, and as much of it as you can reasonably take. Best wishes to you and your partner, JB

"Along with Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Bio-Chemical burns (infectious waste leakage, from Appendix failure, 1 Gallon removed) from my lungs to my pelvic floor, the worse damage is at the lower abdomen and pelvic floor, Chronic Migraines and cluster headaches, scoliosis, Lazy eye muscles (I wear prism lenses) Tendinitis in both hips, sciatic nerve damage (left leg goes painfully numb from my toes to mid-thy and my right leg goes numb from my toes to knee) PTSD, Panic disorder, “unnatural noise” related anxiety, Bi-Polar disorder, manic depression with manic episodes, I have a disconnect between my short term memory conversion, to long term memory (I was hit by a car at 14yrs. old, hit and run) and of course my fave….Vitiligo!
    Vitiligo: is a condition that causes depigmentation of sections of skin. It occurs when melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation, die or are unable to function. The cause of vitiligo is unknown, but research suggests that it may arise from autoimmune, genetic, oxidative stress, neural, or viral causes. The incidence worldwide is less than 1%. Vitiligo tends to appear in symmetric patches, sometimes over large areas of the body.
    I had written in on a post involving my first 39 days on the RSO. In short, on January 11, 2013 my Crohn’s SHOULD have killed me. That was the first time and first dose of RSO. And it SAVED MY LIFE!
    I ate the equivalent of about 2 “oat-meal grain” sized dabs. The results were nothing short of amazing! I have taken it every day since. It has been 51 days today and I have eaten roughly 9.4 grams of oil, I also use it topically for pain.
    The RSO has changed my life completely, All of the conditions above are falling away piece by piece…I no longer take a single pill and have never felt better (so far…) I can eat, sleep, walk, be happy, function! One of the best results that I have seen so far is the fact that my Viiligo is just fading away. I just noticed it a few days ago, after a shower, the spots across my chest looked almost gone….so I asked my mother in law to look at my chest and tell me what she sees first, her response was the spots look lighter and gone, I showed her the back of my back and shoulder area, and asked what was going on back there, she said, my neck had NO spots and the ones on my shoulders were faded too.
    So I am making a photo diary for the whole world to see…and if you have Vitiligo, you know how important this is, being “no” cure for it. The stupid disease takes so much away from you.
    Thank you X 1000! I am free from the life of torture that consumed me…I’M FREE!" Sarah Hanson Concoby


Rick Simpson with Chaun Bowie

"A few days late but here's Coltyn! In our new Colorado home, still fighting the viscous CROHNS DISEASE with CANNABIS OIL!! And WINNING!!! Up @10 lbs. which is very difficult for a crohnie. He's grown @4 inches too. But the best is that he feels better! No pain, less bathroom visits and more energy!" Wendy Turner

-- Crohn's disease is just another disease which can be kept under control with the use of purified decarboxylated cannabis resin. In an ideal case the patient would eat the oil, use it in suppository form, apply it topically and vaporize it for mood control or acute conditions. As for dosage instructions I would follow the Rick Simpson Protocol.

I would also add hemp seeds and hemp seed oil to the diet. I would also consider adding frankincense to the protocol, and I would eat 150-300mg of it three times a day. Frankincense is very beneficial for any issues with digestive system. Namely in combination with the most potent and sedative cannabis oils.

The oil is very effective against Crohn's and it helps patients enjoy much better quality of life. When the oil does not "cure" the patient, it will still give them maximum quality of life. That's a lot, too, and that makes it worth it, too. JB

"The newest book from Rick Simpson and Jindrich Bayer specifically details how to use cannabis extract medicine to cure cancer, going into extensive detail on the official Rick Simpson protocol."


"After more than two dozen surgical procedures and having my entire low back fused (6 levels) I no longer have the need for the doctors! I've gotten off all meds and lost 80lbs and feel better than I have in 20 years. Thank you." James Brooks

"It's a monumental day in Yellandville. I saw my primary G.P. this morning. He was a doctor who was dead set against cannabis use on any level. A few months ago he covered his ears, saying "La, la, la ,la ,la", when I tried to tell him I was using cannabis oil to fight my cancer. Today, as the doctor who has seen his terminal patient emerge cancer free after using Cannabis Oil, he has done a 180 turn and has been researching the heck out of Cannabinoids and disease conditions. We talked for 30 minutes or so. discussing the endocannabinoid system, how pharmaceuticals are killing people everyday, to the ludicrousy of making drugs like Sativex when one can take it in a plant form without chemical involvement. He spoke of how he and my surgeon had been at a medical convention. How they were telling their colleagues about me, about Cannabinoids! He said they were spurned by many, but that there were also doctors who paused, listened and that one could see their wheels turning. Never in a million years, did I think my doctor would EVER come around to this! Yes, one person CAN make a difference! Get the word out Peeps. CANNABIS KILLS CANCER. One Love." Corrie Yelland

"I treated my dog's tumor on his ear with RSO.....it was HUGE and now its GONE!!!!

-- I really like how brief your message was, Andrea Blaze D.
Yet, it explains the whole situation very well. You treat a tumor with the oil and then it's gone. Thank you, JB

"My dog ate a part of a plant yesterday because he knew it would help his stomach after he had gotten in leftover chicken dinner fat and ate a bunch of it she paced a lot and later through up and then rested comfortably.
Guess what was in her puke -- pot leaves.
Smart dog." -- Absolutely, Donna Hackett. Dogs know how to detoxify using natural means, which is exactly why she ate the leaves. JB

"I'm in near perfect health, no more asthma, lost excess weight with no exercise and I feel great everyday. Name a pill that can do that?" Edward Poole

""It looks like My Gramps isn't the only Gramps who was able to benefit from compassion!
This old man cured his emphysema using Cannabis Oil. My Gramps also was able to get off oxygen and asthma inhalers (Even though he was dying of end stage lung cancer) by using the essential oil from the cannabis plant. That is the only medication my Gramps used the last 8 weeks of his life... Somehow he was able to kick pneumonia without an antibiotic, even though he had COPD and emphysema & Lung Cancer. My Gramps passed with 100% oxygen levels, needing NO ASSISTANCE form breathing machines or additional medications." Lindsay Bunn Rogers

"Keith was 79 years of age, he had cancer in both lungs, and his breathing capacity was down to 70%. When he was diagnosed, his lung cancer was so far advanced that they did not even offer him treatment, they simply told him that he had three months to live and sent him home to die. Since he had been smoking for decades, I told him, “I don’t care if you smoke or not during the treatment,” and I believe that is the only reason he agreed to take the oil.
    Rick Dwyer was with me that day and you could see he was not in agreement. Later, when we were on the way home, he stated, “You can’t say things like that, Rick. You know smoking is bad for you.” My answer was, “Of course it is, but Keith has been smoking all his life and I think it would do little good to force him into quitting. Look, we are both in our fifties and have been smoking since we were children. If smoking was really that deadly, why are we still around? We both know chemicals are added to the tobacco we smoke to make it more addictive and harmful, but in this situation I think it will make little difference.” He just made a face at me and shook his head, but that was the end of our discussion on the subject.
    Keith smoked two packs a day during his treatment and it had no detrimental effect on his recovery. Ninety days later, both lungs were clear and his breathing was back to 100%. He was now cured and completely free from the disease that doctors had said would bring about his death." Rick Simpson

Q. What is the best stuff to mix the oil with before applying to eczema? Andy Scottofthefamily Lindsay
A. Hemp seed oil or shea butter. Some also use it in tinctures made with alcohol or DMSO (20-30% oil). A drop of the tincture will spread on a palm-sized area and leave a film of the oil, so you can save a lot of oil. Topical use will take care of the symptoms (itching, burning), but if you want to remove the internal cause, it is best to ingest the oil, too, following instructions at phoenixtears.ca.
This is billions of dollars worth of know-how for hemp cosmetics companies. Best wishes to them all, JB.

"If it weren't for you JB and Rick Simpson, my uncle would not be here today. I'm sure of this.
He is currently on the oil and his rectal tumor has already shrunk by half it's size in just the two months of taking it. 8cm down to 4cm.
Ultimately God Yahweh gets all the credit, and I thank God that He allowed me to find Rick Simpson's Run From The Cure documentary.
You two are making a huge impact! Also for myself, this oil has helped my arthritis tremendously. I no longer have pain in my hand. It's like I don't have arthritis any more.
They say that there is no cure for acid reflux, but since being on the oil, I haven't had any issues with that.
I lost 40 lbs, including my uncle, and as long as I'm on the oil, I no longer have anxiety issues!
My uncle is 83 years old, and he said he's never felt this good in many years.
Thank you both, and may God's grace cover you. God bless!"
-- Thank you, Michael Garcia. They say there is no cure for many things, and they are simply not right about that, as we can see from your story once again. JB

"The last tumor they removed from my abdomen was the size of a volleyball. It grew quickly to 8.5cm. When I started using edibles tincture and Simpson oil when I can get it, my tumor had shrunk to 4.7 cm. I look forward to seeing my next test results when my insurance gets straightened out.  I will sign medical released for the tumors and saying no other treatment to reduce the tumors was performed."
-- Brian Thomas, you know how we feel about CT scans, so if you wish to take one just to have the documentation, I would reconsider it and stay on the oil instead. But of course it is up to you. Congratulations and let us know when you get the documentation. Thank you, JB

"Besides the benefits provided to patients with horrendous ailments of Aids and Especially Cancers; using the Oil externally on a recurring sore on my neck it was gone in 3 days. Has not returned no real scar. I also eat a small bit because I was getting large boils in uncomfortable places. They too would not go away. My Sons last few months I ate the Oil side by side with him. Then I noticed ALL the large boils are gone. In fact I have had any blemishes anywhere. I have no pimples nor boils to mess with.
It's not cancer, nor Aids but an everyday issues cured."
-- You are absolutely right about that, Tim Higgins. JB

Thank you, Ellie, this is really great. You have just saved hundreds if not thousands or millions of people by supplying your testimonial and your records. Thank you very much. Jindrich Bayer (JB)
    "I was diagnosed with Astrocytoma in 2010 and then upgraded to Glioblastoma (non-curable brain cancer) in 2011.
    I had my first brain surgery in Sept 2010 followed by radiation, after 30 shots of radiation, did MRI every month and the cancer has grown again 2mm each month. Sept 2011 had another brain surgery.
    A week later I started on Rick Simpson Oil for at least 1 year with heavy dose on the first 3 months. In the mean time I had chemo as well (TMZ) for 5 months, I told Doctor I don't want chemo anymore as I couldn't handle it anymore.
    Now, I had 4 MRIs done in 2012, all "Clear", the last MRI, Feb 4 2013, amazingly still "Clear", I didn't tell Doctor what I did, but I knew that Rick Simpson Oil really WORKS.
    Don't believe what I said, just try it yourself, and you'll be amazed, how SIMPLE it is to get rid of Cancer.
    I was given less than 12 months to live in Sept 2011, but here I am, still alive and kicking. Thank you again Rick Simpson and friends, GOD bless you all." Ellia Mansur

"What's the betting that if he lives they'll never do a follow up article, but if he's unlucky and dies anyway they'll blame the oil. Very interesting how they attack the mental state of the patients saying people cling on to any "hope" when they get cancer, trying to imply that the oil is little more than a placebo. The powers that be are SHIT SCARED this informations about to go global!" -- You bet they are, Loz Vandyke, for a good reason. This lie has cost way too many lives already and more and more lives are being wasted every day that this travesty against mankind goes on.
    They will try to control the use of cannabis for some time in a vain effort to maintain control, but it is not going to last very long. They got whatever they have based on hardcore corruption and theft, so they should simply give it back to those who they stole it from.
    Nobody will listen to what the elite will try to say very soon anyway. After people finally see through this biggest lie ever, who will they trust? Noone. Certainly not the elite who use cannabis medicine themselves and do not give access to it to those who work for them.
    I just hope this will all take place without unnecessary bloodshed. I hope they will respond soon and take responsible action. JB

"Local administration of THC-, CBD- or a mixture (1∶1 w:w) of THC- and CBD-loaded microparticles every 5 days to mice bearing glioma xenografts reduced tumour growth with the same efficacy than a daily local administration of the equivalent amount of those cannabinoids in solution. Moreover, treatment with cannabinoid-loaded microparticles enhanced apoptosis and decreased cell proliferation and angiogenesis in these tumours. Our findings support that THC- and CBD-loaded microparticles could be used as an alternative method of cannabinoid delivery in anticancer therapies." -- And our finding support that it should have been used as the method of first choice for years. Best wishes, JB http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23349970

"I feel deeply sorry for people like David and Joshua, I am the living proof that the Oil truly WORKS. According the Doctors, I supposed to be dead in the middle of 2012 from Glioblastoma grade 4 (non-curable brain cancer). And I saw it with my own eyes, that the oil stopped Tourette's Syndrom within 45 minutes. No more shaking, no twitching, and skin stopped crawling. And it helps my friend's dogs from its autoimmune disease within a week. They spent thousands of dollars on Vet's medications, and nothing works. So, I feel sorry for the non believers. One day they will die from cancer them self, miserably." Well, let us hope they will educate themselves enough and start using the oil before they get an unnecessary illness which they most likely would not get if the ate the oil every now and then. But other than that, thank you, Elia Mansur, very well put. JB

"Dear David, I wanted to share, just please don't share my name. I just got out of the hospital after 5 days. I had to have a talk with my Dr about the SKY HIGH level of THC they found in my system. At first the Dr said there had to be a mistake. As there was no way a person could smoke that much Pot to have that much THC in their system. I told her, I did not...I used the Rick Simpson Oil and it is working for both my Thyroid problem and my Husbands Cancer. She was very suprised but interested. I gave her the Phoenixtears.ca website and we pulled it up on my laptop. She understood this has what has saved my terminal Husbands life so far and it's the only course of treatment we have chosen to use. I told her he is medically certified in another state to use this treatment and we have given this a lot of thought and she understood.
    Then she said the most surprising thing. She smiled and said Well I'm looking forward to seeing the progress you both make. I think you have made and educated and informed decision. She will help in any way she can and will do home visits so he can continue to have a quality of life. That was the best part. Even in an Illegal State there is still Sanity and Logic, not just following the herd to the slaughter....I hope this helps someone else share as well. And that your Dr does care. At least mine does and that's what matters to me." posted by David Worrell

"I have been using the oil for 5 weeks and yesterday's petscan showed a marked decrease in bone tumors and no evidence of anymore hyper metabolic liver tumors. I originally presented with stage 4 bone and live cancer 3 months ago.....I'd say it works. And that was just the first 8cc's, time to power down the next 52!!" Laura Sherman
    -- Great, Laura, great to hear that, but stay away from any more scans or Xrays if at all possible. You do not want to radiate a tumor, your oncologist should be able to explain to you why it is not a good idea to do it. Best wishes, JB

"My dog had bone cancer. Refused all the treatments the Vet told me to do, even removing his shoulder and leg. I was told he had 2 weeks and was given a lot of pain meds. They made him so sick and he was seeing shit.
    Called a friend and got suckers made from the oil. I was giving it to him for pain and it worked great. He could not walk before.
    Well, a month later the doctor could not believe he was still here and did more x-rays and THE CANCER WAS GONE... If you would like I will go get the before and after x-rays and post them for you. It is real HEMP KILLS CANCER......" Yes, Tammy Ball Roberts, please do post the x-rays and please send them to us to phoenixtearsadmin@gmail.com.
    If anyone else has medical documentation regarding basically anything that was treated with the oil, please send it to us, too, it would help us a lot. Thank you, JB

"Tom, I used this oil 3 yrs ago to kill stage 4 prostate cancer. I used hormone therapy to start with, and then found out about RSO. It works. I personally know dozens of people who use it everyday for many ailments. It is huge help for cancer patients, but I think my most astounding revelation has been curing someones severe psoriasis that they had over 90% of their body. By ingesting 1/4 to 1/2 gram of the oil a day for 6 weeks, this person has literally cured themselves of a condition they had suffered from since a child. I could go one for hrs of the things I have seen this oil do. You will see, keep your mind open, and do as Rick instructs, you will not be sorry." Dan Johnson

"The Cannabis oil after one years use and only using cannabis oil changed the cancer from a spider web type into tumors were they were now able to target with a certain form of chemo she also increased her dosage of oil to 3 grams a day . 18 months ago the parents were told that her brain cancer was terminal and she had about 18 months to live and that chemo would only buy her a few months so in answer to your question both contributed to remission I hope that answers you question" Michigan Cannabiscancerproject

"I get angry just reading these truths because I know they are truths. I suffer from bipolar coupled with anxiety and severe nausea, and even though I maintain a medical card through the state. I cannot smoke because most jobs drug test and do randoms nowadays. Cannabis relaxes my mind and allows me to feel like I can actually breathe again.
    I absolutely despise the government for everything they have or are trying to take away from us and without properly medicating myself due to this anger and anxiety. I fear for my mental state. I am in a complete bind and only I will suffer from this, not the government." -- I understand this feeling very well, Amanda Finnigan. Hemp should be regulated about as much as tea. JB

Q. Rick, is Afghan Kush a proper stuff to make oil. I've made some oil from street stuff and been using it for last two weeks as i had sleeping problems, now i sleep like a baby and wake up well rested in the morning. The problem is its hard to get good stuff in London, that's why i ordered AK, just need your opinion now. Many thanks
A. I cannot really go by the name of the strain. If it is potent and makes you sleepy, it might produce good medicine. As you know, we recommend the most potent and most sedative strains (preferably with 20% THC and more) and best oils are produced from a combination of several very potent and sedative strains, so I would try to order several sedative strains if at all possible, that would be ideal. But even single strain oils can do wonders, all I am saying is that best oils are usually produced from a combination of several strains. Best wishes, JB

I think a good way to explain the difference between the quality of oils would be:
    95-98% THC equals 95-98% chance of complete healing and survival,
80% THC equals 80% chance of complete healing and survival
70% THC equals 70% chance of complete healing and survival
60% THC equals 60% chance of complete healing and survival
    However, 100%THC does not equal 100% chance of complete healing and survival because it is a different substance than the oil.
    When the patient uses chemo and radiation along with the oil, or has been through these treatments before, divide the percentages by two or three, maybe four or five, in such cases you simply never know if the oil will have enough power to cut it. Such patients should eat 2 or 3 times more oil (120-180g over a period of six months).
    This is mentioned for explanation purposes only and check our site for more information. The main criterion is that the oils should produce a very potent and sedative effect when ingested. The best oils are extremely sedative, yet euphoric (so you eat them, fall asleep and wake up a few hours later giggling like a child).
    When you filter your oil well and add the few drops of water in the end of the boil-off process (and therefore have no unnecessary plant materials in it), there is also a good chance that you will actually like the taste of the oil.
    So again and over and over -- make sure your oil is always potent and sedative as possible for the best outcome of the treatment.
    Follow the instructions at phoenixtears.ca when producing and using the oil, that way you can be sure you did maximum you could for the patient. Best wishes, JB

"Is it ever too late to start using the oil?
It’s never too late to start using this amazing medication. Even people who have been badly damaged by the medical system still have a good chance of making a recovery. We had one gentleman with lung cancer who was in the hospital and doctors had given him twenty-four hours to live. Despite opposition from the medical system, his son gave him a large dose of oil and he left the hospital the very next day. About fifteen months later, this 83-year-old veteran did die, but not from lung cancer, he passed away due to a pre-existing heart condition that he had suffered from for years. During the extra months that he had lived, he enjoyed a good quality of life and he died in his sleep with no pain. Isn’t that better than dying in a hospital, drowning in your own fluid from lung cancer?
    We have had great results in the treatment of those who have stage 4 cancers and were not expected to live. Of course, we could not save them all, but one thing is for certain, we did save many more than the medical system could with their insane treatments and dismal survival rates. As I stated earlier, this oil is effective in the treatment of all types of cancer but the results I often witnessed in those suffering from lung cancer and leukemia were truly astounding. Frequently, these types of cancers respond very dramatically to the oil treatment and it is not unusual for patients to see improvements in their conditions daily.
    I always encourage those who are taking the oil to get it into their system as quickly as possible. The idea is the faster they can ingest the THC-laden oil into their bodies, the more quickly they can cure their cancer and other conditions. This will ensure that the patient has a much better chance to survive, but still they will not be harmed.
    I tell everyone with serious life-threatening conditions, “The oil will either save your life, or it will ease your way out.” Even if the patient does pass away, they will do so with dignity and the effects of all those horrible pain medications can be avoided. Our aim is to save as many as we can, but for those beyond help, it’s still nice to know that they will not have to go through a painful agonizing death, like others with the same conditions must endure in hospitals." Rick Simpson

"Started using Hemp oil for my eczema and asthma and its all gone! I no longer use my steroid inhaler or steroid creams. Never thought in a million years it would ever go away. HEMP FOR VICTORY!" Matt Cwick

"Lower-grade oils produced from leaves and cuttings can be used for the treatment of many less serious issues like skin conditions, which often may be healed without the use of oils produced from high-grade bud. Even if ingested internally, some lower grade oils could have a positive effect on many conditions. But knowing what I know about the differences in the healing qualities of these oils, I could not honestly recommend the use of such oils in the treatment of serious conditions and I would consider supplying them as little more than an experiment with the patient’s life.
So look for the best starting material available and always produce an oil of the highest possible quality. If your life was on the line, I think it would only be fair to assume that you would want the best, so please try to provide others with the same." Rick Simpson

"Some people are just ignorant and afraid.... Because of Rick Simpson I myself have been able to go down on my pain meds considerably, I mean I was taking 60mg of OxyContin 3 in the morning and 3 at bedtime and had been taking them for over 8 years.... It sucked!
    Now since starting the oil I only take 1 in the a.m. and 1 in the p.m.! Talk about a miracle at least that's the way I see it! The doctors told me I'd never be able to go down or be able to stop taking them. Boy did "Rick Simpson" and I prove my doctors wrong,
    I'm doing it and I feel better than I did taking those damn poison pills! Even though I was on such a high dose of the OxyContin I was still experiencing pain, day in and day out, not sleeping and not eating....
    Today I'm pain free, sleeping normally and eating more! And I'm not stopping my quest to get off these pills I'm hoping by the time I've been on the oil for a month I'll be totally off! Wish me luck!" Nancy Swan

"Why are maintenance doses so important?
Everyone should be taking maintenance doses to keep their bodies detoxified and in a state of good health. All that is required is 1 to 2 grams of oil a month, just ingest a drop at night about an hour before bedtime. This will give you a good night’s sleep and will even provide some protection against the radiation emanating from Japan and elsewhere.
The oil works with your body to keep you healthy and to provide protection from a wide variety of health issues. I would not even allow a child of mine to take these horrible vaccines and shots which people like Bill Gates are trying to shove down our throats. If I want to protect my children from such things as the flu, I will put my trust in properly produced hemp oil, since I know it is effective and will cause no harm." Rick Simpson

"Why should it surprise anyone when the essential oil from the hemp plant is produced, that the resulting oil is a true miracle drug? After all, as was stated, it is the most medicinal plant on Earth. The results we have achieved with this oil speak for themselves. Our research indicates that hemp oil is an effective cure or control for practically any disease known to man. We have seen all types of cancers anywhere in the body destroyed harmlessly. Also we have noted other diseases, said to be incurable, treated very effectively with this medication. The time for hemp medicine has arrived and never has mankind needed it so desperately." Rick Simpson, 2009

"One day, Jindrich told me about a local nurse who had used the oil during her pregnancy. She ingested small amounts of the essential oil from the hemp plant to combat a bladder problem she was suffering from and it took care of her condition very quickly. She had also mixed this oil with hemp seed oil and used it topically to successfully prevent stretch marks. There are many accounts in history of women using cannabis during childbirth, so when her time came, she made sure there was enough oil in her system. Since this was the first time she had given birth, it was expected that she would have to go through quite a bit of suffering. When she was taken to the hospital, she received no injections, but still there was little pain involved and the baby was born in perfect health about 30 minutes later.
    For many, women childbirth can be a very painful experience. So why should women suffer needlessly when they can use this natural substance, which presents no danger to themselves or the baby they are about to deliver? In a short time, I expect to see hemp oil widely used by expectant mothers and I’m sure it will be of great benefit to both mother and child." Rick Simpson

"My Mom had her vocals removed due to cancer about 7 years ago and now has 2 sores on her back that looks very much like skin cancer. I took my RSO (that I made per Rick's instructions) mixed it with virgin coconut oil, beeswax, rosehips oil and peppermint oil for fragrance and in less than a week the sores are diminishing rapidly! THANK YOU AGAIN RICK!" Dolly Durbin

"About a year and a half before she died, we noticed she was really slowing down. I had already provided oil to other dogs to treat cancer and different conditions, so I knew the oil would do Susie nothing but good. It was funny watching how the oil knocked her down, but she certainly didn't seem to mind. As soon as the effects wore off, she would come and lick some more right off your finger. We gave her the oil twice a day for five days. Suddenly she was a new dog. She was running around like a pup again and it was great to have her back." Rick Simpson

"He explained that all the dog could now eat was little tiny pieces of dog treats. I told him to put the oil right on the dog treat and feed it to his pet. About a week later, I received a call from him, telling me the dog was now eating
properly again and seemed to be back to normal. A few weeks afterwards, he brought the dog to my home and, by all appearances, his much loved companion was now in good health again. He had taken the dog back to the vet, but now they could find no cancer present.
    He was very happy to have his pet back, but you could tell he was quite disturbed about what he had just learned. He exclaimed in disbelief, “Rick, they have been lying to us, haven’t they?” I stated, “That’s right, and the proof is standing next to you, wagging his tail.”

"Hey Kim, ..I challenge you to PROVE that Cannabis as a non toxic life saving medicine is "rhetoric" Good Luck with this..I USE TO sound just like you do..then I decided I was going to blow holes through this "rhetoric" because this HAS TO BE BULLSHIT...boy was I wrong..I mean DEAD WRONG. You can not deny the scientific 100% IRON CLAD FACTS..I could not do it and you wont do it either..the FACTS are the FACTS..and this is a FACT KIM..The AMA & Big Pharma are CRIMINALS. They knowingly have allowed this wonderful gift from God to be demonized and lied about for PURE PROFITS! They have allowed your family members to suffer and die Kim..if you think these Petro Chemicals that they peddle are Medicine..you best think again. You want to discover some "rhetoric" go talk to your Dr. go talk to the American Cancer Society, go talk to your poison pill manufacturers, please note Kim..EVERY PILL THAT THEY CLAIM IS 'SAFE" is NOT! Find me one that is not TOXIC..just ONE! Yet here we have a NON TOXIC VEGETABLE that produces THEE most powerful medicine on EARTH that's been PROVEN TO CURES DISEASE and our "health professionals" and Government has seen fit to deny us this life saving vegetable..allowing us to suffer and die AND be put in prison to make things even safer in society...you want to talk about 'RHETORIC"??? I hope this post opens your eyes to the TRUTH..if not RIP Kim..there is no hope for you and your kind you have "Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiencies" Look it up..its true. Cannabis= Clean burning FUELS/Fantastic FOOD that will end World Hunger as we know it/FIBER..thousands of uses, all 100% Bio-Degradable and AWESOME! then there's the MEDICINES they only cure disease..nothing to fight for here..lets continue to outlaw this vegetable.. Here's to many eyes and ears and mouths WAKING UP to the TRUTH and shouting it from the roof tops." -- Very well said, Dan Henning, thank you. JB

"Rick, I have to thank you. My beloved cat of 14 yrs was diagnosed on June 1st with squamous cell carcinoma. I cured him with the RSO in ONE WEEK! The vet says it is a miracle. I took him back to him on June 8th and he asked me if it was the same cat, because the tumour in his mouth was almost gone and he fully expected that I was back for him to put him down. Now he is almost fully recovered. I love him dearly and had to thank you for sharing how to make the medicine properly FOR FREE!" (Charlie Renaud)

"I used oil I made myself using Rick's video instructions and cured myself of Stage 4 Diffuse Large "B' Cell Lymphoma, a supposedly "incurable" follicular cancer in just 58 days!!
    Since then I have continued to make the oil for myself and others and seen over 10 confirmed cases of Lung, Breast, Prostate, Brain, Colon, Leukemia, Pancreatic, patients cure themselves using dark green oils!! I make oil using BOTH leaves and flowers because of the special anti-inflammatory compounds found ONLY within the green leaves!
    I lost my entire large intestine in 1992. I have had a "pouch" made from my small intestine that works like normal plumbing for 20 years that should have worm out 7 years ago! According to my gastroenterologist at PAMF; He credits the heavy cannabinoid use to a healthy ' pouch' "in better shape than 20 years ago the day it was first put in" . He has heard the same results from many other patients who use cannabinoids and now recommends it to his patients!" Craig Smith

[2015] The Kelly Hauf Story: How she Beat Brain Cancer Naturally with Cannabis Oil 


Rick, I just have to share this excellent news with you and your following...
My wife's work friend told her a few months ago that her husband's pancriatic cancer had returned for a second time, my wife and I already knew of your RSO so we put them on to your site to learn more about it etc, well he started on it straight away and yesterday went back to the hospital for the results of his most recent tests, the hospital were pretty much telling him that he need chemo again, but what actually happened when they looked at the results is, the cancer had definitely become much smaller than it was when they first noticed it had come back, almost disappeared in fact. They were baffled as to how it could have shrunk (they should learn about all types of medicine then eh, not just the poisonous ones) They said they want to remove what's left, but I advised him to just carry on with the same doses he was doing before, as it has obviously had a positive effect, and not bother letting those butchers anywhere near him.
I was so happy to hear the news though and couldn't wait to let you know :)
-- Well done, Mark, Go by how the patient feels, scans are not necessary in most cases. If he eats 120-180g over six months, he does not have much to worry about, it seems. JB

I received this letter this morning from a man that myself and Scott n Jodie have been treating with RSO Phoenix tears. :
Hello Greg I have a clean bill of health on my bladder So say's the doctor thank's to the Chemo He say's Im In Totaal remission now . But the Truth of the matter was I took a total of about 19 grams of RSO starting in Oct 13 2012 and off and on thur Dec !9 2012 Went for a Penis scope thu my prostate and into my bladder and now have a total remission of my Bladder Cancer All Healthy PINK and no SIGN of CANCER my Doctor says I look like I never had Cancer B-4 He was admased how GOOD i looked. I am Still fighting these Narcotic's and know the RSO can help get me off these Pills B-4 they do me in. Still hope to diminish my sist's in each of my Kidney's as well R and L .My sleeping medication has been cut back tremendisly these last few months and I am also off my Cymbalta COMPLETLY now and have cut back on my Baclifin , Lyrica and OXYCOTIN as well and Still Trying to get off them completly wich astounds my Doctors How FAST I am cutting back and how this will give me a chance of having a some what of a NORMAL LIFE . I Credit smoking Medicinal Marijuana Is what kept me Alive thu this Narcotic part of my life The doctor's wrote me off a LONG time ago. This RSO has allowed me to start gaining weight after hitting a alltime low of 135 at 6ft tall last Oct and I now weigh 149 thats a 14lbs GAIN, Just while I was taking the RSO .My Steel Back has subsided in Pain and I have had more movemont as well within the Last Few Month's My Neck SURGERY has been also put on hold this fall as well since my RSO intake.My Soratic Artheritc in my FEET Has subsided as well and I Pray not to get any more STERIOD SHOT's IN my FEET any more and Pray the same for my Back as well My Last Spinal Tap Epidurial Steroid Shots in my Spine was Last Fall and Hope My PAIN levels Stay down to prevent any more from happening My Doctor Says My Body cant handel any more(IF I WANT TO LIVE ) Trade Shots and PILLs for Quality of LIFE BULLSHIT I SAY . Take RSO to help with all YOUR AILLMENT's and to reduce your PAIN medication and to KILL CANCER FOREVER. I Havent Taken very much and not for very long if it can do this in such a short time for me, Just think if the entire world could know about this. GOD's CURE !!!!THANK's Greg For Every Thing You Have Done for me and the many other's out there who are praying for your help too .GOD has Blessed you with a Talent Go Forth and Use It as His Will AMEN Tony D

“Just treated my Dad who was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The tumors were dead after 5 weeks of treatment. Thank you Rick Simpson for your knowledge, inspiration, determination and your love for the people.” Christine

"Update, omgosh! I wrestled with my son! I used to wrestle with my boys all the time, especially my youngest son. I haven't been able to wrestle with him in literally years! He's 22 now, I'm 52. Because of all over body pain due to arthritis it's been extremely hard to move, much less wrestle! But I did today! And I almost had him too, but started laughing lol. I can't express to you how exciting this is!! Even afterward I have no pain, I feel great!!" Casey Parker

Rick Simpson & Janet Sweeney, I can't tell you how much love, respect and appreciation I have you personally and professionally. Simply put, I remember when Dr. Bob Robert Melamede introduced me to Rick by Skype for the first time when he was kind enough to take me in to introduce me to the Phoenix Tears Foundation Protocol and treatment.
    I remember sleeping on Dr. Bob's kid's bunkbeds waiting to meet Dr. Janet Sweeney for the first time. By this time I had been battling illness for years and had been on hospice care. I knew about smoking cannabis for chemo, but learned about this miraculous oil process.
    As Janet will probably remember, I was weeks away from the end of my life. I remember Janet and her dedicated husband George literally picking me up and driving personally to the airport. When they learned that I was so broke from the years of illness, they personally pulled out their wallets and paid for my doctor visit so that I could legally qualify for the treatment.
    How many people do you know that have the compassion to take in a total stranger and care for them? Me, not many. As I recall these memories, it brings tears to my eyes. YOU saved my life. I am now and will always be eternally grateful.
    As stated in these Ricki Lake Show clips, I am now and will forever be committed to this cause. Committed to getting the truth of this plant to the mainstream. Committed to sharing patient stories and maintaining the integrity of this mission.
    God bless you all. I appreciate your support more than you will ever know. Much love and respect always. Cheryl Shuman Beverly-Hills -- Thank you, Cheryl. JB

"I am a skeptic by nature, but I am completely SOLD after watching what it has done for Jennifer's life in such a short time. She is 30 yrs. old but acted like a depressed 70 yr.old. The doctor's only advice was surgery which she would gladly have done for any kind of relief, but has no health insurance. She had accepted the fact that she would just have to live this way.
    As her Mother, my heart broke watching her suffer. Her children suffered as well because their Mommy had no tolerance, let alone energy to keep up with them. My other daughter is a licensed massage therapist and worked diligently to help alleviate some of her pain. The massages helped but only for a very short time.
    This oil has been a Godsend!! Jenny smiles now (we haven't seen that for a very long time)..I ask her how she feels and she says "Mama, I can't remember feeling this good".
    I plan on getting more material as often as I can and storing as much as this oil as I can (they say it will last forever). My husband and I are going to start using it in the evenings after our chores are done for the day so we can possibly prevent many ailments of our age. I AM SOLD...THANK YOU RICK SIMPSON.!!!" -- Thank you, Tonda Bruckner. JB

"...one month from today, I have the scar tissue tumor removed from my cheek...then can't wait for the pathology report to prove that Cannabis Oil cured my cancer! Bless you Rick Simpson & Jindřich Bayer." Patti-Jo Srigley-Greenough

Q. It's for my mom. Gerson therapy is not working after 1 year of 13 juices and coffee enemas, no dairy, no meat. 13 juices daily.
We are so disappointed. Tumor is growing. Thyroid developed nodules also. It's in her lymph node under her right armpit also besides the right breast. Gerson clinic is saying to go for surgery and cutting ties with us b/c their therapy didn't work. Saying we should have gone with chemo before. They are back tracking on everything because they don't want to be responsible for their therapy not working. Is ingesting oil best for breast cancer?
    A. Natalia, it would be best to get her on the oil asap. Get her used to it and then have her eat as much as she can reasonable take. I would also use the oil topically on her breast. In a tincture or salve. But most importantly she should eat the oil and maybe also use it in suppositories. Follow the instructions on our site at phoenixtears.ca and in Rick's e-book for best results.
    I would also consider easing on the diet. With all respect to whoever invented this therapy, 13 juices a day is a bit more than I would like to drink myself, so I think it will also help her if she gets on a more natural diet without such extremes. And as for coffee enemas, well, I would much rather take a suppository with the oil.
    Some like using enemas as a sex/masturbation technique and some take pleasure taking them, but I really think that taking a suppository with the oil is a less humiliating experience for the patient.
    And if they told you that she should have gone for chemo first, well, to me that would be a sign that they really know so little about medicine that spending any time in their presence might represent a direct threat to your life, so I would stay away from them before they give you wrong advice that might cost you your life. But that's up to everyone to decide where they want to go and what they want to do.
    I was told that people at the Gerson clinic were already informed about the oil. Apparently they are not. The way I look at it, if they know about it and don't at least tell their patients about it, they are doing something wrong.
    Let me ask you one thing - do those people at the clinic also drink 13 juices a day and do they also take those enemas like their patients? I will happily take the same dose that any of my patients does every day. Will they do the same? Will doctors who supply chemo take the chemo themselves? You bet they won't. I will take the oil with the patient any time, if you get the point.
    Best wishes to you and your mother and I hope you will find enough oil soon, JB

"This is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT National TV INFORMATIONAL Exposures in the HISTORY of Medical Marijuana & SHARING the TRUTH about it's Value. The Cannabis Flower/Herb/Plant not only saves lives, it heals souls & makes people feel better about themselves, LIFE (in general), the ECONOMY, ONE ANOTHER & THE PLANET! I am a Survivor of a Crime which left me beaten almost to death. Before MMJ, I was failing to recover from Traumatic Brain Injury-It took me 3 yrs to re-learn how to speak in English (my1st language) clearly. Thank U to Cheryl, Rick Simpson, Dr. Sweeney & to TV TALK SHOW HOST Ms. Lake for OPENING THIS DOOR! U have my utmost respect & heartfelt gratitude for ur courage & passion to inform this COUNTRY & World. *AMEN.*" Diana Holliday  [vid] Ricki Lake Show Mykayla Comstock Parents BraveMykayla.com - Meet the Martha Stewart of Marijuana

"Hey Guys!! I just wanted to share a little news. I saw my endocrinologist Friday for my Diabetes and Thyroid. My blood sugars are still stable without insulin, and minimal medications.I stopped using insulin a year ago, and started using 300mg a day of cannabis oil instead of insulin. I lost 40 pounds and my sugars were stable within two weeks. The doctor has been calling me "His star patient" and may finally do a paper using my documentation with Doctor Melamede!! Imagine how many other diabetics this can help!!" Janet Sweeney

Lindsay Bunn Rogers: Rebecca Forbes- How is your treatment going?
Rebecca Forbes: No change in the tumors in my neck... but all my blood work came back completely normal and s rays of my left side were all normal, no sign of the lung disease or the adrenal mass from what they saw... and I have the original scans... so all medically documented. We are soon to add some other things to my treatment to see if we can get the tumors turning around... they are DEFINITELY lymph nodes, not thyroid.
Doctor said they are symptomatic of Lymphoma or Leukemia, but there are no markers in my blood at all... completely normal white blood cell count, normal liver and kidney function as well..I have been on high grade RSO since late October.

Kristina Marie is Living With Cancer Astrocytoma. She has an inoperable brain tumor and was given 5 years to live. She opted out of chemo and is using cannabis oil( Rik simpson oil) and the tumor is shrinking! PLEASE keep her in your prayers and PLEASE SHARE THIS! "Till the whole world hears". see first video here where she talks about her decision to use the oil=
In this video she answers questions about the tumor the oil and shows her MRI as proof! =
see "run from the cure " (cannabis oil documentary) here=

Mykayla. Eating Cannabis Oil saved her life when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia   Cannabis Oil Can Cure Cancers  Cannabis = The Cure for Cancer

Darren Steven Miller  November 27 ·2015 I was diagnosed with 6 months to a year to live with Terminal Lung and Paracardial Heart Cancer exactly 5 months and 1 day ago...While laying in the hospital bed, then being sent home bleeding out of my chest from open heart surgery, Docs said NO surgery on the cancer, NO radiation to eradicate it, you are metastasized and all that can be medically done is some aggressive Chemotherapy to try to slow its progression .My beautiful wife (nurse, partner) was completely broken , devastated and never questioned even once ANYTHING I was going, or HAD to do to save my life. This woman drove me 3 times times to California and twice to Colorado, (also flew there and drove back), I then became a legal resident of the State of California to aquire a alternative medicine that has saved other people's lives...i have already eat over a hundred of these 1 gram oral syringes of High THC indica cannabis oil..Now that the Illinois Compassionate Cannabis Act is now up and running...Its now legal here..im supposed to be wasting away and believe me THE DOCTORS ARE BAFFLED, after all this my Oncologist is talking about RE-STAGING THE CANCER, now i dont want to prematurely throw around the C word ( cure ) but i have 1 more chemo on the 10th and that is all they can do for me...BUT im getting better..after my last treatment i will get the ALL POWERFUL pet scan and if my terminal cancer is shrinking, then we will need all the help and podium