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Urine therapy testimonials (India)

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Weakness of the heart
Coronary Thrombosis
High Blood-Pressure
   Tumor on neck
   Cancer of the stomach
   Metastasized Ovarian Cancer
   Prostate Enlargement
    Prostate Cancer
    Brain Tumor inoperable
   Terminally advanced Breast Cancer
   Lumps in the breast
Liver Disease
Tooth Abscess
High fever
Kidney Stones
Cystitis, antibiotic resistant
Parkinson's disease shaking
Antibiotic resistant COLITIS
Lyme Disease
Fibroid Tumor
Parasites, Amebas
Multiple sclerosis
Food Poisoning
Heart Burn

Mrs Usha Lodha, 56 Yrs of Kolkata had severe problem on her Back Bone, Leg and Teeth by taking Shivambu for 3 months, she is now 100% fit and more energetic then before, now she is taking shivambu on a regular basis and she is always happy to share or guide any one, her contact No (033) 3244 0600

Mrs Dhani Devi Bhansali,58Yrs of Kolkata taking regular Shivambu and had solved lot of old aged problem and now she is 100% Fit and always happy to share or guide any one, her contact no. 093310 35739

Mr. Sunil Munot - 39 Yrs, Kolkata, a regular user of Shivambu in many ways and treated his Skin Disease, Broncatic Asthama in Child  and has seen lot of Miracles by using Shivambu and he is always happy to share or guide any one for this Therapy his contact no is 09874 11 11 71 

Sri Suresh Chand Ji Surana,53yrs of Chennai,Had Cancer in his Rectum, after Operation in the year 1991 he came to know about Shivambu and he started Self Urine Therrapy and now for last 15 yrs he has never visited any doctors, he is  always happy to share or guide any one, his contact No.098401 33629, (044)6542 2633, (044)2669 2660

We have motivated a young lady of Pune Mrs Kaushi Jain,23yrs to start Urine Therapy for White Spots on her Skin after taking for two month on a regular basis she informed us that she is having a very good result and spots are under very much control.  Many more names are  still to come request you to visit on regular.


Weakness of the heart

'Shri N.C. Chashwala of Surat was suffering from weakness of heart for the last six years. His age was forty-three. At 36, he suddenly felt severe pain starting in the back and bringing pressure on the heart. That made him quite uneasy and weak. He could not walk a few steps without taking rest on the way! Friends and relatives told him that the pain was due to cold. Doctors could not cure it. From Cardiogram (EKG), it was found out that he was suffering from Heart Disease. He was advised a month's rest. Meanwhile, his father's friend showed him Raojibhai's book on Urine Therapy. He started applying Urine Therapy by drinking and rubbing urine. He took only boiled food without condiments and fruits and milk at night. He used to take sunbaths after rubbing urine. After one month, he got relief from pain. Even for six months, he had continued drinking urine and stopped its rubbing. He could take normal food. His digestion has much improved. The members of his family also began to use urine! His friends could get rid of High Blood-Pressure by urine treatment.'

Allergies,- Mr. Vazquez, 44, suffered twice a year from hey fever or pollen allergies. With one injection of urine applied on the buttocks he remained allergy-free for over six months. A second injection kept him allergy-free for the rest of the year. During the following season he successfully used the ultimate universal remedy instead of the injections.


Sant Kalasinhji, aged 75, suffered from Asthma. He would cough up blood. Doctors opined that it was Cancer of the throat. There was a wound in the throat, and it emitted a very bad smell. Urine-soaked cotton was placed on the wound, and was changed every three hours. He got some relief. He was then given urine to drink, and, after two months, the bleeding stopped. Doctors opined that he was fully cured. Cut/message/572 by Rasantra

Asthma,- Mr Tavarez, 17, had his first asthma attack when he was one year old. His breathing was very difficult and it sounded as though he was asphyxiating. The asthma attacks usually lasted several hours. Their physician recommended the family relocated to another, less polluted city, but the child continued suffering daily asthma attacks. Amongst other problems, the disease caused asthmatic deformation of the thoracic box. On the first visit he was given a 2 cc (cubic centimeter) injection of his own fresh, unfiltered and unprocessed urine and this application was so effective that the child had no asthma problems for a month. The next asthma attack occurred four-and-a-half weeks later while playing football in school. The problem lasted several hours until a second injection was applied. Within five minutes the youth was completely calmed. There was irritation, inflammation and a burning sensation localized where the injection was applied. The reaction lasted about 30 hours. There were no complications for the next two-and-half months until the fall when he developed the flu and a mild asthma attack. The youth had several mild attacks until the end of April. That is when the third and last injection was applied. He had a mild localized reaction for 24 hours, but never again suffered from asthma.

.......Note: The injections were applied only when symptoms reappeared because that is when anti-allergenic substances are present in urine.

Asthma-1,- Socrates, 4, had weekly asthma attacks, eczema and constant eye infections since he was one year old. When he received a small urine injection there was localized irritation. The child recover by morning and he was good enough to go to school. His excrement was somewhat liquefied and he urinated frequently but he did not have an asthma attack for several weeks. He then began to cough a lot and vomit. There was a whooping cough epidemic in town. A second urine injection was applied. The child had localized pain in the area of the injection. At night he continued coughing and expelling great quantities of phlegm and mucus. He felt weak and had a lot of gas. This condition improved little by little as the child continued expelling phlegm and mucus. Three days later the child was much better. He had a little cough, but that was nothing compared to the whooping cough or asthma the other children in the neighborhood had. His excrement was normal and the child had no more gas. A month later, the child's mother told the doctor that he was doing very well. He has not had an asthma attack since the first injection. When a doctor examined the child the eczema and the infection of the eyes had disappeared completely.

Coronary Thrombosis (1)

'Shri Dhirubhai H. Vakharia, aged forty, is a businessman of Bulsar. He was suffering from Coronary Thrombosis for two years, and was not cured by doctors. He took to Urine Therapy in 1963. He used to take 8 to 10 ounces of urine three times (a day), without fasting or rubbing, and rested for two months. He has no trouble of heart anymore for the last six years.'

Coronary Thrombosis (2)

'Shri Sampatkumar Sheth, barrister, High Court, Bombay, (Anand Mahal, Babulnath Road, Bombay - 7) was suffering from Coronary Thrombosis. He slowly took to Urine Therapy and sought advice from Dr. Paragjibhai, personally, by inviting him to his place. Not only could he cure himself by four days' urine fast, but became quite healthy by urine-massage afterwards. He could cure cough and cold of his son and daughter and two other patients by this therapy.'

Dilated Heart

'Shri Prajna Bhatta of Navagam (Dist. Kheda) had a dilated heart and suffered from Mitral Stenosis. She used urine, living on simple food. She took urine as well as rubbed it. She could cure herself of the heart-trouble, and, at the same time, got rid of a cold and liver- trouble.'

Heart trouble

'Shri Ramanlal from Nadiad was suffering from heart trouble for seven years. He took to Urine Therapy and cured himself completely. He has regained so much vigour that he rides a cycle without any strain. He became a firm believer in Urine Therapy, and cured Shri Gurudatta Shastri of his deafness only by urine!'

Weakness of the Heart (2)

'Shri Jethalal from Bombay had the same good experience of this therapy. He cured himself of his weakness of heart, and his heart has now become strong enough to allow him to work with full vigour.'

High Blood-Pressure

'Low Blood-Pressure: Shri Devdas Pandya of Nadiad (of Kala Mandir) suffered from Low Blood-Pressure, and was feeling discomfort and weakness from it. He had a relative who was a Vaidya (physician) and wanted him to undertake urine treatment. (He did so, and) as a result, his blood-pressure went up from 110 to 122, and weakness diminished. Now he has overcome nausea and can participate in a number of activities without feeling any exertion.'

High Blood-Pressure (2)

'Shri Ratilal Mody (7, Triveni Plot No. 62, Shiva, Bombay) had tried this therapy in full faith. He was suffering from High Blood- Pressure for the last 30 years and had Diabetes and Eczema too! He managed to bring his blood pressure and Diabetes under control and cured the Eczema. It is no wonder Urine Therapy is really an all-in- one cure treatment.'

High Blood-Pressure (3)

'Shrimati Saralaben R. Desai, (Vadifalia, Store Sheri, Surat), thirty years old, had High Blood-Pressure during pregnancy. This is certainly a serious symptom. Doctors could not bring it down. She began to take auto-urine in 4 oz. doses. She could not fast, nor didshe rub urine. Even then, blood-pressure became normal, and delivery was quite easy. She recommended that all pregnant women take auto-urine to keep free from big or small ailments during pregnancy.'


T.B. of the Lungs: On the 12th and 13th of March, 1960, we held a seminar on Urine Therapy in Harijan Ashram, Ahmedabad. The chair was occupied by Dr. Panjivandas Mehta, M.D.M.S., the Director of Ayurvedic Research Institute, Jamnagar (Saurashtra). A number of doctors and Vaidyas participated in it. About forty people related their ideas and experiences about Urine Therapy. Shri Rambhai Himabhai Patel, a farmer from Navagam (Ahmedabad), gave his account of recovery from T.B. of lungs by application of urine. The chairman was surprised to hear his account and asked him to send a written statement. It is as follows:

"I had been suffering from T.B. of lungs for the last four years. It was preceded by cough and fever. I had been reduced to a bare skeleton. I took the treatment of doctors and had some relief. In the next winter, there was a relapse, and cough and fever attacked me again. A relative asked me to try urine treatment before undergoing an operation, and I agreed. " I started with rubbing of urine. After a week, drinking of urine was also begun. After two weeks, I saw Shri Raojibhai. Eleven months have passed since then, but I have never had to see any doctor or take any medicine. There is a considerable improvement in my appetite and power of digestion."

Tuberculosis (2)

The following testimonials are from:

Dr. Gunanidhi Bhatt, a homoeopath, has his dispensary near Fernandez Bridge, Gandhi Road, Ahmedabad. He has successfully cured two T.B. patients with urine, though they were declared as incurable. He has given me a report of the cases in writing on 13th November, 1948:

"Shri N.D. Mehta, 25 years of age, Sankadi Sheri, Ahmedabad, was an unmarried youth. About a dozen doctors had diagnosed him as a T.B. patient abd had given him treatment. They had given up on the case as incurable. "Occasionally he had attacks of blood-vomiting and dysentery. His temperature continued from 100 to 101 degrees, along with coughing. He could not relish nor digest any food. His body was reduced to a bare skeleton. Even the slightest exertion caused gasping. "I gave him homoeopathic treatment for about four months, and he felt some relief. After two months, the patient again sent for me, and, after examination, I found that the disease was still there. I advised him to drink an ounce of his own urine in the morning, and it was graduually increased to 3 oz. and thrice a day. He was also advised to rub urine before going to bed, and to wash the body with warm water the next morning. The improvement began with the first day of the treatment, and gradual relief was felt in dysentery, fever, digestion, vomiting, weakness and anemia. Due to dysentery, his weight had been reduced to 80 lbs., but it increased to 100 lbs. by two months' treatment. There was an astonishing improvement in his appearance, nature, colour, and vigour in the body. Nobody could say Shri Mehta had suffered from a fatal disease. I had permitted him, from the very beginning, to take a simple and digestable diet, as it was dangerous to keep such a weak (and underweight!) patient
on a fast."

Tuberculosis (3)

"Miss K.R. Shah of Ahmedabad, aged seventeen, suffered from Bone T.B. She was so weak that she could not get up from bed, nor was she able to turn on one side or the other. She could not even take a cup of tea. She had a boil the size of a guava on her left thigh. Doctors forwarded the case to me. I gave her one dose of homoeopathic medicine, and opened the boil, and about a pound of pus was discharged from it. I gave her homoeopathic treatment for some time, without the desired result; the disease could not be rooted out. There was no change in cough, fever and weakness. The pus also continued. It appeared that she would not survive, even for a week.
I had to take recourse to the urine treatment."

"She was given to drink one ounce of auto-urine thrice a day. She was permitted to take simple and easily digestible diet. She applied urine pads on the boil. On the third day, the discharge of pus ceased, and the patient showed some appetite. On the sixth day, she asked for food twice and began to sit without any support. On the ninth day, she insisted on the third meal also, and began to walk in the courtyard of the house. On the sixteenth day, drinking of urine was stopped. Now she was healthy, and could walk well. Thus, in fifteen days' urine treatment, she regained her health. Urine Therapy is a cure for all the incurable and chronic diseases. I hold this belief on the basis of my own experience."

Tuberculosis (4)

'Shri Bachubhai G. Shah (Gangasadan, Vithalwadi, Marvey Road, Malad West, Bombay), had an attack of T.B. in the lungs. He took recourse to Urine Therapy, and cured himself completely by auto-urine.'

Tuberculosis (5)

'Shri Mohanlal Gupta (Sanchalaka, Sarvajanik, Chikitsalaya, Sarvodaya-gram, Mujjaffarpur, Bihar), informed us that he was at death's door due to T.B., but could experience a wonderful change for the better in only three days of Urine Therapy.'

Tuberculosis (6)

'Shri Madhuben Thakar (Patel Mahad, Siddhapur), aged 28, had a cavity on the left lung. She was vomiting blood and had fever and cold and gasping. She took to Urine Therapy, and, in 13 days, blood-vomit stopped. Gasping and cold vanished, and she felt much better. Ultimately, she cured herself completely from this fatal malady.'

Tuberculosis (7)

'Shri Gopal Shah (Sevashram, Bhopoli, Nainital, U.P.), had T.B. for the past four years. Doctors despaired of his case. He started Urine Therapy on 15-1-62, and continued it for three months. During the time, he never fasted, but took cow's milk, bread, dal and vegetables without any condiments. He cured himself completely, and could walk two miles easily with vigour.'

Tuberculosis (8)

'Shri Dhirajlal A. Desai (Gajendra Store, Ghee Bazar, Nandarbar, West Khandesh), applied this therapy on different persons for T.B. ulcer, cold, asthma, kidney trouble and other small or big maladies, and cured them without any failures.'

Tuberculosis (9)

'Shri Harishchandra Desai, from Baroda, cured his brother's T.B. by this therapy. In addition, he could get rid of his spectacles and piles too! He gained 15 lbs. in one and a half month's experiment.'

Tuberculosis (10)

'Shri Jashbhai M. Patel (Daresaalaam, British East Africa), Shri Jamased N. Merchant (from Poona), Shri Rambhai H. Patel, Shri Makanji B. Desai (Kadhgar Kesot), Shri Ravajibhai Artist and Shri Krisna, have stated that they were cured of T.B. and other maladies by Urine Therapy. Their case histories were published in issues of Bharat Sevak in 1962, and some of them orally related their stories
in seminars on Urine Therapy.'

Consumption,- Angy, 70, had been in a hospital for three months with ailments associated with old age. Her friend attended one on my lectures and told Mrs. Angy to start drinking some urine mixed with juice every time she went to the bathroom. She remembered her grandmother using urine to treat ailments when she was a child and decided to give it a try. She quickly recovered her appetite and within a week, she was out of the hospital. She attended one of my conferences soon after and increased her intake to about three ounces of urine every day. A month later, she discontinued her medications and was very active in church. She was eating very well and gained about 20 pounds. Three months later, I saw her at a New Year's party. She had dyed her hair and she was dancing happily. A year later, she was doing fine and was very happy to be able to take care of herself. She explained that what motivated her was the though of going to a nursing home and not been able to be on her own.

Leprosy, white

"White Leprosy: Shri Ranjitbhai Baladeobhai Parikh is nearly 32. About 15 years ago he suffered from White Leprosy on his entire body. There were several patches of Leprosy, big and small, on the head, face, chest, abdomen, hands and feet. Even his hair turned white. He happened to read Hatha-Yoga Pradipika. Therein a mention has been made of Shivambu-Kalpa (Urine Therapy). He obtained a Sanskrit text of Shivambu Kalpa (a chapter from The Damar Tantra). He cured his eye- trouble by drinking urine through his nose. He also treated himself with urine to get rid of White Leprosy. By systematic drinking and rubbing of urine, his White Leprosy was gradually reduced." from shivambu/message/775

Degenerative leprosy

"Degenerative Leprosy: Dr. Pushpendra Bhatta sent me a patient suffering from Leprosy. The patient, Shri Kanajibhai Molanlal, aged 32, is an inhabitant of Ahmedabad. His hands and fingers bore the wounds, and he always felt a piercing and burning sensation in his fingers. He was unable to lift anything with his hands. I noticed that the nerves of his hands were strained and had contracted. He began urine rubbing on his hands and, after a week, felt considerable relief from the burning and piercing sensation. I advised him to continue rubbing regularly and also to start drinking urine while fasting on water. The next week, he reported an improvement in his condition. He fasted for three days and came to me again after three months. Here is his short account: "Before the treatment, I was unable to move my hands up and down or to work with them, but it is possible to do so now. On the whole, I have been considerably benefited by urine treatment, and the wounds of Leprosy on hands and feet have disappeared. The piercing sensation in the fingers has also vanished." from shivambu/message/775


Sri Ramlal Ji Dugar,72Yrs of Sardar Shahar- Rajasthan, has treated himself from the most dangerous Chronic disease, Throat CANCER by taking self Urine Therapy for one year, now he is 100% fit, After getting a new life He  wrote a book on UT "Shivambu Sanjivini" which he distribut to all free of cost and always happy to share or guide any one, his contact No.(01564)223 275, 093090 90869

Cancer of the throat

A Harijan woman, named Zando, was coughing up blood. She was hospitalized more than once but with no improvement. Doctors diagnosed Cancer of the Throat. She was then given urine treatment for three days. The bleeding stopped at once. She drank urine and rubbed it on her chest for forty days, and cured herself completely. She is now quite hale and hearty. Cut/message/572 by Rasantra

Cancer of the throat (2)

Shri Chhabildas Champaneria of Bulsar, aged 62, developed Throat Cancer in 1962. His throat was quite soar. He knew the uselessness of Allopathic Treatment in Cancer, so he began with Urine Therapy. He drank auto-urine three times a day, applied urine packs on the throat tumour, and put urine drops in the ears. In one month he completely cured himself of Cancer. Cut/message/572 by Rasantra

Cancer on the tongue

In 1954, when Urine Therapy was not known to me, Shri Chhaganlal T. Patel (Ahmedabad), aged 51, had developed Cancer on his tongue. A co-worker had read the famous book, "The Water of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy" by John W. Armstrong, and asked Mr. Patel to try this therapy. He did, and, in due course, he met with success and got rid of his trouble. from Cut/message/572 by Rasantra

Cancer tumor on neck

A 45 year old Jain monk was suffering from Cancer tumor on his neck. Intense coughing was also present. He was informed about Urine Therapy, and, the very next day, he started drinking all the urine he passed, while fasting. With the drinking of urine, his body became light and soft. The cough disappeared in three days. Some days later, the monk had clear motions and sound sleep for the first time in months. The urine maintained his strength during the fast. The monk was soon fully relieved of his trouble, by auto-urine, without rubbing it on the skin. from Cut/message/572 by Rasantra

Cancer of the stomach

Cancer of the Stomach: "My son, Subhash, fell ill with a Cancer tumour in his stomach and pus in his testicles. The testicles had to be operated on to remove the pus, but the wound from the operation would not heal. The doctor opined that the patient would have to be subjected to deep X-rays on his stomach and testicles. I decided to try Urine Therapy. I kept Subhash on fast for two days only. During the fast, he was given to drink boiled water and all the urine he passed. His entire body was rubbed with his own urine every morning and evening. After four days, boils appeared on his head and the rest of his body. Pus oozed out of the body. Pieces of cloth, soaked in urine, were applied. After seven days' treatment, the wounds were healed. He was given very light and easily digestible diet. Drinking and rubbing of urine continued daily. The urine treatment continued for one month. The wound on his testicles and the stomach tumour were both completely cured." Cut/message/572 by Rasantra

Gum swelling

...So again, I was able to encounter UT this time. Because of my experience of drinking urine in the past, I feel that already I could adjust myself if I'm going to drink urine again. For a week now, I have started external use of fresh urine through massaging my whole body, and the feeling is great. I also gargle fresh urine for almost 30 minutes and I feel the miracle, because my very long problem of gum swelling (with blood and pus on it) is now disappearing, and my tooth and gum are becoming stronger. I cannot believe because its just a week of trying and I could see healing effect already. Urine therapy/4562 by mar lagura?

Metastasized Ovarian Cancer,-This story is about Elizabeth Muller, a lady who got angry with the medical system and chose to follow the advice of a plumber who recommended using urine therapy instead of the treatments of a fully staffed, modern hospital in California.

Elizabeth lived in New York and she liked to listen to a radio program called Natural Living with Garry Null on which I have been a guess 5 times. The station is WBAI, public radio, 99.5 FM, at noon every weekday. On this particular day she was taping the program not knowing that the information on the tape would be crucial for her a few months later.

She was in her fifties and had already gone through menopause, but she started bleeding while visiting a sister in California where her ordeal began back in 1995. Her sister insisted on her being examined by her gynecologist who somehow convinced Elizabeth to have a hysterectomy. Since she would not be having any more babies, this would reduce the risk of fibroid tumors and cervical cancer.

The doctor was so smooth and swift that she agreed to have the uterus removed even though she probably did not need to go through that surgical procedure and she had been reluctant. I don’t know if she knew then that 85% of all the hysterectomies done in the United States were unnecessary, but that is not important for the details of this story. What is important is that since hysterectomies were routine, no one bothered to check the patient for any other problems. While removing the uterus the surgeon discovered that her ovaries had become cancerous and that the cancer had already spread into the surrounding tissues.

Though he had done this type of operations before, she was already anaesthetized, and everything else was ready to go, he did not remove the cancerous ovaries, as medical procedures suggest when the doctor has not been previously authorized by the patient. He left them intact and closed everything up as though there was nothing wrong or life threatening. Then they took X-rays and did other exams to determine how serious the condition was.

The following day the surgeon comes to see Elizabeth while she was recovering and still gazed by the painkillers and anesthesia. He swiftly described the morbid discovery and outlined the surgical procedure that was planned for that afternoon or the next day. Elizabeth asked him how come he did not remove the cancerous ovaries while he was removing the uterus. A few more cuts and stitches would have eliminated the threat and there would have been no need to go through anesthesia and surgery all over again.

When he told her that taking the initiative and removing organs without the knowledge and authorization of the patient was unethical and against the rules of the hospital, Elizabeth went into a rage. She grabbed the ice-water bucket in the table nearby and threw it at the swift, son of a bitch (her own words) while blurting out "Who the hell is the medical expert here," "You persuaded me to remove a perfectly good uterus and then leave rotten ovaries inside" "Forget about it, I won’t let you touch me again, butcher." He knew she was very determined then, and there was no chance of him ever getting near her again.

That was the last thing Elizabeth said to that doctor.

The medical staff, psychologist, priest, sister and everyone else who had a smooth voice came over and tried to persuade her into having the surgery done. They explained that she had a serious problem and that something had to be done, but Elizabeth would not change her mind.

She was not going to have surgery again, specially at that hospital. Other surgeons came to talk to her, they even offered to send her to nearby hospitals, but she refused again and again. The last time the room was full of delegates trying to convince her, she replied

"I am going back to New York, find a tape that contains a program in which a plumber was talking about urine therapy. Then I will contact this guy and follow his advice because he made more sense than all of you guys put together"

Well, she found the tape, and attended two of the seminars I used to conduct then. She purchased a rectal implant syringe, the small bottle I suggest for the Universal Remedy and a copy of my book "UROPATHY, The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy" and went home to work of her recovery.

The note indicated part of her ordeal and miraculous recovery. I called her back and that is when she revealed the triumph over ovarian cancer using the holistic, natural and autotherapeutic remedies she found in my book "UROPATHY, The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy" and suggested to her in my seminars. Elizabeth did not use the injections of urine. I was not confident enough about them when she attended my seminars.


Prostate Enlargement,- Three years ago, John started having problems with the prostate gland. He had to urinate frequently during the day and had to get up two of three times at night. He went to the doctor and did not like what the doctor said about his problem. It turns out that half the matured men who go to the doctor do so because of prostate gland problems. John had an honest doctor who told him that the best thing to do for prostate problems is to learn to live with it. The doctor explained that medication alleviates some symptoms, but created a half dozen other problems, and every man eventually required surgery. When he heard the prognosis and the word surgery, John decided to try urine therapy as described in the book UROPATHY The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy by Martin Lara. After three weeks of drinking one to three ounces of morning urine and controlling fluid intake he no longer has to get up at night to urinate. "Martin, you have been telling me for more than a year to drink a little urine every morning as a way to prevent all health problems and get rid of any existing problem that had not manifested symptoms yet" said John. "Reading the book is what convinced me. It turns out that I really needed this remedy and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so persistent". I suggested that John use the rectal implant syringe once a day for a couple of weeks to eliminate the real problem which is an atrophied sphincter and improper sitting position that prevents a complete bowel elimination. The sphincter is supposed to eliminate all excrements in the rectum, however because of malnutrition, lack of fiver and ignorance with respect to bowel management, some feces remains on the inside of the anus right next to the prostate gland and that is the real cause of all prostate problems (and hemorrhoids). The implant syringe flushes out the stagnated feces and heals the prostate gland and all the problems associated with this condition. Once you are taking a full spectrum nutritional supplement and the rectum is clean, the muscle in the rectum (the sphincter) and the prostate gland will regenerate themselves. John purchased a rectal implant syringe from me promised to read the book again to take better care of his health.

Prostate Cancer,-  Andrew Douglass, 60, had prostate problems and the first doctor who saw him diagnosed cancer. After a few tests he recommended surgery and chemotherapy. Douglas did not like those options so he decided to get a second opinion. He did not like the second opinion nor the third, fourth or the tenth. Though the chance of complications with the general anesthesia or impotence were slim, he was afraid of the surgery. And then there was also the emotional problem of an orgasm without ejaculation as a side effect of the operation. Since every prostate specialist wanted to operate on him he decided to look for alternatives and somehow found me.

I explained to my audience that prostate cancer was only the symptom of another problem which was very simple to solve: stagnated-feces in the rectum and descending colon. This problem is also what causes yeast-infections, fibroid tumors, cysts and cancer of the ovaries and cervix. I also described that the waste accumulates in these organs because the muscles in the rectum and descending-colon become atrophied after years of dehydration and lack of fiber in the diet.

Normally there are no excrements in the rectum. When the body is ready to eliminate its waste, it sends it to the rectum and sends signals of pressure in this area. If the person does not go to the toilet and eliminates the waste, the muscles of the rectum send it back to the descending colon. But when the muscles of the rectum are atrophied the waste remains in this organ.

That is when yeast infections and prostate problems begin. And if this condition is not corrected, that is what would eventually cause cancer and death to the person. The stagnated waste becomes an incubator for malignant bacteria and very harmful parasites that rot all the organs around and eventually spread throughout the body. The toxins these pathogens produce are extremely harmful and they also reduce the blood oxygen level as the body tries to neutralize them.

Everyone in the room was speechless after this revelation. Douglas, the guy with the problem asked me what I suggested for a person with his problem. I simply replied, flush it out using a special instrument I devised called a "Rectal Implant Syringe." This instrument is used to introduce pure urine directly into the problematic area. Many people introduce coffee, wheat-grass-juice or other preparations in the form of enemas however, I explained, I am a lazy and resourceful guy and I use what is at hand. Since you go to the bathroom every morning to defecate and urinate, use your urine for the implants since it is already there and it is great for this purpose.

In the beginning I suggested applying the implants twice or three times a day until the stool discharged has no odor. From them on do it once every morning, drink at least a cup of urine and use the universal remedy throughout the day. In addition to these suggestions he was supposed to follow other common-sense guidelines such as drinking enough water to have pleasant urine all the time, eating more vegetables, dry brushing, urine rubs and other suggestions you will find in the cancer-fighting-chapter.

At the time Douglas used a douche-bag his wife was no longer using. He noticed improvement within a couple of days. Two months later he went to visit some of the doctors who wanted to operate on him and after checking the blood tests they congratulated him.

There were still traces of the problem, but he was on his way to recovery. They could not believe that he recovered without surgery or medication. The doctors showed no interest what so ever on the procedures Douglas used. He told them anyway even though he knew they would never reveal that information to other people. Douglas continued using the implants and a year later had no trace of the problem.

Brain Tumor inoperable,-The name of this man escapes my memory but I went to video tape his testimony and recovery while visiting Nicaragua in December 2001. He had been hospitalized because of an inoperable brain tumor that was growing rapidly. The tumor was putting pressure in the part of the brain that controls muscles, therefore he was paralyzed and all the muscles were becoming atrophied for lack of activity and control.

By the time Jose, one of the people saving lives and promoting urine therapy in Leon, Nicaragua, came over looking for him because he needed a helper for a construction job. They were friends since childhood and when Jose saw his condition he immediately went back home to get some syringes and start the treatment. There was no time to lose.

Jose was applying the injections every week or so when they should have been applied every three days for reasons that will be described in the chapter “Why are autotherapeutic remedies so effective.”

By the time the patient himself was able to talk again he asked Jose to apply the injections every three days because he felt great for 72 hours after each injection.

After nine treatments, the paralyzed man who had been a vegetable near death, was able to walk around the neighborhood and take care of himself. Jose continued to apply the treatments for several months as I was writing this book and on April First, 2002 I spoke to him to find out how the patients were doing.

The brain tumor stop growing and his friend was able to go on living a life that is quite normal. The children decided to take him to see a specialist and Jose stopped visiting him.

He is not able to tap dance or climb coconut trees, but considering that he is in his seventies, which is very old for people in a third world country like Nicaragua, and that his funeral was supposed to take place a year a half ago, he is doing very well.

This man is able to take showers on his own, he eats with his own hands, and gets dress in the morning without assistance and for all these things the family is grateful.


Terminally advanced Breast Cancer,- This is the story of a very heroic woman who deserves 5 starts for putting up with the treatments that helped her survive an unprecedented breast cancer condition that had spread throughout the entire body and was affecting all her organs. Her name is Juana Lucia Vasquez Espinoza and she is from Leon, Nicaragua. Her ordeal started four of five years before I met her when tumors started developing in her left breast. She is a poor woman, married with 9 children and for reasons I don’t understand, she did not seek medical attention when it must have been obvious that there was a problem in a breast that became too large.

By the time she went to see a doctor, the breast looked like a bowling ball with several tumors popping out in the upper / outer quadrant. When the doctor looked at her, he shook his head from side to side in disbelieve and disgust. The only thing he said was, Why did you wait so long?

He ordered X-rays of the breast, thorax, abdomen, lungs and everything else, along with the usual blood and urine tests. When he analyzed the results of all the exams, he realized that there was nothing he could do for Juana Lucia. The cancer had spread into the lymph nodes and into the chest muscles near the heart. It was also affecting the lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, and pancreas. Most of the patients treated who were only half as bad, did not recover. The only thing that could save Juana Lucia was a miracle. Any treatments or attempts to operate on her would be a futile waste of time. She had waited too long. The other doctors she went to see thought her situation was hopeless. The last doctor, a brother of the guy I was staying with, held hands and prayed with her.

Christian friends from a nearby church came over to the house and prayed with her because it was obvious that she would be meeting Jesus Christ soon. She had been in bed for 8 months or so and she used to ask God to make a decision with her life because she was desperate in limbo waiting to die, but death would not come. She did not really want to die because of several girls that were too young to leave behind. Her children were the most important thing in life and she could not bare the thought of leaving them orphans.

The miracle she was praying for came along with a red and a blue cap on the heads of Jose and Roberto, two men who had improved their own health after reading copies of "UROPATIA, La Terapia Holística Más Poderosa" the Spanish version of "UROPATHY, The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy" which I finished writing in 1996.

Jose and Roberto had been promoting the use of urine therapy as an alternative treatment for common maladies and serious diseases. They had improved the health of many people in the country and had even saved the lives of patients whom supposable had incurable diseases. The health of everyone who used urine improved and most people recovered completely from their maladies.

Jose and Roberto explained that ingesting some of her urine several times a day, and applying pure urine injections intramuscularly in the leg or buttock, were the treatments suggested for conditions such as hers. Since she was desperate, had no money to try anything else, and had nothing to lose, she agreed to let God’s helpers start the treatments. Jose and Roberto never asked her for money or any other kind of compensation.

In this book I will only describe the treatments that are most effective to assist the body’s own disease fighting and self healing instincts so that these instincts themselves fought serious and terminal diseases such as cancer. Except for the "Brief introduction to Uropathy" chapter, I will not dwell too much in the concept of urine therapy. That has already been done in "UROPATHY, The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy" a self-published book that has been read in dozens of countries around the world. That book was put together at home in a semi automatic book binding machine I built as a hobby at home. The publishing houses do not invest money in a book on health written by a person without a medical background.

The most effective treatments described for her condition were pure urine, and diluted-puss injected intramuscularly. Pure urine injections have to be applied at intervals of two-days, and diluted puss or whatever pathological discharge, every week when it is available.

When Jose and Roberto went to see Juana Lucia, there was no puss or any other kind of discharge available, therefore they started applying injections of pure urine. For more information on how the injections are prepared, read the chapter that bares that title. They didn’t know too much about the treatments and pretty much depended on her feedback to determine the frequency of the injections. They initially did it every week or so. Juana Lucia told them she felt good for about three days after each injection so they applied them observing the shorter interval.

A couple of weeks into this ordeal the tumors developed a small opening as they surfaced and some puss dripped out. Jose and Roberto agreed to prepare an injection of diluted-puss as described in the autotherapy chapter of Uropathy. This was the first time they had followed the instructions in the book to apply diluted-puss. They didn’t know what was going to happen when they applied this particular treatment, but they trusted what they read. The simplicity of all the autotherapeutic remedies made them accessible to everyone and proved to be of great value assisting the self healing and disease fighting instincts of the body.

A few days after the diluted pus injection were applied, the body who is after all the greatest physician that ever lived, was able to surface the tumors and a big gash opened up as the body eliminated all the puss in the tumors. It is important to mention that they had no alcohol or sterilized equipment besides the syringes and some clean gauze donated to Juana Lucia at the hospital as an act of kindness to a dying woman. Jose and Roberto used her own urine for everything. One of her daughters was instructed on how to clean and dress the wound every day or whenever it was necessary. The child was very brave but she was happy to be of any assistance to help her mother live.

To assist the cleansing process Jose and Roberto applied urine directly into the opening of the tumors to flush out the puss out from the inside. The wound opened up more and Roberto relates how big it was since he was able to use the four fingers of the right hand, not the thumb, to clean the wound. Juana Lucia was improving steadily and her body craved for soup.

No one understood what the cravings meant at the time. They just gave her the soup she wanted. I explained to them while I was there to film hers and other testimonies, that the body was asking for salt and water to replace the liquids she was losing as the body cleansed itself and to boost the immune system.

The breast started getting smaller as the body was healing itself in a process described in my book that is called "The healing crisis." Juana Lucia was definitely getting better, but there was a very strong smell of decomposing matter or rotten flesh coming from the wound. When her grown up children came to visit, the stench was horrendous even before they entered the house. Consequently, they became concerned with the well being of their mother.

They didn’t understand the healing-crisis, a process during which all the toxins are expelled out by the body itself. They thought the treatments were causing more harm than benefit, and concerned for their mother they argued with Jose and Roberto.

Her children threatened to do serious bodily harm Jose and Roberto continued applying the treatments. Thinking that she knew enough to continue the treatments on her own, and avoiding a confrontation with her children, they stop coming to assist her and that is when she found out how effective these remedies were.

It is very important to say that when autotherapeutic remedies are used, the patient feels little or no pain during this kind of ordeal. Pain comes from dying cells warning the body of the progress of the infection and because of stretching skin as tumors grow. Since Juana Lucia was hydrating herself better, was consuming real-salt (no table salt in her town) and there were no more cells dying, there was no pain as long as she was getting the urine or diluted puss injections which are a powerful antidote to the venom of the malignant microorganism that cause cancer.

However, after the argument between her children and the naturists, as she called them, there was no one there with enough guts to apply the injections. Once the body was unable to develop antibodies against the malignant microorganism that were causing the tumors because it was no longer receiving the vaccines (urine) every three days, the infections started getting worse, malignant bacteria started killing the cells of the body again, and Juana Lucia started feeling a lot of pain.

I decided to write this book and describe the specific treatments for cancer of the breasts and other parts of the body, because when I finished writing "Uropatía, La Terapia Holística Más Poderosa" in 1996, I had not figured out yet that urine was the best cancer treatment available to humans. Most people feel complacency and disgust towards urine, but the ingredients this blood-byproduct contains makes it priceless because it replaces many of the drugs doctors have to give terminal patients. It is the ultimate weapon you could ever use against malignant bacteria, therefore urine is the greatest of all antibiotics. Since it also contains hydrogen peroxide, Ribonucleases, and Lysozyme (HIV-killing proteins) Urine is also a great antiseptic and disinfectant. Other ingredients make it a great sleeping aid, an anti-inflammatory, a muscle relaxant, a painkiller, and many other things I have not figured out yet.

Without the aid of urine, the pain became intense and Juana Lucia had to go back to the same doctor that had predicted imminent death in a few months, before she started getting the injections of urine. He was shocked to see her again, but this time the shock came from seeing that she was still alive, and after noticing that the breast was only two thirds as big or perhaps half its previous size. He is the best cancer doctor in Nicaragua and he knew that it was not possible to improve conditions such as hers, or to save the life of anyone who had waited that long with the most advanced medical equipment known, which he had, or with anything else short of a miracle.

To satisfy his curiosity the doctor had the same type of X rays and analyses done the first time she came to see him. This time he was even more shocked when he saw that there was no trace of cancer in the lymphatic system, none in the surrounding tissues, or in the rest of her organs. She was completely clean except for the tumors that remained in her breast, which by the way, were healing very nicely. The guys at the clinic cleaned up the wound, gave her some antibiotics and mild chemotherapy. But Juana Lucia did not feel as good with these treatments as she had felt while getting the injections of urine that support the body instead of harming it and destroying the intestinal flora, as antibiotics and chemotherapy do.

To find out why autotherapeutic remedies are so powerful, read the "What is autotherapy" chapter in the books Uropathy, Breast Cancer and Prostate cancer.

When she came back home from the hospital, Juana Lucia was radiant, full of hope and satisfaction after learning that the miracle she prayed for had taken place and she was going to recover. The urine injections saved her life and though there were still tumors to heal in the breast, she knew the cancer was in remission in the rest of the body. Since the treatments had been effective, Jose and Roberto were asked to continue applying the urine injections.

After 8 weeks or so, Juana Lucia woke up soaked in bodily fluids discharged from the wound. She called her daughter to bring her a clean towel, a light and a mirror. When her daughter inspected the wound she was shocked in amazement. The wound was pink inside and there was no trace of the tumor or puss left on it. From then on it was just a matter of waiting for the body to heal the wound. I can tell you that it did heal very nicely as you see illustrated in the photograph of her left breast.

Another important detail to mention is that while the immunization process is assisted, the wound does not get infected and the patient feels little pain, or discomfort. Pain is an alarm-signal body cells send to the brain when they are dying. As long as the body is able to develop immunity against the microbes threatening its cells it feels no pain. The Universal Remedy applied every two hours or so, or applying 1cc, intramuscular injections of urine every 48 to 72 hours accomplishes the same thing too.

Her testimony was recorded on video tape (she only speaks Spanish) and it is in my possession to provide the support, assistance and evidence women need to have faith in these procedures, and to make the right decisions if they ever have to face similar situations.


Lumps in the breast,-Linda discovered strange lumps in her breasts while getting dressed for a party. She was a single mother, 43 years old and her two children were becoming teenagers. They needed her more than ever therefore she decided to fight with all her might. She did not have medical insurance and a friend advised her to go to the clinic at the local hospital to have some tests done. After going through several X rays the doctor asked for permission to do a biopsy. She was reluctant. Therefore, he started mentioning the statistics and how quickly breast cancer spreads and kills its victims. She wanted to be informed of her options, but demanded impartial information instead of gestapo-type tactics to scare her into submitting to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. After all, there was no proof of the tumor being malignant, it was just a dark spot on an X ray. The doctor insisted on Linda making a quick decision, but she knew that, although this could be a life threatening situation, traditional medicine’s approach was not really the best choice. Linda asked for more information on the actual cause of breast lumps and breast cancer, but the doctor had no explanation other than saying that it was a common problem with women her age and that it could be genetic. Linda recognized the doctor’s good intention, but she was getting frustrated with his constant pressure into doing tests and going through surgery. She made an appointment to do a biopsy four weeks later, the doctor insisted, but could not persuade her to do it sooner. A friend of hers invited her to one of Martin Lara’s workshops to get a different point of view with respect to her condition. Though Mr. Lara is not a physician, she was able to understand that her problem was directly associated with the lymphatic system malfunctioning which resulted in the body not being able to eliminate all the waste produced by the cells in the muscles, bones, joints and organs that make up a human being. Martin Lara is extremely resourceful person and a plumber by trade. Therefore, he knew exactly how the lymphatic system works in the body since it is very similar to the sewer system of any large city. The only difference is that instead of calling buildings by different names he calls them muscles, bones, joints, eyes, ears, liver and lungs. And instead of using medicines and toxic substances Mr. Lara uses urine, a blood byproduct that does not place additional burdens to the body. Linda started using the ultimate universal remedy every two hours, the rectal implants every morning, she applied compresses with stale urine every night mixing the urine with eucalyptus oil to eliminate the smell, she rubbed fresh urine on the skin three times a week and she drank three to four ounces of urine three times a day. In addition to all these applications, she improved her diet and made some changes in her lifestyle. Four weeks later Linda went to see the doctor for the biopsy that was scheduled previously. They proceeded to take the pre surgery X ray and discovered perfectly healthy specimens. Nurse, Nurse, called the doctor. Do we have the right folder for this patient? Why! Yes doctor, the nurse replied. Linda was smiling cynically. She knew the lumps were gone, but she wanted the doctor to confirm it. The biopsy was not necessary since she eliminated the problem instead of dealing only with the symptoms as the doctor wanted.


Aids-1,- Several years ago, Max Caicedo was in Puerto Rico visiting his family for what he believed was the last time because doctors had given him a month or two to live. Mr. Caicedo was dying from opportunistic infections caused by AIDS. He had been taking medication for several years and was close to death. He was very weak and needed a wheelchair. A loving niece in New York had faith that he would recover, somehow. She recorded a lecture I gave on radio in New York and rushed the tape to her uncle. There was no time to loose. Caicedo had lost faith and had already paid for funeral services and a cemetery plot. He listened to the tape and decided to try it since he had nothing to lose. He threw away all medications and started to drink his urine as suggested. This is a decision that he will never regret because it saved his life. Withing three days, he had eliminated more excrement than in the previous six months. All his aches and pains were gone by the first week and his appetite and desire to live were back 100 percent. Within 10 days he had no need for the wheelchair and was gaining weight. Six weeks after the radio interview, he attended one of my monthly lectures to describe his positive experience with Uropathy. Caicedo was a new man who had gained 30 pounds. Six months later, he had visited Mexico, Miami and was on his way to Spain. He visited his doctors occasionally to make sure everything was okay and to see the baffled looks on their faces when they saw how healthy he was.


Aids-2,- Quique Paladino had full-blown AIDS in 1985 with ulcers of the mouth and sores in the esophagus and stomach. He also had Kaposi's sarcoma on his face and inside his mouth, and a terrible case of athlete's foot that was reaching his knees. Paladino was a pharmaceutical drug salesman with access to all kinds of medications, but every medication he tried was useless against his health problems. One night he Attended a conference on uropathy, but the idea of drinking his own urine or applying it to the skin repulsed him.

Paladino could not sleep at night because the ulcers on his legs were frantically itching and driving him insane. He would scratch in a frenzy causing more injury and bleeding. In an act of desperation he applied urine to his legs ignoring his education and medical training. Urine stopped the itching in minutes and for the first time in months he slept more than six hours. A week later the ulcers that tormented him for more than three years were almost gone. A few weeks later the ulcers in his mouth disappeared and several months after that the Kaposi's sarcoma lesions he had on his face were gone. His quick recovery motivated him to do some research and he was stunned when he discovered close to 800 references to urine as a therapeutic agent. He was so fascinated with the information discovered that he organized "The Water of Life" monthly meetings at the Gay Lesbian Community Center as a support group to share his positive experience with other AIDS patients.


Liver Disease,- Mark woke up in the middle of the night with a lot of pain, a swollen abdomen and high fever. This was the third time he had hepatitis. The day before he had eaten some food that was sitting in his stomach all afternoon and evening before he went to bed. I will be forced to take another week off, thought Mark, just like it happen in the two previous occasions. Although this time the condition appeared to be worst and he may need more than a week to recover. After a night of agonizing pain he was debating whether or not to go to the hospital since they could do nothing more than keep him in observation for a few days while giving him intravenous antibiotics. That is what happened in the two previous occasions. He remembered reading in the book "UROPATHY The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy" something about a deficiency of certain nutrients been related to his problem. Mark had a craving, but he could not identify it. He went to the bathroom and prepared the Universal Remedy using two drops of urine and a tablespoon of water and applied a few drops of the mixture under the tongue as instructed in the book UROPATHY.

Then he stumbled to the kitchen and looked in the refrigerator. There was nothing in it that would satisfy his craving. He looked around the kitchen for anything else that could calm him down to no avail. I will drink a cup of hot water, he though, since he had no desire for coffee or tea and later I will decide whether or not to go to the hospital. As he reached over for a mug, a jar containing sea salt caught his attention and somehow he decided to take half a teaspoon of salt and drink it with the warm water that was boiling in the pot and then he went to bed. He slept like a baby a few hours more than usual. About ten in the morning the hot sun awakened him. It was Saturday and he started planning the day's agenda. Suddenly, he remembered being sick and touched his stomach. Strange, he thought, the pain, fever and inflammation were gone by 90% and he felt relatively good. He called Martin Lara and discovered that a deficiency of certain ingredients in natural salts, which he had not consumed in several years, were the basic substances required for the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid that was strong enough to digest what he ate the afternoon before he became sick. Since that day he started using sea salt in his foods and has not had any more problems with hepatitis in more than three years.

Malaria,- Michael M. was concerned about the smoke that he was breathing daily and the effects it could have on his health. He heard a radio interview I gave in 1992 and attended one of my lectures. To test his endurance, he would time how long he could hold his breath, which was usually about a minute. To clear his lungs he decided to breathe the vapors of boiling urine five to ten minutes every day after work. Four days later, he developed a severe "healing crisis" that forced him to stay home three days. Two weeks later, he started breathing vapors again, but this time he had no healing crisis. Uropathy had increased his oxygen absorbing capacity so much that he held his head under water for more than three minutes to show his coworkers what urine had done for him.

In October 1995, I received a letter from Mr. Maloney who was vacationing in India. He had been very careful with the water and food there because tourists often developed malaria, cholera, dysentery and food poisoning due to lack of toilet paper and poor sanitary conditions. During a religious ceremony he was compelled to drink water from a sacred well and developed dysentery since the water was contaminated. By the time he had the first symptoms he was on a train to a city 48 hours away. Vomiting and diarrhea started a few hours after departure and he started to drink an abundant amount of urine hoping to control or eliminate the problem. (He should have used diluted urine under the tongue). Although the condition improved some, he started to worry because there was no medical attention available for more than 40 hours. He had a copy of the first edition of this book with him and he started reading the chapter on AUTOTHERAPY.

I explained how Doctor Charles Duncan prepared vaccines using the pathological discharge caused by the disease, feces in this case. Maloney prepared the vaccine in a couple of hours and administered it to himself. Relieve was almost instantaneous. He felt a warm feeling come over his intestines and he gradually started recuperating. A few hours later it was all over, and except for some intestinal gas the next day, there was no other problem. He was very appreciative to have read about the vaccine because he feared what could have happened if he had to be admitted into a hospital in India. He had no other problems during the rest of the trip and in his letter he thanked me for including this life-saving information in my book.

Tooth Abscess,- Jose Martinez had a bad infection in a tooth that needed root canal or extraction. The infection caused his face to become inflamed and he had a lot of pain. He obtained temporary relief with pain killers but he was getting desperate. He remembered reading in the urine therapy book that holding a mouthful of urine for a few minutes was an excellent treatment for this type of problem. He used the remedy every four to six hours as recommended just as if he was taking medication. He was desperate and wanted to see if this simple remedy would work before going to the emergency room at a local hospital. He recalled the taste of urine being repulsive, but the pain was unbearable. Besides holding urine in his mouth, he also put a rag soaked in urine on his face. Within minutes, the pain started diminishing and two hours later the inflammation started subsiding. He prepared the ultimate universal remedy and used it as instructed, every three hours, for a few days before seeing the dentist and all the while the pain and the infection were under control. His dentist could not believe Martinez's story and though she will never admit it in public, she now mentions the application to patients who are allergic to, or do not like using antibiotics.

High fever, undiagnosed-Lourdes V. had a fever of 104 degrees two days in a row. She did not want to go to the emergency room because during a previous visit to get treated for food poisoning she lost her baby and ended up getting three operations. She almost died in the hospital and she was deadly afraid of those institutions. By the time her mother was notified of the situation, Lourdes was dehydration and desperate. Her mother insisted on taking her to the emergency room at the local hospital, but she refused. If you don’t want to go to the hospital, her mother replied, then your must drink a glass of urine right away. Crunching her teeth, she complied by drank all the urine she passed the next time she had to urinate. Within 20 minutes, she started sweating and the fever started going down and down to about 85 degrees. She slept for six hours. Upon awakening she had diarrhea and her temperature was normal. Now that she has seen first hand how powerful urine therapy is, she uses her urine regularly.


Epilepsy,- While visiting Palmira, Colombia, one of my students described what happened one afternoon when the 11-year-old child of a friend had an epileptic seizure. While the family hysterically looked for medication for the child, my student quickly went to the bathroom and put 10 drops of his urine in a dropper and immediately applied it under the tongue of the sick child. He activated the chronometer in his watch to see what happened since this was an experiment to see if the urine could help in this case. Within 30 seconds the epileptic attack stopped and two minutes later the child was back to normal. By the time the family obtained the medication the child was out of danger. They were baffled to see how quickly he recovered and wanted to know what on earth was so effective that the child recovered so miraculously fast. At first they thought my friend was joking, then they thought he was trying to poison the child. They could not believe that all this time they had been powerless to deal with the situation when they always had the treatment at hand. six months later the child has not had another epilepsy attack after learning to drink a little urine (two to four ounces) every morning.

Kidney Stones,- Frank and I exchanged several Emails in an effort to answer several questions concerning the use of the urine therapy for the health problems that were bothering him. One of the problems was kidney stones for which I suggested drinking 6 to 12 ounces of morning urine with one third of a flat teaspoon of sea-salt. He was reluctant at first but passing a kidney stone was not the kind of experience he was willing to go through again. I suggested urinating in a clear glass so that he could look at the bottom for sediments. He started drinking the suggested remedy and a week later sent me an email to describe what had happened. He explained that on the 8th or 9th day there were pieces of kidney stones the size of a grain of white rice in the glass and he prayed to thank God for not having to endure the pain of passing another kidney stone.


Cystitis, antibiotic resistant- Mary Lou had antibiotic resistant cystitis, for more than four months. Cystitis is a bladder infection that causes an intense burning sensation when people urinate.  She had tried taking antibiotics, but relief was only temporary at the beginning. After a while the bacteria causing it had developed resistance to the antibiotics and there was nothing her doctors could do for her. They just told her to learn to live with it. That is when she started trying alternative procedures but the ones she used offered no permanent benefit.

A friend of her’s told Mary Lou to call me because I could help her. Jenny, her friend, was not confident enough to explain all the details of the universal remedy and she did not want to turn Mary Lou off to the one approach that would definitely get rid of the condition.

It took me 45 minutes to convince Mary Lou to prepare and use the universal remedy. She said that she would definitely try it. Well, she did and started using it. By the first time she had to urinate after using the universal remedy, the burning sensation was gone. We spoke two months later and Mary Lou told me that the condition had not bothered her since our first conversation.

Several men have tried the universal remedy for cystitis too and they all have had the same miraculous results. Some of the people who use it suggest that I call the universal remedy the miraculous remedy instead, because it replaces all antibiotics.

Parkinson's disease shaking- I met Frank at a construction site in Manhattan, and I noticed that he was shaking out of control. After an inquiry I discovered that he have had Parkinson’s disease for about three years. When I mentioned that the universal remedy has been effective controlling the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, lyme disease and other allergies he promised to try placing a drop of urine under his tongue. Frank told me that he would definitely try it because the medications for Parkinson’s disease were very harmful and did not really help the problem.

The drugs caused a lot of damage to the liver, the intestines, the pancreas and the kidneys. But that was not all. The medications also caused hallucinations and he did not want to continue taking them. I met Frank three days later and I immediately noticed that he was not shaking. He immediately hugged me and asked me to sit down so that he could tell me what had happened. The morning after I told him to put a drop of urine under the tongue, he did it. At first it appeared that nothing was going to happen. But about 30 minutes later Josephine, his wife, noticed that the shaking had diminished almost completely. She asked Frank, What was happening?

He told her that he was testing a new drug and that it appeared to be working. Anyway, the shaking stopped for 45 minutes on the first try. He did it again the next morning and the shaking stopped for 4 hours. On the day I met him for the second time I gave Frank a small bottle with a dropper so that he could carry it around. Since that day, the shaking has been brought under control in 20 to 40 minutes, but it always stops. Further research is being conducted on this particular illness.

Antibiotic resistant COLITIS- Antibiotic Related COLITIS is alarmingly becoming a very common disease. This disease threatens every person that goes into a hospital in America and in most other places in the world. Doctor have no cure for this disease because they are the ones who cause it. If you read de Merck’s Manual, you will discover that what causes this is an indiscriminate use and abuse of antibiotics given to hospitalized patients. Believe it or not, they give very high doses of antibiotics to most patients in an effort to protect them from developing Colitis.

Unfortunately doctors don’t realize that building up the immune system is the only way to protect the patient. But instead of boosting the body’s defenses, they use antibiotics which destroy the intestinal bacteria which are the ones that protect the colon from the malignant bacteria. Antibiotics wipe out entire colonies of good bacteria from the intestinal wall living the area unprotected and vulnerable to the bad guys.

I discovered this problem in "The Merck Manual" recently while researching the health problem that was afflicting a close relative who had been hospitalized. So many antibiotics had been used on her that all the benign bacteria in the intestine had been wiped out completely as confirmed by the doctor who was taking care of this patient. Without the good bacteria to control them, harmful bacteria cause deadly infections in the colon resulting in a build up of pus around the rectum.

The standard medical treatment for this type of infections is a very high dosage of the strongest antibiotic in the arsenal of doctors, VANCOMYCIN. But, once the bacteria develop resistance to it there is nothing to help the patient. Since there is nothing the doctors can do for them, the bacteria usually decompose the colon requiring a colostomy bag, or a colon reconstructed from a piece of the small intestine.

A patient who was sent to me in desperation received almost instantaneous relief from the pain and discomfort by using the universal remedy. I also recommended high dosages of sea-salt, plenty of fiber and urine injections. There were other suggestions but it would take too much time to list them all here. The patient had constant diarrhea but recovered almost completely in one week.

Lyme Disease,- Muriel had been suffering with Lyme Disease for more than 5 years when I met her accidentally. I was supposed to visit 515 W26 Street and 512 W29 Street to investigate complaints concerning the plumbing work in the buildings. I ended up going into 515 on W29 Street and while there I started talking to the super about my book and the treatments I suggest for viral diseases. That is when Muriel walked into the elevator.

I explained to her that I was not a doctor or a physician but the treatments suggested had worked for a man who had Lyme disease for 10 years and subsequently cured himself with one injection of fresh urine intramuscularly. It sounded a little bizarre to Muriel but the disease had just flared-up keeping her out of work for a week or so and she was desperate to try anything.

Lyme is a viral disease deemed almost incurable by doctors requiring a strong dosage of antibiotics for a year. The virus is hard to kill because it hides in the nervous system where it mutates and flares-up every three months or so. A urine injection is effective against this and all other viral diseases because urine passes through the brain barrier and help the nervous system’s cells build resistance against the virus.

I suggested she do a Urine Therapy search on the Internet and that she purchased my book to get more information. She read more about the treatment and applied as suggested. Four weeks later I met the super of the building in the subway and he told me that Muriel was doing great with a single application.

Gangrene,- Margarita, 70, had gangrene in one leg and doctors wanted to amputate it. She was directed to apply a urine-soaked towel to her leg three or four times a day, and to drink seven to 15 ounces of urine per day. Although skeptical, she started to follow the instructions and noticed an improvement by the second day. Her condition improved every day and her leg was almost normal two weeks later.

Emphysema,- is the condition that Mickey, my friend and previous employer Mickey has been battling for the past 10 years. He had always been constipated long before emphysema manifested and when I suggesting drinking water with salt he said he would definitely try it. After two weeks of taking this miraculous remedy his condition improved dramatically giving him a lot of vitality and making him go to the bathroom with much more regularity. He had not felt as good for a couple of decades.

Fibroid Tumor,- Mery Garcia, 55, was without apparent health problems. She began to drink urine out of curiosity, and after two weeks she had labor pains. She discharged an ugly-looking, egg-sized blood clot. She was not aware of any previous problem before the discharge. A week later she had a healing crisis in the form of a strong cold that lasted about three weeks. During this time she was discharging phlegm and mucus through the mouth and nose. I recommended that she eat raw garlic to accelerate the cleansing process. She wondered where all the phlegm was coming from, to which I replied that since she had been using antibiotics for more than 10 years, that phlegm had accumulated in her body. It took four weeks to cleanse her body.

Rosacea- Penelope had Rosacea, a condition that swells the capillaries in nose and facial skin making it appear very pink or red. When she blushed, the condition remained for over 10 days. She was 35 years old and had tried everything her doctor suggested and even changing her diet for a macrobiotic one to no avail. When a friend of hers suggested urine therapy, she thought it was bizarre. After reading “Uropathy, the most powerful holistic therapy” she was convinced that this approach could help her. She started drinking half a cup of urine every morning and in two weeks her condition was under control. When she blushed, the skin would still become a little more pinkish than normal, but it went back to its normal appearance 20 minutes later instead of lasting for days. She called me to share her testimony with me and to offer hope to the rest of the people who may be afflicted by this condition.

Parasites, Amebas,- Pedro Alvarez' body was invaded by amoebas 10 years earlier and he was suffering the corresponding discomforts since then. Alvarez collected his urine one night and kept it in the bathroom for about 15 hours, then drank it the next day. By misunderstanding the instructions of a friend, who told him to drink fresh urine, he accidentally discovered a new application of urine therapy for amoebas and tape worms. Surprisingly 15-hour-old urine did not taste that bad, he explains, but he immediately drank a tall glass of juice because he felt strange. Within 10 minutes or so he had abundant diarrhea. Alvarez was forced to stay close to the bathroom for the next two days. The diarrhea was so bad that he feared dehydration, but he knew to drink a lot of water with a pinch of sea salt. He spent the weekend at home drinking water and diluted fresh fruit juice. Monday morning he went back to work almost completely recovered. Three years later he hadn't had any more amoeba-related problems. Apparently the fermented urine of a person with parasites is so effective that it even removes the eggs of these parasites.

Influenza,- Donald had a troublesome health for the past 4 years or so when he felt all the aches and pains associated with Influenza or flu symptoms. Every joint in the body ached intensively and this was his first time feeling that way. I recommended a couple of bowls of chicken soup and complained that it was not possible. That is when I suggested to prepare the Universal Remedy and to drink a 16-ounces mug of warm water and half of a flat teaspoon of sea-salt instead of the chicken soup since real-salt and water are the two main ingredients, or rather the most important ones, to boost the immune system. He drank it and slept like a baby that night. In the morning he was able to go to work feeling very good.

Multiple sclerosis Jim had multiple sclerosis since 1981 and had tried everything to fight the disease. He heard about urine therapy and attended a lecture in 1992. The next day, he drank one ounce of urine. He felt a burst of sublime energy that made him feel very good and energetic for about three hours. During this time he did several things he wanted to do around the house. After the three hours, his wife ask him to take her out to run some errands but he was feeling a little tired. Then, she suggested that he take another ounce of urine. He did and off they went. He had the same burst of energy the second time around. He has been drinking his urine ever since and doing fine.

Food Poisoning,- Lourdes V. had a fever of 104 degrees two days in a row. She did not want to go to the emergency room because during a previous visit to get treated for food poisoning she ended up getting three operations. The standard procedure hospitals use turned a simple problem into a life-threatening condition that nearly killed her. By the time her mother was notified of the situation, Lourdes was desperate. Her mother insisted on taking her to the emergency room at the local hospital, but she refused. If you don't want to go to the hospital, her mother replied, then your must do something else: You must drink a glass of urine right away. Crunching her teeth she complied by drinking all the urine she passed the next time she had to go. Within 20 minutes, she started sweating and the fever started going down. Four hours later her temperature dropped to about 85 degrees and she slept for six hours. Upon awakening she had diarrhea and her temperature was normal. Now that she has seen first hand how powerful this treatment is, she uses her urine regularly.

Heart Burn,-A close friend of mine named Gene, who happens to be in medical school, had been suffering with severe heart-burn for more than 5 years. His aunt Cookie, a very close friend of Fanny, told him to drink a mug of water with half-teaspoon of sea-salt. Gene drank it and 5 minutes later the condition that annoyed him for half a decade disappeared. Imagine that. A condition that can be eliminated with pennies worth of real-salt a month gets rid of a problem for which a very prestigious teaching hospital in New York City is offering surgery.

Auto-intoxication,- Tom, a close friend of mine, had been having constipation problems for over 20 years. It is very likely that he may have been suffering from autointoxication by then because he had problems with the gall bladder, hernias and coronary arteries blockage. I suggested using urine therapy but he found me too difficult to accept. When I discovered the importance of sea-salt I suggested using this salt. He accepted to try consuming a flat teaspoon a day as suggested and a couple of weeks later shared with me his wonderful experience. He was now having regular bowel movements every day and even twice a day which was very unusual for him.

Another friend afflicted by autointoxication is Tommy, a plumber who does a lot of work in the five boroughs of New York City. When we met on February 2002, he could not even get out of the car due to lack of energy and a strong desire to go to sleep. Among the health problems he mentioned were; chronic low back pain, arthritis, bloating, indigestion, constipation so bad he had bowel movements every 4 days, and though he did not know it at the time, he was also swollen badly for sev