Anita Roddick

[She appears to be one of those Elite approved 'activists', and promotes medical lies such as HIV.  She refused to post a comment to her thread on Hepatitis, below, outlining the fact they haven't even isolated any hepatitis virus. See: Hepatitis.  When these people stray into medicine it soon reveals where they are really coming from.  The sale to a cosmetic company was one indication. ]

DISPATCH: Hepatitis C And Me
Posted on February 14, 2007 by Anita Roddick

In my world of social entrepreneurship and business, I share the stage with a number of influential philanthropists and activists. Some adopt more traditional approaches to activism, while others fight their causes using pop culture, disco, spandex and lace! One such woman is Ana Matronic, lead singer of the Scissor Sisters and fellow patron of HIV charity Body & Soul.