Professor Tom Sanders
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[T. A. B.  Sanders BSc, PhD, DSc (London), Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics, King's College London (University of London). An 'expert' promoting aspartame.  This was in the end paragraph, called 'The Verdict',  to an article looking at aspartame.  See: Dr Vincent Marks, who promotes sugar.]

"The key point is that we can help people to live healthier lives if they can reduce their calorie intake.  Sweeteners (aspartame) have a valuable role to play in the fight against obesity."--Prof Tom Sanders, head of nutritional science at King's College, London (Daily Mail Oct 12, 2004).

A real expert:
How silly of you to think that Nutrasweet replaced sugar it didn't. It increased the craving for sugar and the percentage of people overweight also has increased. That couldn't be Nutrasweet's fault, could it?-- BEATING THE FOOD GIANTS by Paul A. Stitt

Artificial Sweeteners Once Again Linked to Weight Gain - Ditching your diet
foods could be one of the best weight loss moves you make.