Viera Scheibner,
Principle Research Scientist (Retired)
Blackheath, NSW 2785 Australia
Sept 2004
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Re: History repeats itself because people forget history

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Provaccinators have short memories and they always come back to their past
disasters. Once upon a time, there was a tetravalent vaccine. It had to be
abandoned because straight from the start, many babies died from it, meaning
many more than died from the individual vaccines or DPT (three in one).

Then came another three in one: the MMR vaccine. It caused an enormous
upsurge in autism and mumps meningitis all over the world in the countries
that used this vaccine. In the UK the mumps component had to be replaced
with a different mumps virus in the UK - the Urabe virus with the Jeryl-Lynn
virus. However, the frugal manufacturers of the Urabe strain vaccine sold
the MMR containing it to unsuspecting Brazil where it caused an enormous
upsurge of meningitis in the recipients: they used it within a short span of
time (days) in a mass vaccination programme. This time there was no choice
but to admit that the meningitis outbreak was caused by the offending
vaccine (Dourado et al. Am J Epidemiology 2000; 151 [5]).

The logistics behind the switch to the injectable polio vaccine has been
quoted as its inability to cause paralysis. Wrong again! Provaccinators
forgot (or probably have never heard of) the Cutter incident. Within days of
the first mass trial of the Salk injectable polio vaccine in 1.8 million
children the United States in 1955, hundreds of its recipients and their
contacts developed paralysis. The US Surgeon General stopped the trial and
instead of proclaiming the vaccine not only useless but also causing polio,
the provaccinators redefined the polio disease: the classical definition of
polio as a disease with residual paralysis which resolves within 60 days
changed into a new definition of polio as a disease with residual paralysis
persisting for more then 60 days. The cases of paralysis which resolve
within 60 days are then classified as viral or aseptic meningitis,
Guillain-Barre Syndrome, lower motor neuron disease, infective polyneuritis,
symmetrical paralysis and other names. According to MMWR 1997 (Vol. 46, No.
10:221-222), the incidence of aseptic meningitis in the United States
amounts to 30,000 to 50,000 cases per year. When one considers that that
many cases had occurred only occasionally in the pre-vaccine era,
vaccination actually increased the incidence of polio; these days it is
30,000 to 50,000 cases every year, year by year and not just twenty years
apart. This explanation is feasible also because 99% of polio cases were not
paralytic and even the paralytic cases mostly resolved within days and
certainly within 60 days.

Another major problem with polio vaccines is the contamination with monkey
viruses (of which SV40 is just the one best known and researched) which
typically cause brain tumours in their recipients. It is hardly surprising
that Sweden has one of the highest incidences of these brain tumours in the
world: they have been using the injectable variety of the polio vaccine,
which bypasses the bodyıs vital defences more effectively (than does the
oral vaccine), improving the chance of the virus taking hold.

[Provaccinators , spare yourself a breath: polio vaccines are contaminated
with monkey viruses to this day; the problem has not been resolved by the
14-day treatment with 1:4000 solution of formaldehyde: according to Gerber
et al. 1961 (Proc. Soc. Exp. Bio. Med:108: 205-209) this treatment does not
just result in inactivation of SV40 (and polio viruses) which then revert
back to the original virulence in the recipients of such vaccines, but also
is subject to asymptotic factor, meaning within about 40 hours most of such
viruses are inactivated, but after that time there remains a viable residue
of live virulent viruses in the vaccine brew indefinitely. (³The results
obtained in this study indicate that the course of treatment of SV40 with
1:4000 formaldehyde was characterized by a biphasic reaction. The major
portion of the viral population was inactivated progressively at a slightly
slower rate than polio virus. The second phase of the curve indicated the
persistence of a residual fraction which resisted inactivation.²)]

Moreover, there is no benefit from the replacement of the wild polio virus
with the modified, exotic vaccine polio viruses; according to data published
by van Nierkerk et al. (Lancet 1994; 344: 661-664) and Biellik et al.
(Lancet 1994; 344: 1776) in Namibia vaccination not only caused an outbreak
of polio in the vaccinated, it also prevented the development of natural
immunity to the wild virus as shown by the lack of an outbreak in the north
health region: there was no vaccination in this region and no outbreak of
polio. (³The outbreak was limited to the south health region; at least 80%
of infants in this region have received four doses of oral polio vaccine
(OPV) by the age of 1 year² and ³Sa higher proportion of northern children
might have been protected, at least from type 1, by natural immunity, thus
suppressing epidemics. In 1993 OPV coverage among infants aged less than 1
year was higher in the south than in the north. However, evidence suggests
that a substantial pool of susceptibles especially among children ages 1-3,
was created when coverage was low, and the apparent interruption of wild
poliovirus circulation limited the acquisition of natural immunity.²).

Drs Elliman and Bedford: yes the new vaccine Pediacel would have the same
safety and reactogenicity as the standard pentavalent vaccine used in Canada
(both statements unsupported by published facts): miserable. You only write
about the ³troublesome but minor side effects such as fever and soreness at
the injection site². What about serious effects such as convulsions,
epilepsy, encephalopathy and death? Just because you donıt mention these
reactions it does not mean that there are none.

Only irrelevant and flawed epidemiological research ³showed² that thiomersal
in vaccines is not associated with serious neurological problems. Serious
and honest research has demonstrated that mercury is harmful to the young
developing brains of children. Medicos happily warn pregnant mothers not to
eat too much fish containing mercury. Mercury does not change into a
pussycat in vaccines.

Moreover, the mercury-containing preservative in vaccines has been in some
circumstances claimed to have been replaced, the substitute being phenol
which is just as toxic if not more toxic than thiomersal. Vaccines still
contain aluminium compounds and other toxic substances, and, of course, the
foreign proteins (antigens) which are toxic in themselves.

Vaccines not just could, they do overload the immune system of the
recipients. Even one vaccine ³can² and ³does² kill babies as witnessed by
cot deaths occurring within days of birth after hepatitis B vaccine.

Whether administered individually or together, a variety of vaccines cause
serious reactions which can be summed up as anaphylaxis, sensitisation,
increased susceptibility to the diseases which the vaccines are supposed to
prevent and also to a host of unrelated viral and bacterial infections. This
is totally undesirable, considering that unvaccinated children as a rule do
not suffer ear infections, tonsillitis, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, ADD, ADHD,
autism and other modern scourges of children, which are a result of
immunological injury caused by Vaccines. You do not improve health by
destroying the immune system. Modern immunological research keeps
demonstrating the harmful effects of vaccines (Jefferys, Lancet
2001;357:1451). There is only one immunity, natural immunity, which is
achieved by going through the diseases, provided they are not mismanaged by
over- and inappropriate medication, such as antipyretics and antibiotics
which are prescribed indiscriminately whether there is any need for them or
not. Thatıs quackery and iatrogenesis, not science (Scheibner: ³Study first,
judge later.² Australian Doctor, 2nd May 2003: Letter to the Editor).

Vaccines and other medical interventions actually stop the body developing
natural immunity.

There is no need to try to ³protect² children from natural infectious
diseases, there is only a great and urgent need to protect children against
the toxic orthodox medicine.

The last paragraph in Bedford and Ellimanıs article reflects the outrageous
claims of vaccinators about ³depriving children of the benefits of
vaccines². What benefits? What risks of delaying vaccination? Both are

This is where parents should step in and start to use their common sense and
learn the truth about health and sickness and, importantly, about their
legal rights. Vaccination is not mandatory; even in the totalitarian US
parents call legally avoid vaccinations.

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