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Disease incidence  Disease  Pediatrics   American Academy of Pediatrics

Infant death rate  [2016 April. Film] Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe


Mihalovic, Dave ND

[vid] Vaccines Are Not Safe.  Boyd Hayley lays out Dr Offit  Haley Ph.D.,Boyd

[2013] Vaccines: a peek beneath the hood By Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries, MD

Measles deaths totals 1901 to vaccination  MMR  MMR Urabe

Archie Kalokerinos M.D
  The Vaccination Racket  Statistics

Beddow Bayly, MRCS, LRCP


Measles deaths totals 1901 to vaccination


The National Anti-Vaccination League


Vaccine autism proven  Autism increase


Infant death rate


Bowel disease

Aluminium  Vaccine autism