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Post 108 
In last weeks chat, Don mentioned that he had made a small 108 (a little over a square meter) to stop radionics on his biz and was making some more to help out Stevo, Dooney and others. Radionics are often used to put a dome over our businesses, to make them invisible for customers. Frequently we boost eachothers biz to clear these etheric fogs.

I couldn't wait to make my own 108 and started the next day making a template on paper, using the picture Cesco once posted on EW (enlarged 6 times for the square meter endresult):

See picture on whale.to page: http://www.whale.to/b/108_h.html

However, taping the twentyfour pages together into one print, turned out rather messy. Despite my tongue in cheek effort, the circle became all crooked. Using my compasses to draw the 108 on another sheet, left me with a buzzing headache of all the measurements. I sure lost my touch with maths!

So in the end, I gave myself a break and ordered a weatherproof outdoor poster of the 108 template on pvc sheet. This Dutch company makes a 110x110cm sheet for about 108 euro  Mr. Yellow A perfect size for using half size tb's with 5cm diameter. It is quite easy (and cheaper) to have one made by a company in your own country - just look for vinyl outdoor poster/banner sellers on the Internet, there are lots! Many outdoor poster sellers have a download option for your own picture on a banner. All you have to do is:

1) download the 108 picture on http://www.whale.to/b/108_h.html
2) enlarge it 6 times on your own computer (to match the approximate square meter)
3) and order a banner at the size to fit the enlarged template

Here is my finished 108 - well, almost finished, I had to make one more small tb...


It is too soon to tell wether it is really working against the radionics on my biz. It hasn't been up for a day yet. But for what it's worth: my computer screen stopped flickering for the first time in a year (I had grown accustomed to that flickering! Thought it was due to old age. Hopefully it doesn't start tomorrow again, hehe). Physically, I felt my feet charka burning healthy unlike I have experienced in over a year too. So far, so good. I will report more in time.

It would be my pleasure to order a template for EW members. Since we all are radionics targets, our observations might be worthwhile. Please PM me for that.


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Post Re: 108 
Good job, Carolien--I'm blown away by the quality of the work!  My patterns are kind of crude by comparison.

Our business was under radionics assault a month ago, characterized by sharply, suddenly dwindled orders.  On the day when I set up a 108 the orders started coming in as before and stayed steady until a week ago, when I delivered that 108 to Dooney and Steve. Then the orders dwindled again, for Carol and I.  I'm waiting for some feedback from Dooney and Stevo, since they are also under constant radionics assault.  The other business person, besides Carolien, who is particularly targetted that way is Andy Schwarm of ctbusters.com .  I'm not happy that we're being perpetually smacked  by the CIA and NSA this way but I'm glad nobody else among our associates evidently is.

I'm making another pattern, now, and will make some trick, conical orgonite bits for each of the 108 points. I'll use TBs sort of  like Andy's, this time, and will add nice crystals and spiral coils inside.  Cones and pyramids have almost equal energy dynamics, evidently, and I bet the cone shape will really blast out.   I don't mind the lull in business, much, because I hadn't been able to get ahead with production, so my personal life was suffering. I'm definitely NOT a workaholic.

It's still early to make any claims for this device, which was invented by Cesco, based perhaps on Kelly's earlier field experiments.

Promoting it is a little bit dicey because Cesco hasn't mentioned whether he favors others profitting from this intellectual property.  Also, when he was last here, a year and a half ago, he was uncertain whether an identical orgonite piece should go in the center of each  of the seven hexagram 'cells,' which would make the number, 115 rather than 108.

Just because Carol and I long ago gave away the plans for orgonite cloudbbusters, the Succor Punch, Powerwand,   the Big Secret, Holy Handgrenades and Towerbusters doesn't mean that it's appropriate for other inventors to give away their creations, of course.  I'm sure not giving away the formulas for the 'secret ingredients' of our own commercial offerings, after all Cool because we want to keep a competitive edge and there is always more than one way to accomplish anything.

That said, I'd be very pleased if it's appropriate for Carolien to market these beautiful templates and perhaps the orgonite that goes on them. Since the orgonite is interactive I  think it would be productive to boost it with gems, coils, etc., in an intelligent way.

The only way to get a good idea of the device's parameters is to get a whole lot of them in the hands of  people who are in a position to give substantive feedback.  That's how we test our own mods before we decide to market them.


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Post Re: 108 
My 108 is up for two and a half days now.... the skies are so amazing since yesterday evening,
I can't believe my eyes - can't believe this is from the 108 either: too spectacular.
Panoramic view is even better. Wonder if this lasts.. There is this quality to the daylight,
can't describe it - it has this extra shine in it. Very uplifting!

Sylphs all over our house...






Extra shine in the sunset light, yesterday evening....


A butterfly dancing in our backyard, the morning I set up the 108...