by James Bartley

ASSESSMENT--Intentions and Capabilities of the Reptilians
THE X FACTOR Ė Resilience to manipulation and mind control
Spiritual Warfare is Control of the Mind

This is a paper written in order to elaborate on themes I had brought up in my previous papers "The Grand Strategy of the Reptilians" and "Common Sense II- Rebuttal To A Reptile In Human Clothing." It will be a regular feature meant to disseminate hard core information to abductees which is sadly lacking within the so-called UFO Research Community.

This information is not for those who are having to retake "Alien Abductions 101." If you desire information about "Grays" or "Missing Time" or "Hybrids" than you are in the wrong website. Likewise manipulated abductees i.e. Muppets would not be allowed by their reptilian and alien handlers to read this treatise in its entirety. They would likely develop a headache, nausea, sleepiness, extreme anger and the like which would compel them to stop reading it. This is predictable.

This paper is meant for readers with a heightened sense of Awareness about the Alien Abduction Syndrome and who have taken their personal quest for the truth to the next level. To all of you who have done so or have made the decision to move on to a higher state of awareness I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've always been of the opinion that when you treat people as if they are intelligent they will act as if they are intelligent. Now more than ever we need people like yourselves who are willing to stand in the gap.


I use the mindset of an Intelligence Analyst when studying the Alien Abduction Syndrome. There is much confusion within the UFO Research Community as to the exact definition of terms such as "Intelligence" "Counterintelligence" and of course "Disinformation."

It seems to me that for the most part there is complete ignorance as to what the latter truly means. Time and again I hear accusations of "disinformation" bandied about the internet and UFO Research Community as if the accusers actually understood the meaning of the terms. I will clear this up once and for all.

In the first place, having had a security clearance or prior involvement within the Surface Intelligence/Security and Aerospace communities does not an authority on the UFO subject make.

There are many individuals around today who make much of having had Top Secret Clearances or involvement in the Aerospace or Psychic Warfare communities and use their backgrounds (or alleged backgrounds) as justification to speak as an authority on the UFO subject.

To the gullible and impressionable, an individual possessed of a Top Secret Clearance spends all their days reading Top Secret documents. This is patently absurd. The only reason one would have such a clearance is in the event he or she is ever required to witness or read Top Secret Information or Technology.

In the day to day operational world unclassified and confidential classifications on documents are the norm even for those involved in Elint (Electronic Intelligence Collection) with NSA.

There are people in the Cryptologic Community who have Top Secret Crypto level clearances merely because they are required to carry a small piece of equipment which is necessary for them to do their jobs. In the military world every last piece of equipment is accounted for when working with crytologic or communications related equipment and the users are held to strict accountability for their safety.

(In the strictest sense "Cryptologic" is not the same as "Cryptanalysis." The former involves the art of encrypting or enciphering ones own ciphers. The latter involves the art of deciphering or reading the ciphers of other nations. There are some who perform both task. People involved in this line of work are known as "Creeps" or "Crippies" in certain branches of the armed forces.)

The aforementioned individuals who carry the special equipment seldom if ever see real classified documents. Typically it is the finished product i.e. the Intelligence Summary which is Top Secret or above and distribution of the latter is limited only to those with an absolute "Need to Know" in the form of briefings from intelligence personnel (junior officers, non-coms and even enlisted men) or in an Intelligence Summary Briefing document which the officer will read privately. Any real "Insider" will tell you that.

I'm sure that is a severe disappointment for all those caught up in the phony intrigue of the UFO Community where every researcher is so important that they simply must have a separate agency spying on them personally.

And that is another point I want to make. There is a fundamental difference between Intelligence on the one hand and Security on the other. Most tend to regard them as one and the same which they are most certainly not. One does not get "spied" upon by "intelligence agents." That is to presuppose the researcher or abductee knows more about the UFO phenomenon than the deep black Aerospace/Intelligence apparatus which is not the case.

Even those who were utilized as operatives within deep black mind control programs involving aliens and have broken free are still trying to piece their fragmented memories together because at that level knowledge is limited by Levels of Awareness and not by clearances. Moreover the deep black manipulators are loathe to allow these special individuals to slip from their grasp and will strive at all hazards to bring them back under their control. There is a WAR going on.

Why should you stamp a document top secret within a secure underground facility where selective mind control is enforced and alien beings make up part of the environment?

Who are you trying to safeguard the information from within the confines of an underground facility? Let me guess: Abductees in a trance state who will probably think they had a strange dream if they remember anything at all.

Simple common sense is in order here but unfortunately common sense is very uncommon.

One is "spied" upon by security elements tasked with either determining the quality or the sources of information of a given individual or with undermining their efforts to exploit the information through various and sundry means.


Our team takes the viewpoint of an Intelligence Agency when dealing with the subject of alien abductions. We are not interested in "Educating the Public" or any other such nonsense. Simple worldly common sense would dictate that the public is completely disinterested in the subject and even if it had the slightest degree of interest it certainly wouldn't obtain any valid information WHICH WILL PREPARE THEM FOR WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS IN STORE FOR THEM. The people will not obtain this information from the government nor from the feculent cesspool, which passes for the UFO Research Community.

Our team concentrates on hard core intelligence collection on the Alien Abduction Syndrome. Why? Because everything else, the underground bases, the government mind control programs, the reverse engineering of alien technology et al are but a corollary to the Alien Abduction Experience in the first place.

The reason why there is so little hard core information available to abductees is because abductees pose a latent threat to the Reptilian Overlords of this world and to their apparent human vassals within the New World Order.

We are the ones with paraphysical and supernatural abilities. The problem at this time is that it is the Reptilians, their gray minions and human cosmic vassals who seem to be aware of and exploit the full potential of certain abductees as multidimensional operatives. I will elaborate on exactly why this is the case shortly.



Please note that I didn't use the words "research" or "investigate." Our team does not view the alien abduction syndrome as some sort of scientific curiosity the knowledge of which will ensure us everlasting fame and popularity. Neither are we interested in knowing about the "good" aliens because "good aliens" are not the problem.

Unlike the reptilian host Boylan who claims there is not a single negative alien in the universe and is prepared to claw your eyes out in defense of his viewpoint, our team knows there are good aliens. We are simply not interested in them. Maybe if they showed up more often we'd be interested but unfortunately that hasn't been the case.

I stated that the craft of Intelligence means the art of divining the intentions and capabilities of an enemy or a potential enemy.


Here is a small sampling of the known capabilities of the Reptilians.

The reptilians are paraphysical beings who can alter their vibrational density to operate within the confines of our three dimensional world both in and out of the normal visual spectrum.

The reptilians can manipulate the human "dreamscape" and install all manner of conditioning and programming much of which is erotic or perverse in nature. They specialize in manipulating ones dreamscape with erotic imagery specifically designed to promote certain behaviours and alternative lifestyles within a given abductee population. I know of no one else besides our team who is even aware of this very basic and pervasive reptilian programming agenda.

The definition of the word "Lifespan" as we understand the term does not apply to these reptilians who live in their own vibrational density long enough to manipulate countless generations of a given genetic/soul matrix population in our dimension.

The reptilians are master geneticists who have created subserviant races of non-human beings to act as Specialists tasked with furthering certain agendas directly impacting the human race including but not limited to genetic and soul matrix manipulation of the abductee population. It is through the latter program that Hosts are created through apparently normal human childbirth. These reptilian hosts are geared to sow confusion, discordance and disinformation amongst the abductee population.

Dr. Richard Boylan amongst others is a Host for a reptilian entity. Make no mistake about it. I have lost count of the number of websites placed on the internet by reptilian hosts. There is a new one that was put in place quite recently.

The reptilians do not need spaceships to travel in. They merely create a portal entry in the house of the abductee they need to work with. They literally walk through this space/time opening and appear in your bedroom in full physical density.

There is a whole subcategory of abductees, especially female abductees who have been genetically altered to accommodate the needs of their particular reptilian handler. The relationship of the reptilian handler and the female abductee can be likened to that of the Master Adept and the female "Scarlet Woman" within the context of a tantric sexual magickal working.

Women who have been genetically altered by reptilians have certain attributes unique to them. Some of them may develop an acute sense of smell which makes them extremely sensitive to human male pheromones. In some extreme cases they may have been conditioned by their reptilian handlers to lose all sexual interest in human males to the point where they feel nothing but contempt for them. Women having reptilian experiences may go through periods of time when they are craving Vitamin C and will even binge on Tomatoes or Citrus Fruits.

A natural consequence of the sexual encounters between the reptilians and women (some of which have been extremely brutal with the women having their hair pulled and their faces and bodies clawed at and bruised) is that the libido of some women is heightened to an extraordinary degree to the point where their every waking thought is consumed with the notion of sexual intercourse. In some cases this may cause the women to become extremely promiscuous.

In the case of those who do not have partners or are unable to find them they may be compelled to resort to compulsive self-gratification i.e. masturbation. In both instances the aliens "harvest" the sexual energy from these women.

It is not uncommon for light phenomena or even portals to manifest during these women's sexual encounters with men. If the woman is a host for an entity the consciousness of the human female (whatís left of it anyway) may depart during sexual intercourse and view the scene from above whilst the reptilian entity takes complete control of the female host.

The latter example gives us an example of the androgynous nature of the phenomenon because the reptilian entity or entities within the host are often as not male reptilians and it does not matter in the slightest that the entity is having sex with a human male.

A friend of mine will shortly be going public with information about the sadomasochistic and bondage and discipline aspects of the reptilians vis a vis a particular category of abductees. Barbara Bartholic has known of this aspect of the syndrome for many years. My friend's book will set the research world on its collective ear.

Likewise, a male abductee who is hosted will sometimes have his consciousness exit his body prior to or during sex. Many women have described how their boyfriends or husbands "changed" during or after camping trips and that the person they came back home was not her husband or boyfriend but someone or something else. This is especially the case with those abductees who have a history of substance abuse especially with methamphetamines and in particular, crank.

In the case of those females who have been "turned off" from the notion of sex with human males they become for all intents and purposes the sexual property of their reptilian handler. The reptilian may make an appearance to frighten or even attack the men who are potential partners in their lives.

I've known personally the husband of a woman who had been "turned" in this fashion who was attacked by his wife's reptilian handler. Her lover whom she had had an affair with was also attacked. This woman has only recently regained an interest in sexual intercourse with human males.

The reptilians promote the use of certain methamphetamines in particular "Crank" or "Crystal Methedrine" in order to better control and in some cases, to ultimately utilize the abductee as a Host. The latter types of amphetamines have a "sympathetic resonance" to the reptilians and some of their gray workers. Barbara Bartholic has documented dozens of such cases going back to the 1970's whilst most abduction researchers were still learning about "Grays" and "Missing Time" and "Hybrids". In fact most abduction researchers are still stuck in "The Gray Areas."

There is a historical basis for the utilization of potions and drugs by countless cultures ancient and modern in order to establish long term contact with non-human intelligences despite what the reptilian host Boylan would have you believe. There is nothing new about this, it is merely another facet albeit a profoundly disturbing one, of the reptilian agenda. I strongly recommend reading "Drugs and Magic" by my friend George Andrews.

The reptilians and their gray minions can control and manipulate abductees to a startling degree. They have a profound influence on abduction researchers in particular. They first strive to activate the ego of the abduction researcher and once that is accomplished the researcher becomes a black hole in regards to information he or she has obtained from abductees and it becomes an impossibility to obtain meaningful hardcore information from them.

I must stress that our team is not interested in the "Gray Areas."

These manipulated researchers will seem completely oblivious to the significance of hard core information given to them by abductees. If they run a support group they will ensure that no hardcore information is discussed in group by moving the discussion away from those who are willing to share the hard core information. This is done in conjunction with "Neutralist- Positivist" elements within the group who consistently and persistently downplay and marginalize testimony from abductees who have a better understanding of the alien abduction syndrome, thus quashing any meaningful discussion on the subject. Much better to talk about the Aquarian Age than what the reptilians are doing to the abductees.

Manipulated abduction researchers become very territorial and view themselves as clearing houses of all abduction related data arbitrarily deciding what "their" abductees or "their cases" should and should not believe or whom they may even speak with about the subject.

This form of control is especially evident within the internet where "moderators" or "facilitators" of UFO discussion groups set the tone and agenda for what is or is not posted onto the 'net. Again, Neutralist- Positivist elements assist in "shouting down" or marginalizing any meaningful discussion until what is left are abstract discussions about "raising ones vibrations" or meaningless diatribes about "polarities." These positivist- neutralist abductees have been in effect, NEUTRALIZED.

The UFO research community at large is a self regulating feculent mess. The government doesn't even need to send in agent provocateurs although they do so just to stir up the pot and whip up various elements into a frenzy over "hoaxes," "frauds," "imminent landings" all of which aren't even worth expending mental energy on. It never ceases to amaze me how little it takes to generate a firestorm of controversy amongst the UFO research community.


The reptilians and their gray vassals promote love obsessions and other emotional dramas between abductees beginning at a very early age. Barbara Bartholic has documented dozens of such cases as has her protťgť Eve Frances Lorgen. Barbara and Eve have collaborated on a book that will blow the lid off the whole Love Obsession syndrome. This information is not for the squeamish. This aspect of the syndrome is much more pervasive amongst abductees than previously realized.

Unless you have gone through the emotional anguish and upheaval of the "Alien Love Bite" (a term coined by a Bay Area abductee) then you are not qualified to even venture an opinion about it. This is a fundamental aspect of the emotional and energetic harvesting of abductees.

The reptilians are masters of frequency and resonance and can shape shift at will. They have often appeared to abductees as "Nordics" or "Blondes" or "Spirit Guides" and have conveyed to them much neutralist-positivist information. Throughout history the reptilians have used the image of Nordics as a screen to carry out their nefarious activities.

By that I do not mean that there are no "Nordics" as such. Please do not hear what I didnít say. I am merely saying that for their own reasons the reptilians have consistently and persistently utilized the "Blond Aryan" or "Nordic" image as a smokescreen to further their own agenda at the expense of the human race and may even be using captive or genetically engineered elements of Nordic beings as subject races within their spheres of influence.

Nowhere was this more evident than with the Nazi regime where the ideal of the Aryan Nordic was carried out to the nth degree with selective breeding programs on the one hand and the genocide of "Sub-human races" on the other.


At the very deepest darkest core of the Nazi Regime was the Thule Gesellschaft. An occult organization which venerated the image of the serpent and practiced sacrificial blood rituals and tantric magickal sexual workings. The two men who had the most influence on Adolf Hitler were Karl Haushofer and Dietrich Eckart both of whom were hardcore black magicians.

I cannot stress enough the fundamental connection between Black Magick and Sorcery (The Ritualistic Utilization of mind altering drugs to contact non- human intelligences) on the one hand and the Reptilian Over-lordship on the other.


Reptilians have a profoundly disturbing ability to manipulate the health of abductees especially those who are striving to obtain hard core information about them and their nefarious activities. They will even inflict physical pain upon abductees who "don't go along with the program." Once again Barbara Bartholic has done pioneering work in this regard having known first hand of a number of deaths, which stemmed from research related activities. These "reprisals" have caused people to give up their investigations. Moreover, the health of certain members of the abductee's family is often targeted for reprisals.

Many abductees who have had consciously remembered reptilian encounters are victims of extreme back pain which was instigated by the reptilians. This form of back pain results in extreme emotional and physical anguish, which is harvested by the reptilians as an energy source. I know personally a woman who is in her sixties and who refused to cooperate in a love-bonding scenario( a love bite set up by the aliens) with a twenty two year old male and was subsequently punished for her transgressions. She was immobilized on her back for several days with excruciating back pain.


If these types of physical manipulations were not so common I would not suggest they are part of the modus operandi of the reptilians, but they are in fact very common. They represent a patterned data correlation, which cannot be ignored by "researchers." It is not surprising when you consider that some of these abductees have extra vertebrae, extra ribs, major organs shifted around to off the wall places etc.

The reptilians manipulate specific parts of the abductees body such as the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system, sexual organs and so forth for the express purpose of depriving them of good health, which is one of the most insidious forms of control and manipulation that I can conceive of. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, allergies, Candidiasis, Yeast Infections, Fibromyalgia and numerous other illnesses and the whole gamut of gynecological problems are common amongst female abductees. Regarding the gynecological problems, Barbara Bartholic says "sooner or later it will sink in why that part of the female anatomy keeps breaking down."

Unfortunately, when women seek relief for illnesses from male physicians ignorant of the unique problems women have, these abduction related illnesses are not understood by many researchers to be related to the abduction syndrome.

Often times the abductees will undergo extensive physical examinations only to be told by their physicians that there is nothing wrong with them. If anything they find the by-products of the illnesses such as infections and the like but seldom find the root source of the problem let alone a cure. These types of imposed illnesses can plague abductees for years. These illnesses come up again and again within the life experience of countless abductees and yet for the most part they are not considered to be an aspect of the abduction syndrome.

When the reptilians have decided that an abductee has gone "too far" they will exact their preferred method of retribution which is Cancer. It is an excruciating way to die and the reptilians extract every last iota of physical and emotional anguish from their victim until their demise.


If you haven't guessed by now, the control and domination of human females is THE primary objective of reptilian operations vis a vis the human race, because women--through their creative, intuitive and nurturing nature--have a direct connection to the Divine and are therefore a threat to the reptilian overlords of this world.

This subjugation of women and the feminine principle in general has filtered down via the reptilian inspired secret societies and fraternal orders to become a fundamental aspect of most religions on this planet.

Ironically the use (or misuse as it were) of Tantric Sexual Magick is a fundamental part of Black Magick. In other words the Black Magicians know that the feminine generative principle is an immensely powerful force which they exploit for their own evil purposes at the expense of the human race in general and human women in particular.

That is what the "V" symbol is all about. A common symbol found on abductees appears to be the Triangle and most so-called abduction researchers regard it as such which again reveals their collective ignorance about these matters. What they are actually looking at is the Trikona.

The Trikona (an inverted three sided pyramid or a V) symbolizes the Yoni or the female sexual organ which is the abode of the sleeping fire snake and the source of the kundalini (serpent) energy generated through the Tantric Kaula rites.

What salient point do women most often report regarding sexual intercourse with reptilians? They experience the most powerful full body orgasms they have ever had sometimes lasting for hours!

In a Tantric Magickal Working the Adept seeks to activate the kundalini chakra of the female "Scarlet Woman." Once the kundalini is activated and forcefully propels itself through the other chakras finally exiting the crown chakra, the resultant "Ojas" or electromagnetic energy is magickally imbued into metal discs laid atop the middle chakras in order to store the electromagnetic energy.

These metal discs are stored in hermetically sealed containers for later use. These ojas are then imbued into the Adept so at a later time he may impregnate a woman with semen which in turn has been imbued with the power of these ojas in order to procreate a child of special qualities for special purposes.

The latter is just one example of the various usages of the ojas generated by the activation of the kundalini energy by a human Adept. Never mind what the reptilians can do, we're just talking humans here.

I should remind the reader that to her dying day Olympia, the mother of Alexander the Great insisted that her son was conceived during sexual intercourse between herself and what she described as a python. Olympia was an initiate of the Dionysian Mystery Schools and had frequently inbibed in hallucinogenics during these rituals many of which involved blood sacrifices, contrary to what some would have you believe. It has also been alleged that Julius Caesar was the product of a union between his mother and an Incubi.

I shouldnít have to add anything about the impact these two men had on history in general and western civilization in particular.


Aleister Crowley called the kundalini energy released through tantric magickal sex the most powerful force known to Mankind. And where does this force come from? Human women! The K at the end of Magick (the correct spelling) is a glyph for the Yoni. The female sexual organ.

Much of the latter information comes from the Adept Kenneth Grant's outstanding book "Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God" which is essential reading for anyone interested in the abduction syndrome.

The V for Victory sign was actually originated by Crowley not Winston Churchill. Can you see now why the series about flesh eating reptilians invading this planet from outer space was called "V"?

In 1871 Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton, a member of the English Parliament and a Rosicrucian, published a book entitled "The Coming Race" which was rife with hidden occult meaning.

The "Coming Race" referred to a Matriarchal Nordic Subterranean race known as the Vril-ya. The Vril-ya are an advanced race of seven foot tall Nordic beings that have harnessed an energy source known as Vrill and with it have subdued other subterranean beings in order to survive--including reptilians.

Indeed the very first creature, the main character, a surface dweller, encounters a man-eating reptilian being who carries off his friend, a mining engineer who was killed in an underground accident which led to the surface dweller being trapped underground.

The surface dweller later discovers that this apparently peace-loving race of Nordics actually intends to invade and conquer the surface of the planet. Remember that the reptilians have long utilized the image of Nordics as "front men" in their operations.

Keep in mind that this book was published in 1871! It dealt with matriarchy, subterranean civilizations, an energy source that heals and destroys called Vril, reptilians, conflict between subterranean races and an impending takeover of the surface world by an evil subterranean race. And it was written by an occultist of the Rosicrucian Order!

The all powerful energy which the Subterranean Nordics harnessed was referred to as Vril, i.e. the V or Trikona, the source of the kundalini serpent energy.

What was he trying to tell us? That maybe itís a waste of time conducting "Blue Book Investigations" seeking witnesses to three week old UFO sightings and learning about "hybrids," "polarities" and "spirituality" within the context of a war scenario?

To round out this section regarding the capabilities of the reptilians and their probable intentions let us turn to yet another work of "fiction" written more recently than Bulwer-Lytton's "Coming Race."

Dr. Harry Turtledove is a history professor from UCLA who specializes in writing what he calls "alternative history." One of his alternative histories is about the Confederacy winning the American Civil War and shows General Robert E. Lee sitting atop his famous horse Traveler and holding up an AK-47 assault rifle!

Dr. Turtledove has also written a four volume series regarding the Second World War, which has caught my attention. It is about the allies and the axis joining forces to repel a reptilian invasion from outer space! Do you know what the symbol on the covers of these books are? An inverted isosceles triangle (a Trikona) within which is the planet Earth!

Is the connection between Tantric Magick and the Reptilian Overlordship of the planet Earth beginning to sink in yet? And there are still some abductees out there wasting their valuable time with "researchers" who discount any such connection.

The above information flies in the face of those neutralist-positivist elements who would have you believe that throughout the vast cosmos, only human beings are capable of evil doings. Such a ludicrous notion is alarming and pervasive today, which in itself is indicative of conditioning and programming.

These are just some examples of the capabilities of the reptilians as witnessed by qualified observers of the past, present and hopefully the future.

ASSESSMENT--Intentions and Capabilities of the Reptilians

Keeping in mind that our definition of intelligence means the art of divining the intentions and capabilities of an enemy or a potential enemy. Does it seem logical to assume that with these capabilities, the reptilians have any intention of relinquishing their control and overlordship of the human race?

We must look at this situation in a mature fashion and learn to work from our strengths and not our weaknesses. The only way we as a race will be able to throw off the yoke of this cosmic vassalage is to obtain as much meaningful information as possible, through which we can develop effective countermeasures and an offensive capability of our own.

We must have the maturity to recognize the reality of our environment. Even here on the surface world all of the banks, telecommunications companies and utilities companies are merging at a tremendous rate. Hundreds of thousands of U.N. Troops are already deployed here ready to undertake what the U.N. euphemistically refers to as "Peace Enforcement."

Again it comes down to intentions and capabilities. What are all of these multi-national corporations capable of doing once they become a single monolithic block? At the very least they can develop a command and control infrastructure which will survive whatever economic or financial catastrophe that may or may not be looming in our collective future.

That is only what is going on in the surface world. Our team is really interested in what is going on in the subterranean world, which has everything to do with abductees.

Some of the underground facilities have been described by those who have defected from the Illuminatti as "waiting rooms for Hell." I cannot think of a more apt description.

It is the unanimous opinion of our team (of which I am but a small part) that the reptilians intend to maintain control over the human race by continuing their Grand Strategy of Divide and Conquer and by their continuing domination and marginalization of the feminine principle. The reptilians are well aware of the the geological calender of the Earth as well as the Apocalyptic Prophecies of numerous religions and have made their plans accordingly.

They have nothing to gain and everything to lose by allowing humans to attain a heightened level of awareness. The latter was one of the reasons why the human life span was artificially shortened by them.

The various cataclysms and upheavals naturally and artificially contrived, that will annihilate huge segments of the human race is merely the latest installment of a process which strives to reduce the human population to manageable levels BEFORE we attain heightened awareness and an understanding of our full potential. If this happened on a mass scale ( ie, heightened awareness) the reptilians will no longer be able to control us.


In the intelligence and counterintelligence world there is a mode of operating known as thinking or working "in opposites." "Opposites" is a language unique to the intelligence and special operations community as well as to those within the ranks of the secret societies. It basically means saying or thinking the opposite of what you really intend to do. When any members of the Bilderbergers give public or televised speeches, they routinely speak in this fashion when they discuss seemingly mundane topics such as economics or education. It is a hidden or occulted language, which the public at large is not meant to comprehend.

For example, if I am running a spy in a foreign country I may pass on a message to him or her prior to mission start which reads "Establish your bona fides. Ingratiate yourself upon your local community. Look to activation five years from this date." In other words the message means to not do anything but establish the credibility and lifestyle of a regular person in the community even if it means establishing a family and a business. A classic "Sleeper Operative."

However if we are talking in "opposites" what I am really saying is "establish contact with agent x immediately. Operation to commence in 48 hours upon receipt of message. The goods will be moved to safe house. You will be provided with escort to move them" and so on and so forth.

It is implicit in this mode of communication that there exists a prior understanding between the parties involved.

Let us now apply the mindset of thinking in "opposites" to what the reptilians know about abductees and what we in turn can learn from them.

The reptilians and their vassals can manipulate abductees both in and out of the physical body. They are well aware of this inherent human capability to separate our astral or ethereal consciousness/soul matrix from the physical body.

Medical procedures have been performed on abductees in which they are subjected to real physical procedures. While they are in this environment the aliens see them and react to them. The abductee can experience pain and discomfort and can even see the physical after effects of the procedures i.e. puncture marks, clamp marks etc.

At the same time the other half of them may be lying in their bed at home wondering how the hell they can be in two places at once. This is an example of bi-location. In other words, the aliens can manipulate a very real physical body which senses and feels as your "real" body does despite the fact that by all appearances you are still safely esconced in your own bed.

This happened to me once when this odd looking midget "nurse" with a nurse's uniform and hat, a phony black wig which was crooked and a gray wrinkled face injected my upper left bicep with a hypodermic that looked similar to one of those large black pencils 1st grade children learn to write with. This "nurse" was very bossy and definitely displayed poor bedside manner.

Afterwards I was allowed to get up from the table. I walked outside of this "clinic" and stood beneath a bright blue sky and looked at and felt the puncture mark on my upper left bicep with my right index finger. I was running my finger over the puncture wound and felt the soreness.

All the while my other half was lying in my bed with my eyes closed trying to reconcile this image in my mind and the accompanying discomfort I was feeling in my real arm. An abductee friend telephoned at that point and when I answered the phone I described to her what just happened. Although there was not a puncture mark on my "real" arm nevertheless, the soreness was still there.

What can we learn from this? Perhaps the aliens are working on cloned bodies which feel sensations that are recorded by your real physical body or they have a means to split us off and work on our ethereal bodies in another aspect of vibrational creation where full physicality is seemingly retained?

The procedures performed have a very real effect on our bodies here in this dimension. There may be much more to this but the point I'm trying to make is that itís apparent the aliens know about this capability within us and exploit it for their own ends. I suggest that we learn from such experiences and learn to exploit the situation for our own benefit.

It is also essential that we recognize the reality of cloning and the fact that some of us do have cloned bodies.


Much teaching and training goes on at altered states of awareness within alternate realms of existence. In these altered states of awareness we perform tasks and carry out certain functions, but for many, the critical thinking faculty has been switched off. We seem to have lots of information "downloaded" into us but for the most part we are unable to access that data in the normal state of awareness. Many abductees develop a feeling of self- importance merely because they are a student who has attended "UFO University." I have lost count of the times I have attended these classes and I can tell you it has not materially benefited my life here on the surface one iota.

Some of the training is of a paraphysical nature, i.e. walking through solid objects, levitation and the like. It is not uncommon within the framework of some of the eastern metaphysical traditions and even some western ones that initiates learn to develop these types of abilities over time through adherence to a rigorous discipline. "Whatever the mind of Man can conceive of and believe in, he or she will achieve."

Many abductees are subjected to testing and training procedures which seem to be designed to determine their decision making process under duress. Often times the scenarios involve "escape and evasion" or ones which place the abductee in situations where they have to choose between rescuing strangers or loved ones. Some seem designed to determine the attitudes, biases or morals of abductees.

Could it be that this program is designed to identify those with inherent leadership capabilities and who could be utilized in some capacity in a futuristic war? Conversely, could it be designed to identify those who are merely good "followers?" Much of the training that some of the abductees are going through is military in nature with advanced weaponry, including learning how to fly certain alien craft. I know for a fact that some of this weapons training is being conducted in cloned bodies at the behest of the reptilians.

We also know that certain deep black elements within the military are conducting an intensive training program in an alternate realm of existence. This training seems geared towards ensuring that the abductees in this particular program survive the coming cataclysms here on the surface. We also know that a particular segment of the military in the high desert of California is working for a particular race of reptilians that our team is very familiar with.

One of my closest friends is undergoing this sort of Cosmic G. I. Jane training. Myself and some close colleagues of mine have also found ourselves in some of these scenarios.

At least we can infer that the deep black military expects something of a drastic nature to occur here on the surface in the not too distant future and that they have a vested interest in the survival of at least some abductees.

We can also infer that the reptilians also have a vested interest in the survival of some abductees. (Our team does not ascribe to the notion that "Hybrids" will eventually supplant the human population here on the surface. This completely ignores the huge drama that is played out by the reptilian overlords and their energetic and emotional harvesting of the human race, which to them is the stuff of life itself. What Barbara Bartholic refers to as the "Great Human Nintendo Game." It also fails to take into account the number of hosts currently operating on the surface as an active fifth column at all levels of society.

This training is truly comprehensive. I've watched this woman change from a battered and abused housewife to a trained operative honed to a razors edge imbued with the "Killer Instinct."

She has had to endure extreme forms of "training." To wit: She has experienced gang rapes by apparent military personnel in order to show her that this is something she may have to deal with in the future and that she must learn to block it out. During these sessions she is telepathically reminded of her sexually abusive stepfather (a former Navy man) who frequently raped her and her sisters beginning when she was four years old. They remind her that she developed a capacity to "disassociate" at that time and to utilize that capability during this training scenario and in the future should the need ever arise. She is told that she cannot allow these types of gang rape experiences to "turn her into a basket-case."

What is interesting is that her reptilian handler showed up during one of these "training exercises" and indicated to the human in charge of the operation to cease and desist as if he, the reptoid, had decided that she had had enough.

It also begs the question, was her stepfather brought into the picture PRECISELY to practice these base perversions upon her? Whether the stepfather was consciously aware of his ultimate role in this project is irrelevant. In the intelligence and security world most people are more often used than useful.

Do I agree with this sort of training? No. But as a student of military history I can tell you that its not uncommon during wartime for women to be raped three times in three days by troops moving in three different directions. Indeed the selling of entire conquered and subjugated populations into slavery was an accepted part of "The Right of Conquest" during war and was practiced for thousands of years. In any event we must learn to adapt to the most extreme environments.

I have to reconcile the fact that my close friend is under for lack of a better term "mind control" and can be made to turn on me at the drop of a hat. The possibility exists and has to be accounted for. Again, I think this way because I recognize the reality of my environment.

What can we learn from this if we apply the notion of opposites? At the very least a segment of the abductee population is being trained to become multi- dimensional operatives and to survive the coming cataclysms on the surface. These cataclysms may spell doom for countless humans on the surface. We can infer that this training is designed to prepare the abductees to eventually function in an adversarial role against an enemy or a perceived enemy and that the intelligence behind this training is deadly serious about it. They have put my friend through hell when she has been uncooperative with them.

Again, myself and some members of our team have taken part in some of this training with our friend. However much of our training has been of a different nature.

I guess the reader has gathered by now that there is more to this than the "gray areas" of missing time, hybridization etc. I will tell you this: When I have discussions with Barbara Bartholic the words "abduction," "aliens," "UFOs" seldom if ever come up. Too basic. We are thinking in terms of centuries and populations.

THE X FACTOR Ė Resilience to manipulation and mind control

Before I delve into the issues of counterintelligence, disinformation and propaganda I want to make two important points.

First, our team does not believe in any of this "equality" crap. An abductee who is manipulated and is a wellspring of accusations, chaos, confusion, discordance, egotism, gossip, misery, and possessed of a mercurial and resentful temperament is NOT equal to those abductees with a heightened sense of awareness and a sense of their own personal destiny who are willing to submit their ego and ambitions for the greater good within the team concept.

We have identified an "X" factor amongst some abductees who seem resistant to some of the very basic conditioning and mind control of the reptilians, which seems to be the norm within "the Muppet Show." Chaos, confusion, discordance and resentfulness are symptomatic of a reptilian and demonic influence.

Our time is valuable. We only spend our productive time with productive people. Napoleon said, "I may lose a battle but I will never lose a minute." Napoleon knew that in War, Time was the one ingredient that if lost can never be regained.

By saying that I am not marginalizing or invalidating the nature of some people's experiences. Please do not hear what I didn't say.

I am merely saying that if we had our druthers we would prefer to develop a friendship based on mutual admiration and respect with an abductee who has a heightened sense of awareness and a sense of self worth rather than a manipulated puppet who sows discord and misery as a natural by-product of its existence.

I know wherein I speak because I was stupid enough to allow a reptilian host into my experience not once but twice. This entity has facilitated support groups in the southwest and has recently placed a website on the internet.

The entity writes in "Opposites" from the beginning to the end of this particular website. On the one hand it says it has "stopped" alien abductions in its life and on the other it says it is seeking to bridge the gap between the human race and the reptilians. It mentions just enough "negative" reptilian information (the best disinformation always has an element of truth in it) to compel some abductees having reptilian experiences to seek her/it out as a source of information which is the worst thing an abductee could ever do. I have seen this evil host sit down with the children of abductees and show them sketches of reptilians and aliens from a binder she carries (I call it her "Family Album." She obtained some of those stinking sketches from me.) and asks them what kinds of aliens they have seen and to not be afraid of them and to accept them as a normal part of their life.

My friend has seen black ethereal cartoon-like "noodles" coming out of the top of the entity's head while it was in a trance state. On another occasion when it was in a trance state and whilst African drum music was being played at high volume, this reptilian host lay on its back and "air humped" i.e. vigorously thrust its loins upward in a sexually aggressive manner for over two hours.

Several eyewitnesses have seen astral reptilian "pods" floating in and out of its abdomen after a "rebirthing" workshop in Sedona, Arizona. This brings me to a very important point, which needs to be addressed.

I would strongly discourage anyone from meditating at or near energy ley lines, dimensional vortex areas and the like. Such places serve as "the membrane" between dimensions which is precisely why UFO's are frequently seen over areas with high electromagnetic anomalies. (That doesn't mean I believe UFO's are strictly interdimensional in nature. There is a school of thought which holds that the UFO phenomenon is either Extraterrestrial or Interdimensional in nature and are mutually exclusive to each other. I disagree. It all relates to frequency and resonance.)

Occult Ritual activity is practiced in areas where electromagnetic anomalies exist because it is easier to create portals to allow beings from other dimensions into our space-time continuum.

The whole idea behind meditation is to seek the divinity which resides within. Its not meant to open oneself up to every marauding reptilian or demonic entity in the universe which seems to be the chief form of amusement for many New Age La Dee Dah's today.

"Spirit Guides " compel people to travel to places like Sedona Arizona or Machu Pichu Peru and take part in meditative workshops and then their family and friends wonder why they act so differently when they get back.

The aforementioned reptilian host has tried to attack me in the astral dreamscape and during sleep has tried to possess me. I have woken up tingling from head to toe feeling that icky reptilian energy saturating my bedroom. It has attempted to intimidate me in ways too numerous to count. Much of this happened to me whilst I was trying to expose the "support group facilitator" for what it was. A full on host for a reptilian entity.

Most "normal" humans simply can't do some of the things this entity can do. I am doubtful that the female host is even aware of its own abilities. She/it is not the only reptilian host whom I have battled in the astral dreamscape. There have been others but I am unwilling to mention them by name because they may not be aware that they have these abilities.

A well known researcher who likewise has a website (its getting to be a prerequisite for these hosts) and has lectured extensively appeared to someone I'm very close to in the astral form and watched as a reptilian being which my friend had never seen before (she is familiar with a different species) brutally raped and sodomized her. My friend is extremely psychic and can see astral entities and can see the reptilian image superimposed over host.

During this brutal rape the "researcher" sat at the edge of the bed watching my friend's plight with undisguised glee.

Likewise, I was told personally by another lecturer within the UFO research community that there are times when she does not see her own reflection in the mirror. Instead she sees the face of someone or something else looking back at her.

Are these the types of "people" you want to obtain information from regarding the alien abduction syndrome?

The reptilian host that my friend shared an apartment with brought into my experience a woman who was literally demon possessed. I referred to her as Demon Infested Deborah. Demon Infested Deborah brought unimaginable amounts of grief and misery into my life.

Demon Infested Deborah was possessed of the most crudest, perverse and vulgar characteristics imaginable and she was the hypnotherapist of the reptilian host's support group! (She called herself an "alchemical hypnotherapist" whose mission in life was to "deprogram people." She should have started with herself.)

Only a reptilian host could have found someone like her. In fact some of the most whacked out and confused people I've ever met were in that host's "support group." Demon Infested Deborah now resides in a suburb outside of Atlanta Georgia.

Do we have any volunteers who are willing to submit to a hypnotic regression by someone who is literally possessed of multitudes of trouble making spirits and who has the most feces oriented behavior imaginable? Any takers? And if you do not believe in demonic possession you are merely revealing your ignorance because its a given in many societies and cultures in the world except this one. I identified at least five different demons inside of Demon Infested Deborah at which point I stopped counting.

My only "crime" as regards my treatment of the reptilian host and Demon Infested Deborah was that I loved them unconditionally, did not judge them and did everything in my power to help them overcome whatever challenges they may have had but I may as well have tried to stop a tidal wave with my bare hands. It is simply not in the base nature of reptilian beings and demonic entities to repay your kindness with anything other than sheer grief and misery.


I'm not going to reveal what those "X" factors are because we are under a state of siege at the present time but are gradually attaining a degree of operational freedom. We practice OPSEC, that is Operational Security but not dogmatically and slavishly the way some "researchers" do. I would be crazy to reveal what makes this particular group of abductees unique.

"In War the Truth is so precious she must always be attended by a bodyguard of Lies."-Winston Churchill

This much I will tell you: Some of these people have endured the most hard core experiences with a commendable amount of equanimity and are eager to be thoroughly debriefed about their experiences down to the most minute detail. And we listen to them as opposed to just "hearing" them.

If anyone out there has been fortunate enough to see Barbara Bartholic give one of her infrequent lectures you will see that her tactic is to play videotapes of the abductees at length and allow them to describe exactly whatís happened to them in their own words. This tactic is almost totally at variance with the methods practiced by most so called abduction researchers who insist on cramming a square peg (abductee testimony) into a round hole (their own pre-conceived biases about the abduction syndrome which usually include "grays" "hybrids" ad nauseum).

The only way we can ever develop effective countermeasures and an offensive capability against the reptilian overlords of this world is to obtain ALL the information available from the people actually having the experiences (the abductees), correctly interpret the information, and disseminate it to those who have the most urgent need for it i.e. the abductees again.

Notice that I said abductees. I didn't say aeronautical engineers, Psychologist, UFO Investigators or people with backgrounds in the military. I said Abductees. We are only interested in the people who are down in the trenches actually having the experiences. I call them "Veterans of the Cosmic Wars."


Intelligence is broken down into three fundamental aspects: Collection, Interpretation and Dissemination. For effective countermeasures to be developed all three must be clicking on all cylinders all the time.

This is patently not the case in the abduction research field. It breaks down at all points but most notably in the last category of dissemination. When you don't get the finished product to the people who have the most need for it, disasters like the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbour are the result.

There was nothing "sneaky" about that attack. Japanese Naval and Diplomatic ciphers both high and low grade were being read by American Naval and Army codebreakers (Ultra and Magic), information was brought to the FBI six months prior to the attack by a double agent from British MI5 (run by the Twenty Committee or XX Cross) .So why then weren't the Americans prepared that fateful Sunday morning December 7th, 1941? Incompetence at all levels. Egos and Empires. So what else is new?

The exact same thing happens in the abduction research field. The reason it breaks down at all phases especially in the dissemination phase is always the same. Egotistical manipulated abduction researchers.

It seems strangely difficult for some to realize that aliens perpetrate mind control on abductees and especially abduction researchers. Curiously everyone involved in UFO research and in conspiracy research in general, unanimously agree that the government practices mind control but they are silent on the reality of alien mind control and conditioning on human beings.

I have said it time and again: The first goal of the aliens vis a vis a particular abductee or researcher is to activate the ego. As far as I'm concerned, an abduction researcher who has allowed their puny ego to be activated by the aliens is worthless at best and downright dangerous at worst.

There are a number of female abductees out there who have been preyed upon in a very improper manner by their male hypnotherapist researchers both in and out of hypnotic regression and it is incumbent upon these women to identify who these perpetrators are lest another female abductee fall victim to the base primordial perversions of these "researchers."

I'll tell you another thing about some of these "X" factor abductees: Some of them can literally see the reptilian image superimposed over other abductees or RESEARCHERS.

If someone can develop something akin to Kirlian photography that would allow us to photograph the reptilian entity overshadowing the host and put the pictures up on the internet I guarantee you some paradigms would be shattered.

The abductee community would be aghast at how numerous these hosts are and how pervasive is their malign influence upon the lives of abductees.


A final point I want to make before we move on to the subjects of counterintelligence and propaganda. There are a lot of researchers and UFO activists out there thumping on there chest like Tarzan and blowing smoke about how great they are and how stupid everyone else is.

Well, talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. This is what I believe about the current state of abduction research:

If you call yourself an abduction researcher and you are unaware that:

A) the reptilians and aliens manipulate the dreamscape and condition the physical body to respond to certain stimuli of an erotic or even a perverse nature,

B) that the reptilians promote the use of drugs especially methamphetamine and crank in order to turn an abductee into an energy sucking manipulated puppet and will sometimes host these people to further a particularly violent or sexually perverse agenda or,

C) Can manipulate the health of abductees in myriad ways and have even been responsible for the deaths of abductees or,

D) have actually hosted abductees and researchers alike, then I don't take you seriously.

I don't care how popular you are, how many times you've been on the Art Bell show, how pretty your website is, how many books you've sold, how massive your ego is or how long you've been playing Big Shot Researcher.

Please don't tell me you are an abduction researcher because everything I've just described is so basic it isn't funny. Itís a tragedy that the people who are having these experiences or are caught up in the misery of them (vis a vis manipulated abductees and vengeful aliens) aren't being given the truth--or any idea that what I have described is even related to the abduction syndrome. As such, they remain uninformed and under the bonds of imposed ignorance. Destined to make choices that are not in their best interest.

And if you have never had the experiences-- or worse do not admit to them, then shut the hell up. I have grown weary of abduction researchers who've never had the experiences misrepresenting the lives of countless abductees who have. I hold beneath contempt those Closet Case Abductees who presume to lecture others about the alien abduction syndrome and yet lack the guts and self worth to admit to themselves let alone anyone else that they've had the experiences.

People like that are not even qualified to venture an opinion about the subject. They can take that Doctorate in Psychology, History or any other subject and use it to blow their nose with for all I care. It does not entitle them to comment on the Alien Abduction Syndrome.

If you as a "researcher" or abductee for that matter-- don't believe, understand or never heard of some of the information I have shared, it doesn't mean that its not true. It only means that you don't believe it, don't understand it or never heard of it. Thatís all that means.


If the craft of Intelligence can be defined as the art of divining the intentions and the capabilities of an enemy or a potential enemy than counterintelligence can be defined as the art of deceiving or misleading an enemy or a potential enemy as to ones own strength, capabilities and intentions.

It was British General J.F.C. Fuller who drew a parallel between the commander in wartime who seeks to impose his will upon the enemy commander, thus delving into the realm of magic and the magician (or Warlock) who seeks to impose his will upon his victim thus delving into the realm of war.

General J.F.C. Fuller was uniquely qualified to speak about both War and Magic.

It was General Fuller who was the originator of the "Blitzkrieg" concept of modern warfare.

Blitzkrieg (Lightning Warfare in German) means the utilization of tanks and armored vehicles, supported by close air support (CAS), artillery and motorized infantry in a concentrated attack against a weak point in the enemy's front in order to gain access to the enemy's vital communications and supply centers in his rear, bypassing enemy strong points to be handled by trailing elements of non-motorized infantry whilst the armored spearheads continue the advance.

General Guderian, the foremost proponent of Tank Warfare for the Germans prior to World War II, has stated for the record that it was from Fuller's writings that Guderian had derived the concept of Blitzkrieg which led to Germany's smashing victories in France and the Low Countries in 1940 and to their initial successes in North Africa and Russia in 1941.

Likewise it was to Fuller that then Major George S. Patton, commander of the fledgling U.S. Tank Corps in France in 1917 turned to for advice in tank warfare for the Americans during World War I.

J.F.C. Fuller is the author of dozens of books about military history, strategy and theory including such classic works as "The Generalship of Ulysses S. Grant" "Grant and Lee: A Study in Personality and Generalship" "The Generalship of Alexander the Great" and "Julius Caesar: Man, Soldier, Tyrant."

What most people don't know is that J.F.C. Fuller, a British Officer who eventually attained the rank of Major Genera,l was for many years a practicing Warlock (an Adept) and a disciple of one Aleister Crowley. Indeed Fuller (Frater Per Ardua) was the first initiate into Crowley's secret order Argentium Astrium and hence was Crowley's second in command and probably introduced the latter to British Intelligence.

Fuller wrote such classic works as "Yoga," "The Secret Wisdom of the Qabbala," "The Pathworkings of Aleister Crowley," and was a contributing writer on "Commentaries on the Holy Books" among others.

"A commander in war seeks to impose his will upon the mind of the enemy commander thus delving into the realm of Magic. The Magician strives to impose his will upon his victim thus delving into the realm of War."

Do you see the connection now? One of the first objectives for an antagonist involved in Spiritual Warfare is to impose his will upon the mind of his victim.

It was Frederick Douglas, the pre Civil War Ex-Slave, Writer and Abolitionist who said "A slave is first shackled in his mind BEFORE he is shackled on his body."

Frederick Douglas was the worst nightmare for a slave owner: A Former Slave who can read, write and speak authoritatively on the subject of his own slavery and degradation at the hands of his "Masters"-- the latter an oxymoron if I ever heard one. What do you think the worst nightmare of a reptilian is?

Spiritual Warfare is Control of the Mind

Remember all of these points I have made about Magick, War and the Mind because they have everything to do with counterintelligence.

Some of you may have read my previous papers "The Grand Strategy of the Reptilians" and "Common Sense: Rebuttal to a Reptile in Human Clothing." I deliberately withheld the release of those two papers onto the internet until such a time when there were no "Imminent Landings" , "Signals from Space" "Revealed Hoaxes" or any other mindless crap which seems to whip the UFO community into a frenzy every other month at least.

The reasons for this were twofold: First, I wanted to provide meaningful information about the Spiritual Warfare which has existed between ourselves and the reptilians since Time Immemorial.

The second reason quite frankly was PSYOPS. Psychological Warfare Operations perpetrated upon the Muppet Show i.e. all the manipulated abductees, the New Age La-dee-dahs, and the reptilian hosts who pollute the UFO research community to show by their violent reaction to my White Propoganda (Truthful information disseminated to peoples in territories occupied or controlled by the enemy) how I could get into the minds of not only the muppets but by extension the minds of their alien and reptilian handlers.

I did this because I wanted to provide all the intelligent people who read UFO related information on the internet a unique opportunity to see the Collective Hive Consciousness of the Muppet Show in action.

It must have been obvious by the instantaneous and violent reaction from the muppet show in the form of endless streams of abuse and criticism directed at me that I succeeded. Of course if you understand the psychology of the Collective Hive Consciousness of the reptilian controlled Muppet Show as I do then you will know that this reaction was entirely PREDICTABLE.




For days after the release of those two papers, muppets throughout the various internet group lists were trying to outdo each other in finding new and better ways to insult me and marginalize the information I shared.

I must admit that I derived a tremendous amount of satisfaction knowing that there were countless muppets and hosts out there who were figuratively beating their heads against their computer screens in helpless rage over my White Propoganda.

In effect, I had imposed my will upon the collective hive consciousness for a period of several days at least. This should give many out there hope that we can still win this war.

The hive consciousness of the muppet show is a weakness, itís not a strength. When the muppets outlive their usefulness they will merely be discarded by the reptilians like the flotsam and jetsam of any other war. The Hive Consciousness or Herd Mentality is the polar opposite of Accurate Thinking.

Accurate thinking means you obtain ALL your information about any subject from credible sources and use YOUR OWN MIND to evaluate the information instead of someone else's.


I will give examples of Reptilian Propoganda and Disinformation and will then provide historical examples of counterintelligence and disinformation. After reading this there will be no further confusion as to what exactly constitutes disinformation and what doesn't. When someone accuses someone else of disseminating "disinformation" it presupposes the accuser actually has the "real" information. As we shall see that is not always the case especially when the accusers are alien propogandists and reptilian hosts.

Intelligence agencies such as the C.I.A. employ hundreds of people who do nothing more than read domestic and international open source publications and literature. The latter is a very useful form of intelligence gathering. An occassional intelligence bonanza can be reaped merely by reading open source publications from both friendly and hostile nations.

It was precisely for that reason that General Sherman distrusted and hated northern war correspondents because he believed, and rightly so, that the northern press was providing too much information relative to union troop strengths, troop movements and future plans to the Confederate forces he was fighting against in the field.

As distasteful as it is for our team to do, we must read reptilian propoganda in the form of neutralist-positivist UFO and New Age newsletters, magazines and on occasion even attend the lectures of reptilian propogandists in order to familiarize ourselves with the propoganda the muppet show is currently spewing.

Barbara Bartholic is a master at allowing the people she works with to tell their own story in their owns words and to allow them to develop whatever theories or feelings they may have about the subject.

And if a particular individual chooses to become a reptilian propogandist or a New Age Metaphysicist that is not her concern. Like the silent operators in the intelligence world who keep the information flow coming in year after year, anyone in their right mind has the wisdom to see these people as a valuable source of insight into the Collective Hive Consciousness and as an intelligence source regarding future reptilian intentions. Only an amateur would consider cutting themselves off from such a valuable source of information.

We do this in order to gain insight into the spin control they are applying to certain aspects of the UFO subject. There is no better example of this form of reptilian propoganda and disinformation than that provided by the reptilian host Boylan.

In the January 1999 "Contact Forum" Boylan wrote the following comments based on "information" he allegedly obtained from an informant within the National Security Agency.

"...The Bilderbergers and the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) decided in the mid 50's to enter into an arrangement with the ET's. The ET's were given an island in French Polynesia as a base on Earth. This arrangement afforded them an opportunity to moniter closely Earth cultures and behavior and permitted Earth governments a way to moniter extraterrestrial culture and behavior. It became an ongoing experiment as my former NSA informant put it."

Well, maybe. Maybe not. Either way it is irrelevent. I can think of any number of underground alien bases here in the southwest. Indeed there is a large underground-undersea facility right here in San Diego that some members of our team were unwilling guests at. There is another underground base within two hours of my house in the high desert that we have collected data on for the last three years.

Moreover it is unclear how these ET's can "monitor closely Earth cultures and behavior" when they are compelled by this alleged treaty to stay on an island in French Polynesia.

Itís just another example of the reptilian host Boylan attempting to "Big Shot" the gullible with his alleged "sources" within NSA. I already mentioned that it is foolish to ascribe knowledge about the UFO subject to someone merely because they were or are alleged to have been former members of the intelligence community.

If taken at face value, Boylan would have us believe that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization which has mastered the art of interstellar space travel would appear hat in hand to our government during the 1950's, enter into a treaty with a nation which is still using primitive thrust propulsion as a mode of air travel, and would meekly settle for a tiny island in French Polynesia.

This is as absurd as Cortez meekly bowing to the Aztecs with his tail tucked between his legs and then sailing off with his conquistadors in search of a more hospitable place to come ashore. In fact, Cortez ordered his ships burned so his soldiers wouldn't insist on re-embarking and leaving.

Likewise, the ET's submitting to the terms of such a treaty is as unlikely as the European powers in the early part of this century meekly submitting to China's rights as a sovereign nation and returning to Europe instead of using "Gun Boat Diplomacy" to install "Trading Concessions"-- which for all intents and purposes served as their own economic spheres of influence on the Chinese mainland. Some may think the latter two examples drawn from human history are fallacious comparisons. I do not believe so. The Europeans regarded the Chinese as little more than heathen savages whilst the Chinese Leadership in turn regarded all Europeans as Foreign Devils.

The next quote from the January 1999 "Contact Forum" is significant. I want the reader to pay close attention to the language the reptilian host Boylan uses because it is very revealing:

"NSC's (the National Security Council) Dr. Michael Wolf has previously revealed in his book "Catchers of Heaven" that he worked with ET's as part of his government duties, "I met with extraterrestrial individuals every day in my work and shared living quarters with them." He added that the Zetas work in underground facilities as requested by the U.S. Government. The ET's are not breaking the U.S Government-Zeta Treaties, but the Government has broken treaties by mistreating ET's and trying to fire on UFO's."

Up untill now, many within the UFO research community have searched for the answers to these mysteries everywhere but right under their noses. The above quote which I have highlighted in bold is very revealing in that it expresses the sentiments of a Non-Human Intelligence.

"The ET's are not breaking the U.S. Government-Zeta Treaties but the Government has broken treaties by mistreating ET's and trying to fire on UFO's."(!)

What could be more revealing? Mistreating ET's? Trying to fire on UFO's?

What about the countless abductees who are suffering from ill health as a result of their alien abductions? Not to mention the Dulce Wars of the late 70ís. What about all the military and civilian aircraft which have malfunctioned and crashed as a result of UFO activity? What about the countless humans from all countries around the world, both military and civilian whose lives were terminated by the reptilian controlled security services of this planet because they knew too much about the UFO subject?

The writer of these words revealed itself as an entity utterly contemptuous of human life and completely ignorant about the security measures that are taken to ensure with few exceptions, that those exposed to absolute proof of extraterrestrial and non-human life here on Earth cannot recall with any degree of clarity what they have seen or heard.

Any investigator in the UFO field worth his or her salt has developed their own informants who have formerly worked in deep black military projects relating to the UFO subject.

Over the years I have spoken to a number of individuals who I am satisfied have been involved in some way, shape or form with UFO related projects within the military and have related to me the truth as they understand it. In almost every case selective mind control and memory erasure was utilized in order to ensure that secrecy was maintained.

A close friend of mine worked with the Air Force Audio Visual Command at Norton Air Force Base in California in the 1970's. Thanks to the efforts of certain researchers, we now know that Norton AFB was the place where much of the movie footage and still photography of UFO's were developed.

My friend Rachael (an abductee) had a Top Secret Clearance working in photo development. She never could recall actually working at the facility. She had vague memories of going to work and coming home from work, but aside from a vaguely remembered episode in which she had become nauseous at a "cafeteria" with doctors and nurses attending her and other odd memories of being trained to operate advanced technology by an individual in a labcoat while floating fifteen feet in the air, she cannot recall anything.

Since she has left the Air Force there have been efforts by various intelligence agencies including NSA to recruit her for certain types of work which she has always refused. In May 1978 they attempted to recruit her for work involving Air Force Combat Controllers working in conjunction with the French Foreign Legion's 2nd Parachute Regiment (2nd REP) which had conducted a combat jump into Kolwezi, Zaire.

I debriefed another woman who worked as a radar specialist with the Air Force and who found herself involved in a project designed to determine if the radar of surface to air missiles (SAMs) were able to lock on to UFO's in the mid 1980's. This person appeared in silhouette, for I believe the Discovery Channel or The Learning Channel on a special regarding Governement UFO conspiracies.

"Irene" worked at the Tonopah Test Range. She stated that the exercise was conducted at an unspecified location in the desert. Up to fifteen different UFO's flew to within a hundred yards of the radar shack she and the other radar specialists (other "volunteers" she had never seen before) were working at. After the exercise they were bused to a facility she believed to be at Area 51 where all the participants were given shots in the back of the neck. Thereafter her memories were very fuzzy. She said there was a period of over four months which she could not account for.

The latter are just two examples where selective mind control was utilized on Air Force personnel. I have spoken with members of all branches of the military who have been tampered with in similar fashion in order to ensure secrecy and to selectively erase memories.

Often as not, those who have been manipulated in this fashion were abductees to begin with. Larry Warren (a true hero in my book) has stated for the record that those who suffered the worst harassment at RAF Bentwaters- Woodbridge were abductees. This just strengthens my conviction that the deep black reptilian and alien controlled military know exactly who the abductees are within the Armed Forces.

All of this relates back to the propoganda being spewed out by the reptilian host Boylan. It has been established that there is an ongoing interaction between deep black human elements within the military-aerospace complex on the one hand and the reptilians and other non-human intelligences on the other. It is foolish to suggest that the humans are operating at anywhere near an equal footing with the reptilians in the underground facilities.

There has been a concerted effort over the last several years to heap all the blame for the miseries experienced by certain abductees upon "the military." This fosters a mistrust towards not only the military but towards human institutions in general which the reptilians are only too willing to exploit.

I'll say it again. Mind controlled security thugs are a symptom. They are not the ultimate problem.

Granted there are some people who are striving to break free from deep black projects where their special and unique talents are being used for malevolent purposes and I do understand the misgivings they may have about the "military."

I share their misgivings. I was extremely disillusioned myself after going through extended periods of harassment. I grew up a Navy Brat and voted Republican in every election since I was old enough to vote. The Army-Navy Football Game was The Big Event in our houseold every Autumn. To this day the interior of my mom's house looks like a shrine dedicated to George Bush and Ronald Reagan.

I went to school in London England in the 1980's and took a foreign language course in Germany in the early 1990's and was the epitome of the self- righteous American. I was ready to duke it out with any European who criticized our policy in Central America and the Middle East. It took alien abductions and harassment by deep black security elements to get me to "wake up and smell the coffee" so to speak. I still revere our Heritage and the noun America still resonates deep within me but I no longer look out through the world with rose coloured glasses. It was a learning process and I am still striving to learn more every day because I know where my wisdom ends and my ignorance begins.

I want those who have been harrassed by military security elements and have decided to crusade against "the military" to understand that the "military" is not in control of the situation. Understand that there has been an ongoing interaction between the reptilians and non-human intelligences in general with high ranking Human Adepts and Warlocks for centuries. Indeed, it was during the Sixteenth Century that Dr. John Dee, the original 007 and Queen Elizabeth's Spymaster who along with Edward Kelly, revived the ancient language of Enochian which is utilized to summon extraterrestrial and interdimensional entities into our space/time continuum.

The effort to "blame the military" for all UFO related troubles is just another facet of the divide and conquer strategy of the reptilians. In a number of instances what seemed to have been military personnel involved in these kidnappings, debriefings and medical procedures were in actual fact shape shifting reptilians. In other cases they were mind controlled security thugs working for the reptilians.

This mindset has reached ludicrous proportions to the point where there is a lecturer and self-described abductee in the southwest who maintains that the reason why the military is kidnapping abductees is so the military can learn what the aliens are telling abductees about the connection between psychic abilities and the alien technology!

If elements of the military are already interacting at some level with the aliens why the hell would the "military" want to obtain information from abductees instead of from the aliens themselves?

Considering how the awareness of many abductees is intentionally muted by the aliens during abduction experiences, it is questionable just how much "information" they really have.

This useful idiot is routinely hoodwinked into lecturing about such ludicrous topics by "former members of government psychic warfare projects" including one individual who appears as a frequent guest on the Art Bell show to relate outrageous predictions of an apocalyptic nature which never pan out.

The spin control being woven by the reptilian hosts and the rest of the muppet show is intended to make it seem as if it is actually the human military which is in control of the Alien situation and that the human government-military faction has been duplicitous in its dealings with the benevolent ET's.

They are speaking in opposites again! Do you see how this works? This could only be plausible if enough members of the muppet show parrot the party line in true Collective Hive Consciousness fashion.

I will give one more example of the reptilian host Boylan's deceitfulness. The latter entity had made light of some of my comments in my paper "Grand Strategy of the Reptilians." In it I stated for the record that the reptilians promote substance abuse amongst abductees in order to better control and manipulate them.

The entity quoted that statement and then sent out an e-mail describing my comment as "lunacy" and suggesting that I seek a twelve step program.

Question: What does the reptilian host Boylan know that the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Native Americans, Chinese, Persians, Indians, Celts, Aborigines and countless other cultures ancient and modern don't know?

The ritualistic utilization of drugs for the express purpose of establishing long term personal contact with non-human intelligences (Sorcery) is firmly embedded within the traditions of ALL of the cultures that I mentioned.

Why do you think Alcohol has been referred to for centuries as "Spirits?" Because prolonged use opens doorways, which allow discarnate entities the opportunity to enter into the auric field and physical body of the drinker! This is why truly sensitive people feel like bathing after they step into a "dive bar" for even a few minutes because of the discarnate entities clinging onto the auric fields of some of the dive bar patrons. This is why I have my "shields up" during the infrequent times I attend UFO conferences and lectures because I don't feel like having my energy drained by the parasitic entities that have attached themselves to some of the conference junkies who keep attending lectures and conferences in the forlorn hope that someone else will explain their own reality to them. If you've ever wondered why you feel exhausted or why your knees are wobbly after an abductee support group or a UFO lecture you needn't wonder anymore.

A pattern has developed over an extended period of time in which the reptilian host Boylan has consistently and persistently sought to prevent the dissemination of meaningful information to the abductee population which will reveal to those--who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear--the unsettling truth about the Reptilian overlordship of the planet Earth.

How can someone who professes to be as knowledgeable about the UFO subject as Boylan claims to be, be wrong EVERY TIME?

It is a historical fact and a matter of public record that the base reptilian perversions that Boylan had perpetrated upon female clients he had worked with in California led to the state of California revoking his Clinical Psychology license. I have personally spoken to women who were former members of his support group in Sacramento California who related to me lurid tales of his base reptilian nature. This entity has violated the sacred trust between the therapist and client.

Would anyone in their right mind seek advice and counsel about raising their children from an individual who has been guilty of sexual indiscretions upon his clients of the opposite sex?

Would anyone seek advice and counsel about relationship issues, medical issues or financial issues from someone who has been guilty of sexual indiscretions upon clients entrusted in his care?

If the answer to both of the previous questions is a resounding NO then why the hell do people countenance this reptilian host offering unsolicited advice about a subject that will literally impact countless unborn generations? Enough is enough already. The First Amendment was written for humans.


There is no better example of the proper utilization of disinformation within the context of Counterintelligence than the deception and disinformation schemes which completely fooled the Germans as to the location, the timing and the strength of the amphibious landing on the French coast of Normandy. (Operation Neptune).

The allied planners had to devise a scheme that would allow them to land over one hundred and forty thousand men and thousands of vehicles on a relatively narrow strip of beach from which the allied soldiers could extend their lodgement further inland without major interference from large formations of German forces for as long as possible.

There were two major aspects to the allied strategic deception plan. The first was known as Fortitude and the second was known as Bodyguard. Fortitude North involved allied deception schemes meant to pin down hundreds of thousands of German troops in Scandinavia. Fortitude South was concerned with deception operations in France and was designed to pin down the German Fifteenth Army in the Pas de Calais region directly opposite the cliffs of Dover in England so it couldn't be used to disrupt the amphibious landing in Normandy further to the west.

It was also imperative that the German Panzer (Armoured) Divisions which were the strategic reserve of the German forces in France, be kept away from the lodgement area. There were similar operations in the mediterranean and the Balkans designed to pin down large numbers of German troops in those regions.

It is the Fortitude South deception plan and associated deception operations known as Bodyguard which are of primary concern to us. I will draw parallels between the latter operations and what is going on today within the UFO Research Community. It is my intention to encourage the reader as much as possible to think like an operative because the lives of unborn generations may depend on it.

The greatest military secret of the Second World War was NOT the Manhattan Project. NKVD Chief Beria had his moles burrowed deeply into the Atom Bomb project from the start. It didn't help that Harry Hopkins, President Roosevelt's right hand man and the power behind the Lend Lease program personally ordered the trafficking of uranium and other necessities for atom bomb production through a lend lease airbase in Montana to the Soviet Union. This is a historical fact.

Neither was Ultra, the decoding of German and Japanese ciphers the greatest secret of the Second World War. The greatest secret was the timing and exact location of the expected Allied invasion of Western Europe.

It was a certainty that the allies would invade Western Europe in order to wrest the continent from the grasp of the Nazis. But Where? When? With how many troops?

The Allies knew that they only hope they had was to mislead the Germans as to the exact time, location and strength of their inevitable invasion in order to gain for themselves the necessary to time to strengthen, expand and ultimately to break out of their lodgement area on the coast of France.

The Germans were desperately seeking to determine the intentions and the capabilities of the Allies. In wartime that translates to knowing the enemy's Order of Battle. This means identifying to the fullest extent possible the various units and formations, both large and small which make up the enemy's forces in the field.

Remember the points I made about Intelligence, Counterintellignce and Spiritual Warfare involving a battle over the mind because they all come into play as far as Disinformation is concerned.

During the early part of the war Britain's MI5 (Counterintelligence and Security) had captured a number of German agents within the United Kingdom. These agents were of various European nationalities. They were given a choice: Either work under the control of MI5 or be hanged as spies. Many of these agents availed themselves of the opportunity to avoid the hangman's noose.

Those who had been "turned" in this fashion were placed under the strict supervision of a controller who provided the agents with scripts with which to transmit their coded messages back to their German controllers with misleading information or "Disinformation" (a term coined by the Russians). It was through this system that MI5 effectively controlled and ran the German Espionage network in the United Kingdom. This became known as the "Double Cross System." The branch of MI5 which ran this operation was known as the Twenty Committee (XX) or Double Cross Committee. The Germans ran a similar operation in Holland at the expense of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) called Operation North Pole. The Germans referred to this kind of operation as a "Funkspiel" or a Radio Game. As the reader will see, it was a very apt description.

The German Abwehr (German Intelligence) was aware of the possibility of their agents being "turned" in this fashion and had trained their agents to include certain predetermined "errors" in grammar or punctuation at specific parts of their text to assure themselves that the operative was not transmitting under duress or sending misleading information. Moreover, every single morse telegraphist has a unique style of transmitting known as their "Fist." Experienced German controllers would immediately detect an imposter transmitting in the place of the real agent.

Likewise, German controllers would become suspicious if their agent who worked in the Foreign Office, started supplying information that was unobtainable from the standpoint of someone who actually worked in the Foreign Office. It had to be information that related directly to the agents type of employment and immediate environment.

Once the Double Cross Committee had successfully turned an agent, they would begin the painstaking and tedious process of establishing the "credentials" or the "bona fides" of their double-crosser.

The credibility of the turned double agents are established over a period of years by having them send relatively unimportant or dated information which can be confirmed and verified by independant sources the Germans have i.e. information about merchant or warships having recently been in a particular port, the identity of senior allied officers, the construction of certain airfields which German airplanes will eventually conduct photoreconnaisance at and so on and so forth.


All these things must be kept in mind when trying to sort out all the data that is coming in from all quarters regarding the UFO subject. There are no such controls or precautions taken as far as ascertaining the quality or sources of information. The sheer volume of data rolling in from unidentified or highly dubious sources within the New Age-muppet community is itself indicative of an attempt by the reptilians to flood the minds of interested people with highly misleading or doctored information via their "Channelers," "Light Workers," "Spirit Guides." ad nauseum.

This is why it is imperative that an abductee become a student of the real abduction syndrome. Since the reptilians and their gray workers have an extraordinary influence over the lives of the abductees, it is childs play for them to arrange meetings between people (the alien love bite for example) and to arrange circumstances and events to mold individuals into predetermined roles such as abduction researchers, New Age metaphysicists and the like. (Barbare Bartholic has documented numerous cases in which abductees were told as children that they would eventually write books about their experiences and help to raise the spiritual consciousness of the human race.)

All the while the "credentials" of their spirit guides or alien benefactors is constantly reinforced within the mind of the muppet to be. Since they are the ones who created many of the situations and experiences in the abductees life in the first place, it is not surprising that they would "remind" the abductee about meeting a particular person while skiing in Aspen for example, or about how their "wise guidance" prevented the future muppet from a serious accident back in 1972. At first blush, this is information that only the abductee being thus manipulated can know about.

"Spontaneous Healings" may even be utilized by the aliens as an apparent measure of the relative importance the abductee holds in the alien's scheme of things. Of course the aliens will eventually claim credit for the healing of the malady they created in the first place. The muppet is then told that his healing was necessary in order for him or her to do their part in some future role involving the spiritual evolution of mankind.

Sexual favors have also been utilized. I know personally a guy in California who has been kept celibate by the aliens for nearly the last ten years on Earth. Why? Because they allow him to seduce comatose and incoherent female abductees on board their spaceships. These women are literally lined up on the floor for him. Every now and then they take him on board merely to tell him how important he is and show him technology. The latter experiences are allowed to remain in his conscious memory to inflate his own ego.

He has stalked female abductees , constantly telephoning them and driving around their neighborhoods at night. These are women he's met at abductee support groups and at lectures. (Itís not uncommon for attractive female abductees to have a problem with manipulated males becoming obsessed with them.)

The last time I saw this guy was at a UFO conference in Los Angeles a few years back and it took every bit of restraint I had in me not to beat him to a pulp in front of all the nice people. It would have been done in order to "raise his vibrations" of course.

All of this instills in the mind of the muppet a grandiose impression about their own self-importance, especially if they are not getting this kind of recognition or validation in the "real world."

Likewise, all of this metaphysical new age UFO related information serves as the literary version of what I call "MTV Programming." MTV programming is that type of television eye sore which consist of having countless unrelated images randomly juxtaposed and flashed in lightning sequence across the television screen which ultimately serves to fragment the conscious awareness of the viewer if they subject themselves to this type of entertainment (or entrainment) for too long.

The long term effect of New Age Metaphysical thought upon the conscious and subconscious mind of those within the muppet show is exactly the same, because they spend all there waking hours dwelling on metaphysical abstractions and philosophies instead of whatís going on in the real physical world,- thus losing what the military fighter pilots refer to as "situational awareness." They become lost in a spiritual haze of their own making.

Remember: You are who you associate with. When I first moved to San Diego I was excited about the prospect of beginning life anew and openly talking about my experiences with like -minded individuals. Unfortunately the whole southwest is polluted with these New Age la dee dahs and I wound up becoming a part of a "contactee support group" run by an imbecile who named himself after a lost continent. Ironically one that imploded upon itself through sheer negativity.

It wasn't too long before I started talking about the "Spiritual" aspects of the abduction phenomenon. Understand that even then my conscious memory contained such experiences as a frightening sexual encounter with a hideous female alien hybrid, "flexing exercises" in which my chakras were activated and my energy siphoned by the aliens, a Grey looking out of my television screen and zapping my mind with energy, being pulled through my bedroom ceiling in full waking consciousness twice up into a spaceship etc etc etc. And yet I was blowing smoke about "Spirituality." It simply doesn't follow that to have these types of experiences necessarily means that they are of a spiritual nature. Thatís as fallacious an argument as me standing in a garage and proclaiming that I'm an automobile. It simply doesn't follow.

The only spirituality that I derived from these experiences is when I went and sought guidance from the divinity that resides within and associated with warm hearted and loving individuals who have a much better grasp of this subject than I did such as Barbara Bartholic.

By now the reader should realize that there are significant parallels between disinformation practiced by the military and that practiced by the aliens.