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Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 44. (March 29, 1979)


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This is the Dr. Beter Audio Letter(R), Box 16428, Ft. Worth,
Texas 76133.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter in Washington. Today is
March 29, 1979, and this is my Audio Letter No. 44. It has now
been 15 months since I first revealed in Audio Letter No. 29 that
a new Bolshevik revolution was getting under way here in the
United States. Last month I revealed that a Bolshevik coup
d'etat had just taken place, bloody and vicious, yet out of the
public limelight. All four of the third generation Rockefeller
brothers are now dead, as are others who were close to them.
Now, America is being dragged along toward revolution,
dictatorship, and war by the ad hoc gang of four--BRZEZINSKI,
BLUMENTHAL, BROWN, and SCHLESINGER. It was Schlesinger who said
in the fall of 1975: "Some years from now someone will raise the
question, 'Why weren't we warned?' and I wanted to be able to
say, 'Indeed you were'." Now Schlesinger himself is working fast
to help bring on the very disasters he warned us about. Can you

Seven months ago in Audio Letter No. 37 I spelled out the
secret new strategy for an American nuclear first strike against
Russia; and as I say these words, more and more parts of that
plan are falling rapidly into place. At the same time, the
Bolsheviks are trying to schedule coming events to bring on
full-scale revolution here as their first priority; then, with a
stunned America in their iron grip, they intend to move us
quickly into NUCLEAR WAR with RUSSIA. Already the plan I
revealed last August for the Camp David summit to lead to an
Egyptian-Israeli 'Peace Treaty' has been accomplished. At the
same time, Bolshevik control within the Vatican has brought about
the drastic shift of the Roman Catholic Church to a strongly
anti-Russian stance. Two popes--John Paul I and the real John
Paul II--were murdered last fall by the Bolsheviks in the
process, as I detailed in Audio Letters Nos. 39 and 41. The
crucial importance of Red China and Iran in the plan I revealed
last August has also caused both of them to undergo dramatic
developments during the past six months.

My friends, we are now at the crossroads. It is do or die for
the Satanic Bolsheviks who will never turn back from their
suicidal plans. It is also do or die for the survivors of the
four Rockefeller brothers--the rest of the Rockefeller
family--who are in mortal danger from the Bolsheviks. And, my
friends, it is DO or DIE for us, for Christianity in the West,
and for Western civilization itself! Many people today are now
saying, "What can I do?" After you have heard this recording,
you have my suggestion as to what you can do; and I urge you to
act quickly, because there is no time to be wasted!

My three topics this month are:



Topic #1--Two months ago on the evening of January 26, the life
of Nelson Rockefeller ended abruptly. As I revealed five days
later in my Audio Letter No. 42, he was murdered--shot once in
the head. Last month I reported that Rockefeller's murder had
been only the beginning of a pattern of events. The pattern is
that of the Bolshevik purge--that is, a bloody, yet secret, coup
d'etat. In the space of only a few weeks, the secret rulership
of the United States changed hands. The coup began on January 26
when, as the Bolsheviks put it, Nelson Rockefeller was
liquidated; and by February 17, the coup d'etat had been achieved
because by that date both David and Laurance Rockefeller had also
been executed. Meanwhile, the purge had also eliminated several
persons who knew too much about Nelson Rockefeller's murder.
These included: Megan Marshack, Ponchitta Pierce, and Rockefeller
family spokesman Hugh Morrow. But there was one disappearance
last month that was not according to the Bolshevik game-plan.

As I reported in Audio Letter No. 43, Dr. Henry Kissinger was
to be the key man in the new Bolshevik power-group. Kissinger
had conspired with others for Nelson Rockefeller's murder and was
positioning himself to pick up the reins of Rockefeller power;
but on February 5 the private jet carrying Henry and Nancy
Kissinger with their five body guards from London to the United
States disappeared over the North Atlantic. I can now reveal
that the Kissinger jet suffered a mid-air explosion. The
crippled airplane crashed into the sea at the navigational
coordinates 54 degrees, 40 minutes, 57 seconds North; 26 degrees,
40 minutes, zero seconds West. No one escaped from the plane,
the remnants of which sank in approximately 8,000 feet of water.
The exact fate of the Kissinger jet was not immediately known
last month but it did soon become obvious that Kissinger was gone
for good. As a result, the Bolsheviks here in America were
thrown into turmoil. The plans Kissinger had helped set in
motion to dispose of the Rockefellers were carried forward.
Meanwhile, the ad hoc gang of four emerged as the guiding force
of the secret new Bolshevik revolution here in America. These
four men have only a small fraction of the power formerly wielded
by the four Rockefeller brothers--but they are very dangerous men
indeed! These men are: National Security chief ZBIGNIEW
Secretary HAROLD BROWN, and Energy Secretary JAMES SCHLESINGER.
Together they are working feverishly toward a complete take-over
of America's industry, banking, agriculture, EVERYTHING; and
beyond that their goal is NUCLEAR WAR with Russia--an act of
national suicide for the rest of us!

As of now, the Bolshevik coup d'etat--that is, the change in
ruling circles--has already been accomplished. What still lies
ahead is the full-fledged open revolution to transform American
society as a whole into a Bolshevik HELL. Using the excuse of a
deliberate war-crisis in the Middle East and resulting oil
shortages, the Bolsheviks plan to start closing down American
freedoms in a declared 'National Emergency.' From there the
Bolshevik grip around our necks will steadily tighten, gradually
choking and strangling us into total submission. As the last
gasp of free air is squeezed from our lungs, the blackness of
BOLSHEVIK DICTATORSHIP will gather itself around us. Then, those
who have been content to 'Wait and See' will realize too late

In Audio Letter No. 14 I described some of the valuable
lessons the four Rockefeller brothers had learned from their
clandestine support of Adolf Hitler. One of these lessons was
that a revolution is best carried out with, and not against, the
full power of a nation's government; and that lesson is not lost
on the Bolsheviks here in America--the former allies of the
Rockefeller brothers. Using the excuse of crisis conditions,
they will use their governmental authority for revolutionary

Businesses large and small will be nationalized as the Bolsheviks
take over America's means of production;

The banks will be closed, cutting off access of millions of
people to their life savings;

Both corporate and private farms, ranches, orchards, and
vineyards will be taken away from their owners nation-wide and

Engineers of all types will be put to work wherever the
government puts them in all-out preparation for war--and the
prelude to this is already visible in the job market of today;

People without special skills will be herded like cattle from one
location to another for agricultural or other tasks; and

Millions who are troublesome for various reasons will be sent to
Concentration Camps--of which 13 already exist in America in
various states of condition.

These things, my friends, are what the Bolsheviks--including
the new ad hoc gang of four--have in mind for us very soon. All
they have to do is to hold on to their present power until the
coming Middle East crisis unties their hands. Until then they
cannot unleash the DICTATORIAL EMERGENCY POWERS they want--and so
they are vulnerable. While they are waiting for their hour to
come, they know they must not let the American public realize
anything about the Bolshevik coup d'etat that has taken place.

Last month I revealed intelligence that the disappearances of
Henry and Nancy Kissinger, David and Laurance Rockefeller, and
others were all connected to the Bolshevik coup d'etat, so the
Bolsheviks dare not let you know that any of these people have
dropped out of sight. That is why I said last month: "Doubles or
look-alikes may begin to appear on the scene for these people.
What is amazing, especially in the case of Kissinger, is that
they have been able to stifle public questions for so long in his

During the past month or so the Bolsheviks have been
orchestrating a careful campaign using the major media to deceive
the American public and, sure enough, doubles are being used as
part of this deception campaign. Falsified stories are being
planted in the news media, both with and without the knowledge of
those who publish the stories. One day it may be just a sentence
or two in a Society column alleging that Henry Kissinger showed
up at a social gathering, without saying where or when. A day or
two later a different newspaper may print a story alleging that
Megan Marshack is looking for a new job here in Washington. The
picture that accompanies the story is one of the same old file
photos we have been seeing for two months. Several times,
however, a "double" has been used. Then, an item appears about
Ponchitta Pierce with a supposedly new photo, but you are not
told that the person in the photo is only a "lookalike." The
real Ponchitta Pierce is dead, of a bullet in the head. And
then, of course, once in a while there has to be a low-key item
in the news about David Rockefeller. In his case, a very good
"double" has been on the job since late February, and he appears
occasionally in photos. One example of this took place on
February 27 when the David Rockefeller "double" spoke before the
Staten Island Chamber of Commerce. He had never spoken there
before and so his audience never suspected that this man was not
David Rockefeller. The next day the New York Times ran a brief
news item about the talk, complete with a small photograph of the
David Rockefeller "double" at the lectern.

But of all the disappearances I revealed last month, by far
the most dangerous to the Bolsheviks is that of Dr. Henry
Kissinger. For many years Kissinger was highly visible to the
American public. Any time a major new development takes place in
international relations, Americans expect to see Kissinger giving
his comments on television. His name is a household word and his
distinctive face and guttural voice are recognized instantly by
millions. These factors would have made Kissinger a great asset
to his fellow Bolsheviks if he had lived, but now these very same
factors are presenting the Bolsheviks with a difficult problem.
Of all the missing persons, it is Kissinger whose prolonged
absence from public view would be noticed first by Americans; and
yet, he is also very difficult to imitate successfully enough to
pass the test of prolonged television interviews with close-up
shots. And so up to now the use of the "double" is only a
secondary factor in the Bolshevik cover-up of Kissinger's

In recent weeks, a well-tanned "double" for Kissinger was
dispatched to Acapulco, Mexico, to lend credence to the
cover-story that he was vacationing there. He has also shown up
elsewhere mingling with people who do not know him well, and even
speaking to such groups of people. This is the man who was seen
momentarily on television three days ago in connection with the
signing of the Egyptian-Israeli treaty in Washington. As the
television cameras gave us a brief, instant look at this man
hugging Egypt's President Sadat, we were told, "That's Henry
Kissinger." In ways like this, the Kissinger "double" is playing
an important role now. But the big problem facing the Bolsheviks
is the television interview problem, and so far they have not
been able to produce a "double" who is capable of completely
solving that problem. So instead they have recently concocted a
different kind of hoax using the little known technical tools of
television itself. In a moment I will describe in detail how a
television hoax has just been perpetrated by the Bolsheviks. The
purpose of this hoax is to trick you into believing that Henry
Kissinger, after disappearing for over a month, has miraculously
reappeared. They will stop at nothing to make you believe this,
my friends, because in order to believe that Kissinger is alive
you must disbelieve what I told you last month about his
permanent disappearance on February 5. That means you will also
disbelieve what I told you about the other secret deaths and
disappearances last month; and that means, in turn, that you will
refuse to believe that a Bolshevik coup d'etat has taken place
here in America. And so, my friends, you are faced with a clear
choice upon which YOUR FREEDOM and YOUR LIFE depend. One choice
is to keep your mind open to what I have told you--that Kissinger
is dead--and decide whether the fast-growing crisis atmosphere
makes sense in that light. Your only other choice is to believe
what the Bolsheviks want you to believe--that is, that Kissinger
is alive because "I saw him on television." Your decision about
what you believe in this situation is so important that I cannot
stress it enough; so before I describe the Kissinger television
hoax itself, I believe it is essential that I give you some
background for what is going on now.

There is nothing new about "doubles", hoaxes, and trickery by
those who control the mass media. Many people think that a
"double" is an exotic, rare occurrence, but actually "doubles"
are relatively easy to find for those who specialize in that
field. For example, in Hollywood, California, there is an agency
called "Celebrity Look-Alikes, Inc." run by Ron Smith. The
agency provides look-alikes for all kinds of public figures for
entertainment purposes. They have over 400 look-alikes,
including one for Kissinger; and not one, but two look-alikes for
Jimmy Carter. One Carter look-alike is named Ed Beheler from
Waco, Texas; the other named Walter Hannon is from Los Angeles.
Both look so much like Carter that most people can't tell the
difference. Not long ago Bob Hope illustrated this fact when he
wrote to Ed Beheler: "Dear Ed--Thanks for bringing the Jimmy
Carter look and your talent to NBC for the 'All Star Comedy
Tribute to Vaudeville' special. May I say your presence was
somewhat unnerving. After your appearance on the set, three of
the pages left immediately to pay their back taxes."

But "doubles" and other hoaxes are not always so entertaining.
Since medieval times "doubles" have been used as an instrument of
intrigue. History is replete with the exploits of impostors who
have taken the place of the rich and the powerful, and often they
have been remarkably successful. If all of this is new to you, I
urge you to do your own library research. For example, one of
the latest books on the whole area of hoaxes was published in
1977 by Reader's Digest--it's called "The Pleasures of Deception"
by Norman Moss. Chapter 4 of the book deals with a topic that is
specially relevant here--that is, hoaxes perpetrated by means of
the mass media. It begins: "With the creation of the mass media,
a whole new area of deception was opened up. This provided the
means of fooling the whole public at the same time in the same
way. Anything told through the mass media carries credibility;
it is more solid than rumor, more respectable than gossip, more
believable than hearsay." A few lines further on the author
points out that people tend to just swallow what they read,
saying "The newspapers say so and so." He might have added, "I
saw it on television." The psychological key to all this is
explained in the words: "This authority stems partly from the
fact that the media, and particularly the news media, deal with
public issues that are beyond the experience of most of its
audience." In other words, if we don't know any better, we just
believe what we are told. Still you may say, "Surely the great
major media of the United States are not used for really serious
distortions. It just couldn't happen here." Well, my friends,
it began happening here over 80 years ago.

I've pointed out on several past occasions that America began
selling her soul at the time of the build-up to the
Spanish-American War. Spain was dragged into war by the United
States, and American public opinion eagerly welcomed the war.
The Hearst newspaper chain deliberately whipped up American
passions to the point where the cries of "Remember the Maine" led
America into a national crime against Spain. Later on, the gross
distortions and outright lies by the Hearst media came out
publicly; but by then the damage was done, and the American
public did not cry out in anger over the trickery nor insist that
we make amends to Spain. Instead, we were too puffed up over
being suddenly a world power. With that, we began to blind
ourselves to the dangers of media lies. It has gotten worse and
worse, and we have become more and more blind. The major media
have fallen ever more completely under centralized control, and
have become increasingly powerful and ruthless. In June 1972, a
national scandal called "Watergate" began, and from start to
finish it was orchestrated by the controlled major media. The
media script to destroy first Vice-President Spiro Agnew and then
President Richard Nixon was incredibly detailed. For example,
beginning early in 1973 I was able to reveal on radio Talk Shows
all over America that the face of Spiro Agnew was scheduled to
appear on the covers of Time and Newsweek for the week of August
13, 1973. That was to be the signal for Agnew to be cut down
fast by scandal. Everything went off exactly as planned. Agnew
did appear on the covers of Time and Newsweek right on schedule,
and less than three months later he left office under the cloud
of scandal. I revealed more about the Watergate scandal in the
past, and there is no time to review all of that again now. The
point is this: the controlled major media of the United States
have proved themselves to be powerful enough to bring on a war,
or to end a presidency; and now they are under the control of the
International Bolsheviks--the most diabolical, crafty, and
ruthless people ever to stalk the earth. Regardless of the other
details, their schemes always have one key ingredient in
common--that is to instill trust in their intended victims until
the moment of vicious attack. And that, my friends, is what they
are trying to do to you now by means of their television hoax
about Henry Kissinger's seeming reappearance.

The Kissinger television hoax began early this month, March
1979. My Audio Letter No. 43 had been recorded on February 28
and began reaching subscribers the first few days of this month.
Within days the Bolsheviks began their counterattack in an effort
to discredit what I had revealed about Kissinger's disappearance.
As a preliminary step, an interview of Kissinger was shown on the
NBC "Today Show" of March 9. Jimmy Carter was then in the midst
of his trip to Egypt and Israel, and the topic of the NBC
interview with Kissinger was the Middle East; and yet, Kissinger
made no reference to the Carter trip then under way. Instead he
spoke in generalities that were months out of date. Many viewers
all over the United States recognized the interview segment as
having been shown before by NBC, and many stations received
complaining telephone calls about it; but the "Today Show"
episode was only a stopgap measure. The master hoax took place
just four days ago on the NBC television interview program "Meet
the Press."

My friends, the history of "Meet the Press" is like the story
of America's entire network of major media news sources in
miniature. "Meet the Press" was started as a radio show here in
Washington in the late 40's by my friend of 30 years, Martha
Roundtree. As a highly intelligent woman and a real patriot,
Martha Roundtree ran "Meet the Press" in such a way that it truly
informed Americans with all sides of an issue. But in the late
50's she was pressured into selling "Meet the Press", which
quickly lost its former award-winning quality. Meanwhile, she
found herself systematically blackballed from introducing any
fresh news programs anywhere in the broadcast media. Just as
happened to me a decade later, Martha Roundtree was
discriminated against and locked out; and just as I am doing now,
she has for some time been informing Americans as best she can by
other means. For those who would like to know more, you may
write to her at:
Leadership Foundation, Box 1720, Washington, D.C., zip 20013.

Her current project is called "Proposition One - The Great
Awakening", and it is a program to restore the moral and
spiritual values to our nation. You can receive a free brochure
about it if you will enclose a stamped self-addressed business
envelope with your letter.

Returning to "Meet the Press", control recently passed to NBC
itself. Unlike individual radio and TV stations, the networks
are completely unregulated by the FCC. Now "Meet the Press" has
joined other network programming as a vehicle of propaganda,
answerable to no one. This past Sunday, March 25, NBC fed a
"Meet the Press" program to affiliated stations nation-wide
featuring Henry Kissinger as the guest; and, my friends, that was
the real Henry Kissinger answering questions; but in exactly the
same way, the real Clark Gable was also seen on television
recently in "Gone with the Wind." Both men looked alive on
television, but in actuality both men are dead. But, my friends,
the "Meet the Press" program of last Sunday was much more than a
mere re-run of an old tape--it was carefully doctored so that
Kissinger appeared to be answering new and up-to-date questions.
When you hear how it was done, I believe you will understand why
there were so many strange things about that program, and you
will also see that NBC went to a great deal of trouble to produce
an artificial and falsified edition of "Meet the Press" last
Sunday. It had only one purpose and that was to deceive you.

Under his million-dollar a year contract with NBC, Kissinger
was periodically taping interviews to be kept on hand for instant
use whenever they might prove useful. All of Kissinger's answers
that you saw and heard last Sunday were taped over two months ago
on Saturday, January 20, 1979; but that session was not shown the
next day on "Meet the Press." Instead, the guest that day was
Leonard Woodcock, newly designated Ambassador to Red China. The
footage you saw last Sunday of the panelists on "Meet the Press"
was taped early that same morning, March 25. Each of the four
panelists asked questions which were designed to fit Kissinger's
answers of two months ago. In addition, several scenes were shot
using a look-alike to be used at commercial breaks and at the
end. In these brief scenes the panel were seen on the left of
your screen facing the alleged Kissinger on the right; and as you
may have noticed, the Kissinger stand-in sat as still as a zombi
in those scenes without saying a word. Finally, computerized
video tape editing techniques were used to splice together the
new questions, Kissinger's old answers, and the 'break' scenes.
The net result was "Meet the Press" for March 25, 1979--a TV hoax
by NBC.

The March 25 "Meet the Press" hoax preceded by only one day
the signing of the so-called Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty here
in Washington. The treaty is the end product of a process begun
by Kissinger's own famous shuttle diplomacy, so the treaty should
have been a prominent topic among the questions; and yet, the
fact is that not one single question was asked about the treaty.
No one asked Kissinger the obvious question: "What do you think
of the treaty?" Instead, the illusion of an up-to-date program
was conveyed by means of clever wording of questions by the two
NBC representatives--Bill Monroe and Richard Valeriani. In each
case a passing reference to the treaty was made in the course of
asking about something else, such as the perennial West Bank
problem; and during the entire program, Kissinger himself used
the word "treaty" only in two brief sentences. These were edited
into the beginning of the program for maximum psychological
effect, but they said only what Kissinger began saying over six
months ago that we will be better off with a treaty than without
one. The two NBC representatives dominated the program asking 12
out of the total of 21 questions, and except for the deceptive
references to a "treaty", the entire program was strangely out of
date. For example, one question about the Middle East had to do
with the prospects after Begin leaves office. With Begin here in
Washington in triumph for the treaty signing, such a question was
ridiculous; but two months ago when Kissinger was taped, rumors
were widespread that Begin might resign shortly. Likewise one
question about Nicaragua, of all things, was of current interest
two months ago; but today? Even the questions about Iran were
two months behind the times. There was not one word about the
so-called Khomeini government of today. Instead, the questions
and Kissinger's answers revolved around the fall of the Shah and
who was to blame for it. When Kissinger was taped on January 20,
those questions were right up-to-date because the Shah had just
left Iran only four days earlier on January 16. But who is
talking about the Shah today?

My friends, what is most revealing about last Sunday's "Meet
the Press" hoax is what was not asked. Kissinger played a key
role in opening America's doors to Red China, yet there was not a
word about the visit here by Deng Hsiao-ping last month. There
was a flash-back question about Kissinger's role years ago in
regard to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Chile; yet China's just
completed border war with Vietnam was not even mentioned. We
have heard stories for weeks that Kissinger was vacationing in
Mexico last month, yet Kissinger was asked nothing to shed light
on the hostile reception Jimmy Carter received there last month.
And strangest of all, there was not a word to acknowledge
Kissinger's alleged 'terrible grief' over the death of Nelson

In the dream world of last Sunday's "Meet the Press" hoax, it
was as if none of these things had ever happened--and that is
only natural, my friends, because when Kissinger was taped on
January 20, they had not happened yet. Kissinger did not even
have the impressive tan he was supposed to have gotten in Mexico;
instead, he appeared pale and unusually nervous. The
nervousness, my friends, was due to the fact that on January 20
Kissinger knew that his own conspiratorial activities would lead
to the murder of Nelson Rockefeller only six days later.

My friends, the "Meet the Press" hoax was an act of
desperation by the Bolsheviks. They want desperately for you to
swallow it whole, to say "Of course Kissinger is alive. I saw
him on television." If you do that, you will be your own worst
enemy in the Bolshevik game-plan. They cannot keep up this
charade for very long, but they are only playing for time--and
not much time at that! Timetables have slipped before, but the
Bolshevik target date to start shutting down our freedoms is the
middle of May, only six weeks from now; and after the Bolshevik
death grip is around our throats, they could not care less if we
then realize that we have been tricked, because then it will be
too late.

Topic #2--For hundreds of years doubles, look-alikes, and
impostors have been recurring facts of life throughout modern
civilization. Where the rich and the powerful and the ruling
classes are involved, the pattern is always the same. Quoting
once again from the book I cited earlier, THE PLEASURES OF
DECEPTION: "A monarch or heir to the throne dies but in
circumstances which leave the possibility of doubting that he
really did die, at least to those who want to doubt it, and
claimants come forward."

When one considers the enormous empire which the late four
Rockefeller brothers presided over, the attractions for impostors
are overwhelming and there is no need to resort to confidential
information to recognize this much. For example, you might look
over the book titled THE ROCKEFELLERS by Peter Collier and David
Horowitz published in 1976 by Holt, Reinhart and Winston. It
reveals such a major role in history and such family wealth that
anyone who could get control of it all would put themselves in a
very powerful position. The plunderers would gain not only the
wealth and assets but the power that goes with controlling the
dynasty's fortune. If the heads of the dynasty were to vanish
from the scene without this becoming widely known, the way would
be opened for doubles and impostors to enter the picture. The
whole empire could be taken over without eliminating anyone
except the very closest associates of those who had secretly

Last month I revealed that the Rockefeller family empire has
now been placed in exactly this vulnerable condition. All four
of the third generation Rockefeller brothers have been killed in
a Bolshevik coup d'etat behind the scenes, and the deaths of the
last two--David on February 9 and Laurance on February 17--are
being kept secret. Even the surviving members of the Rockefeller
family who know about it, the widows and the members of the
fourth generation, are keeping quiet about it. As I mentioned
last month, they have been led to believe wrongly that silence is
in their own best interest. And so the plundering of the
Rockefeller family fortune is now underway in earnest. On one
hand the Bolshevik purge of those who were closest to the four
brothers is continuing. The most conspicuous case of this lately
was the murder of Dr. John Knowles, president of the Rockefeller
Foundation, early this month on March 6. He was shot in the
head. At the same time, doubles for David Rockefeller are now
playing an important role in the Bolshevik plundering of the
Rockefeller family fortune. Ironically the most vulnerable part
of the whole Rockefeller financial complex is its heart, the
mammoth Chase-Manhattan Bank.

For many years the late David Rockefeller was preoccupied with
manipulating the world-wide tentacles of the Rockefeller cartel.
One day he would be somewhere in the United States presiding over
a meeting to coordinate the actions of huge multinational
corporations; next, it might be a rush trip by private jet to the
Middle East to patch up some problem there. For example, when
David Rockefeller got word that his brother Nelson was dead on
January 26, he was in Oman pressuring the Bank of Oman to stop
buying gold. Had he not returned here for that emergency, his
next stop might have been Singapore or Tokyo. On and on it went,
always on the move. The world was David Rockefeller's oyster and
he all but ignored the pearl at the center, his own
Chase-Manhattan Bank. His constant travels made David
Rockefeller a stranger in his own bank in recent years, he was so
seldom there; and thereby without realizing it he developed a
fatal weakness in his pattern of behavior. Like his brother
Nelson, David Rockefeller had been subjected to psychological
profile studies without his knowledge; and as with Nelson,
David's weakness was discovered. He was not minding the
store--that is, the Chase Manhattan Bank.

As I mentioned last month, the closest associates of David
Rockefeller would not be fooled for long in an intimate meeting
with a "double"; but those close associates, my friends, are
scattered world-wide, they are not found at Chase-Manhattan Bank.
And so the David Rockefeller doubles are using the Bank itself as
the "open sesame" to plunder the Rockefeller family riches.
Obeying instructions, they are ordering the transfer of
tremendous sums of money out of Chase-Manhattan Bank and into
Bolshevik coffers here and abroad. Meanwhile they are keeping up
the image of the late David Rockefeller by darting around on
quick trips here and there. In this, they are being assisted by
Bolshevik agents within the fabric of the Rockefeller network of
banks, businesses, and publications. By means of the David
Rockefeller doubles and other actions, the Bolsheviks are working
like a swarm of termites eating away the assets of
Chase-Manhattan Bank from within. Other banks, here and abroad
too, are being affected by this process. Already Columbia
University in New York has begun dumping millions of dollars
worth of bank stocks including that of Chase-Manhattan. And in a
portent of things to come, a subsidiary of Chase-Manhattan Bank
has just filed for bankruptcy. When Chase-Manhattan itself
collapses, it will have staggering consequences for the banking
system of the entire world.

Last month I revealed the beginning of the plundering of the
Rockefeller family fortune. At that time the Rockefeller fourth
generation members did not know what was afoot. Now they do know
but are at a loss of what to do about it. The four
third-generation brothers always kept tight control over the
Rockefeller empire. As a result, the fourth generation
Rockefellers were always left in the dark about what the Brothers
were up to and without any control over their own assets. But I
believe now is the time to remind the fourth generation members
of the Rockefeller family and also the third generation widows of
the one time when they did exert their collective muscle and make
it stick. I am referring to the June 1974 conclave of 84 members
of the Rockefeller family. The top item on the agenda for that
conclave was to answer the question: "What shall we do about Dr.
Beter?" The four brothers--John D. III, Nelson, Laurance and
David--argued that I should be "taken care of" before I could
become well-enough known to be dangerous to their plans. Two
months earlier I had testified before Congress about the missing
gold at Fort Knox. The Brothers had easily prevented Congress
from investigating my charges, but now I was going public with
the story. The Brothers did not admit that my charges were true
in the conclave, only that they were dangerous; and they urged
that I be silenced quickly by whatever means. But my friends,
the fourth generation said "No." The Brothers were told in no
uncertain terms that the fourth generation would have no part in
such a plan. As a result, the Brothers decided instead simply to
ignore me, to force me off the Radio Talk Shows on which I had
been appearing and to let me say whatever I wanted since I would
be denied an audience.

My friends, over the past several years I have been asked
countless times, "Why are you alive?" My basic answer is that I
trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to protect me, and He has done so.
But one of the concrete examples of that protection was the
action taken nearly five years ago by the fourth generation
Rockefellers. So if you have ever wondered why I have always
made such a sharp distinction between the four Rockefeller
brothers and the rest of the family, now you know. In all
likelihood, they saved my life. Now I would like to repay them
if only they will listen. If they will meet once again in
conclave, they will discover that there are concrete steps by
which they can retake control of what remains of the Rockefeller
empire for the good of all Americans. As I explained last month,
the interests of the surviving members of the Rockefeller family
are now identical with those of all patriotic Americans; and so
if they will seize this brief opportunity now, they can not only
save what remains of their own assets but, more importantly, help
save America.

My friends, the Rockefeller survivors have a golden
opportunity now to redeem themselves and the family name. By
acting now they can truly become the benefactors of society which
their forebearers only pretended to be. But I must add this
final observation as well: if the Rockefellers do not take
courage and act as I have said, history shows clearly what their
fate will be. Whenever the heads of a dynasty are overthrown or
killed, those responsible always seek out and kill all survivors
to make sure the dynasty can never rise again. That is what the
Bolsheviks have in store for the entire Rockefeller family IF
THEY DO NOT NOW ACT to prevent it!

Topic #3--Three days ago on March 26, 1979, the Washington air
was filled with the promises of 'Peace, Peace' that always pave
the way for war. Shortly before noon that day, Egypt's President
Sadat and Israel's Prime Minister Begin joined Jimmy Carter on
the lawn of the White House. In a dramatic open-air ceremony,
the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty was signed. Then Sadat and
Begin each spoke in glowing terms about achieving, after 30 years
of hostility, peace between Egypt and Israel. Even Mrs. Sadat
and Mrs. Begin had their turn, side by side at the microphones.
Echoing the feelings of wives and mothers everywhere, Mrs. Sadat
spoke of the blessings of no longer having to look forward to
more war, suffering, and death. And in a display of pure joy,
she abruptly leaned over and embraced Mrs. Begin. But that same
afternoon, with the ink barely dry on the so-called "Peace
Treaty", the Carter administration quietly signed two separate
agreements with Israel. In one agreement the United States has
now given Israel an unconditional guarantee that it will receive
all the oil it needs for the next 15 years. This agreement means
that Israel will be completely unaffected by the coming
destruction of Middle Eastern oil fields, and it is to remain in
force no matter how severe the rationing will become here in
America. The other agreement or Memorandum of Understanding
pledges the United States to go to war against Egypt should the
treaty break down. Egypt was not warned in advance about this
second American-Israeli agreement and has reacted as if she had
been betrayed, which she was! Meanwhile Israel's Prime Minister
Begin has been gloating over this agreement in public, calling it
"A beautiful document, well written, and what it contains is very

My friends, what we are seeing now is the culmination of the
late Henry Kissinger's "shuttle diplomacy" of three and four
years ago. In Audio Letter No. 6 for November 1975, I explained
what the SINAI ACCORD was all about. It consisted of a pair of
treaties--one between the United States and Israel, the other
between the United States and Egypt--and the purpose of the Sinai
Accord was to lay the groundwork for a Middle East war that would
involve the United States. As I said then, the Middle East war
plan was to involve a limited nuclear strike against Arab OPEC
oil wells jointly by the United States and Israel.

Since I first revealed this basic plan over three years ago,
events have caused it to be delayed and revised several times but
now it is moving along fast as part of the Bolsheviks' game-plan.
They want to use the coming Middle East crisis to shut down
America in a Bolshevik revolution before going to war against
Russia; and right now cadres of Bolsheviks are pouring into the
United States, most all of them experienced in revolution tactics
and strategy. Shortly before the Bolshevik revolution of 1917,
the ruling circles of the United States sent more than 1,500 of
these people to Russia to foment revolution. Now they are
returning to do the same thing here in the United States.

Beginning with the strange death of John D. Rockefeller III
eight months ago, control of America began shifting rapidly to
these Satanic Bolsheviks; and last August 1978 in Audio Letter
No. 37, I was able to reveal their master strategy to build up to
a nuclear first strike against Russia. It's a prescription for
up to 350-million people to die world-wide, all to no avail. But
it's "do or die" for the Bolsheviks. They would rather have all
of us die than to give up their own dreams of total WORLD
DOMINATION, and the key to this catastrophic plan lies in
igniting the long-delayed Middle East war.

We have already been given a sample of what lies ahead for us
in the Jonestown, Guyana tragedy. Four months ago I devoted
Audio Letter No. 40 in its entirety to the military operation
that took place there and the role played in that operation by
the mass murder. As I revealed then, Israeli Commandoes were the
key to the success of the operation. It wiped out the secret
Russian Missile Base I began warning about over four years ago.
My friends, the joint American-Israeli operation in Guyana was
only a dress rehearsal for the coming joint American-Israeli
limited nuclear strike against Saudi Arabian oil fields. In
Audio Letter No. 37 I explained how the plan was to begin with
the supposedly surprise success in the Camp David talks last
September. The goal was to be an eventual treaty between Egypt
and Israel set up in such a way as to drag in the United States,
and now this situation is a fact, and the "Hate Saudi Arabia"
campaign is also far advanced--right on track, as I reviewed it
in Audio Letter No. 41. Soon a major manufactured incident in
the Middle East will scuttle the Peace Treaty. The ensuing
nuclear destruction of Saudi Arabia's oil fields will give the
rulers of both Israel and the United States what they want.
Freed of any concern about her own oil supplies, Israel will be
free to destroy the engine of Arab economic power--oil revenues;
and the resultant cut-off of oil supplies will give our Bolshevik
rulers here in America the excuse to shut down our freedoms under
the guise of a NATIONAL EMERGENCY. Quickly then they plan to
bring us all under total regimentation as America gradually
shifts onto a full war footing.

My friends, the time left to us is very short, and yet there
is one last chance left IF WE WILL TAKE IT. The rulers of Russia
today are Christians. Right now the 'actor Pope' who masquerades
as the dead Pope John Paul II is preparing to create trouble in
Poland. By contrast, Russia has just invited over 200 Polish
priests into Russia to begin opening monasteries, schools, and
churches there. Two years ago I began asking: "Where are the
churches in this hour of need?" !! I urge now that American
church leaders at all levels and from all denominations band
together for a "Pilgrimage for Peace" to Moscow. Pastors and
other church leaders who want life and freedom for America,
instead of death and destruction, can do this for our Lord Jesus
Christ. Therefore, I urge you to call my business number here in
Washington, D.C.--Area Code 202-659-3999.

Give me your name, address, telephone number, and what your
church position is so that you can be contacted later. My
friends, it's up to YOU to make sure Christian leaders and church
leaders all over America hear this message in time to respond by
April 30, 1979.

When I record Audio Letter No. 45 next month, God willing, I
plan to tell you whether or not American church leaders have
responded in great enough numbers to rise to this occasion. If
that takes place, and a massive pilgrimage of church leaders can
be formed to visit the Kremlin leaders, perhaps they can be
convinced that the Bolsheviks have not infiltrated all of our
churches. And if that is true, perhaps we can turn aside the
BOLSHEVIK WAR PLAN; but if church leaders here do not respond,
Russia's leaders will continue to believe as they do now. They
are convinced that what happened to the Russian Orthodox Church
60 years ago has now happened to the churches here in America;
and if that is true, then God help us all.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 44.
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