The Reign of Evil  Clones

[Hitler had 6 Doppelgängers, most were killed at the bunker, while he escaped thanks to MI6 1.  Saddam Hussein had at least 3, one was brainwashed to believe he was Hussein and ended up in that hole and tried in court.  Rudolf Hess and his Doppelgänger flew separately, at the same time, to Scotland.  He was executed after interrogation, while his Doppelgänger, after brainwashing, ended up in Spandau jail refusing to see 'his' family, and was murdered when he started to talk too much 1.  You won't find any mention of Hitler's Doppelgängers (2009 May1)  in the Matrix encyclopedia Wikipedia.  Many stars had doubles.  Doubles can be found among Film & Music, the obvious ones will be put below.  Quite a few of the doubles don't have the Sanpaku eyes of the original (Stallone McCartney).]

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Car accidents
Look alikes
Before and after
Sanpaku eye

Doubles killed
Bin Laden
Howard, Leslie
Hussein, Saddam

Baez, Joan
Dylan, Bob

Mathis, Johnny
Pope Paul VI (1963-1978)
Pope John Paul II (1978-2005)
Rose, Axel

Sinatra, Frank
Stallone, Sylvester
Starr, Ringo
Travolta, John
Wiesel, Elie
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM)

[2013 April] Michael Jackson's family alleges use of double to publicise star's last tour

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[vid] Has Mr.Putin been cloned?!   Different people (Putin's body doubles) speak, on behalf of Vladimir Putin. They have different manners, shape of the skull (the width of the eye sockets, the shape of the chin, the shape of the zygomatic bone), different amounts of soft tissue and cartilage on the face (the wings of the nose, lips, cheeks), different hairlines (scalp and eyebrows), different eye color, different aspects, they have different hands, different height and a different tone of the voice!

[2011 Oct] Was Pope Paul VI Replaced by an Impostor? by John Hubbard

[2011 Oct] Meet the Mind-controlled Obama Twins

[2010] Close Encounters with Celebrities & Show Business by 'feliciag'

N Korea's Kim died in 2003; replaced by lookalike, says Waseda professor

[2010 Jan] Forensic science proves Paul was replaced

[2010] "The Strange Death of Adolph Hitler" By Henry Makow Ph.D.

[2008] The man who was Stalin's body double finally tells his story

Clones, bio-plasmics and world leaders by James Casbolt

[2007] From jokester to jailbird  According to his Toronto lawyer, Daniel Brodsky, Rosato was arrested after repeatedly complaining to police that, in a scenario reminiscent of the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the actor's wife and their infant daughter had gone missing, having been replaced by imposters.

[Media 2003]  'We can implant entirely false memories'


[2010] I don't believe in Featles: CIAlebrity impersonator, "John Lennon"

[2010] Close Encounters with Celebrities & Show Business by 'feliciag'

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[Forum] The King Is Naked! The True Story Of The Beatles
It looks like they replaced these people so far as we know: Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Courtney Cox, Doris Day, BB King

Plastic Macca - Paul is Dead

 Well, first of all, some of us are wondering if Madonna is even Madonna anymore. She sure as hell didn’t dance like Madonna. I also remember Madonna being a lot less leggy, more squat and dynamic. Then there’s that curious lyric from her new song; “Don’t play those stupid games cause I’m a different kind of girl.” What is this in reference to? Is she literally a different girl? Keep in mind that this was all lip-synched. I’m not clear if we’re in Faul McCartney territory just yet, but there is enough latitude for this to be at the very least, considered.[2012] Madonna’s Super Bowl Ritual On The Cancer Moon And The Strange Alignment Of The Giants And The Patriots

There were at least 50 Saddam Hussein Doppelgängers. ---Greg Hallett Begins 3/12: Interview with Dr. James Fetzer PhD

Another related apochryphal story is the supposed date of Rockefeller puppet Franklin D. Roosevelt's death. In actuality, he was assassinated the previous year, his identity being assumed by doubles. In his memoirs, Roosevelt's son, Elliott, stated that Stalin had informed him that his father was assassinated by "the Churchill gang". Israelites, Mind Control, Ms. Wilder by Brian Desborough

George Bush’s double was promiscuous, while George Bush is a pedophile. His double was living in France after Bush was no longer President. By the use of doubles, (or one of the synthetics or organic robotoids) the elite are able to sneak away and perform satanic rituals. On certain occasions, if Clinton or Bush only needed to do low level tasks in front of the public, they could have their double substitute for them. The Illuminati working with several organizations has had a look alike operation where doubles of certain key people are found and then used. Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

Over the years I have seen numerous photos exposing either the Robotoids or the doubles that they use. This author’s previous S' ’93 article had some pictures about the dead Pope Paul VI, who my Be Wise As Serpents book said was murdered. This recent Pope was replaced with a double who had had plastic surgery. As a double gets older the plastic surgery will not look as convincing, because time changes people differently. One ex-Catholic said the whole thing sounded like science fiction. It does sound far out at first, but the evidence is there for people to see. For myself, the ex-Illuminati have told me about the double’s program. From what I understand the double or look-alike program has been more successful than the robotoids and synthetics. The reason is that people live longer and are more dependable in some ways. The project to find look alikes for prominent people has been very successful. Plastic surgery has also been done to help touch up the doubles. Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

Leslie Howard was also a homosexual who had a flat in Chelsea, London. He was caught in a sexually compromising act in a public toilet in London and arrested for homosexual behaviour. Instead of charged he was taken to a military base where he spent the next three months learning to imitate Winston Churchill. He was not told it was for a canned meat operation, but then again, they never told their flight crews either.  The military then dressed Leslie Howard as Winston Churchill and leaked it out through known double agents that Churchill was going to fly to Cyprus. The plane was then shot down by the Germans 40 km off the English coast on 1 June 1943 and Leslie Howard was killed. Meanwhile Churchill went by another route to the Middle East and for the next 10 days the Germans thought Churchill was dead (1-11 June 1943). Officially Leslie Howard was killed on a special mission flight from Lisbon to London. Winston Churchill had doppelgangers for voice and transport and probably went through them with alarming regularity. Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

[1979] Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 45.  For example, earlier this month on April 11, Vice-President Walter Mondale reportedly left Washington on a trip to Iceland, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands; but, my friends, the man and woman on Air Force II were not Mondale and his wife but actually "doubles." The real Walter and Joan Mondale had been spirited away.
....The real purpose of the trip by Mondale's Bolshevik "double" was to try to obtain oil for Israel, but in this the Mondale "double" failed because very recently Russia's Marshal Dmitry Ustinov--the man now in charge in the Kremlin--had visited Norway personally, and Norway has now come to terms with Russia.
....The weekend after Easter things happened fast, completely unseen by the public. On Friday night, April 20, the real Walter Mondale was being held incommunicado by Bolshevik captors in New Richmond in western Wisconsin. Sometime between 9:30 and 10:00 PM local time, Vice-President Walter Mondale was executed!  Mondale had been one of Nelson Rockefeller's closest political allies and had been prominent among the mourners at Rockefeller's memorial service at Riverside Church in early February. Now he had died on a Friday evening, as Rockefeller had, at almost the same local time and from the same cause--a bullet in the forehead. Barely an hour later, Mondale's body was dumped into Lake Superior at a point about 12 miles southeast of Taconite Harbor, Minnesota.


I don't believe in Featles: CIAlebrity impersonator, "John Lennon"











Taken about the same time.(1997-1998)

From the beginning George Harrison was ALWAYS the same.

From his beginning (1967) George Harrison double was ALWAYS the same