The Big Secret

The Big Secret

[Editor's Note: The article is about how to build a device that Don had identified as "the Big Secret" in many of his earlier writings. Details on how to make the device were given to Carol Croft by Andromedan aliens one night near China Lake Naval station in California. The device is simple to make and does not cost much in material, however, it's potential capabilities are amazing, but only if you make it and if you apply yourself to its application with a dedicated and conscientious frame of mind. Like the Succor Punch, this is a powerful tool, if you treat it seriously ..Ken Adachi]

By Don Croft  
August 15, 2002

Carol and I are making plans for this device available because we've determined that it can't be used to do harm.   We won't ever publicly share plans for making mobius coils because misuse of them can make one ill and the regime is likely using them right now in some of those transmitters to generate dead orgone fields. That may account for the inability of the cloudbusters to neutralize the transmitters within their field of influence. It's okay, though, as this provides some incentive for the Cbers to get out and about and neutralize them with orgonite tower busters. If we don't do it, you can bet nobody else will.

The Big Secret is a departure from the orgonite devices in that it operates through interaction only, which should please a lot of the folks who seem to wish that this were true of orgonite.  Remember that your Big Secret
might not work for anyone else, so choose the crystal with a little discretion if you can because you'll be relying on that personal connection to the crystal. Mine  also works for Cameron,  my 12 year old son.

Most who are reading this remember the circumstances surrounding the conception of the Big Secret in November, '01, while Carol and I were driving south along China Lake, one of the many, unconscionably ugly secret underground bases in Southern California.

But here's the short version for those who are unfamiliar with that report.

We had just driven through Death Valley and two shiny, new unmarked vans with tinted windows, sent to run us off the road coming up out of the valley, had passed us after midnight driving hellishly fast and close.

That was the first time in this project that our lives had been in danger (they tried that on our next two visits to Death Valley, too)  Carol telepathically got that the vans were filled with SWAT-type mercenaries from several countries, including Russia, part of the private army of the CIA.

We had seen more 'nice'  alien craft that night than ever before, as opposed to the black ops gov't craft and the ones the reptilians and B Sirians drive and create those nasty dark lenticular clouds around in the daytime.

Night School
By the time we had reached China Lake,  I saw a familiar light moving slowly up the mountain opposite from us across the dry lake bed/underground base.  It looked like the ground was lit by stadium lights, but I didn't see the

I'd seen the same phenomenon in Central British Columbia one night five years before that-my second UFO encounter then.

Carol was trying to sleep in the front seat, leaning against the door. I didn't want to wake her up, since UFO's had become fairly common sights for us, but I saw her trying to push something away from her face and she was
muttering something in her sleep.

She woke up right after that and told me that a white-skinned little alien was 'in her face' trying to get her attention, but that she was too tired to focus on him. He was very persistent, and Kashi, our Atlantean elder friend, insisted that Carol pay attention, so she woke up.

She said the little dwarf guy was from the group of craft that were lighting up the hillside.  We later learned that they're from the Andromeda star group, here to give us information for our species' development. He wouldn't  even hint at the purpose or use of this device; just insisted that we had to figure it out on our own and that we mustn't share it until we'd become acquainted with its workings.

After we returned to Moscow, Idaho I made the first one according to Carol's instructions.   It was pretty crude but we both saw violet light along the coiled copper. Carol saw a field of that light around the crystal.   But I'm getting ahead a bit here.

Making the Big Secret
Here are the instructions, which are quite simple:

Find a relatively clear quartz crystal, at least three inches long, which has a point at each end.

Wrap a bare copper wire, clockwise, around the center, as tightly as possible by hand in order to prevent the crystal from falling out. I start with 12 feet of wire now, wrapping the center section around the crystal.

In the shape of a cone forming outward from the center, form the wire into five turns in each direction, so that there are five turns leading to the center of the crystal, three turns around the center, and five turns leading outward from the center in the other direction.

I now use a plastic funnel to make each set of five turns and I knocked the spout of the funnel off enough to hold the crystal at the center.

I wrap so that there is some wire left over after the five precise turns have been made, then I cut off the remainder  beyond the five turns.  I arrange the turns so that there isn't a lot of waste.

In the picture, the wire is thicker than it needs to be.  I've since re-made mine after the crystal broke in two during the expedition to close the remaining portal of that reptilian hive in Western Canada, probably because it was time to upgrade to another crystal.Crystals have their own way of speaking to us, as many of us have found out.

I use the same funnel to rest mine on when I'm not using it.

As soon as I'd made the first one, which is the one Carol still uses, she knew what the purpose was.   She was told at that point, by whom, we don't know, that one may speak his/her heart-felt desires into the center of the crystal and they'll manifest.

By this time, I was scheduled to go to Namibia, so I waited until I got back in January before I made one for myself.

Here's what happened to me the first time I used mine:

At that point, the only thing my heart longed for was to have free access to my children again.   It was a time when it seemed least likely to happen.  Their mom was being quite aggressive and manipulative in my view and not at all willing to negotiate with me, seven years after our divorce.

I felt an odd assurance that things would radically change before long and I went to sleep.

I spent what seemed the entire night in a lucid dream in which some Gypsies along the north shore of Lake Superior were teaching me about my Id and introducing us to each other.

Carol was beside me in the dream, but was forbidden to explain to me what was happening.  The Gypsies were very kind and supportive but rather adamant that I pay close attention. I've always resonated strongly with Gypsies for some reason.

The Id started out looking like a bald, middle aged, dapper man in a three piece, silk suit, but as we watched, he changed into a black panther, at which point I woke up. During that day, Carol and Jenny complained that some shadowy, fast creature was lurking about the house on all fours, knocking things over and generally harassing them both.  Jenny was fit to be tied.

They both discovered that it was my Id, or doppelganger, which had come to stay with us from my dream.   Having identified the creature, they did what needed doing to persuade it/him to stop bothering them.

The house next door, which is the point of purchase for hard drugs in our little college town, was very noisy the following night. I couldn't sleep on account of the loud, booming speakers and after a half hour or so of
being kept awake and annoyed, I heard what sounded like a sledge hammer hitting the wall of the neighbor's house closest to my bedroom window. The 'music' stopped instantly and I went to sleep. I thought they'd been
hanging pictures or something and was grateful that the noise stopped.

Next morning, Carol asked me what I'd done to the neighbors to terrify them the night before, and we figured out that my Id was just performing a service for me, unasked.

A few months later, my children's mom called and asked if they could come visit, perhaps live with me. My 12 year old son, Cameron, now lives with us and my 14 year old daughter, Nora, spent part of the summer and will
visit regularly.  I can now send her things without her mom intercepting and destroying them.

A personal friend of mine was raised in a family that has been involved in the regime's agenda for many generations.  His dad is high up in the CIA's wetwork establishment-an unsavory, satanically-inclined character in a Navy Intelligence Officer's uniform.   Awhile back, after someone in his chain of command was sent to psychically attack us, we simply 'roasted' the assailant with the Succor Punch for awhile and traced the chain up to this jerk, whom we discovered was my friend's dad (my friend confirmed that later), and I sent my Id through the Succor Punch to keep that fancy thug busy 'protecting' himself for a month or so.

Since the old bugger is directly responsible for arranging the attempted murder of his own son,  I made it clear to him, psychically, that neither my Id nor myself was pleased with him and any further interference would get him into more trouble than he could fathom. Imagination can be a wonderful thing.

 Id showed up back home at some point after that and I knew that his mission had been accomplished, having apparently boosted the old fella's dry cleaning bill exponentially during that month.  I probably don't need
to mention that I haven't been psychically assaulted since that first time. We can't cause the miscreants to like us, but we sure as hell can make them respect us, eh?

I'm waiting to see how others will use the device. I trust that nobody we know will just want to get rich, sexy and powerful ;-) -what a waste of copper and crystal; leave that prime motivation to the Cargo Cult adherents, who say, 'What Would John Frumm Do?'

Carol uses hers a lot but hasn't shared her adventures with me yet.  She's no doubt working on making me a 'better man, ' at least, for which she has my undying support.

When Kolina, the Wheelchair General in The Netherlands, was undergoing the worst of the harassment from a Draconian associated with the White Brotherhood for the work she and the crew had done so well in Malta, I sent the Id on an errand to bother the Draconian. Unfortunately, he came back the next day having failed in his mission.  That was okay, ultimately, since Kolina was successfully helped by her local friends in this case, whom I've been told don't want their names mentioned, though most of the Cbers know who they are ;-) We should all be so humble, eh?

Don't worry if no razzle dazzle shows up for you after you've made your own Big Secret. Once your desires are stated, the way they will manifest will not likely resemble your imagined goal, I hope you know, since the whole purpose of getting our wishes granted is to move us up into a higher awareness and everything looks different with a change in altitude.  Another saying that I'm fond of:  'As your faith is, so shall your powers and blessings be.'

As usual with using potent energy devices, our ability to stay away from denial, belief and judgment is directly proportional to the quality and quantity of the information we'll receive from using them. I think faith is what comes from studiously avoiding those three pitfalls during our independent investigations of reality.

Another reminder that is mostly redundant in this forum of orgone aficionados: All energy devices except for the ones made of orgonite don't do much on their own-they're eminently interactive, so abusing them or ignoring them gets us as much benefit from them as a chimp gets from a sextant or a book of poetry.

As usual, don't be shy about posting your experiences in the cloudbuster forum!   It's got a moderator again, so the meanies and HAARPies among us have to keep their big traps shut and act like kind, courteous folks, just
like before the moderator was booted out of the first forum by the feds.  THREE CHEERS FOR STUART JACKSON for creating and hosting this new, inviolable cloudbuster forum on his own server at .

While we're at it,  THREE CHEERS FOR STEPHANIE RELFE, who had the courage and commitment to set up the first forum and promote it on her excellent website, Before she did that last September, mine was a voice calling in the wilderness, literally.  We've shared some enlightening and enriching experiences, which will, no doubt, long continue to happen in our shared projects.

Don Croft

2002 Don Croft & All Rights Reserved

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